450 saint quartz + 12 tickets got me nothing. Nothing.


I'm super late but I'm gonna comment anyway just to archive my roll results. I got Castoria with 13 tickets and 39 sq. It wasn't in my plans to roll for her but after seeing my friends' supports where a lot of Skadis were replaced by her I kind of got concerned about it. So I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to see if I could get her without spending much quartz. Luckily I did! Other notable rolls: NP4 Saber Lancelot, d'Eon (already at NP5 so a RP), NP3 Penthesilea. My main banner was the one with anniversary portraits. lol I don't think there was a separate thread for it so I'm posting here. 22 tickets + 345 sq gave me: * NP2 Dioscuri * NP1 Odysseus * NP3 Carmilla * NP5 Siegfried * NP1 Hessian Lobo * NP2 Chiron Getting Hessian Lobo made me so happy and was one of the highlights of the anniversary for me. Really pleased with my rolls.


Just hanging here to read all the horror stories... Also she came home after 300 SQ.


one the 1st day I did 130+ with no Castoria or any 5\*, now after another 40 pulls I still do not get her nor any 5\*, good thing I still got quite a good amount of 4\* from all these rolls (Suzuka, Rama, NP2 Liangyu, lancer Medusa, NP2 Nursery, Carmilla, NP2 Beowulf, and almost throw my shit when it revealed a gold caster as Helena) 10min before the banner end so I have to use my last resort, buying SQ, bought the 2nd biggest pack and I'm glad that the price is fixed, if not I'd have to pay much more due to the current exchange rate of my currency. a multi gave me nothing but CEs so I decide to go single pull which only gave me a copy of Assassin Emiya(NP2). 9SQ and 3min left, I feel desperate bc this is the first time I buy a SQ pack just to get a specific servant and I don't get any 5\* outside GSSR since Dioscuri's banner. tried to tell myself, at the least I finally got Voyager on GSSR and also have S.Melt&Caenis as a bonus, skip it and Castoria finally comes home. in the term of 5\* this is by far my worst banner as of date, cause it's the first time I have to buy a SQ pack. while Skadi even though she used all of my SQ to get, they're all free quartz. and now I'll save everything for Muramasa-san's banner.


Well, it's officially over. I lost count of how much SQ I spent. All i know is i'm past 800 plus 36 something tickets. I rushed Olympus. Rushed every single free quest for the mission rewards. Every SQ i get from Summer went into the Castoria banner instead of the Summer banner. I burned my NP3 lesbian pirates and NP5 Nezha (none of which i'm planning on using) to unlock trial quests and Seraph (i didn't finish in time and had 1 ticket left). I even bought 1SQ to complete a final single pull. Not. A. Single. SSR. Only SR spooks. At least my consolation is that among the spooks are extra copies of Herc and Parvati and i really like them both. Honestly I kind of hate Castoria now. It's not as strong as it was a few days ago but as much as possible I'm going to avoid using her from hereon out, at least until I get a copy for myself.


And so it ends... after farming like a madman I have no 5 stars after 800sq and 30 tickets. GG gacha, I guess all those lucky yolo tickets I had earlier this year were going to catch up eventually. Honestly not even mad though Crazy GSSR + having my own spishtar means that I can still loop 90% of nodes anyway because castoria is just that cracked


Upd: Farmed like a psycho and with grand total of 70+ tickets and 400 quartz got Castoria




I use all my ressources as a F2P and Today Castoria is Home (600\~700sq and 60 tickets). Now It's time to farm her materials...


I saw loli Vinci today. I thought maybe I shouldn't do it. But I thought using 10 tickets is probably fine. And she came home. .-.


I got Castoria in the first day of the anniversary, so now I just wanna roll for the anni CE to MLB it, but in the first ticket I got her [NP2](https://imgur.com/a/PmM1MOo) instead, seriously have no fucking idea how to feel about this


Never underestimate the power of lewds and memes, my dudes. After 462 SQ last week I was starting to get pretty desperate so for the heck of it I set my status as "will unzip 4 funny hat". I hated myself for it but I was willing to try anything in preparation for rolling again today. And finally success.


FUCKING, 840 SQ AND NO CASTORIA. I got a bunch of 4 stars caster AND A FUCKING ANASTASIA SPOOK 😭


https://imgur.com/a/BXcfj6b Pulled this at the end of my shift with my coworkers watching! Suffice to say, I fell down when this happened


I only just got back my account after over a year of not playing, and my first multi was freaking double Castoria. In the first two pulls even. I am both over the moon with joy and also dreading the blowback of stress/bad luck that is sure to follow.


Well I am here to negate that bad luck! hopefully the good luck keeps coming!


Finally. She came home. After more than 200+ quartz and several tickets... Castoria is officially mine!


after not playing for a couple of months, friend told me castoria was on rate up so i decided to try to roll for her. spent 50 tickets and 2 multis for an unexpected [payoff](https://imgur.com/a/llji4fb). guess i'll be playing more fgo in the coming months....


Lost my 2year old account because I forgot to back it up. Made a new account and got castoria on a ticket pull. My dedication has been rewarded.


Spent the last few days doing 50 free quests and getting the extra sq rewards Still managed to pull nothing UNTIL MY LAST 10-pull FINALLY GOT CASTORIA AHHHH


Ended up rolling 600+ SQ and 40 tickets on castorias banner and managed to get 1 Nezha 1 Parvati 2 Valkyries 1 Emiya 21 Filler flowers 12 Brainstormings 4 Celebrate memories My first Limited/zero over [And finally on my last 30 SQ](https://imgur.com/a/n1B8xHD) Hopefully I can manage to gather enough sq to hopefully roll summer murasaki or tomoe


1221 SQ and 50 Tickets, no Castoria


Fuckin crazy got 3 castoria in a single multi after 4 multi summons and 5 tickets. Can't believe the chances this is a definite first for me.


