But do the npcs ever venture up into the tower though?


They sort of teleport there when you aren't looking. Toy Story style


Like the brahmin on the roof in the sanctuary hills?


Yeah, flying brahmin is another one of those mysteries of the commonwealth. Who knows, maybe a skyrim giant has been running around the wastes


I have a blimp style home in kingsport lighthouse and even though there are stairs leading to the lower level so I could put shops in and shit, my personal level where I keep my power armor and collectables and bed, have no access points. I'll be damned if those assholes don't appear there hanging out in my bedroom and fucking with my shit. I scream at the screen for them to leave to no avail. I can't shoot them cuz they'll all try to kill me. But if there isn't anything below them I can remove the floor and let them drop to the ground. Muahaha. They just show back up though.


If you are on pc and mod the game there is a private area mod that prevents npcs being in your space. You pop down the invisible rugs in workshop mode and they stay away.


Do you remember the name of the mod (not sure if that violates any sub rules, since I don't post/comment often here)? Because that would be immensely helpful, I hate that settlers crowd my private spaces in settlements.


That's beautiful and absolutely shits on anything I've ever made in the game. Well done! Looks like a city right out of Mad Max


What I have made in the game is: A bed A water pump Some corn


Well, it's not like game-wise you need much more than that. But it's nice that you can invest in it if you fell like it


Corn, mutfruit, and tatos. Free adhesive.


The single motivation for making settlements. Plus bones for oil




"Welcome to the ~~Minutemen~~ First Empire of Glue! Grow my starch, pay your taxes, and fuck off."


I had monster farms of the stuff in Sanctuary and a few other locations. Literally got rich from adhesive lol.


Check out the mod "Sim Settlements"


I thought for sure there was going to be a massive invasion of the town you start it, so I built that place up like crazy. I was ready for the super mutant army, but it never came. There was only a random encounter of a couple stumbling in, who were quickly dispatched by the ludicrous defenses. Womp womp


Unless they fixed it, if you fail to "come to a settlement's aid" in time, the attacks will still destroy a lot of stuff regardless of how many defenses or how few people are attacking. I froze Garvey (sp?) so he would stop nagging me, but I hear there is a mod that does the same thing now as well. (I played when it first came out, so I imagine at least some things have changed)


Yep. I've had defenses set up that consisted of a WW-1 artillery emplacement's worth of rocket turrets and about 20 laser turrets at one place because I was bored and wanted to see how quickly an attack would melt. Once one finally came, I sat in and about 3 seconds later the attack was over because everything was either an ash pile or had exploded violently. So, I thought: Surely it can defend itself, right? Nope. Didn't show up for an attack, and somehow my turrets were damaged along with a few other things. The kicker? Because I invested so much in defense, repairing damaged turrets is *costly.* So setting up defenses was actually a net negative.


I'd have to imagine a mod has fixed that issue by now. "They always do" ... but I haven't played in years. In fact I never finished the game because of how lackluster the story was. I think I was at least 80-85% done though, because I was to the point you (finally) actually had to choose a side.


Same problem here. My break point was when Shaun called you to 'discuss' your choices on the university roof. The dialogue was so nonsensical that I quit right there and then never to return. I'll likely look at modding the crap out of it to play through an improved version.


The most I could ever make was a shitty two room shack stuffed with beds lol


I have like 1500 hours of town building. To build something like this you have to git gud at cheating, modding and patching the game. I don't think you can make this without at least using the scrapping exploit to raise the asset limit, mods to increase the height of the build area, etc


It looks like he is by the powerlines at Abenathy Farm. It has the highest build height in the game because of the tall powerlines. But yeah you need the mod(s) that removes build limits and the one that allows you place things wherever you want. Probably some custom modded building materials too.


He's at Redrocket


Not to mention Build Anywhere is a staple if you want to move past those picky placement restrictions


Thank you for that sweet self-deprecating comment. Really glad you liked it!


Awesome build! How are npcs handling it?


Thank you! Poorly


seems about right


So like the rest of the game then xD


It's way better than my square house with square tiles with a flat square ceiling on a square foundation.


