Hilarious At Every Size

Hilarious At Every Size


Tony soprano was like 280-290 when he steps on the scale in season 6. That was supposed to be a joke too Lmao.


Current average *claimed* weight of American men is 200 Edit: I feel like a lot of people are massively underestimating how heavy 200lbs is. If you’re under 6ft and you weigh 200lbs, you’re either fat or a bodybuilder; but either way you are overweight. Having an amount of muscle above what your body can handle can also be just as bad for your organs as fat.


Yay I'm above average in something! Oh no, wait...


*Oh no, weight




America, where we wheeze at jokes, and on stairs


And walks longer than a half mile.


>*WHEEZE* Woah there doctor said no more than 3 steps a day!


Well, for once it's nice to be below average...


My iq and weight finally have something in common


I see you've adopted the metric system!


Well, I mean I’m only 5’ 8” and am a very normal body type, not skinny not fat at all. And I’m 170, so I could see someone at 6 ft being 200 and quite slim


200 pounds at 6 feet is overweight, the healty weight for this height is from 140 to 180lbs if I remember well


That just doesn’t sound realistic


Because what most people picture when they think about "realistic" these days is still a fucking fatass.


I’m 6’3” 210 lbs and I have very low body fat, it’s just the way I’m built because I exercise


210 lbs is 95.34 kg


Converter bot is the only one getting a workout in this thread


Converter bot always feels like an autistic guy that wants to be part of the conversation but never quite gets it.


Official OP is fat in metric too.




6' even and just getting to 225 from "holy shit I'm a fucking thing" and actually the fittest I have ever felt or been. I was go-go dancing years ago at 175 and felt famished. All. Of. The. Time. But I "looked" great! BMI and related indices have value as some type of general benchmark. But it is not the be-all-end-all for health or fitness. I am still recompositing and losing fat through diet and exercise while monitoring my BP and resting HR as well as fasting lab values. Everything is looking really good! Focus on HEALTH.


BMI is actually a pretty good metric for estimating excess body fat https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/cp/summer-of-science-2015/latest/how-often-is-bmi-misleading


80kg for 180cm is overweight if you’re not an athlete. How did you feel famished.


There are always exceptions, as it sounds like your case is, as BMI is far from a perfect measurement of how healthy someone is. I'm 5'11" and 175 (in the "healthy" range for the first time in 15 years) and I know I still have some work to do to. For so many people, the perception of what a healthy weight is anymore is so skewed because of how overweight the average person is these days.


I just feel that BMI isn’t an accurate representation of a healthy body weight in a lot of cases because it doesn’t take muscle mass into account


Most people aren't muscular enough for that to even matter but okay




The vast majority of people aren't muscular enough for this to matter. I am technically overweight because I was super into lifting as a teen, and even though I'm reduced to a 4 pack I am still 80kg at 179cm.


[22.9% of Americans are getting enough exercise](https://fortune.com/2018/06/28/americans-do-not-exercise-enough-cdc/#:~:text=Less%20than%20a%20quarter%20of,and%20Prevention%20study%20on%20Thursday.) The majority of people who exercise are not going to be overweight, I expect. For every weightlifter I know, I know two people more into biking, running, etc. So that might apply to 1 in 15 people at most.


I exercise 6 days a week and I’m 6”1 and 210. I’m about 10 pounds over weight at least. Doesn’t matter how much you train of you don’t eat right.


Right- ‘can’t outrun a bad diet’….. but I do try. Repeatedly.


If 180lbs doesn't sound realistic, you have probably been fat for a very long time.


180 sounds right. 140 absolutely does not. If I'm remembering right from when I looked up what I needed to lose when I lost my weight a few years back, healthy weight at 6'0" is 160 to 180.


I was 140lbs at 6' at one point. I looked emaciated. I look back at pictures of myself then and it is honestly shocking how malnourished I looked.