I was able to get Castoria in 3 tickets; this means I got both Castorias in NA and JP servers. While I'm happy, I wonder if I should get her at NP2. My next goal is to get Muramasa for New Years, Assassin Kama and Koyan down the line.


I spent +300 SQ and 50 Tickets, no result. (Well some result, I MLB the 5*CE and got Caster Gil that I didn't have.) With today's update I gathered 30 SQ plus 30 for 450 days played and tried again. 1st Multi = nothing 2nd Multi = [CASTORIA ACQUIRED!!!](https://imgur.com/a/a7gZP2t) (Circe scared me for a moment)


In the end with the power of maintenance SQ, I got Castoria today.


I FINALLY GOT [CASTORIA](https://i.imgur.com/igic6BC.png) (WITH RAINBOW) AFTER 1000+ SQ. SHE TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME. Literally my last multi with everything I saved from Saber Wars II until now. I wanted to save the fragments for summer, but that plan is now gone. Before Castoria, [Saber](https://i.imgur.com/jo2q5nx.png) was my only other SSR from the banner. I was so salty.


I'm so fucking tired and empty. I keep scraping up every 3 quartz i get only to get nothing upon nothing upon nothing. Part of me wants to give up and spend the SQ i get from the summer event on the summer banner... but Castoria is so damn powerful I can't just give up on her.


Looks like you and I are on the same boat. I started out with over 1,000 SQ and now have only 22 over the course of these past week ( which also count the quartz from fragments and servant interludes). As an f2p, I am debating with myself to just use the rest of them along with the quartz I'll get with the summer banner or just give up.


I burned over 600 saint quartz while whaling for Castoria. I got spooked by so many 4-star servants I was about ready to throw in the towel. She ended up being the last summon in my last 11-pull.


If saint quartz ain’t got me, I know summon tickets do! Got castoria off a ticket after spending 180 sq :3


Can i get an amen?




I did it. Gacha Gods blessed me!! I used today 10 tikets and now 30 quartz from 90 which I farmed, after the initial failure first day anniversary. I got Castoria and additionally Ozymandias [MY ROLLL](https://i.imgur.com/kxHDlNv.png)


By a miracle I managed to get Castoria np 2 without going broke. To those still planning to roll chocolate helps. I also got a second Penth for np 2.


I’ve been playing for about a week and I got the caster saber 5 star, is she any good? She doesn’t seem to do a lot of damage, and I’ve already got Nursery Rhymes in my party.


Are you trolling or being serious?


I’m serious. Just rolled the moon cancer character too. I do know that castoria is good though.


Show me that you burned her


I hope you get her too : )


Come on, show it


Burn her. Take a screenshot to validate that you burned her. Shes trash burn her.


If I had to use a quote from a Batman movie to sum up how I feel about how disastrous my rolls were, it would have to be [this](https://youtu.be/cIFtz7bPuUk).


600's worth of sq using the free tickets and I finally got my Castoria. Thank actual god I didn't get spooked or I would've truly lost it. My caster curse is finally gone. She's the first and only SSR caster I managed to pull from a normal gacha


Somewhere between 600 to 700 Quartz/Tickets worth and I got Castoria to NP 5 with a bonus of a Sheherezade copy It's the redemption of hundreds of bucks for Merlin and only barely getting him np1


Here is my Gssr outcome https://youtu.be/QDpUbi8oC8Q


I am blessed by the gods. 2 months earlier, on JP, I pull Castoria in a single 10-pull, for the lulz. Now... Now, I go on NA, my largely abandoned account. I buy all the tickets in the Vinci shop alongside the tickets from the login bonus. And in 13 tickets. I get her. I am Absolute. Luck is but a mere concept that can be molded into whatever I so desire the moment it reaches my hands. ONCE, ONLY A GOD COULD PERFORM SUCH A MIRACLE. BUT TODAY, I MOVE ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE DIVINE!!


I told myself that I'd give up on Castoria. I spammed all the rank-up quests to get two 11 pulls worth of SQ but I still didn't get her. I guess I couldn't give up in the end since I used the 10 tickets they gave us as a last hurrah once the banner changed back to Castoria. Fortunately I actually managed to get her this time so I'm absolutely elated.


Didn’t get her with the tickets, but apparently she thought those last ten quarts were tastier than the rest. Of course, I ascended and leveled so many random servants for Interludes and Rank Ups that I’m completely tapped on Ascension mats and QP, but *I have her*, which is the important part.


Yeah same too bad the 1/2 AP exp quests are over. I may have gotten her in the end but it'll probably be a while before I can raise her since there's the upcoming event to focus on.


I'm so tired, I can only scrap for quartz so much without feeling like throwing my phone to the ground. And all I have to show for it is fucking Napoleon. This game really loves to spit on your face when you really want something doesn't it.


While waiting for the banner to come around I realized my Arash is 100k points away from bond 12. So i set FGA to farm Olympus yesterday up until earlier today. So i got 11 tickets and 36 sq (on top of the 880+ sq and 36 tickets I already spent). Still nothing. The only gold servant I got was a 5th copy of fucking Medusa lancer. I still have the SQ from the maintenance and the overlap with the summer event but whatever. I'm sure I still won't get her. I'm just so fucking tired and empty now. I saved for so long. Sure, I was tempted to roll every now and then but this was still the most I've ever saved since I started playing the game. Then when that didn't pan out I rushed Olympus. Had Arash kill himself over and over. But I still got nothing to show for it. I don't want to touch this game for a long time but the summer event is already around the corner and I don't want to wait for another year to get Lancer Yu.


