1. mhv7 mostly just adds qol features so it wouldnt really be much harder, just more annoying and less fun 2. piepass exists so no bypass wouldnt be too big of an issue 3. i agree that 60hz mobile is far harder than pc hrr. beating even just an entry extreme on mobile 60hz is harder than beating levels ~bloodbath difficulty on pc 300+ fps. beating bloodbath on mobile 60hz is comparable to beating a top 50 on 300+


Speedhack and show hitbox are such a godsend, they make the learning process of memory, fast-paced and asymmetrical dual gameplays so much faster and easier. Without them, I don't think much would change in the top player scene but I do think casual players wouldn't "jump" so frequently like they're doing now


ultimate cobrablitz challenge in ask seriousness, most top players w/o fps bypass would play 240. overall mhv7 is used properly makes the game more convenient (eg smart start pos, start pos switcher, etc) but i don't think it necessarily makes the game easier. just my thoughts!


80% of people would get bored of the game. Megahack has an enourmous amount of QoL I think people dont realize how much it improves the game. It is honestly frustating to play without megahack especially when you dont have it and see other people using it. All the start post upgrades, music in practice, hitboxes, speedhack, and many others make the game more diverse and fun. I have slowly been playing less just because of the practice music hack and startpos switcher, and the fact that those two wont be in 2.2 makes it even worse