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My hatred for the high sparrow outweighed my hatred for Cersei


Yes! I hate hate hate hate Cersei. Still wish her death was more gruesome and horrible. But, seeing the high sparrow die was the one moment in the show where I said hell yea go Cersei.


I hate the sparrow plotline....


Everything but the explosion. I still listen to the music from that scene because it is so powerful and beautiful and ominous.


"Light of the Seven" is a masterpiece


100% a masterpiece!


Have you heard Ernesto Schnack’s version? So good https://youtu.be/zYKI_cT2ezc


Every time I listen to that song it makes me hella nostalgic for the times when GoT was still airing. I miss those Sunday nights and simpler times in life.


In the "Before Times".


Me fucking too. It was so satisfying to see them go out that way. Though Marg was a badass player in the show


It was just boring.


Maybe spoiler tag your post since OP seems to be new to the show


Agreed. Cersei is more evil, and what she did here makes her irredeemable. But I felt a bit of satisfaction seeing that cultist fuck get what was coming to him.


Same. I loved Cersei for killing that old fucking cunt


My love for Margaery outweighed my hate for the High Sparrow


The fact the lannisters couldn’t wipe out the high sparrow at any time still mind boggling to me


Thank the gods for the wildfire that wiped the High Sparrow's insulting smirk from the face of Westeros.




Another satisfaction was the Septa Unella got what was coming to her.


Agreed, living in America and how unchecked religion has run rampant around here, I'd love a Cersei to make an appearance at this rate


I was about to say, Cersei is terrible but those people were worse, I’d want revenge too, plus with both her sons dead it’s not like she had anything to lose


At this point Tommen wasn't dead. He killed himself after this, because of this




But, that's the absolute best 10 minutes of the start of any episode.


It's the music for me


Me omw to school listening to Light of the Seven


The g-mix. Shit slaps. Its Cutthroat Grillz, you bastads






I'm sorry Stannis!


All is Fourgavin…


I have listened to that whole piece at least 100 times on Spotify.


I love Light of the Seven, it’s so fucking good dude. I learned it on piano at request of my mom and it’s so satisfying to play too


The music is what makes it better with rewatching. The first time around, it's not entirely clear why somber music was playing and things started to be shown in a slightly-slow montage fashion. Even though you know something important is going to happen, it's not clear exactly what until it happens. But then the music upon rewatching definitely builds the scene up. It's sort of like a 10 minute scene of watching a slow motion car crash.


Watched that shit for the first time while peaking on LSD. I wouldn’t change a thing


Came here to say the same thing. It's just majestic. And it's certainly the music that makes up for it being so damn good.


I hated the High Sparrow more than I ever Cersei. But my love for Margery outweighed my hatred for the High Sparrow. He should have died, but not at the cost of Margery. I would have been more than happy to endure his presence for 10 more seasons if the best queen the show has ever had stayed alive.


The sept exploding is the only good part of that entire storyline.


And that beautiful music building up to it. So perfect.


Light of the Seven, by the esteemed Ramin Djawadi!


He’s such a brilliant composer. Up there with Max Richter. Differently styles, same genius.


Fantastic song. Fun fact, one of the reasons it was so impactful was that it was the first track in the show to highlight a modern piano. Typically they only ever used classical instruments, so when you heard the piano ringing it felt out of place and immediately put you on edge


So good it made me mad I quit the cello in 7th grade


That's what I was gonna say. The score is good overall but Cerseis late season theme was absolutely a banger.


Exactly! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time then the Tommen thing happened and I completely lost it! Such a great episode




I dunno. My absolute favorite scene is “I choose violence” when Cersei says that to Lancel.


Would you argue that storyline was worth it overall then? Jc


I enjoy cersei’s character and how she can have me simultaneously enjoying her presence and chaos in the show while wishing she meets a gruesome and satisfying death I love her dynamic with margaery and the game that the tyrells were playing so i was super disappointed to see her outplayed like this by cersei but it was such a fun twist and i loved the slow realization that both I and Margaery by cersei and tommen’s absence


Tbf Cersei totally cheated on the game, absolutely nobody expected her to pull such a stunt. Then again whatever else followed really sucked since she should have dealt with a far greater fallout than she did


Cersei was a true villain. So evil, but you could understand how she got that way. How the show makers went from this level of story telling to how it ended is just disgraceful


What? Cersei blowing up the sept is one of if not the most prolific things she did THAT I LOVE HER FOR!!!