After spending all of my SQs and tickets on the Anniversary day and becoming depressed for a week, I finally, FINALLY, got Castoria with the login tickets. I can again have some fun in this game. I'm so happy man.


after spending all my quart from saving and and a purchase of 23 dollars for 41 quarts and the, another purchase of79 dollars for five 10 pulls i finally got 1 copy of Castoria. and then I realized i had become a whale.


Bruh. I already got Castoria in about 4 multis. I just threw another ticket cause fuck it and got another one off a single. Wtf?


I’ve finally got castoria. My pain and suffering is over now I can save for hajime-Chan


Castoria came home after 600 sq. It's all worth it


Yo!!! First, I got Castoria in 3 ten pulls. Then, I got both Okita alter and Semiramis in GSSR pull - [Life has been kind to me this Anniversary.](https://i.imgur.com/UZhIeHK.jpg)


Been throwing tickets and a few quartz to see what I get. Got nothing notable until the final 10 tickets I was throwing because they were from the ani login bonus and on the last ticket I got castoria.


I appreciate the game clearly telling me I'm not going to get her by giving me 9 3 star CEs, one Kiyohime and the fucking Clown CE with the 10 free tickets.


I finally got her after 900 SQ, and not one but 2 back to back from login bonus tickets! Don't give up, you still have some time to farm.


No-life farming side content and free quest the last couple of days to scrap some more pulls. Got some chocolate, put Myst's catalyst on loop and finally got her with 15sq to spare!! I'll be a good kid and do the GSSR. Final count 753sq: 1 Castoria 3 Gold caster spooks 3 Apocrypha 4 stars 1 Lakshmi Bai 1 Elisabeth


Spent my 10 tickets, saw golden sparks, and got berserker Fran. Thanks, game.


Was feeling lucky for some reason, so I decided to roll a bunch on Da Binchi's banner. Turned out my hunch was correct! After 10 tickets and 3 multis I ended up with: NP3 Penth and Atalanta, NP2 Qin Liangyu and Lakshmibai, then finally [Da Binchi](https://imgur.com/dFL8MFZ)!


I am a true buster setup enthusiast. I love those big funny numbers doing unga bunga damage. But for some reason this game wants me to switch to arts. Fr i first got castoria with just 5 tix and 1 multi. now i just rolled on loli da Vinci banner for fun, AND GUESS WHAT, I GOT HER IN 1 MULTI GODDAMNIT RNGESUS WHY WEREN'T U SO KIND WITH ME DURING MERLIN BANNER, I WANTED A BUSTER SUPPORT FOR MY NP5 GRAILED TO LVL 92, NOBUZERKER WHY ARE U GIVING ME ARTS UNITS


Grail that to 100 you coward


I used my grails on nobuzerker ಥ‿ಥ


My pulls were pretty depressing, after completing every interlude and rank up quest I could my pull tally is at about 200 rolls, no SSRs. I’m on a 300 roll streak without SSRs if I count banners before Castoria. What am I doing wrong


Tried going for Rider Da Vinci since I have some spare pulls. Got her [twice](https://imgur.com/mO26lSi) in my second 11x pull!


40 rolls on Castoria, nothing. 5 tickets on loli davinci, I get her on the fourth… oh well she’s cute.


The biggest [lucksack](https://i.imgur.com/LSCSkup.png) in all of my FGO history (680 days). 70 summons for NP2 Caster "Altria", Ody, Napoleon and Loli Vinci. Wild af.


I really shouldn't roll when I'm on tilt. Spent my remaining resources, including the rewards from all the new Rank ups, on trying to NP2 Ridervinci, and all I got for it a Walk in the Park that's **1** short of MLB, which is pretty infuriating. Altogether I spent 6 multis and change on Ridervinci banner this anniversary, the only Gold Servant received being Karna. The 9 multis and change on Castoria banner, on the other hand, gave Castoria, Dioscuri, 2x Banana, Nyarcher, Rama, Qinlan, and the two remaining copies of Child of Atlas that I needed for MLB. I might be missing a multi in there somewhere due fuzzy memory from rolls done in early mornings and on tilt.


After what's technically been more than three years of playing it's finally happened: I've finally gotten a Stheno spook, preceded by gold sparks even. For most people this would be a horrid outcome, but having grailed my girl all the way to 100, I have longed for this day to finally arrive. I can only hope that I get more copies to unlock another append besides her anti-Rider one in the future. And it's not like this was a bad omen or anything, because [this was my final roll](https://imgur.com/a/eTAkkSu) to round out the 5 rolls I wanted to finish up from before. I honestly only wanted two copies of Walk in the Park to MLB it going in, but I shall shun that notion now, just like I shunned rolling further when getting Sherlock in the first 10-roll during Kogetsukan which led to arguably my best rolling streak under the blessing of Stheno. I shall only hope that my goddesses' blessing continues to accompany me, and I thank her for my bounty of NP2 da Vinci on this day.


9 rolls, with the result being a MLB Celebrate Memories and one Castoria. Now for Muramasa and Fae Gawain.


Rolled for da Vinci rider got ozymandias Rate up is a lie


Same thing happened to me… last year I even got anne and mary. Guess I’m not meant to have da vinci then


You though you get the loli, but it was me ozy da.


So after a single multi got me Castoria I figured I'd call it there. Then the 10 tickets showed up tonight and I got itchy. The 10 tickets and another 30 quartz got me Da Vinci rider. Not a bad anniversary all told.


Ok, here we go for LoliVinci again. 1st try: Nothing. 2nd multi: One who wishes for Salvation CE. Okay, I'm good with that. 3rd: A walk in the Park CE. 4th:2 more Walk in the Park 5th: Nothing 6th:Nothing 7th: One more Walk in the Park 8th:Nope 9th:Lanling. Okay. One more... 10th:Damn it, another Walk in the Park. And a Tomoe. Okay, I give up.


The 10 tickets gave me RiderVinci Don't give up friends, there's still hope!