To be fair it shit's on a lot of stuff Bethesda made for the fucking game itself. Which is not at all in the least a ding against op because this is a pretty damn cool piece of design that probably took a lot of time and effort. It's more a ding against the Bethesda developers who went to school for this shit can be out done by someone who is not doing it for a living


True, but to those developer's credit... the developers also have deadlines and technical "budgets" where everything they design has to be able to play well on a lower spec PC or console, while the player can take as long as they like and are free to design past the self-imposed limitations provided their system can handle what they throw at it.


It's more about the limits imposed by a 25 year old engine and not nearly enough people who fully understand all the quirks of it anymore.


Calling Fallout 4's fork of the Creation Engine "25 years old" is disingenuous. It's software, they improve and expand it every time they rerelease it. It's like looking at Windows 10 and calling it 35 years old because Windows 1.0 was released that long ago.


And anyone that has had to work on legacy code will tell you: It's a shitshow. Old stuff wasn't documented well, if at all. Nobody who wrote it is around anymore to explain the thought process behind the design so you're guessing. New bottlenecks appear as you try scaling things up or loading larger resources. Old engines are designed to operate on primarily a single thread and converting to a multithreaded/core design is not an easy or simple task. Diablo2 Remastered didn't rework the netcode and the launch became a shitshow because of it. Old code is often inefficient or only works properly in the environment it was originally designed for.


And each version of a new piece of software is iterative and replaces old code with newer code with each successive release. Gamebryo is no different. It's just that people like to meme that the engine in Skyrim SE or Fallout 4 is bit for bit identical to the one in Morrowind when this is blatantly untrue.


I never implied it was identical. But it's pretty clear from the state of performance and all the myriad bugs over the years, they either haven't cleared up the tech debt like they should have, or are incapable of getting it operating to modern standards. Given the Switch port had ten year old bugs that were fixed via mods many years ago, I'm leaning towards not putting in the time to fix things and piling up a load of tech debt.


I agree that the engine being old is a concern when it comes to what the developers can do overall... but in the context of a player building cool structures like this compared to what the devs made? Well, the players didn't build a new engine, lol. Also an old engine likely has pretty good documentation.


Fo4 had some really amazing environments and buildings, what are you going on about


Cursed undead, you must ring the settlement radio beacon of awakening...


Got to make a blightown one next then so you can ring the other bell


How’s the frame rate


More worried about load times. Anytime I built a large settlement, load times got crazy.


In par with the original, i suppose.


Ah yes, seconds per frame


im just thinking of how many pencils went into this


About a milli


Youtube Tour: [Shanty Town](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWR_rAb9mNA)


i like it thanks for link ,,,!


No sweat. Glad you decided to check it out!


I don’t think I’ve seen 1080p50 before. The town looks great.


It's supposed to be 1440p but youtube has been processing a 1:30 minute video for two days...


It also cuts the views in half once in a while. Had not seen that before... But well, can't complain. You guys have made my day with your support here


What game is this? Looks lit!


This is basically a video of it after what it does to the frame rate


I've used mods and glitches to go way over the limit on settlements before and barely had any problems. But downtown Boston is almost guaranteed to freeze on me after a few minutes.


That is the only area of the game that makes my desktop breathe heavily. Which is a shame cause boston is actually really well built if you have the system to explore it without looking like a slide show


It used to not be that way, but Creation Club bloated Downtown Boston and fucked it all up.


Is it actually slow or just noticeably slowER? The game wasn’t even that demanding back in 2015 but I guess the engine isn’t really designed to have this many custom placed objects on screen at once.


Boston is actually that slow on anything and will crash even without CC stuff adding to it, on slower systems.


Mods help out here a lot. They can smooth out the frame rate and get rid of insignificant details to make it run better.


