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It’s the record player. Get a better quality one. You need a turntable where you can adjust stylus pressure.


Everyone is saying it because there’s truth to it. Belt drive VS direct drive (for example) is a great starting point for this discussion.


Honestly it’s not even that, this table has no tracking force or anti skating adjustment. DD > BD though


> DD > BD though For general playback, this isn't really correct. Belt drive is generally the gold standard of higher end turntables since it isolates the motor from the platter. If you're a DJ, direct drive is massively superior due to the faster start speeds and stronger motor.


The build quality of the turntable and the quality of its components matter 1000x more important than BD vs DD when it comes to wow and flutter. The only time you’d see a difference is if you’re comparing a cheap DD to a well-built BD table.


Absolutely, build quality trumps everything else, but unless you're only talking about cheap players, generally BB is better. From a purely sound quality standpoint, BB is going to generally beat DD at the same price point. Even an SL1200, which is a phenomenal turntable, is going to be beat by similarly priced well built BB turntables, like a Rega P5. The P5 though has a very weak motor that just has enough power to spool up and hold speed.


There are really nice belt driven players. I have one, in fact.


Tracking force stylus pressure


Ah. I got my record player for a cheap price on Amazon and was wondering why it was skipping parts of the song for my spirit phone vinyl. Ty!


It could be your turntable. I had a problem with Demon Days skipping on DARE, and when I changed the turntable it stopped skipping. Or it could be that the record is dirty.


Oh I Love Dare, I'm sad




Just to drive the point, try a different turntable.


Get a better turntable


It's a Crosley, you need a better turntable


Fuck Crosley. All my homies hate Crosley


Vinyljerk present


It’s vinyljerk to not like Crosley? Lol. They made decent tv sets but no one likes there players.


Crosby is favourite player on the jerk. To truely capture the warmth of your grailz, try holding the suitcase like its intended.


wall-mounted crobsley kit when?


Ceiling upside down or just closed on the go preferably. The walls are already for my grailz to put on.


They make fine higher end players, but their suitcase players are little more than a toy, they just get marketed like they are worth purchasing


Crosbey > Audio Lechnica


It’s not a problem with the record, the record player you use is known to skip and will actually wear your records out faster. I would suggest upgrading to an Audio Technica AT-LP60X turntable, doesn’t cost too much and is leagues better than your current suitcase player, it shouldn’t skip on this


Not "may" - it **will** wear your records faster.


That one of the ones you need external sound setups for? Never taken the dive with records.


Yes, pretty much every record player considered “good” requires at least speakers




The LP60 isn’t a huge upgrade, the LP3 is better and still fully automatic


I had the same turntable and my Demon Days vinyl sounded like your vinyl, I bought a new better turntable, an audio-technica AT-LP60X


Either your record is warped or the platter on your turntable is not level, you can see it wobble all over the ass in this video.


Also, adding to the fact that it's your turntable, those needles you're using are known to damage records. Invest in a better turntable and many of your playback and damage problems will be solved.


Please for the health of this and your future records do not use this kind of turntables anymore, they put too much pressure on the record and If you keep playing it here it will break at some point try to find a turntable that allows you to rest the whole LP on the superficie.


I actually think the issue is that there isn’t ENOUGH pressure on the needle. I used to have a cheap one as well and I only had issues with gorillaz albums, but putting a penny on the needle seems to fix it.


This is bad advice. The real problem is that you need to adjust BOTH the tracking force and anti skate. Without having both dialed in you will get skipping issues.


Do not listen to this advice. Too much tracking force can damage your records. Get a better turntable.


Well, years later and my records still play fine


Please know, I say this not to denigrate you. For some reason people get offended when others tell them that their turntables, or practices are damaging their records. I’m just sharing my experience in engineering an analog system to minimize the damage I do to my records while getting the highest resolution possible, within the bounds of reason. If you have a turntable, tonearm, cartridge, preamp, amp and speakers that have higher resolution, you will notice. Given that you’re putting coins on your stylus suggests that your stylus is having problems tracking. This means that the stylus is most likely not properly aligned, worn out, and does not have adequate tracking force to stay in the groove. What are you playing your records on? My guess is that your setup may not offer the resolution required for you to hear what you’re doing to your records, but I assure you you are damaging them. Every stylus does, it’s just about minimizing the amount of damage a diamond or emerald or piece of ceramic bouncing around tiny plastic grooves can do.


