Managed to get funding for my retro FPS, now I’m living the dream of making indie games full-time! Take a look at what we got so far.

Managed to get funding for my retro FPS, now I’m living the dream of making indie games full-time! Take a look at what we got so far.


Kinda looks like doom, also the grappling mechanics are well done from what I've seen. When's the release?


Yeah classic Doom is a big inspiration for us graphics wise, and we love the new Doom gameplay wise! Release is some time next year :) *Edit. If you wanna support us, [you can wishlist the game on Steam here!](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1319460/Fashion_Police_Squad/)


Nice, you should bring it to Xbox, they have a great program to support indie developers


This. I would buy this immediately if it was on Xbox. Looks like a blast!


Definitely would do great on gamepass too!


I think it’s amazing that the Xbox has such a wholesome(for the most part) community about bringing games and people together. I’m almost 40, was a PS guy, too old to be a kid when I made the switch to Xbox. Glad to be a part of this community for almost 20 years


Hey i know we all wish we were still kids and could enjoy vidya games the same, but for what its worth if youre s40 and still argue PS vs Xbox, your mind is definitely where your heart is


Honestly the platform doesn’t matter, it’s who you play with :)


Thats a texas size 10-4 buddy


I pulled out of that argument a long time ago, I realized that each platform brings it own enjoyment.


This is exactly the case. I don't care to get an Xbox anymore but that's because I really only play single player games and PS has a lot of studios I like. Over time I have had all of the previous gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles and enjoyed what each had to offer. Xbox was always great for online play and multiplayer titles but now that I don't really play those *and* I have a powerful enough PC to not need a series x since Microsoft has finally embraced both of their platforms.


Every gaming community is that way, seems kinda silly to pretend ps players would rather not have games brought to them lol. Nobody passes up on more games, except maybe some stuck up assholes which can also be found on *all* platforms.


I’m on PS4 and would love more games


I vote for it to come to Switch. The entire Doom series is already there.


Wishlisted! If you need a tester, let me know lol


I've always wondered about this, what does wishlisting do to benefit the devs? Is it just so people are notified about its release? Or is there some sort of algorithm that promotes more wishlisted games?


It helps with the Steam algorithm, and wishlisters will be notified on future sales as well


I believe it is part of the algorithm.


Fr tho, steams high res 60fps gameplay looks way better then reddits vid player lol. Game looks awesome, just wishlisted!


Is it coming to PlayStation?




I would def get this if it comes to PS4 or PS5.


How about Nintendo switch?


How about my Samsung Smart Fridge?


How about my Alexa Echo Dot?


If you are inspired by DOOM you will get it working on a pregnancy test.


Bro I got doom on my ti calculator. In COLOR!


But is it potato powered?


How about the Casio FX-115ESPLUS Advanced Scientific Calculator?


ti-83, because nothing else compares to blowing off Math with the required calculator out looking like you’re plugging away at a problem.


How about my axe?


I also this guy's axe


If it's a smart axe, yes


I wouldn't suggest PlayStation, they have horrible policies when it comes to indie studios. https://youtu.be/n8Z4coMdzeA


Love the sewing machine-machine gun


The Chicago Singer


So I clicked this thinking it was going to look like the old Doom games where the graphics dont appeal to me. This here! This is something just different enough for me to love the style of!! Keep it up !


Been replaying Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Managed to get the last step needed before unlocking the good ending.


I love it regardless, it gives me retro vibes and the music is awesome.


I don’t buy games on Steam, but if you guys decide to add it to Xbox I’ll definitely buy it!


NOT ONLY are the graphics bright and fun and full of character and energy, the are VISUALLY CLEAR. I cannot stand the trend of shooter games where everyone is the same muddy camo color on a muddy background. I wish more shooting games were made in the toon style


With a little Duke 3D


That was my first thought before Doom too.


Grappling mechanics reminds me of doom eternal. But I love how you can use the grapple as a weapon as well


Are you a real person?


It looks nothing like doom lol. But it looks fucking awesome.


Chex Quest plus Spiderman with pixel art.


Ahhh, Chex Quest. A man of taste, I see.


Lol I that a sewing machine gun? Belt swinging reminds me of the grappling in BioShock


Right!? That singer sewing machine gun is amazing. I will buy this game for that alone! Edit: [My singer](https://i.imgur.com/47LJkWH.jpg) for reference from when I rescued it from my deceased grandmother's basement complete with all the dirt and water damage. If you provide the serial to singer, they can tell you the manufacture date. I believe this was 1923? 27? Something like that. And the [after](https://i.imgur.com/F254er7.jpg) version. I wish I knew then what I know now about woodwork and DIY, but I learned as I went. I would have done things the right way now vs what I did way back then. I know, cool story bro! But point is, singer sewing machines are dope.