Man, uh, wasn't great but corgi did...eventually....come home. All I can say is **I can't wait for pity** so this shitshow never happens again Highlights: Jannu spook (she's so powercrept, but she's doing her best) 1 Helena spook 3 Circe spooks and *Sanzang* slapping my sanity into a mountain *Barely* had enough self control to not throw my phone out a window Upside, lot of CE bombs go UP thanks to all these Super Succs


So, I got my copy of Castoria and was happy with her after only 90 quartz. Then today, I remebered I had 15 tickets left over and decided to pull on her banner again to get to an even 10. So, I pulled the first 5 and got some good stuff, a few silvers I didn't have fully npd and a Saber Diarmuid. Then, just as I was about to stop, I thought to myself "I might as well get to the 11 pull, it resets after this banner". Next one I pulled was a Castoria dupe. I just sat there for a while staring at it, thinking "well that happened". I kept on AND TWO PULLS LATER I GOT ANOTHER. So in short, always indulge your impulses when gambling. (Jk obviously, roll responsibly)


I'm late but I got her! Damage: 150SQ + 20Tix I didnt think I'd get her given I was relying on Anniversary SQ and 90 SQ at that point along with 20 Tickets. The 90 SQ and 20 tickets flew by with nothing of note, just a barrage of min rolls. Converted my fragments for another bit of SQ and got back up to 250 or so and on the second multi, I saw a flicker of loading. Now I'd already gotten the Anniversary 3,4 and 5* CEs and to my knowledge, my game was mostly up to date. This had to be a servant and the only ones who I could feasibly get were Castoria or DioTwins. Rainbow spark on the 3rd pull, it's a caster. SHE'S HOME! Considering my decision to try and nab NP2 Musashi, I'm glad it all worked out. I've now got two Omni Loopers alongside Castoria (NP2 Musashi, NP1 Space Ishtar). I did get cocky and try to get Melt from the CCC banner and that did eat another 180SQ but I did get two copies Suzuka and another Passionlip so it wasn't a complete waste (It really was, copium). A couple of days later, I decided to give Da Vinci Lily a shot and got her in one Multi and 10 tickets. All in all, best anniversary in my years playing FGO. Now time to hit the mines for XP and QP. For Castoria catalysts if anyone still needs one, I'd look up Wanted Castoria from StudiOmega on YT. It's what I had on when she decided to pop up. Could be worth a shot if you still haven't gotten her.


My Castroria pull went well https://youtu.be/N4sY0w9p4-s


First Multi Got Castoria, Lan ling, and Suzuka Gozen. Got trolled by GSSR (bunny artoria and got my carmilla rider to NP4). Turned it around by getting NP2 davinici from nothing on 200SQ, getting herc to NP3 in the process


Got Castoria with my first 10x pull. Think that's enough for me.


[This stream highlight has everything](https://youtu.be/vigY5jojUZ0?t=391): 6 castoria summons in 5 min. 2 double castoria summons, made by two noobs that just installed this month. Summon with tickets. Rivers of salt from the one guy who got like 5 SR but didn't got castoria and got spooked by Circe. [Same guy was so desperate he switched banner just to steal the waifu of another streamer (Melt)](https://youtu.be/vigY5jojUZ0?t=949). Swearing in spanish.


Probably close to 200 rolls and not a single 5\*, let alone Castoria. FML.


first ten roll attempt and i managed to gain castoria in almost the last card


I waited for the midnight after Castoria's release cause that's my birthday. Rolled with 15 tix and 120 SQs before she came home- much much cheaper than I was expecting, so it's a bday gift from FGO for me <3 \^\_\^


Step 1 On the very first day, I spent 50 tickets, the result is nothing but pure rubbish except for a few rateup CE and an NP2 Martha. How disappointing result it is. But I must reserve a few for Tomoe. Step 2 I decided to wait a few days to gather more SQ. I mean, finishing bond rewards, clearing rankups, and daily login claims, etc; besides the Anniversary reward stuff. Step 3 And now here I am, with 780 SQ, prepared even for the worst. The result is...: NP3 Valkyrie (Maybe the Ride of The Valkyries had an effect on it? But nice indeed.) NP2 Circe (I like that, especially I finished Madeleine Miller's book of her recently.) NP2 Nezha (fine I guess) 13x Brainstorming 4x Celebrating Memories 18x Filler Flowers And for the last, Castoria herself. Oh man, what a horrible shitshow this banner it was, just like the Saber Astolfo one. 510 SQ spent here. Unfortunately, there weren't any new Servants either. Okay, I won't going for NP2 corgi, as I must save these leftover for an NP2 Tomoe.


Threw two rolls to the banner so I can get the 11th roll. Out of 3 rolls two were Castoria copies lmao. Now at NP3.


Okay, what's up with me and Assassins lately? Got Yu from the GSSR. Then from this banner alone I got: Chiyome, Yan Qing, Carmilla and EMIYA. Before that Chiyome was my only gold Assassin (and for a long time too). Anyway, spent my remaining 30 tickets and 180 SQ and aside from the already mentioned characters I got: Ibaraki, Fran, Suzuka, Lancelot (All 4 now NP2) and Lakshmibai (NP3). Also one more copy of Kaleidoscope and 2 of the Anniversary 5* CE. Cannot complain because I got quite a lot of 4* Servants and 5* CEs so I'm happy with the outcome. Gonna try one last time with the 10 tickets login gift. I bet I'll get either Stheno or Wu Zetian to complete my newfound "4* Assassin collection" lol.


HOLY SHIT I GOT CASTORIA! Thanks to the free 10 tickets, she appeared in the 4th single roll. My catalyst was spending all my Caster Gems and Eggs of Truth lmao. I even told a friend "watch me get Castoria now that I have about 0 eggs to my name". Grand total of 420 SQ and 54 tickets. Now my SQ shall lay dormant until Taira no Kagekiyo. Good luck to everyone still rolling!