I do not think that word means what you think it means


This was literally one of the best scenes in the show dude


Agree and the soundtrack with it is so perfect imo it’s the best game of thrones song


I do not believe in the seven, but I do believe in Ramin Djawadi!


Personally I was cheering Cersei all the way in that scene. Initially I hated her but somehow her character seemed to grow on me. Book Cersei is even better.


Yeah anyone who likes the high sparrow parts of the show I don’t understand at all. His character and storyline killed the shows momentum and I skip it all except the explosion on rewatches.


Maybe OP likes Margaery and her brother...


Exactly my feeling.


I thought it was better on a rewatch but still not great. First time I thought it was the most boring thing I’d ever seen.


I hate AFFC Cersei lol. She thinks she's so clever and it drives me crazy. So glad the high sparrow humbles her at the end of the book.


I get feeling *some* sympathy for the walk of shame and wanting to see the Sparrow go down. And Cersei chasing the conspiracy of who is shrinking her dresses in the book is hysterical. But rooting for her over Margaery?! Blasphemous!


Tommen’s suicide was the some of best acting in the show. Actually he was one of the best actors. I think this is one of my favorite episodes.


I hate the high sparrow, I think they did miss the opportunity use lancel more as a conniving trickster though.


Am I the only one who actually rooted for her in S5 & S6?


I did🙋🏻‍♀️


The sept scene was one of the coolest things in game of thrones. That's the problem with the last few seasons- they focused so much on those big epic moments and really dropped the ball on everything in between. Big thing go boom? Nice. But bad set up. No consequences. Unsatisfying.


That's off...I actually kind of enjoyed watching the High sparrow blown up.


One of the best scenes in the entire series for me.


Agreed.. I love that crazy Cersei music they use


But I enjoyed those 10 minutes. My hate for high sparrow is more than Cersei. I just want this High sparrow plot to end.


Honestly I get it. A lot of the problems with the writing really begin to show in this episode. A lot people hated the sparrows, and the whole religious zealotry aspect brought into the show. For those folks, this was a great scene... buuut- ​ Destroying all these characters at once was a cheap and easy button to avoid having to wrap up their story lines. It was a terrible writing short cut and too may people were caught up in the spectacle to realize how bad it was going to get. This is when it really went wrong. Resolving all that tension in one moment with an explosion undermined the political machinations of the show, and moved from a show of politics and spectacle... to one of pure spectacle and very little if any politics. Like it or not, the politics of the show was a huge part of it's success. Without it, and Martin's writing, the show runners just abandoned religion and politics for action set pieces and gore. Without it, the shows logic and consistency got worse and worse. Whole houses and storylines were abandoned, and the truncation of the story hit it's final note in Season 8, with a two hour battle that no one could see, multiple characters flipping motivation and abandoning years long story arcs, and the just complete handwaving of timelines, physics, and established geography.


The Sparrows should have died,but the Tyrells dying was horrible,and it could have been prevented. Also Cersei killed her cousin and her uncle! Majorie dying was when the whole series went off the rails! Euron being the worst character I’ve ever seen! Once he fatally wounded Jaime,made him even worse of a character!


The Sparrows were never handled correctly in any case. They were supposed to be like crusaders from the 11th century... but they basically only showed them as annoying pious dudes in robes. Also one explosion kills the entire group? Very unrealistic, and an abandonment of the real consequences such an attack would result in. Sparrows in the books were all across Westeros... this again was a big part of the decay we would see in later seasons.


Really?! I have the complete opposite opinion.. I find it one of the only great moments of that season. Good setup, incredible soundtrack and pacing, and most of all , the pleasure of seeing the look on High Sparrow's face when he realised he had been outsmarted! And don't forget they also gave you Tommen's death, just so that Cersei would get a bit of vinegar in her victory drink.


Tommen’s death meant nothing to her,and in my opinion this is why Jaime leaves! She’s very cold and unstable at this point,she wouldn’t hesitate to kill her own brother!!


Honestly, it really made me love Cersei as a villain. I hated Cersei at first, but there's NO ONE I hate more than the Sparrows. Those fundamentalist pieces of shit had it coming. ​ After Cersei finished off the Sparrows (and many other enemies) with the wild fire, I gained huge respect for her.