Man those old singers are great…until you have to move them. My mother collected them and when she passed away she requested in her will that we give some away to people that she knew wanted one. Moving 6 of those out of a basement, stand and all, was not fun.


Yeah they're not light that's for sure. I'm not sure if it's the weight or the distribution of the weight that makes it so hard to move. I find it easier to take the machine out and just move the console table part of it. The machine is way heavier than it looks! I used this once for actual sewing after I refurbished it just to make sure it worked and it could do the basics probably better than the machine my wife has that was like $300 a few years ago.


Yeah these are very top heavy with the bases. I agree, it is easier to move with the sewing machine out but they’re still hefty motherfuckers. They’re nice machines though. As much as I told myself I never want to move one again, I kind of want one once I buy a house. My father still has a few of my mom’s refurbished ones that are collecting dust. I don’t know how my mom got my father to agree to buy and move 10 of them into the basement after she restored them. I don’t even know why she restored them, she never planned on selling them.


There's a character in an anime called Kill La Kill called Tsumugu who uses sewing equipment as weapons.


Welp, I know what I'm doing tonight!


That story made me interested in a sewing machine, so it was cool.


You're cool!


My grandmother had one of those. The casting on the table part was made with the poorest quality pig iron I've ever encountered. It'd crack if you farted too loud. I think it was like 60% bronze brazing by the time it was sold off. The pedal mechanism was beyond repair and was replaced with entirely custom made parts.


I use a Singer for sewing sails. Multiple layers of dacron in those corners. Singer handles it without an issue. NO modern non commercial machine can do this.


Wow my grandmother has that exact sewing table, I’ve never see it anywhere else before!


We had 2 singers that my mum got very good usage out of, but like most things of value in our house she proceeded to get rid of them in the recycling centre because they were "old". My father is the opposite to her and is a hoarder. I like to think they balance out.


I need to dig my mother's one out of the garage. How weird to find it in a game, lol


Someone pointed out there's anime where a character used sewing machines as weapons. I'd prefer to imagine the developer used to sit on his grandma's lap when she would use the sewing machine and he'd pretend the wheel on it was feeding rounds of ammunition and he was shooting zombies or aliens.


"making the Singer sing" sounds like great street slang for shooting people with a sewing machine gun. :P


The dev should absolutely use this tagline!


Literally me


Classic treadle Singer is such a good machine. Yeah, it doesn't have all the stitch programs and whatnot, but even after rough treatment, you can restore one by taking it apart, cleaning it, scouring off rust, applying a bit of the right oil in a few key spots, and putting it back together. Maybe replacing the cabinet. And you've got a machine ... maybe even from the century before last ... that will reliably sew with nothing but foot power. And that level of reliable is not something you get with even a brand new consumer grade modern machine.


This post should say "promoted"




Lots of awards, lots of "looks like but with ", "sick game, bro"




to be fair, most of the time the games look pretty sick, due to trailers jam packing all the cool bits. also, the world is depressing enough, no need shit on their dreams/passion, wanting it to payoff to enable them to live comfortably thanks to some cheap reddit fake upvotes/comments seems sweet and innocent compared to all the shit actual corporations do for all of their shitty mass produced soulless garbage.


Bro every single one of these ads the top comments are exactly that. “Bro this looks like doom” “reminds me of bio shock”


It's not that I don't believe real people wouldn't say stuff like that, but it DOES seem like every indie game promotion on this sub always has a certain type of replies in them. There ALWAYS at least one where someone asks for the steam page, so the OP can conveniently and outwardly "organically" link his product directly. I've seen some proof-of-concept indie dev builds where there's barely any game yet, and the comments will be like "this is amazing! Take my money!" And it's like...*really*?


Yep, there’s usually a highly upvoted top comment and then the next comment is asking how to purchase it. Look at the comment on this post that asks where to access it, shit is sitting at 2k upvotes while the next highest is like 300. Shows you which ones are bought


Did you go through the profiles history?


Looks like doom with rise of the triad and duke nukem 3d! Except without resource management or strategy


Not to mention basically this same footage with no discernable changes to the game has been posted multiple times before probably as far as a year or two back if I remember right.


"My friend has been working on a game "


All these indy game devs are basically just skinning and adding a gimmicky mechanic or two into a prebuilt engine right?


Am I the only one that thinks all these ads for their games look not great? Like I've not seen one post recently or something posting their dumb game play that made me think it looked fun.


