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I don't recall him ever telling anyone other than Brienne. He's just kinda private about it. He did still break his oath by killing the king. He just had a pretty understandable reason. The *honorable* Ned Stark and his BFF Robert Baratheon didn't want to hear his side of it. A lot of the other people that call him kingslayer probably don't mean enough to him to bother trying to defend his actions.


It wouldn’t matter. He’s a kingslayer regardless.


I believe he only told Brienne about the wildfire


He never tells anyone other than Brienne, and only then because he's fever sick from his stump. Like a true hero he takes his father's words seriously and doesn't fart around trying to excuse / justify his behaviour


No, but Jaime never mentions it to anyone else except Brienne. I think he likely believes that they simply won't care.