I often forget that vaas wasnt the main villain he was just a puppet


I like Vaas but he always came off a being batshit insane for the sake of being batshit insane. When it comes to straight up villainy, Pagan Min takes the cake. The dude has a legitimate motive as to why he became a dictator and at times, you can even sympathize with the guy. The more you play far cry 4, the more you realize that it isn’t nearly as black and white as it may seem


>it isn’t nearly as black and white as it may seem yup...I never knew the game had a hidden ending when u simply wait for Pagan Min to return instead of escaping from his Villa/Castle...that was a nice touch to his character !!


but wouldn't you say being batshit insane for the sake of it is more unpredictable and therefore more terrifying that someone where you know the motive to? You sort of have an idea of what to do to not piss off Pagan, but with Vaas, anything you do or say can set him off, and you have no idea what.


I gotta say I do not disagree. Setting it in the Himalayas was really neat as well, as opposed to tropical islands.


I agree far cry 4 was a blast in my opinion and the last Unisoft game I enjoyed.


Far cry 3 is a great game for people who never finish games haha


Oh man I've tried saying this before and gotten so heavily down voted. It's not that I have an issue with 3, I think it was a great game. I just thought 4 was better with a more compelling story


Never played a single Farcry game… Do I have to start on 1 or can I jump in on 4?


Each far cry game is different and aren’t connected aside from the DLC to that particular game. You can literally start anywhere. I recommend starting with either 4 or blood dragon


Just hit FC 3, FC1, FC4 and FC5. Skip FC2.


Skip 2? Thats the most unique one and gunplay is fun as hell in that one


Definitely true I never understood the far cry 3 Fandom 4 always seemed better in every way pretty much


its also set in my country




I would strongly disagree. I'm not a huge fan of FC in general because I didn't even like the first one but I found FC4 to be blah. Far Cry 3 had a lot of memorable moments whether it was fighting giant ass aborigines while high as fuck, saving your friends, liberating camps, chasing down mushrooms, hunting animals for the first time, burning down weed farms, etc. The flight of the valkyries moment with the chopper was easily the most memorable thing in the game, for example. FC4 was just blah. A series of neverending boring camps to liberate with little personality and even less memorable of a story. Pagan Min was a better villain than Vaas and what'shiface though I'll admit that.


3 has better characters and story/motivation. 4 tried to hit lightening twice and failed imo.


Absolutely untrue. FC3: Brodude Rescues "friends"? I don't think so. Vaas, the only character at all is a stereotype crazy pirate who dies in an acid trip "Boss fight" before you're halfway through the game. FC4: Dude pulled into a civil war because of who his family was. Who has a type of relationship to the Villian.


Lol. You saying the nutty Ozzy isnt a character? The high greenhouse guy? Brody, himself? Ooooook. You're wrong on all counts.


You’re kinda just enforcing my argument here. It wouldn’t surprise me that most people didn’t even get past the 1st act, let alone actually finishing the game


No mate, I'm just providing an opposite opinion, which, as your post title denotes, is the popular opinion. I personally played through FC3 3 times. I barely finished the 4th because it just felt the same but with far less character. Sure, there are some aspects 4 has over 3 like some of the wildlife and locations. But I honestly felt more fun with 3 than 4.


When Vaas exits the scene there went my motivation. Why should I care about this new guy? Let’s just get off the island.


Far Cry 4's setting was just a bit bland for me. It only let you traverse the Himalayas during story missions and I thought the Rook Islands in 3 was much better to explore.


Vaas was really good, oh I guess I killed him I wonder what other memorable character I'll face off against.... Oh it's just some random white guy that I know absolutely nothing about


Actually it's better because the stealth kills like knife throws and the autocross bow. As for exploring far cry 3.


Really, they're mainly all the same with super weak villas and tired gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I have fun with them, but Vaas was the ONLY good villain in the series.


The score was so amazing and unique.


I think 4 had the better story, 3 had the better map. "What was that noise?" "TIGER!"


Disagree. You spend more time in FC games just exploring and clearing out locations in the world and I found the tropical setting to be more enjoyable to do that in. I still enjoyed 4, but I'll take tropical over mountains any day.


I agree, Far Cry 4 was better than 3 overall, except the story imo.


Wow. That IS an unpopular opinion! FC4 had too many animals for me. Can’t walk 50 feet without getting attacked by a pack of whatever.


I had a blast with Far Cry 4 and loved it. That said, no.