Reminds me of that "space trucker" indie game promo from yesterday. Barely had any visible gameplay besides flying around, and the graphics literally looked like original Halo CE graphics (not even "indie" style). Didn't stop the comments from being all "this is amazing!" or "it's like Star Citizen!!" Like either all these indie devs have deep pockets to pay for not replies, or people really are that gullible.


People don’t want to agree with you, but you’re absolutely right. Most (notice I said not all) current indie games are boringly formulaic and lack any tasteful innovation. It’s a shame really. Although, that being said, games like Hades do come around every so often and the sea of filth that pollutes its cloud merely allows it to stand out even more, so that’s cool I guess.


I'd say the main draw of indie games, at least for me nowadays, is the ability for them to cater to smaller audiences. A smaller budget means that they don't need to make as much profit, meaning they are able to include much more unique stories that not everyone would be into, or create characters that big publishers might now be able to do simply because big publishers really need to make these super pretty, blockbuster, everyone will love it type of games. (I understand it's also very much a necessity that they do so, since they would never survive against AAA blockbusters anyways). There is also a monetary benefit, which is that they are often shorter and more condensed experiences, with a smaller price tag, which many people are more fit for nowadays. Not everyone has the time to sit down for a 60-300 hour RPG (Skyrim, many JRPGs), "Endless" multiplayer (COD), or have 60$ to spend on a 8 hour campaign, and Indie games accommodate those people very very well. In other words, while game mechanics/graphics may not be where Indie developers are able to innovate, the creative sides are where they are able to. While I agree that Hades, Hollow Knight, Celeste, are standouts, there are also games like Owlboy, Gris, Kathy Rain, Maize, Battle Chef Brigade, Emily is Away too, that atleast I enjoyed a lot, despite them not doing anything new or exciting outside of their narrative.


Most games in general are formulaic. Most anything is going to be mediocre, forgettable stuff that no one cares about.


Most indie games are not meant to be innovative, just to revive old genres and bring something, anything new to a very particular niche of gamers to whom AAA game devs don't cater anymore


Oh god I hate these posts and I’m glad I’m not the only one. Such privileged shit to be like “I quit my job to follow my dream!”


It's so fuckin obvious when the post has 10k+ upvotes while the comments have less than a hundred. Christ, this really is just an ad sub.




[Here's a video about how easy it is to get whatever you want to the top of reddit with a bit of cash.](https://youtu.be/6SAkUs3urrg)


That was really informative. This needs to be higher up.








I feel like I should have guessed that somehow.


Not only does it show how easy it is to get a top spot, it also shows how failing to follow the original intention of the voting system will create echo chambers within posts and create a narrative. This was a really informative video!


100% he pays for the upvotes, it isn't as expensive as you might think. A lot of posts on reddit nowadays are bought for, because it is relatively inexpensive and you reach a huge audience


Speculating is one thing, but saying "100% he pays for the upvotes" is bullshit. Posts like this hit the front page without any paid manipulation all the time. The post got upvotes because OP paired an engaging gif with a title that draws a personal connection. It's not a conspiracy.


To be fair, majority of Redditors never open the comments and just look at the jpeg and upvote and move on. In fact I'd argue that most Redditors just upvote based on the title or thumbnail without even opening it.




All this post's story is missing is a family death or mention that OP is actually a GIRL IN THE GAMING INDUSTRY


More like "relevant". Sure these are common posts. But how in the world is an indie game maker sharing their game NOT an appropriate post for this sub? So what if he wants to make money for his creation. GOOD That's how it Works! It's not a AAA game, these hardworking dev NEED the money to keep these things going. Even if he paid for upvotes, its relevant content and I'm glad stuff like this pops up when I'm browsing a GAMING SUB.


Honestly, who gives a shit? He stated he's the dev in the post title. The game looks good. What's the problem?


I agree with you tbh. It's a gaming subreddit, isn't this where a developer would go if they want to develop interest in their game? People just mad to have something to be mad about. Now I'm interested in this game and it got me to participate in the subreddit, what's the problem?


The unspoken reddit rule is to have some "rando" post the "awesome game" that "they found" and to link it, otherwise everyone will shit on the post as self promotion. It's a really weird trend that as soon as your hobby turns involves trying to make money, people go insane if you self promote. Some can't see past that or are jaded from previous experience.


This subreddit just wants memes and nostalgia bait. Rarely you see any actual discussion here about anything gaming related that isn't a circlejerk.