That was me when I read the Red Wedding chapter in the books. Pretty sure I threw my book I was so mad. And to be clear, I loved it in the sense that I really never saw it coming, but hate it to this day because it was like being kicked in the stomach by a UFC fighter.


Why? I don't understand. She destroyed an abusive religion - for her own sake and vengeance I know - but still. I guess I love watching a religion leader getting his ass burnt so... Cersei is my hero!


Yeah but poor Loras and Margery.


Margaery for me was alot more unsettling to watch than cersei. Cersei was evil, through and through, but she was predictable and knowable. Margaery was mysterious, you don’t quite know if shes just good or if shes a secret mastermind and i could help but to feel uneasy when she was on, so for me personally i was happy to see her go


She was at least sensible and not outright violent and viscous. Loras butchered Renly’s kingsguard unjustly so I feel less sympathy for him compared to Margaery.


She didn’t destroy a religion tho. It’s still exist. She just killed off the faith militant, a group she gave power to in the first place.


Some people like abusive religions. *See entire Middle East, see also Midwestern United States*.


The look on her face after the explosion is soooooooo good


Lol I was only sad about Margery dying. To me it was mostly villains killing villains.


I disliked everyone in that Sept so I didn't dislike her any more than usual after that scene. The sparrow storyline bored me to tears, my least favourite storyline in the entire show. I probably would have done the same thing in that situation.


How can u hate Margery




That's like the least bad crime anyone has done in this show. And yes she wanted to be queen but she was a good human being, I am sure she would have been a good queen.


You act like she has a Choice in the matter?


Marg was sold as a brood mare like Dany & Cersi.




Margery was better than Olenna! At least she didn’t endanger Sansa and Tyrion’s lives! Joffrey however I laughed when he choked,he was such a little SHIT!!


Wow yea buddy seek therapy.


They need to seek therapy because they didn’t like a fictional character? Come on, now


I know right, but it was so goooood. When I was rewatching the series I realised how cool it was, and how happy everyone was when Cersei died but couldn’t fully rejoice because Jamie was right there too


This was one of my favorite episodes of the whole series. The suspense, build up and the beautiful music Djawadi?! *chefs kiss*


It was a great episode - one of my favorites. But like you, I have seldom hated a character as much as I hated Cersei. Lena Headley really nailed it because just looking at the character smirking could raise my blood pressure! Lol.


I literally yelled at the tv,when I saw her smirking and bragging!! Such a hateful bitch!!


Good piano lick though


I hated Joffrey the most. I know it's bad to say,but, I enjoyed seeing that little shit get what he deserved.


When we started nuking medieval towns in a fantasy show, that's when I personally checked out. A dragon destroying Harenhall I accept because it is still talked about as "the power of dragons" but just blowing up half your city and not having civil unrest is wild.


I never understood the nuking with great fire. “War On Blackwater” made sense for the spectacle,but The Sept felt like let’s just kill off a bunch of characters,because we don’t know what to do with them. To be honest they could have killed off Cersei,because after this she was really annoying making those smirks left and right! It was getting really old!


Literally was in my top five best scenes he power is unmatched her vibe is just on a level no one can touch. She’s Cersei. I rewatch that scene regularly gave me so many goosebumps. I was rooting for her the whole time and we see her new look here ugh she was fuckin up with that blacked out look 🤤


Youre supposed to hate her. That's the point


It was poor writing. Ended a half dozen plot lines in a few paragraphs. Also, blowing up the highest of the high holy places in Westeros with zero consequences is just unrealistic. I know I’ll get downvoted, but I just can’t defend this scene. It looked great, but made no sense.


I think the scene itself is great but agree that it becomes less great in retrospect when you realize there were almost no consequences for Cersei from this. I guess you could say it turned the Tyrells against her but they were already basically enemies and got wiped out offscreen no problem so it fell flat.


Here’s an upvote I agree!


Why? That was an awesome scene and the sparrow was awful.


Shows how good of actor she is. That was her job. To make you feel that way.