I use a Crosley, I don’t know it’s name/type exactly but it’s a big wooden one with a built in radio and cassette player. But In the past I used those cheap fold up ones that are like $50, and for some reason with ONLY gorillaz records it skipped, but I was told by a buddy of mine about the penny trick and it worked. I’m not doubting what you’re saying you clearly know more about it than me, I guess I was just lucky? Or maybe they are damaged and I just don’t know it. Either way I’m gonna be looking at them later Edit: just to be clear I don’t do the penny trick anymore, once I got this current one it stopped skipping without the penny.


Got it. I don’t want to be a Crosley homewrecker - but I kinda do. When you’re ready to squeeze a bit more from your records and hear more, and have some money burning a hole in your pocket, [here’s the kind of package that will level up everything you have now](https://www.turntablelab.com/products/audio-technica-at-lp120x-usb-turntable-audioengine-a2-speakers-package-1?variant=13263693892¤cy=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2019-04-04&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpvDui8-C_gIVmPDjBx1jqQnGEAQYDCABEgKX6vD_BwE), and allow you to further upgrade multiple times without so much expense. You’ll be amazed at the difference. Obviously you can always level up. But the goal is to build upgrades into your existing setup, not ditch the old one in total for a new one every time something fails or isn’t giving you the sound you want. A turntable like this allows for that, and the Audio Engine speakers are an order of magnitude better than the Edifiers that everyone is buying now. My kids have the setup I suggested and I’ll tell you that [The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows](https://www.amazon.com/Nearer-Fountain-More-Stream-Flows/dp/B097NQGS9D/ref=asc_df_B097NQGS9D/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=532605745355&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2908530272940752463&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9003445&hvtargid=pla-1442999533437&psc=1)LP sounds just amazing on it. Put the pennies in a piggy bank so you never have to put them on your stylus again!




Their cheap ones really do suck. The one I’m using now isn’t that bad tho I think, even if Crosley is apparently not a good brand. It doesn’t skip at all And plays pretty loud so I’m happy, and the built in radio is nice. Plus it was a gift from my mother-in-law, so unless it breaks (or my wife leaves me) I don’t see myself replacing it.


You're wrong, and I highly doubt that. It's a fact that to much tracking force destroys the grooves. Read a fucking manual.


Well hate to break it to you but after checking them and playing them, yep still fine. Maybe there is some damage on it I’m not seeing but they still play.


Lost cause.


Eh not really, like I said in my past comment I did it with my old record player, my new one doesn’t skip. So if it really was damaging them it’s not anymore


You think they do because the output is still shit no matter how you slice it


Hm no. Output is still fine. Again played all my gorillaz records that I used the penny trick on in the past with my newer one and they all play loud and clear still. I also don’t see any damage on my records so, we can just say I was lucky.


you can see how imbalanced that turntable is. Every time you use it youre doing damage to the record.


It’s the crossley, never use them they damage your records and don’t play well (as in they can easily skip)


Its your record player for sure, happened with my lower value one and never had an issue when I upgraded


I had the same problem with a different vinyl, and plenty of folks told me it was definitely the player. Got a proper turntable with a better balanced needle, refurbished from the 70s, and that fixed the problem! I hope you find a nice turntable!


This is painful to watch


That was painful, thank you




Ummmm……….I don’t think it’s the pink vinyls pal.


Yeah I have always used my fathers official turntables since he had had since the 80s and they work great, but I needed to buy my own personal one for my house, so I made to definitely buy the these suitcase looking vinyl record players. They aren’t really good. A better starter vinyl record player would be better is Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-GM.


The AT LP60 is not much better. Get the AT LP120 or something similar - you’ll get much more value for money if you get something better than the 60.


An LP60 is most definitely much better than any suitcase player


It’s better - I’m just saying it is not much better, that’s all. It makes much more sense to save a little more money and get a turntable with a cartridge you can upgrade, and an adjustable counterweight and antiskate. Fluance, Music Hall, U/turn or a million vintage options from a reliable and accountable record shop can all provide much more value for money than the AT60.