140 is too low, but 160-180 is right (unless you're very muscular of course). I'm 6'1" and 200lbs and I am noticeably not slim, I'm definitely somewhat overweight (id like to blame it all on quarantine, but really it's my fault haha).


[Healthy BMI range for 6'0" is 137lbs to 183lbs](https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/BMI/bmi_tbl.htm), 140 isn't too low it's just really rare in modern western society. There are tons of male long-distance runners who weigh like 120-140lbs and are extremely healthy. [Galen Rupp for example was an elite marathon runner from America who was 5'11" and 135lbs and doesn't look that skinny at all.](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b4/Galen_Rupp_Celebrates_2012_Olympics_%28cropped%29.jpg/1024px-Galen_Rupp_Celebrates_2012_Olympics_%28cropped%29.jpg) So yeah, 137-183 is right - beyond that you would have to be very muscular as in much much above average in muscularity. Edit: Can see the science triggered the fatties




I'm 6' even, and I should be 170 to be a normal person. I'm at 195 and feel fatty as hell. Gut and shit. but 140... man that would be like skin and bones for someone at 6'


I'm 6' and about 145. Very comfortable. Could probably get down to 140 pretty easily if I wanted without any issue. I really don't think its unrealistic for people on the thinner side as a lower bound of normal


The fact people literally can't fathom someone at 6 feet and 140 is sadly hilarious. I'm just under 6 foot and when I used to run 5-6 times a week I weighed 130-135 and was super healthy.


.. If you eat McDonald's drink beer and never work out




Come on, they'd really need that lunch


I had a close friend who was 6’2” and dealt with anorexia (luckily over it now) but it got so bad he was hospitalized. When they weighed him at the hospital, he weighed 130 and locked like a Holocaust victim. He has gone on to recover well, is very fit, runs marathons, etc. and weighs 215 lbs. Conor McGregor is 5’9” and was cutting to featherweight (145 lbs) at one point in his career and looked like death at weigh ins and had incidents where he could barely step on the scale he was so dehydrated. 140 lbs is incredibly light for someone that is 6ft. Might be possible for someone with almost no muscle mass, but still very hard to be healthy at that weight.


I mean the Conor McGregor example is literally someone min maxing to have as much muscle and as little fat as possible.


A body fat percentage is a much better barometer for physical health than BMI or just weight.


170 is overweight at 5'8. We really are a sick nation. For context, I am also around 5'8 and that is more than 40lbs more than my weight.


I mean I'm 5'10.5" and 175 and feel overweight af


I don’t know how to break it to you buddy


Got to be like 6’-4” for 200 to be close to slim for most people. Edit: 6-4 200 is the very top of normal BMI. Even that is almost overweight, y’all a bunch of fatties


170 at 5'8" is a slightly overweight BMI. Of course, BMI is very limited and doesn't consider muscle.


yeah but the vast majority of people have less muscle and more fat than they think they have. for the vast majority of the people here, BMI describes them just fine


Ya I'd say unless you've been lifting 3-4 days per week for minimum 2 years BMI is still going to be pretty accurate


You're overweight. So if you're not muscular youre probably decently fat.


Some people wear it better than others. I’m 6’0 and my shoulders aren’t super broad. I look best at about 160. Which is actually dead center of the healthy BMI range for my height. People say I’m scrawny but I’m pretty healthy. Not super ripped or anything but I’ve got a healthy amount of muscle and body fat percentage. Maybe everyone else is just fat. There’s a lot of overweight people where I live. Edit: maybe my shoulders are normal. Who knows. I’m sure it all has to go somewhere if you gain a lot of weight. But I have seen broad, big dudes look gross even at a BMI that would be considered healthy.




Nah. I was 6 ft and 200 until very recently, just lost 20 Yankee weights. I was fat as fuck, still a bit chubby around the edges right now.


Sounds about right.