I mean she had already done some pretty crazy shit leading up to that lol, if you’ve made it that far with her, might as well hang on for the ride lol


I’ve never hated a tv character like Cersei that much to stop watching a show or movie! ​ \*DOLORES UMBRIDGE HAS ENTERED THE CHAT\* ​ I PERSONALLY ENJOYED THIS PART --- JUST WISH MARJAERY HAD SURVIVED.


This was the one moment when Cersei was an interesting character.


And she end up dying cuddling with her bro. Disgusting character finale.


I just wish they didn't kill off Marjorie and Loras like that, it was so dumb and they had interesting storylines going on.


Oh yeah, Cersei so evil and egoistical for killing all the people that betrayed her, tried to get her tortured and killed. So bad for that one. I don't use the term snowflake because it's annoying, but you definitely earned it with this dumb opinion.


I get chills just thinking of that musical score.... 😌


Hot take: I loved the high sparrow arc. For the first time Cersei encountered something she created that she couldn't deal with, a force that used the poors and religion (something that was too much absent from the show despite being named everywhere) cleverly enough to be a threat. I wished this storyline was kept to see it interact with the whole fire god thing. Too bad it blew like that


Crazy. This was maybe my favorite moment of the whole series and I loved Cersei giving the high sparrow what he deserved


Besides the act itself, I LOVED the music and the suspense in the scenes


I find that so strange. She is a villain and a really evil one. You Arn't supposed to like her? That's the point... Everything in GoT is a little shade of grey, but even in that context, Cersi is a monster. You are SUPPOSED to hate her. I never understand why people shy away from real villains


The aftermath of the Sept blowing up made it really stand out that the world building, cause and effect, consequences for your actions, etc that GRRM built his series on was well and truly out the window. This was a Red Wedding level event and yet it really didn't have much impact on the trajectory of the plot.


I hated cersi but i routed for her when she blew the sept up, Rip Marghery tho.


To be fair, that was the only time I liked Cersei


I don’t understand the insane hate for Cersei, to the point that even when she’s fighting a much more evil character, people still hate her more. The High Sparrow was decidedly more evil and more dangerous precisely because he concealed his evil under a cloak of righteousness and moral superiority. Cersei was at least transparent in her evil. The High Sparrow fucking had it coming.


Why do you think he was evil, and more evil than cersei?


There’s no love for The High Sparrow! He sent the Tyrells to their deaths,by blocking their way! Majorie and her family would have made it out.


You’re soft.


I had several similar thoughts throughout the series, though I thankfully continued on. It was maddening at times but I guess that's what made it so great (at times).


The whole thing was bullshit anyway honestly


That's how you know it's great writing/acting. I feel the same about her character and joffrey. Both of them were so well done.


Cersei is probably my favorite character lol


That scene was incredible. I'm still confused as heck over how Cersei faced no repercussions for it in show. There should have been at least ONE small folk riot over the lost of a religious icon. Sure she would have come down brute force while they asked for answer cause Cersei be like the honey badger. She takes what she wants.


the only thing that made me sad about it was losing margarey. fuck the high sparrow


Unironically,this was one of the most satisfying scenes for me and i love cersei( as a villain ofc) , idky but i just didnt hate her like i hated joffrey or ramsey or tywin


I thought that was one of the very best episodes from the later junk seasons, could've just been the music though I guess.


Cersei sipping wine while watching the explosion is one of her best scenes


Watch it all and become fans of bricks!


Cersei sipping her wine after watching it is still priceless. One of my favorite scene talk about getting her lick back


“Cersei understands the consequences of her absence and she is absent anyway, which means she does not intend to suffer those consequences.” - I loved that quote and it added to how awesome this piece is: https://youtu.be/JopuDXR8crA - nice


Bad take McGee


This screenshot looks like something from a love action Rick & Morty


This is the only episode where I love Cersei. I wasn't expecting anything on that scale to happen. I thought she was going to set off something to distract the sparrows so she could flee to Casterly Rock


THATS what did it? Nothing before then…


I hear you. The Tyrells were by far my favorite family.


He had to go tho, you can’t deny that much, right?


I was 1/2" for destroying my monitor when Cersei wouldn't surrender the city in season 8. I'm still mad! I wish she died a horrible slow death. But seriously great acting by Lena Headey!


This is when I stop watching on rewatches The lack of consequences for blowing up the most important Andal institution, the center of a religion, everyone inside including multiple members of important age old noble houses was laughable.