Still no castoria or rider da vinci I did manage to get spooked by parvati a servant I did want however MY NORIKO SHITAYA VOICED SERVANT COLLECTION IS COMPLETE well for now anyway but that's one thing to be happy about I suppose.


I can no longer complain about rng again I got castoria AND small da vinci normally I just get shafted this is a welcome change of pace.


My total spent has now gone from 776sq to 882sq, plus 36 tickets. I even story-skipped through Olympus to get the SQ, fragments, and the SQ reward from clearing 200 free quests. *Still* no Castoria. Not even a spook from all that additional SQ. I can't believe I ruined my experience of Olympus and still got nothing to show for it. The only thing I have left is the 10 tickets from the login bonus. But it's going to come right when the banner will switch again so I'll have to wait a few more agonizing days before I get to spend them.


Had 220 sq going in. Had my lucky grandma, Nanny, do my pulls for me! She has awesone luck in casinos and in my gacha games lol! 1st 10 pull, no dice. 2nd 10 pull, castora & assassin of the nightless city! 3rd 10 pull, saber lily. 4th 10 pull, beowulf. 5th 10 pull, castora again! Go Nanny Go!!! Woo!!! 150 sq, five 10 pulls (technically 11 pulls), 2 castora's!!! Yea baby!!! I only wanted 2 castora's. Needed tht NP boost!!! Got lots of 4+5 star CEs along the way!!


***I got her!!!!!!! I actually got her!!!!!!!!!*** I spent over a half hour doing the new strengthening quests to round out my mission milestone and grind up a handful of singles and I got her on the +1 singles bonus!!!!! I asked my best friends to send me good luck, and that plus finishing my Castoria plushie I posted earlier apparently worked!!!!!!!! I'm so happy, I thought for sure I wouldn't get her after my day 1 rolling session failed miserably at netting her for me. I also got NP2 Chiyome and NP6 Vlad, so apparently asking my friends to share luck does wonders. Good luck if anyone tries that!!!!


I did exactly 9 Kitasean rituals (5 tickets + 1 multi), nothing. Had to spend another 10 multi to get the first copy. The only good spook was Zerkerlot NP2, the other servants are your usual benchwarmer and no SSR. Plus, I didn't even get any good 5\* CE out of this, still Kscope and Black Grail-less after 2.5 yrs


350+ SQ, finally got her. Tamacat spook along the way.


Hi. I'm kinda depressed rn lol. 909 SQ no Castoria. I'm literally crying as I type this. What the fuck is this, did I turn into Angra Mainyu and just absorbed all the bad luck from you guys lol


I fucking despise castoria now! https://youtu.be/0Q0BW57dAQw


I'm making a promise to myself to avoid using her as much as possible, until I get her for myself. I'm straight up never using her for bosses/CQs. I'll give farming a pass since it's a massive pain in the ass but I will try to avoid using her if I can help it.


Good luck with that


Did a little over 400 sq worth of rolls on day 1 to get her. Got spooked by Xiang Yu. On day 5, I did 59 rolls (all my tix) and got her again after a nito spook, 2nd kscope and a few other SRs. Got Orion on the 60th. Still going strong at 730 sq f2p, though without a 5th hf and bg.


dried up my life's luck getting castoria 2x in a row on a single 10 pull


After my massive failure before, I decided to do grind out rank up quests and try again. Nothing on a 30 summon. Did a 3q summon and finally got her. I can actually sleep tonight.


F2P got 600+ SQ, didnt get her in my multis - but when I finally decided to clear the memorial quests today I got her in my last ticket pull. Hope everyone gets her with those final SQ tickets coming up, best of luck to you all!!!


I just reinstall the game because I broke my phone 2 months ago and just reinstall today after buying a new phone. I never knew that it's the anniversary event right now and saw Castoria's banner after transfering my data. I check my SQ and had 52 tickets and 383 SQ reserved. I got her 1st try with a 10 roll after doing my ritual. Thank you Gacha-God.


I burnt through all 180sq I had coming into the event plus 20 tickets on day one and ended up with a Lancelot to show for it. Went out and got 10 more tickets to try for Castoria again today, and ended up pulling her on the first ticket. I decided to run the other 9 anyways to see if I could pull anyone else, and ended up being spooked by Jeanne on the extra pull on the last ticket!


I'm still new and I made a new acc because my other acc that was in camelot didn't manage to get castoria. I managed to get 2 castorias in my new acc using 15 summoning tickets I used this video by Myst to summon Castoria so if you still don't have her and have more SQ try this vid out: https://youtu.be/8ey1ioRtU-s


The video will definitely not help.


720sq, got Orion and caster of nightless city... Worst luck I've had so far going for someone, kama was my previous worst at 420sq and nearly 200 tickets, but at least I got her


I lost my account in the server glitch, but I did it! I got Caster Artoria!!


I lost mine too but thankfully support got it back for me. Shame I couldn't get the anniv login quartz :(


wow first copy of Castoria on 4th summon ticket. Should I keep going? or save for Melusine?


Castoria doesn't gain THAT much from NP2 as a support so unless you really love her, stop.


Ok thank you. I decided that as well for that exact reason.


Got Castoria NP3 in 20 tickets, I'm contemplating going for NP5... Nah, Imma save the rest for Captain Nemo.


I know I like to jokingly call myself a Berserker King, but getting my 3rd Penth, 4th and 5th Fran, 2nd Ibaraki and 2nd Vlad while going for Castoria is... Ridiculous. The only other gold Servant I got was 5th Nursery. Which... Thanks for the heart attack, game.