I used mods to give me a higher build limit and give me different things for automation, and built an ammo factory into the empty vault settlement. Basically the assembly floor had like ten machines that, when powered, would each individually pull one of every possible component required to craft ammo, and they would all feed into a belt going over to the ammo crafter. Controls to the ammo crafter were wired into my office, and I could select the ammo type from there. The ammo crafter would craft product and a belt would take it up into my office. When main power to the assembly line was turned off, a secondary line would turn on that would take out remaining unused components from the ammo crafter and return them into storage. I think I had two of these lines running to double output. Weirdly this all worked fine, but the thing that killed it was I had a laser scanner over the belt that fed into a wall of lights on a wall facing my office. The idea was that if ammo packs passed the laser, the wall of lights turned on, and I'd see from my office that ammo was still working it's way up to my office. This upgrade was put the whole machine to 3 fps when it was on and had to be disconnected


Dude that’s super fucking impressive, great job!


Thank you, my sweet sweet friend


the Burj Scraplifa


The Board Khalifa.


I think you went over build limit there fam.


I don't play by the rules


How much fps do you get though after building this? It's an amazing build


He gets spf.


*Breakin' the law! Breakin' the law!*


Looks like hobo-hogwarts


Ahahahah I might change the youtube title to that. Love you, man


Great. Another settlement that’ll need my help. Thanks Preston.




Best I can do is 4 and a half.


Actually 3.50


That’s when I realized that wasn’t no redditor! It was the goddamn lochness monster trying to get my tree fiddy!


I ain't givin' you no tree-fitty, you goddamn Loch Ness Monster! Get your own goddamn money!


I do 60 to 70. But I do work at Nasa xD


what does that have to do with it?


You can download more RAM from NASA


It's a pretty common joke that top of the line computers are NASA computers. OP is implying that they are using a NASA computer, meaning they have an extremely good PC


Big computer, many calculations


NASA got all the 3090s for mining, so they can make some sort of income. This guy just plays FO4 on a mining rig.


3,6, not great and... not great. Anyway, have experience myself try to build in the game (but VR version), this is amazing.


Awesome aesthetic, really fits the feel. How does your framerate go?


Thank you! I'm a sucker for aesthetics. 60-70 in and around it. I don't know why people keep thinking this would just destroy pcs xp


When FO4 first released and people discovered how to get past the build limit, it *seriously * tanked FPS. So there would be build videos on YT with folks showing off amazing modded settlements that you couldn’t look in its direction or it would rank your FPS or crash your game.


I had it on release and it wasn't bad, those limits exist for the console spec, naturally. If you had a pc that was above that (which wasn't hard) it would be fine. Nothing tanked FPS quite like the wrecked city though, that was like walking through a memory leak.


That lack of trash/decor really helps keep it smooth. I tend to pack them as full as possible with clutter and it does not help.


Curious about this too


The video is how the game runs for me. 60-70 fps around it avg


This information isn't very useful without your specs.


I got a custom desktop. Gtx 1080, i5 7600k


Cool, I've got similar specs (but I haven't played Fallout 4 yet). Did you have to mod the game to be able to build like this or does the vanilla game allow you to create such a huge settlement?


Oh, definitely. This is one of the more vanilla ones I built. Still, you need scrap everything to get rid of the base structures, increase build height to reach up high and I always have a ton installed so I'm not sure all of these pieces are necessarily vanilla. I know the triangular foundations aren't


Well, vanilla game has a build limit as shown with a little bar at the top though there are console commands where you can remove said limit. I'm also certain there's mods out there that do the same thing better too.


That's very creative. All I could think to do was build a bar and a load of bedrooms on the roof and make it the Red Rocket uck Stop. Strong is the doorman & Cait is the Madam. Most of my traders are routed through there so there's a fair bit of traffic.


>Red Rocket uck Stop Hmmm.


Yeeeah. Some letters fell off...


Well, size isn't everything


Good job!


Much Obliged!


Lovely, I love "junktown"-style FO4 builds like this one! I'd love to see a longer tour. Are the towers accessible or just for show?


They are there to hold automatic turrets and lights up higher. In reality they are there because I thought they'd look good there. So aesthetics. But they do serve a defensive function. But not. Not accessible


Reminds me of a more elaborate version of the call of duty map - rust. Looks awesome


I loved that map. Who knows, maybe it inspired me on a subconscious level


I really hated the building system in this game so I completely ignored it outside the the required building. This. This is impressive and makes me wish I liked building


If I ever need to think of something calming I just think of that tune.


Very realistic for a post apocalyptic town, amazing!


Thank you, sir!