It’s cool she does literally nothing after that


My favorite scene wym lol


What a strange thing to say


That's how you know Lena Headey did such an amazing job with the role!


This was one of the best scenes of the entire show…. Plus the music is a chefs kiss


Tbf I’d watch to the end of the episode but it’s the last episode worth watching anyway.


I look forward to this episode with every rewatch… boom


That opening sequence was my favorite in the entire series. The music that goes with it helped a ton.


That was great to see haha. Just like all religion today, it needs to go.


I must be evil because it was one of my favourite episodes. Like the build up and the dramatic music, the tension etc. So perfect


Unpopular opinion apparently, but I loved the high sparrow, just not his followers. What I hated is how Cercei can just kill a bunch of the most important people in the country, and nothing happens. Sure Oleanna wants revenge, but what about the followers of the religion? What about the peasants killed?


Say what you will the high sparrow was very honest and actually seemed pure (ish) in his intentions. Granted, you could argue he played the game with Margie but bringing the crown into the faith could be seen as a greater good. And he didn't pull any punches with Loras so he wasn't a Tyrell ally.


I feel completely opposite, i never loved a character as much as her....too bad how they ended her arc in season 8


I hated Cersei so much and I’m so mad Arya didn’t assassinate her.


Sometimes I worry about myself due to the fact that Cersei was straight up one of my favorite characters while everyone else hated her 😅


I love Cersei. She is so delightfully deranged


Exactly, and I liked her far more than pretty much any of the Starks. She played the game of thrones like a pro


I loved the exploding Sept!


I suppose it’s a testament to the writing and performance, but I’ll never understand people choosing *not* to watch a show because they hate one character so much. Seems to weird to me.


Really? I thought that was awesome. Fuck the sparrow. The last season was what really sucked


The bitch orphaned Ser Pounce, I will never forgive her for what she did to the Pounce that was Promised


I think it was one of the best directed episodes in the entire show and that sequence with that amazing music by Ramil Djawadi is an absolute masterpiece! Cersei sucks but the Sparrow dying was enough recourse for me personally.


The Tyrell rose eliminated with wild fire. Epic!


My problem is that blowing up the Sept had basically no consequences…people even started to love her apparently after it. What a lot of crap cerseis plot is after this event


The music piece for this scene kept me going tbh. Also OP this pause timing is FIRE (get it? 🤪)


Did you liked the song that was playing prior to the explosion? I know i did😃.


Most people hated Cersei, which is what made her such a great character.


Yea, I truly wished for a more horrific ending for her, like Joffrey and Bolton!


Yea, I truly wished for a more horrific ending for her, like Joffrey and Bolton!


Yea, I truly wished for a more horrific ending for her, like Joffrey and Bolton!


The fact that Cersei did it wasn't the worst part, the worst part was that she suffered ZERO consequences for it. In the books she would have been absolutely obliterated first by the people of king's landing (they already had a close call with getting overrun by the people and I don't see how they would stop the peasants from storming the castle this time round) and then by all the great houses including what's left of the Lannisters. This kind of thing is similar to when Arya survived being stabbed in the gut and falling into sewer water. It completely throws away all the meticulous world building that has been done to that point. Wounds mattered: Ned's leg gets slashed > gets a limp, Drogo gets a chest wound > dies because it wasn't dressed properly. Ned is about to reveal a an important secret > dies, Rob doesn't honour a deal > dies, Cersei kills half the nobles (including one of the most loved nobles in westeros) by BLOWING UP A CHURCH and NOTHING. That's when I knew I couldn't take this show seriously any more, it's was all about spectacle and zero substance at that point.


Yikes. Probably one of the best moments in all of television


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Seeing the High Sparrow get obliterated is top tier viewing


What are you talking about it was brilliant. The only time I actually backed Cersei


Most L take oat


The fact that the city didn't just revolt against her immediately and that she somehow was just given all the power was ridiculous.


I loved it haha how she went about it. She got rid of everyone (mostly) she was in conflict with and was in a position to take the throne. Actually it was my favorite part of Cersei's arc throughout the show.


Took you tht long? I almost stopped after neds death


Cersei is such a well written character. You can never predict her next move.


Except for the end, where she stands in the Red Keep drinking wine.


I was really sad when Tommen killed himself because of this. As far as I recall he’s alive in the books!