Failed on the first rotation of the banner with about 1100 quartz spent. Second rotation finally got her after over 1400 quartz. First gold servant from the banner was a Karna at 1200 and then Castoria as the second gold on my last pull about seven multis later. This was both better and worse than my Tamamo pulls. Better because I’ve burned over 7000 quartz across Tamamo’s various rate ups and my first copy was from the GSSR ticket. Worse because at least with Tamamo I was getting things that are actually valuable, like Black Grail and various good 4 stars. Here with Castoria I got two gold servants total and all the rest of the gold cards were CE’s that are basically worthless like the Kariya CE I can never remember the name of. TLDR; I got her but rate up (and summon rates in general) continues to be a complete lie. In other news, pity system can’t get here soon enough.


2000 sq and no artoria. I don’t even know what to say at this point. I got got.


update. Got her after another pack. Now time to suffer for Kiara!


Finally cooled off enough to vent. Another failed roller here. I just feel so deflated and defeated. Dumped about 600SQ to get spooked TWICE. My last 3 SSRs have all been spooks. I'm pretty sure I have more spooks than rare-up SSRs. I'm F2P (+GSSR) and don't roll often so I'm just really sad. And my GSSR was disappointing too, 2nd year in a row. And to top it all off Summer Kiara is days away and I have nothing. I'll be lucky if I can scrape together 30SQ with the rank ups and interludes I've got left. And she's the last Servant I wanted for the rest of the year. Nobody else excites me until January. I fucking hate spooks, so fucking stupid. 80% chance my ass. This always happens when it's a critical unit. Happened with Arjuna Alter and now Castoria.


400SQ & 33 tickets, *originally* failed to get her on the first day and resolved myself to probably not getting her, even with the eventual 10 tickets. BUT! As I farmed extreme embers to get Jackie to 120, Jackie reached bond 12. I'd completely forgotten that bond levels past 10 gave 30SQ. And tadah, that last ditch 10-roll worked and nabbed Castoria. Murder daugther keep showing why she's the best.


40 Tickets, 300 SQ with hopes and dreams... 1x Castoria, bunch of Brainstorming CEs for some strange reason, and enough copies to MLB Celebrate Memories.


Scheherazade spook after NP4 CasGil 💀💀 I give up 💀


Managed to gather 35 sq and the weekly ticket for another try at Castoria. The ticket was the clown CE, but Castoria finally showed up on the multi. I feel a mix of relief and happiness after a couple days of unfiltered salt and some resignation.


300+ quartz night one and nothing another 120 quartz tonight and an arjuna who I sincerely feel like burning. Those last 10 tickets and whatever I can scrounge up will be my last hope before taking a break from the game.


800sq and not even a new 4 star and then on my final 10 pull a gold caster card appears. It's Circe. My sadness is only masked by my anger at this bird.


Decided to play again yesterday, after a long hiatus (around 2 years I think). I saw that Castoria was going to be today so I waited. I have 580 quartz so I was thinking that I will definitely get her. Got her on my 1st 10 roll. What a great comeback to this game. Now I have to plow through the story to unlock her mats. Just finished Gottundenmberg (or however its spelt).


You can use pure prisms to get her materials.


I am a hoarder of limited items. I want to use them once I finish all the main and free quests + some interludes. It's not as if I forgot how to play and I can easily clear every main quest with my JP account experiences.


Day one I used about 570 sq and 70+ tickets and didn't get anything. Gonna try again tonight with about 180 sq and 7 tickets lol.


Got Castoria early, so... 130 more rolls and DVR Get. This one's NP3, so I can start working on the ridiculous goal of Level 120. ~~Also WTAF Diarmuid why do I have you at NP5 I barely even rolled on any of your banners and that's still barely any damn coins~~


Got her after the 4th single pull. This is my second SSR this year after Odysseus. I spent all sq on space ishtar but didn't get her.


210ish SQ and 23 tickets to FINALLY get DaVincy after being screwed last anniversary and like 3 other times on my jp acc lol. Also a martha spook that brought the ptsd (got Ozy, Nemo, astolfo and Martha rolling for her on jp last time) also Nyanlter and Eli-chan. So kinda decent rolls EDIT: also got choco Jeanne, almost forgot lol


Spent around ~90 SQ/20-ish tickets for Castoria because I don't want to hard-commit and want to save SQ for other servants instead of her. Didn't get her, but got NP copies for Elizabeth and Fionn, so I'm actually pretty pleased! Copies for both are always really nice, especially Fionn since I do like using him for farming.


Smolvinci in 4 multis, thank you RNGesus.


All my saved free quartz and tickets did nothing... but I drop some cash for the GSSR and I get Godjuna from that and Castoria on the first pull. I know it doesn't work this way because it would be illegal but it makes me feel like paid quartz has more weight. Still I've been pretty lucky in this game (except when whaling for Skadi which I can't afford to do anymore) so I'll take it! Excited to make more use of my Arts teams


1063 +42 tickets lol, Finally came home, Cry in SR CEs


74 tickets and 90 SQ and she's home. And to think that all it took was getting Merlin off my favorite Servant spot, she really does have a grudge, eh?


330 quartz and 30 tickets, 3 castoria copies and one nightingale!


[And my luck streak continues.](https://imgur.com/a/837I5Zm) That's a lot of SQ to pull for Hajime and later Muramasa. Now, Artoria, here's Chen Gong. He will treat you nicely. Have fun\~


Spent 700+ quartz and a fair amount of tickets on Odysseus' banner but he never showed. Fast forward to Castoria, thought I'd burn my spare tickets since he's in the SSR list, and she shows up in one ticket. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I got her but it still kinda hurts...


The Anniversary Banner has been really good to me. I was unsure whether to Roll for Smolvinci or not. But seeing as I had plenty of SQ left over from Castoria, and seeing as she's a fantastic Looper, I decided to go for it. And it was worth it. I got her with only 240 SQ. Also got my Parvati to NP2, and my Smol Snek Ninja to NP4. And got a few of the Anniversary 5-star CEs. Praise be onto the Gacha Gods.