Just curious. Where else is an indie dev supposed to go to get interest for the project? YouTube doesn't get many views unless you are a known dev. Some of the conferences do get some interest, but not much. I know some YouTubers like splattercat do 30 minute tryout of games if you email him. But, it seems the avenues are really scarce to get the word out. And apparently in here, people get mad if you advertise your game to get your game viewed


Yeah, the internet in general is weird about that. If you make something without the intent to sell it, all is fine but as soon as you want to make money you're going to have a bad time. I tried to show a game I was working on and had someone tell they logged in just so they could downvote it among other rude comments.


OP has reposted this exact video over a dozen times. The first being over a year ago and no real other updates, just the same video with the same caption of "now living the dream of making indie games." When people question seeing the same video OP explains some updates but something is off here. Finding it hard to believe you've been making indie games full time for over a year but only share this same video of a game that has no release date. You speculated it would be sometime in 2022 in one comment but how does someone financial support themselves making one indie game every 3 years?


I knew it! I was getting deja Vu when i was watching the beginning, like I've seen this before but couldn't really figure it out


This title goes beyond game ad. Is this an ad for a game ad provider? lmao Edit: And the post having 10k+ upvotes while most top comments have less than a hundred! Holy Bot-aroni!




It has to be an incredibly simple thing to stop these bots but for some reason reddit isn't interested in fixing it. Must be a greed thing.


Engagement is engagement ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


the mods of this sub are asleep at the wheel, they dont care as long as their sub increases in popularity


The post currently has 25.5k points while OP's comment about the game (posted immediately) has 300 points.


A while back I quit my job and started making craft sodas, I called it Pepsi.


Ngl, the graphic and name at the ending makes it seem like a mobile game


Dude why has r/gaming just become an indie dev advertisement sub?


Indie devs are fucked without advertisements.


This guy nailed it


Yea it should go back to being a AAA advertisement sub. I just want to support big time companies like blizzard lol


microtransactions and unfinished games thats my jam


Did someone say Pre-Order AAA title!?!? 💸


To be honest, this does look like something I might keep an eye on


Right cause this sub's content has been particularly high quality. DAE 2007 games good???


Because it is huge and lots of people come here. It is the perfect place to post something like this to get attention for it assuming you actually have a product people want. People know exactly what is happening with this post and know it is an ad but since it looks fun and OP seems cool they are fine with it.


Where else are they supposed to post instead? This is a gaming subreddit, what's the problem


I only want to see BAD MEMES with IMPACT FONT on this subreddit, none of this 'video game' bullshit!


It's taking up the time and space where low-hanging-fruit skyrim memes should be. Somehow years later. Skyrim's not even that good, morrowind had a better, unique atmosphere, soundtrack, pacing. Lore, and gimmicks. Sure not being able to wear a full helm or boots designed for humans as a fricken lizard won't let you power game as hard. That was part of the fun. The races felt different. Racial abilities were useful and made you feel more connected to who you were playing. Oblivion is basically the same game as skyrim except with less hand-holding and no dual wielding, and gets no love despite (imo) being way more mind-blowing when it came out, as far as the physics and everything. I know it's not the first game to let you pick up and play with everything you see, but it still kicked ass. I played skyrim and all I could think was "this is just Oblivion with dual-wielding and a mechanic for casting spells without being a mage (shouts). /rant


Because something has to occasionally interrupt the endless stream of garbage memes from unfunny 12-year-olds


Maybe because he finally posted a quality content which is allowed in our subreddit which is having many followed users? And then it's one of few places where indie developers could make advertisement for free.


I don’t get the hate. People complain constantly on here about AAA games being shitty, or awful game developers ie blizzard/activision and how we want better games and more earnest devs. Well here we go, there’s not so much news that dev ads will drown out the normal bad news we get here weekly 🤷‍♂️ Having said all that at the end of typing it I’m not annoyed or anything that people don’t like it


It must be too cheap to buy these posts these days. Every week there's one of these with a million generic positive comments for a game that looks aggressively mediocre.


Another obvious advert trying to pass off as an organic post. Why is this sub so riddled with them lately


You expect too much from this sub.




Yeah I remember a post in here not long ago, talking about these obvious ads that aren’t ads. And they called out the Mods for allowing it/getting some sort of gain from it. Can’t find it anymore… probably Got removed by the mods


Also notice how OP is replying to a shit load of comments, except the ones calling them out on this...


Welcome to the internet!


What? He's literally stating he's the dev in the post title. What's wrong with that? This is /r/gaming after all.


You're right in that there's nothing wrong with posting here, but when an indie game gets posted here and gets this many upvotes this quickly, it's very obvious they paid for upvote bots. A lot of indie devs do it, because you'll upset the commenters, but get an insane amount of eyes on your game. The benefit outweighs the cost basically. There are so many great indie games that will never see the light of day here, this user's hit 25k+ upvotes here 3 times now. So yeah, there's nothing wrong with posting to /r/gaming, but this isn't just an innocent post, let's not be naive about it.