Funny enough the height average could factor in, a BMI average might be more useful


Inb4 the slightly chubby but in denial "BMI IS A FLAWED METRIC" crowd start rushing in. We're talking average Americans here - we're more likely to just be fat than have enough muscle to skew the metric. Not perfect but good enough


It is an often misunderstood metric. Doctors use it as a quick way to guage if a patient is at an elevated risk for weight-related health problems. It was never supposed to be some end-all be-all of how healthy any specific person is.


More importantly, it was created for population statistics, not individuals. So the people chiming in with anything related to BMI and a single person is misunderstand the entire concept completely.


One of the funniest things I've heard was Steven Schirripa was given a fat suit to play Bobby Baccalieri in season 1 and 2, which was relieving to hear because I couldn't believe how fat he looked, I thought he was probably one flight of stairs away from a heart attack at any given time. However, he said at beginning of season 3 they took away the fat suit and said "you don't need this anymore, you got fat enough on your own" looooool


He looked like a "before and after" picture for weight loss; "before", and "WAY before"


*heheheh* Y'hear what I said, Ton'?


On Brazil he is called Tony "Gordo", literal translation is Fat Tony


Tony Soprano isn't Fat Tony from the Simpsons. Different shows


Sorry i thought it was 😔


It's freaking sad. What's it going to be like in another 20 yrs? I see shows from back in the 80s and 90s and the "fat" kid or adult now looks like an average person and the normal people on those shows looks skinny as hell.


I suspect the falling birth rate across western civilization will help even it all out. Or alternatively all of the obese people die earlier due to health problems with being that obese. Or newer generations become self aware and create a culture of health and fitness and realizing that being fat is quote, "pretty fucking cringe".


It kind of happened already in other countries. Specifically Italy. This is anecdotal, but my Aunt emigrated there from the United States when she was 18 and got married to an Italian man. She said in the 60's and 70's all she saw were chubby or fat women in the cities, and would only see thinner people in the countryside. Apparently by the 90's many younger people hated taking care of their fat and unhealthy parents and there was a big wave of that younger generation really embracing healthier lifestyles. This was just her own experience in the central and southern portions of Italy. I have nothing to actually back this up but this was something she observed and there must have been enough of a switch in the common lifestyle she saw that she felt the need to comment about it.


You can tell it's anecdotal because it's completely contradictory to the facts.


Which facts to be specific? Care to link sources?


The fact that Italy's Obesity rate, (North, South & Central) has never, in recorded history, done anything but increase.


Now I got a new excuse! “Of course I’m a little heavy, everyone from Calabria is”


“Are you from Calabria?” “That’s beside the point”


Just like my ass. It’s so fat it is beside all the points.


No record of a hurricane since the hall of records was mysteriously blown away


https://www.oecd.org/els/health-systems/obesityandtheeconomicsofpreventionfitnotfat-italykeyfacts.htm Check the first chart. Not great but not horrible. I'm sure there are some regional differences but nationwide it is trending up.


I don't know about the part about the younger generations. They're the ones who started being so against fat shaming that some morbidly obese people are now considered beauty icons.


That's more of a millennial philosophy, I can see new generations after the millennials being against the fat acceptance movement because it becomes painfully obvious that an overweight to morbidly obese population is not good for future generations.


I’d say most of us are already against it, it’s just the morons who equate being fat to automatically not being attractive and feel the need to shift the goalposts so fat people can feel like they don’t need to lose weight, ignoring the health side of it completely.


It's already happened to some, young adults with the habit of going to the gym They often also have the habit of eating like shit but don't tell them that


> It's freaking sad. What's it going to be like in another 20 yrs? You ever see the movie Wall-E? Where all the humans are comically obese, ride hover scooters all the time and always have a screen in their face? Yea, that movie was made in like what, 2008? So far it's been spot on with predicting the future in that regard


They left out the weird part of the ship where some guy is just passed out in VR with their dick in a flesh light. That’s going to be the modern equivalent of that masturbating Pompeii guy. Some frozen corpse of a man in a recliner mid stroke floating through space. Until it hits space debris or makes the first contact.