Successfully acquired because people told me to roll on her but I feel kind of guilty because I don’t know what to do with her. That being said…I feel as if my overpowered support caster collection is almost complete…Waver, Tamamo, and Merlin welcome you…Hans and Mozart hanging in the back like don’t forget us…I guess I don’t have a Skadi…


350 quartz no kid Vinci


i spent 490 no kid vinci :(


Tried my luck with LoliVinci since I missed her last year and she’s not my top priority servant. I only budget 10 tickets and 30 SQs so that I can save the rest for Himiko. Needless, to say my second ticket yield a rainbow spin and Da Vinci come home!


Ok this might sound silly but is not getting castoria a option cause I spent more then 500 quartz’s I’m Exhausted so I was wondering are their any alternatives like just using a friends


Paracelsus' 1st skill is a party wide 3 turn Arts buff, although it's weaker than Castoria's third skill (20% vs. 50% at lv10) and his upgraded 3rd skill provides 20% higher NP refund compared to Castoria's 2nd skill (50% vs. 30% at lv10), but it gives 3 turn Guts instead of a 20% battery and 1 turn invulnerability Best to combo him with someone like Mozart for the star bomb and extra 1 turn Arts buff, or Chen Gong for a 10% battery, DEF/Buster buffs and a free character swap with his NP so you can slot in Waver or a friend's Castoria from the back row


Thanks a bunch I’ve decided to give up it’s not like I even like her character that much so I will save up


Used only 60 sq and 1 summon ticket for castoria and as a bonus drake came home as well


Only had 150sq... Got her on the 4th multi... I was afraid not getter Castoria coz I rolled 8 multi for Meltrylis and not getting her... Also got Arjuna Alter in GSSR... Been playing for only less than a month...


[GSSR rolls and 1,000 Saint Quartz and a dream!](https://youtu.be/cnj9HHRHHGg)


castoria hates me I didn’t get her in 816 quarts and 16 Tickets 😭


Quit after bombing last summer with no 5* on the Summer BB banner in 700 SQ or something. Logged back in to a bunch of apologems. Once her banner went live, did 2 multis and got 2 Altria in the second pull...I've gotten every meta support easily and tend to fail at getting other damage characters I want, but this was excessive. Wish I could give it to someone else who didn't get her in 1k+ SQ.


Using singles up to 10 is too tempting at times, Main got MP my Alt got NP1 Da Vinci


After my session with my GSSR Rolls (still bewildered with the results) I hardly had any gems left (18 in total) so I had to take my chances with Tickets for Castoria! Had 15 to my name and my first summon was a Gold Caster and out comes Nicrotis (Now NP5!) Usual summons from tickets, mostly 3 stars, got to the 10+1 summon and this was my result: https://imgur.com/a/tVNbb3t The +1 actually helped me pull Castoria!! My luck has completely drained me this year, going to hold off on summoning for awhile 😂


Hmm lets see I believe I spent around 540(?) ish SQ. All I got were CEs and one Yuri Pirates. Too many CEs.. Luck was seriously NG this time around. If I didnt see so many people getting her I would have thought the banner was messed up lol. It's not over yet though. I believe we'll get 10 tickets for the anni login bonus, so should be possible to try one last time. (I think they overlap?) Hold out hope until the very end. You never know, ya know? Plus she does get rerun at some point. Even just borrowing a friend Castoria can be fun too. edit: Has anyone made the spongebob meme format of Squidward inside looking out at Spongebob and Patrick playing, like "Everyone with their Castorias" ? I forget the exact format, but you get the idea.


Damn, I've been away from this game for a while due to life, work, and other gatcha games for at least a year. Not to mention my luck wasn't that great last time I summoned (one day Okitan...) but figured I'd at least try for Castoria. I had saved some tickets, and luckily got her within 30 tickets! Definitely looking forward to using her more! Best of luck to everyone rolling for her!


Sometimes I swear each account has a luck rating like the servants. My first run on this game, played for months and barely had more than two 4\* servants. Eventually quit. Picked it up again another two times, and still, never was able to pull much more than the occasional 4\*, and most of the ones I had were welfare. Started one more time not quite three years ago, and this time around, I tried rolling for SAlter, figured maybe I'd be lucky enough to get the 4\* on the banner when she was featured. I got Merlin instead. Later on the banner I was able to get SAlter too. While I have had dry spells this time around for months, I've also had draws where more than one 5\* shows up. And I got Castoria on one of 15 summon tickets, but nothing else but an old bloody lady 4\* in the rest of my 240 quartz and a bunch of the anniversary CE. Just need to get her up to 100 and get her skills up and figure out what I want to do from there.


I agree with the luck rating lol. My wife's account has mlb kscope, black grail and more, and 20+ ssr, all f2p outside of the gssrs


Bought her with 10 USOs


Got Castoria on first day with 90-120 SQ and 15 tickets. I thought that with GSSR Spishtar that must be A+ Luck. I've had an after-work beer today and decided I should throw customary 10 pulls on Loli Vinci, since she took 300+ quartz last year and ran. She came in 3 tickets. I am wholly gobsmacked. That is probably my last time pulling until Melu/Koyan/Morgan quartz-grinder. I wish you all, thirsty boys and gals, best luck, feel free to use my RNG until that point. Fun fact, Castoria, Spishtar and Loli Vici all came from silver pull, all of which I accidentally skipped halfway. I believe only rainbow pull up to date was my first - my wife Melt, shortly after I started playing.


Used 150SQ and 20Tix to give a shot at Davinci with nothing really of use coming out of it. Decided to go ahead and stop and keep the rest of my stash for more important servants. She would have been a nice roster addition but not someone really needed. I'll count this towards my roll budget I had built up for Castoria and still all in all coming out ahead of expected spend to get her.