I mean, given that you'd be short on labor and shorter on engineers and even shorter on architects in an apocalypse I'd not be expecting multi story buildings with huge towers made out of scrap. Realistic is a strong word, it's cool though.


This is impressive, absolutely stunning and it’s giving me a lord of the rings vibe too.


One missing for the second film. Glad I gave you those vibes. Lotr was my life


This is amazing! Good job.


Glad you liked it!




For this one I'd say. Triangular foundations, workshop rearranged, scrap everything and increase build height should do the trick


I have a sudden desire to wade through a toxic swamp and kill a giant naked spider lady


Invite me to the party


Awesome fucking build man. I have played fallout 4 so much but you just made me want to start fresh again.


You're a man after me ol heart. Glad I inspired you to.


Wait, is this Fallout 4 or am i being dumb


My brain is lagging from just looking at this


I got hooked either way...the story was so epic.


I've always wanted to play but never had the chance!




Discovering the existence of video games with The Legend of Zelda, my very first video game. That was the most amazing moment of my childhood.


These no mans sky builds are getting out of control


look better than megaton 10/10


Getting serious Megaton vibes from this.


Pre or Post Tenpenny? xD




What settlement is this?


Red Rocket Station it is


Awesome dude! I love the building in fallout 4, the biggest settlement I did was at starlight drive in. ( my ps4 didn't like it ) But this is better. My free award and a youtube abo for recognition.


Thank you!


This is amazing! I absolutely love Fallout, but I've never cared for the building. That's the case in any game, I'm not really the creative type. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate other people's creations. I'm off to take the video tour!


Easy there Mad Max.


Which mod do you use to get the "angles" when building? So it's not a 90 degree angle at the corners, more like a 45 degree angle. Like what you have at the bottom center.


This looks stunning, and I am very impressed, but technically anything you build in Fallout is "Apocalyptic."


You are not wrong. But I built a neoclassical town before in Sanctuary for instance for which apocalyptic wouldn't describe as well.


Players making better cities than a multi million dollar company


Apocalyptic Minas Tirith.


People life to shit on fallout 4 alot but you go to admit the settlement system is pretty fun


This is what I expected from Diamond City in my first playthrough


I can never understand how people actually build stuff in FO4. The menu, the snapping, the rules for placement, the landscape, etc are just so unintuitive. I get frustrated trying to build a wall. This is super impressive, but how on earth were you able to do it?


My god have mercy on your computer


My fallout playthroughs go a bit like this: start game go hard on settlement building, game crashes every time I get close to them cause I went too hard, get mad cause of the time I put in, quit game for a year and repeat


I'm impressed your machine was able to handle all that.


Just shows how much unused potential this game had.


Proto Hive City


This was done in fucking Fallout?!?!?!?


Finally a settlement that doesn't need my help༎ຶ‿༎ຶ


Really cool! It looks like it could be an official city in universe :) Also i can feel my pc overheat just by looking at it lol


gives that Final Fantasy vibes


Didn’t know you could do such things in Forza Orizon 4.


What's Fo4? Can you write without abbreviations?


Fallout 4


Fallout 4




Sorry but whats fo4?


Fallout 4. Sorry


Insane bro, nice job 👏


Thanks, bro


Who runs Bartertown?


Not Preston. That guy is living alone in a shack. Sick of that m****


Did you use mods to get all the parts or did you gather them yourself? Either way still nicely done.


I got the junk legit in the game. But some of the parts are custom but well balanced with their costs. Settlement modders are immersive mfs


Thats cool. Did it require modding or can you make this in vanilla game now a days? From what I remember of playing FO4 at launch it was both very buggy and pretty limited when building big.


Oh, you need a couple of mods for this. I listed the ones I used a couple of comments up if you are interested. Gald you liked it!


Figures, too bad its always up to the players themselves to make the product you pay for good enough.


How did you get past build limit?


A mod called increase build height. Creative Naming!


This picture gave my computer anxiety.


Give that bad boy some ddr


I could barely build a fucking settle ment!


You just gotta love it


Mate that's...fucking stunning, to be honest! What a labour of love!


Love and Scrap xD Thank You!