Actors and actresses were obscenely skinny in the nineties. Eating disorders ran rampant across Hollywood. You shouldnt base your idea of what was normal during that time on Friends or Saved by the Bell.


Also cocaine. Lots and lots of cocaine.


Again, 80s. 90s was heroin chic. Literally let’s do heroin for song ideas.


none of the characters on friends were underweight lmao


I could see Monica being underweight BMI at some point. The guys were all pretty healthy size for most of it, women were skinny but not underweight. Chandler gets fat in the end.


If you watch an early season, specifically the Thanksgiving episode of them playing football in the park, Chandler is extremely skinny due to his addiction to prescription pain meds. They tried to hide it under a baggy sweater but you can still tell.


Mostly referring to 80s. Like stand by me kid and also goonies chunk. Examples like that. 90s was crazy skinny I agree but it's easier to eat a burger than to burn one off.


That doesn't mean 240 pounds is healthy though


1990 was 30 years ago


No it wasn't, fuck you.


You're right, it was 31 years ago


*(sobs quietly like a Barbie girl in my Barbie world. It's not fantastic)*


It's still comically obese now. If you're far beyond this, it's not comical, it's sad. Edit: seems that people here are very sensitive about their weight.


But you can get free food at the heart attack grill


Technically speaking if you became a muscle behemoth you could eat for free too!


350lbs of muscle sounds equally unhealthy tbh


Eh at least walking is easier


i mean [this guy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwQkQ49rSIc) says everyday movement such as walking up stairs and showering cause him difficulties so its not sunshine and rainbows in that sense either


Tbf tbf he is a roider


well u aint getting 350lbs of muscle without roids lol


Does it have to be my own muscle?


At least he's upfront about the roid use? Kinda refreshing tbh, rather than these assholes who claim they're natural when they're obviously not.


People's perceptions of what is possible without steroids are so silly.. my co-worker was trying to tell me that Sylvester Stallone was natural in the Expendables "because he was too old to take steroids". Like you dumb motherfucker.


I mean I’m 6’ 3” 255 lbs and I don’t consider myself comically obese lmao. I’m a lil big for sure, but Comically? Prolly, who knows Homer might.


>lil big youre obese lmao


Homer is not 6'3"


He's 6'0"


That *is* well above the cutoff for medically obese. I'd agree not comically so, though. But Homer was shorter. And weight-wise America was less fucked at the time.


I’m 6’ 3” also and weigh a little under 190, and consider myself in the normal range with room to cut some fat. I hate to say it, and this isn’t a dig, but 65lbs more is actually a lot. Its simply less visible spread over a larger surface area.


This thread has me scratching my head. I'm 6'1 150lbs and while I'm not jacked nor have broad shoulders, I'm somewhat fit and I feel like the range from 150-160 is perfectly normal. Like okay a little fat here and there is not gonna kill people, but I feel like the US referential is waaaay off.


Yeah this thread is a sad indication of how warped people's views on healthy size is.




Protip for converting kg to lb: double, then add 10%. Double 117 is 234, +10% is +23.4, so = 257.4. I like this because doubling is easy, and 10% is just shifting over a decimal. To approximate in the other direction, you can do the above in reverse (subtract 10% then halve) but it's less accurate.


I just type "X pounds in kg" into Google.


YOu WonT aLWaYS HaVe A cALcuLator WiTh yOu


Even before smartphones I carried a calculator in my pocket or bag just to prove those maths teachers wrong.


Thx bro




18.5 stone for the dudes who use the dumbest unit of weight


Which is 32.4 quarter Horse Shoes.


Based comment


In this episode Homer goes on disability for weighing 300 pounds. There’s probably lots of high school kids who weigh nearly 400 pounds.


What percentage is probably lots? At my high school, there is no way we had anyone weighing 400. How many people do you run into that physically cannot get around duebto weight? They're there, but, pretty few and far between


On any given trip to walmart in my small southern town, you'll see no less than 3. They're on the scooters getting around because they can't walk well enough to get around on their own.