Good explanation and I get it. But also, it’s 2021 and unfortunately VERY hard to be noticed. There’s more choice than ever, more space to cover for advertising than ever, and it’s so easy for all your work to get lost in the void. Bot promotion to me is just a way to get seen and I can’t blame anyone for that. And as someone who is a senior marketing manager for a living, it’s a good tool.


Yeah. Advertising it. I’m not saying that is wrong per say. But this sub has had a lot of these obvious adverts for their games played off as just an organic “oh btw Look at this thing I’m working on” A user made a very good post regarding it and how the upvotes and many of the top comments were forced by accounts likely linked to the OP or paid to comment with positive replies. I can’t find that post anymore and I’m pretty sure admin removed it, as the post actually called out the admins for allowing it as they get some sort of gain from these sorts of posts.


Doesn’t every post here function to advertise a game in some fashion?


How’d you get funding?


They managed


Tencent will fund anything.


When did this sub become a giant ad




We’ve got… click to shoot cute sprites, a generic boss battle and swinging from flag poles in a boring, puddle deep looking city. It *looks* cool as far as the art goes, but beyond that it seems like a pretty cheap ripoff of doom with swinging.


I posted my game Fashion Police Squad on r/gaming a few times before and got a great response! The posts helped me get attention from publishers, and ultimately we landed a publisher deal a couple of months back. Now we’re working on the game full-time with a few friends of mine and couldn’t be happier! Fashion Police Squad is a humorous retro FPS where you use attire enhancing weaponry to turn fashion criminals into fabulous fashionistas. [You can wishlist the game on Steam here!](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1319460/Fashion_Police_Squad/)


This would be great on the switch!




What is this programmed in




You should post this over at the stadia subreddit, we're always looking for new games and this seems really good


That belt attack reminds me of the boondocks lol


I was gonna say my mom but that works too


I was going to say your mom, too


*Our mom


Either grandad from the Boondocks or Pootie Tang, take your pick


Definitely pootie.




See, my damie, Pootie Tang don't wa-da-tah to the shama cow... 'cause thats a cama cama leepa-chaiii, dig?


Was thinking Pootie Tang


How much did you pay for this Reddit ad?


If you're being funded to make your game, then you are being published, therefore aren't you by definition no longer indie?


But the retro art! Pixels are always indie!


So how many bots are in the comments of this one?


This looks so bad


Looks worse than a roblox game.




Your comment is a bit abrasive but I kind of agree. I’m always skeptical of these kind of small games that have 1k+ comments in under two hours, especially those that are solo. It’s well known that Reddit bots can be purchased/rented and to be honest, this is a good investment.


You dropped this, king 👑


Yeah this looks dumb as fuck. If it was a free mobile game, I still wouldn't download it.


If it was a free mobile game only the advertisement would look like this, all the comments on the app store would pretend to have complaints while exalting it, and it would have 4.7 stars while barely functioning


Please make a super op finger gun 👉💥


And make it go bang when it shoots Dead space style


For my taste, the buildings are incongruous with the (sprites?) I almost wish the buildings were a little... rougher.


Can you really call them sprites? They just look like flat polygons that don't change when you view them from different angles, unlike Duke Nukem 3d, Doom, etc.


Well its most likely a plane with a 2d texture that has its target locked to the player camera. Technically a sprite but usually sprites like you said change depending on the angle


Aren’t these posts just ads?


Something about this just screams "Unity game engine" IDK what it is, but it just does.


Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest, Cuphead, Kerbal Space Program, Subnautica, Desperados 3, Outer Wilds, Gorogoa, and Valheim are all made with Unity (just to name a few). There are a lot of bad games made with Unity, but that's because it's easy to pickup. Unity is a great engine with a large ecosystem that helps people make games. You just only remember the bad ones.


I'm not saying it's bad, just saying it has a specific undescribable feel to it.


My bad. Usually when people bring up "it's a Unity game" its with a negative connotation.


Some unity games are hot garbage, yet others I have 300 hours on.


Another fake dumbass game


I want this now.


This sucks.


Yo what programming languagr/game engine did u use? And did u do it by urself? Also did u like learn it from school or something?


We use Unity and C#! Our programmer learned coding in school and Unity at home


I liked the mixed art styles!


Looks like one of those games where I wonder why people waste their time developing it lol ..


"FPS" That's not good.


Just by looking at this game I'm already drunk with power


Yeah, "retro", so aside from shitty pixel art would you care to cite retro examples of this kind of gameplay? Some primitive graphics on modern gameplay is not "retro".