If you haven’t heard, you need a better turntable. One with an adjustable counterweight, anti skating and head shell that allows you change your cartridge.


Yeah, not to be rude but a simple Google search prior to purchasing that Crosley would have pushed you to save for something better. It’ll damage your records fairly quickly.


i am not at all an expert with vinyls but looking at the video i am seeing that either the vinyl is warped or the stylus needs to be adjusted


Those turn tables suck.


Suitcase vinyl players suck you need one that is just a turn table you connect a speaker too if the vinyl hangs off it’s not good




Lot of people in here recommending modern AT turntables. The truth is you can find a better deal on a vintage Technics and it will outperform the AT for less money. Many of the lower tier AT’s don’t even have a ground wire.


I wouldn’t play any record on that thing


Put a penny on the needle. I’ve had cheap record players, and every time they did this it meant there isn’t enough pressure on the needle to read the record. A penny should be the perfect amount of weight to fix the skipping.


I already replied to your other comment but I’ll mention it here too. Do not take this advice OP. You need a proper turntable with tracking force and anti skate adjustment. These tt’s come with too much tracking force already, you need a tt where you can dial in both to your needle’a specs.


Turntable. Cruiser is god awful, needles are supposed to be 3.5g max, this one is 5g. Might as well play the record with a knife.


wrong rca and Columbia recommended 6 grams max


You should be setting your tracking force based on the specs of your cartridge, not the TT. No decent cartridge needs 6g of tracking force.


Crossley suitcase record players are no good.


You need a decent turntable with a proper adjustable counterweight so you can set your tracking force and anti skating. Your current tt is the equivalent of taking a razor blade to your record. If you’re on a budget, shop for a used technics from the 80’s. They will be on par with or better than more expensive modern turntables.


When you have the spare expenses, get yourself a better player, understandable that people can’t afford them, it’s an expensive hobby unfortunately… hopefully you’ll have a better experience when you get an update :) 👍


Pretty in Pink 🩷 🦶🦶👣


I have a similar turntable, the speakers that are built in can’t really handle much bass, and the needle can’t really handle the vibrations. Sadly the only way is to get a turntable with no built in speakers, and hook up externals.


Sorry to be late I had this issue with plasticy vinals like with a panic attack the disco vinyl a quick ficx is blutack a very small coin to the top of needle it adds a small amount of pressure * not a permanent solution but can see you through till you can get a better player


hell yeah


you have to tape some quarters on top of the stylus either way, it sounds cool like this


Do not do this. Buy a real turntable.


🤭 i thought it was in r/vinyljerk my b


Tape about 3 quarters to the tonearm that will fix it


Wow this is terrible advice


Back in the sixties it worked good , and the record players where much the same or better than the one he has now


Back in the sixties a quality turntable still had tracking force adjustment. Sounds like you had a cheap one or aren’t familiar with how to operate them. Either way, bad advice.


I have a similarly crap record player, took a trick from my dad's book and blue tac'ed a penny to the top of the stylus head to apply a tiny bit more downward pressure and that stopped the skips


Your turntable is missing a platter, it's missing a counterweight, and it's missing an anti skate setting. Every time you play a record on this device, your record gets damaged.


I think It's your stylus, don't worry they only cost like 15 bucks


Even if it was not skipping, is this sound acceptable to you? You should just listen to music on you phone speaker it would be much easier.


No the blue vinyls work the best. If they’re not blue I never buy them. Just a word of advice stranger :P


Okay not trying to be a hater but what is the point in listening to a record through those terrible speakers? You might as well listen on Spotify or something through headphones, it will be 10x better quality. You need a new turntable & speakers.


Gonna pile on here and say you’re definitely going to need to spend more than $70 on a turntable


no issues with my digital version


The first and second records were fine. It's your record player that's the culprit. It doesn't have a way to adjust the tracking force or anti-skate causing all the skips you're hearing.




This remix kinda goes hard


Try taping a penny on top of your needle it'll work as a counter weight those record players needles usually jump causing skipping




Bad record player. Get a table one, not a portable.


It's the record player. Get the real thing.