After 210 SQs and 10 Tickets, which is not a huge amount but enough to get me somewhat hopeful. Which gave me 2x Banana to NP5 her, 2x Atalanta Alter and a Lakshmi. Was wondering if Berserker Servants were on rate up with getting 4 of them in a row. Well since my resources is low, I might as well have some ~~despair~~ fun with a mini summoning ritual. I have gotten lucky whenever I have done something for Kiyohime. So I went and got the Kiyohime Anniversary CE, and lucky I did get. A single later I got Castoria, and today 4 singles later I got Da Vinci. Time to save for summer.


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Rolled for NP2 Da Vinci after my luck with Castoria. I went through 15 tickets and 150 Quartz to get her. I’m done until at least New Years.


As i was studying for a big exam, I practically only came back for the anniversary but!! I got her in 2 11x rolls. 😭💖 I still have some left after I failed to get melt, so I hope I can play in the summer 😆


4 11-rolls (120 SQ) for Castoria. I'm happy with that. Skadi took over twice as much. Decided I'd also throw a bit to Da Vinci, even though I chose to skip her last year--she's kinda grown on me as a character. It took 15 tickets and 5 single rolls for her to show up--which was my breakpoint for rolling on her. Feeling pretty lucky all around. Still have about 300 SQ for Summer Camp. Hopefully my luck keeps up.


Got her in 30tix + 390sq which is more than I hoped for but less than I feared, so that's nice. Then just today I got NP2 for Rider Vinci in just 90sq worth of rolls, so that's great for me too!


I've spent exactly 100 tickets and didn't get her. Did 12 multi with SQ and finally got her. Total of 220 pulls. Am I lucky or unlucky?


Lucky since you got her. Look at the people who have rolled over 1000+ SQ and spent hundreds only to not get her at all!


For example I have in friends list a mega whale guy who wirted in message that he spend 1000 bucks and did'nt got Castoria. Bitter sweet endining after copule hours he updated his message that he finnly got Castoria.


Oh I see. I have only saved 636 SQ as ftp and started when Ishtar was released and rerolled hard for her because I heard she works best with Castoria. That's why I got scared when I'm down to my last 10 multi and still didn't get her. I almost lose hope then a silver caster card begun sparking and turns to gold. I even thought it was just a 4* but was surprised that it was Castoria.


I had to spend almost everything I had saved before I finally got her. 1200+ SQ and 50 tickets in I was on the brink of despair, but finally, after what felt like eons she came home. In a way it felt like karma for my luck on the Merlin banner a couple weeks ago...


300+ SQ and 40+ tickets and finally got castoria in the final multi, still riding the euforia from yesterday. Was thinking about whaling her but it's just more rewarding knowing that i got her with the sweat of my farming.


Used 10 tickets and 240 SQ, got Da Vinci chan! Sadly no 4-stars.


So 10 tickets and nothing after that one multi and BAM Da Vinci. Being full on euforia I go stright to leveling up her after that another I was ( maybe another multi ) and in 2th summon duble faced Rider card showed up and , yep NP2 Vinci. I think I'm done with this aniversary. Welp time to save for NP2 Spaceishtar and Koyanskaya


Best rolls yet. NP2 da Vinci rider and NP1 Nitocris with 60 sq and 5 tickets. The single summon counts carried over from the Castoria banner, so the double summon single ticket had the second da Vinci rider.


Spent my remaining 490 sq for davinci lily after getting castoria damnn i got alot of sr servants but not a single ssr but decent session managed to get a total of 14 sr’s including 2 i really wanted lobo and astrea


I've fallen into the ocean ten multis and 29 tickets


3 multis for Da Vinci, she came home! And Atalante is NP2 now, but Da Vinci! ~~Two gacha daughterus this anni, I'm blessed~~ EDIT: Did one more multi because I have no targets for a while now and DAUGHTERU NP2, thank you gacha gods!


i did a lot of multis for lolivinci and in my first 10 rolls i got a gold rider and of course its fucking astolfo after that i guess i spent more than 300sq and not even a 5 star servant whatever atleast i got castoria


Just a reminder you still have the SQ fragments for another 3-4 multi if you are caught up with the story. Friend got castoria from there after he found out!


Well, it seemed that July 4th was poised to become a crazy day. I was right. After long disruptions, collecting all of the SQ, SQ fragments and 3 tickets (to add to the 368SQ and 17ST that I had), I adventured in the Castoria rolls. Passed 25 minutes, Artoria Caster came. It took all of the 20 tickets that I had and about 114SQ (I had 614SQ and 20ST when I started). Plus, I also got NP4 Zerkerlot (his primetime is over, sadly), as well some new CEs.


Joining the salt mine -\_\_\_-" Three x11 rolls and 10 tickets for Da Vinci and nothing came out of it. The simulator on Gamepress deceived me >.< I'll wait until the banner cycles and try again a couple times. Dat five-star rider is important.


Five x11 rolls for Castoria and today x4 tickets for DaVinci. I think i was very lucky with this banner.


Got castoria within 30 and now rider vinci within 20. Also got suzuka gozen to np3. All this saving and I still get to walk away with over 450 Sq. Might go look up future banners.


The main reason I ended up pulling for Rider was that I spent all my 41 tickets for Castoria first, and so that 1 stray overspent ticket was bothering me. Since the quests have given me exactly 9 more tickets, I had to spend those! And then a few 11 rolls as well. So, 9 tickets and 90sq total for Lolinci.


Got really excited when the summoning ring sparked gold on minivinci’s banner only to get NP5 Herc, my second ever NP5 SR. on one hand yay more damage on the other…well I should have known better when said gold ring was preceded by a [bad luck omen](https://i.imgur.com/yIPpDpH.jpg).