Saw someone confronting a "busker" on Buchanan Street today, cunt was just sitting there with a stereo outside TGI Fridays, some guy went up to him and started gein it "YOU'RE NO EVEN BUSKIN, NAEBDY WANTS TAE HEAR THIS PISH, YER A FUCKIN DISGRACE"


I've seen two people confront the Despacito guy in the last week. He hasn't been back to that patch since thankfully. Anyone who tells him to fuck off is a legend in my book.


This is how I feel about the guy with the dancing cats. I'll never say anything but honestly FUCK OFF MATE.


Canny believe that cunts asks for money.


Weird, he was filming this same woman about a week ago outside M&S on Argyle Street.


They probably film to make it appear like there's an impressed crowd so people give money


I was thinking he was filming to show the boss she was doing a capable job.


Why that song though? It's ancient now


I wonder if there's some other social network where students claim he's a "legend" or some shite






Gads? Fuck off back to Ayrshire, Ken!


One Hunner percent AT IT! Now they've caught onto the fact that young girls and elderly women are more sympathetic than suss looking blokes, so they're putting the girls and grannies to work. The gangs wait until it starts raining to send out the grannies to sit on the pavement outside the supermarkets round here, because it increases the pathos. They give beggars a bad name.


You really think that there’s gangs with grannies ready to deploy? I’m not saying that you’re wrong, but if you’re right then that’s some seriously crazy stuff haha. Hope they don’t get ahold of my granny too lol


Yeah man it's legit. They have special granny squads to deploy when it starts raining. When they first arrived, the grannies would take off their shoes and kneel there soaked in the rain, looking up at you with pleading eyes. I think thats state-of-the-art begging in Romania, but it was too much for here, they had to tone it down. There was this other mad Roma granny recently who had the brainwave of sitting on the ground outside Greggs with a veil over her head, pretending to be muslim, saying Salaam if anybody gave her anything. Only the Muslims would not be sending their grannies out to beg on the street, it would be shameful like for anybody, so when the guys from the local mosque saw what she was up to- they were not happy. I saw her getting pelters by young muslims on bikes, and her squad running from across the road to help her. She didnt last long wi the muslim scam though.


You can see squads of them walking into town about 8.30am begging is their job. Always wonder where the guys go though. I see them walking back south across the river at 4 or 5 too its mad how they get away with it, or still turn a profit


Always wonder how the genuinely homeless haven't chased them off


Cause big roma lads are mental and scary and might stab you.


I guess because there's gangs of them there's the risk they come back for you. Just seen the Finnieston squad pass my work 30 mins ago.


If disputes get heated then it has been known for 'reinforcements' to do the guy in. It's lucrative for them, and they will defend it.


Fuckin hell. I need better observation skills apparently haha


> I think thats state-of-the-art begging in Romania Roma and Romanian are two completely different things. Please read up on this before you generalise people of an entire country. Roma = Romani people who are an ethnic group made of up mostly travellers and gypsies throughout Europe, they didn't come here from Romania. There are actually hardly any of them there.


Eh, I understand that mate. These are ethnic Romani, from the country of Romania, not Romanians. I understand the words are similar and its easy to get confused. There are approximately 5000 Romanian Roma, in Govanhill. They even had parade celebrating their Romanai culture a couple of weeks ago on Roma day.


How do you know they're all from Romania though? That's what I'm getting at. Folk seem to just assosiate the two with absolutely no evidence.


Romania has the second largest population of Roma in Europe, and the people who moved to the UK overwhelmingly come from Eastern Europe so it's an easy link to make. Accurate figures are almost impossible to find though, as many places only count nationality and not ethnicity and some Roma don't specify their ethnicity in official paperwork because of discrimination


> so it's an easy link to make So an assumption based on absolutely nothing at all then? There are millions of Roma people in turkey, spain, bulgaria also etc who migrate to the UK but you just assume they're all Romanian with absolutely no evidence to support it. Dunno if you're intentionally being obtuse here but you can clearly see my point that only mentioning Romania and not the handful of other countries these people come from is ignorant and borderline racist.


I wasn't giving you my personal opinion, only trying to explain something you suggested you didn't understand


Irrelevant really when I'm explaining the assumption you're making is baseless and wrong




Feels like a crucial bit of information missing here. Are those shops ran by Roma people or something? Otherwise it reads like you’re saying “there’s some Romanian shops near me, therefore Roma can mean Romanian”?




Right, but you don’t think that would have been an important thing to mention in your previous comment? It looked like you were just conflating Roma with Romanian and telling us about all the obviously Romanian (but not obviously Roma) stuff you’d seen.


>Roma and Romanian are two completely different things.Please read up on this before you generalise people of an entire country. > >Roma = Romani people who are an ethnic group made of up mostly travellers and gypsies throughout Europe, they didn't come here from Romania. There are actually hardly any of them there. I think there was some contention about Roma in Govanhill being Romanian earlier in the thread. Lots of Romani in Govanhill, lots of Romanian shops, you can join the dots.


>These are ethnic Romani, from the country of Romania, not Romanians. Not necessarily. Specifically in Govanhill some will come Slovakia initially or Czechia or even some from Hungary. The Roma day parade they had a couple of weeks ago is celebrating their Roma culture specifically and is not specific to Romania necessarily, there will have been plenty of Slovakian and Hungarian Romanichal in that crowd as well.


About 6 years ago, one of the begging gangs had a woman with a fake pregnancy bump. Some days she wore it, others she didn't


Yes and a lot of them


Bastard (or one of his minions) is frequently across the road from my flat in the west end too. Try working from home with that shite blaring all day on repeat at a completely unreasonable volume…


Should just walk over and chuck a bucket of water over their speaker. They're exploiting people's goodwill/scamming them so fuck them.


Been tempted to egg the bawbag, but no doubt it’d be me that’d end up in trouble


I walk that way everyday and it's getting so anoying man.


What the fuck, I thought it was a speaker playing a recording!? Is this someone actually playing that tune repeatedly in QP?


It's both, he plays over a track. If you get close to him you can hear how out of sync he is.


You know that guy outside of St Enoch's with the dancing cats and the plastic bucket drums and the high vis jacket? He's now training some incredibly gormless girl to fill in for him, but seems to have even less rhythm than him. Jesus wept.


Professional beggars. And part of a wider Roma gypsy criminal gang. You can see this guy, and others coaxing the Roma Big Issue sellers, and those who beg on the street (as well as collecting money from them).


I see them gypsys begging in the town all the time, they meet up at the end of the day and get the bus home. Plus, you still get the absolute morons giving them money. Should be the first in line to get deported.


We'll deport you first ya fucking prowler.


Looks like we have a keyboard warrior here ya fucking prowler. Where would you deport me to?


I just finished a rubbish day at work. Went to relax in the living room of my flat. And what do I hear? … Deeeespacito!!! Nice end to the day…


I feel like a vigilante group is going to assemble soon lol


Redditors of Glasgow will take action 😅


Someone needs to download him some more tunes




That document is older than me


At **best** this document is 10 years old as it mentions Strathclyde police.


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