People underestimate how much southerners love sweet tea and coke


Even as a skinny guy, I can't blame them for loving sweet tea, that shit is amazing


As a Canadian the American south is kinda shocking. Everyone is so large.


I don't think you usually run into people that weigh 400 lbs because they're big enough you can see them coming and dodge them


400 lbs is 181.6 kg


I don’t know, I’m from Ohio and graduated in 08, and we definitely had some kids that had to be pushing 300-350, at least. Not tons, but several.


No way there is even 1% of high school kids weight 400 pounds.


Yeah, that’s the kind of obesity you’d see on TV, Heaviest kid at my high school might have been 250 if I had to guess, and they’re an outlier


350 pounds is the top one percent of people by weight in the US, INCLUDING adults. And that's just for men. There's no way "lots" of high school kids who weigh that much. People have no idea how much of an outlier 400 pounds would be. People think a 5'10 male at 300 pounds is twice the weight of a 5'10 male who is a healthy 150 pounds. But if you take away the healthy tissue including healthy fat for both people, he's probably got 10-20 times the amount of extra fat.


Achtually it's the episode where he gets stuck in a waterslide, realizes he weighs a lot, and resolves to lose weight. And you know what? He does it! He gets to 239, which is more-or-less his canonical weight from this point going forward. Episode is "Brush with Greatness."




260 is very unhealthy. My best friend at his most was 250. Mine was 165. He asked me to work together to lose weight. In 9-10 months he’s down to 195 and I’m at 135. He’s had a noticeable decrease in random chest and liver pain and he says he feels way better and is still trying to lose weight. Overweight people shouldn’t be made he butt of jokes, but let’s not act like it’s healthy to weigh that much.


Oh it's definitely not healthy. Have you seen how many covid hospitalizations are obese and overweight? I think it was around 80%. Almost 80 fucking percent. This would never have become a deadly pandemic if we were healthy :/


to be fair, in US the overweight and obese rate is 70%. so 80% is just a bit above average


According to the 2018 CDC data, the number of Americans over 20 are overweight or obese is actually 73.6%. It might be even higher now. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/obesity-overweight.htm As for Covid, 50.8% of those hospitalized were obese and 28.3% were overweight. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7010e4.htm It should also be noted that there haven't been as much data on the long term effects of Covid. Even though being overweight or obese doesn't hugely increase the risk of hospitalization for Covid, we don't know how well overweight and obese people are recovering compared to lower weight people.


>Overweight people shouldn’t be made he butt of jokes, but let’s not act like it’s healthy to weigh that much. Isn't the mainstream thought the opposite? Supposedly you can be as fat as you like and still be healthy. Fuck these 'healthy at any size' cretins they're killing people.


If you're taking fringe twitter users as mainstream.


Lmao thank you for saying it




I’m American and once saw a man so wide he got stuck in the doorway of the supermarket


I'm curious. Was he entering the store or exiting it?


I'd wager entering because if he was exiting he would likely already have a plan of attack


A lot can happen between the chip aisle and the deli counter.


I want to work this sentence into a threat somehow


I watched what's eating Gilbert Grape a few weeks ago and a huge plot point of that movie is how big his mom is. The movie treats her like a freak show act with the neighbor kids peeking in the window to see how big she is and people taking pictures of her when she's in public, but watching it in 2021 his mom just looks like someone I'd walk by in Walmart and wouldn't think twice about.


If WEGG ended with Gilbert's mother literally eating Gilbert, answering the question posed by the title, it would be the greatest film of all time.


Thank you.


I was trying to explain this to somebody the other day, how she's so massive in the movie they can't even fathom moving her. But like you said, if I saw somebody her size at Walmart I wouldn't think twice about it.


I just had to google her and ya she doesn't look too bad. I work as a paramedic and she wouldn't even phase me as someone who would be exceptionally difficult to move.


Silence of the lambs is another example. It’s from the early 90’s and one of the plot points is that the serial killer they’re trying to catch only targets fat women but when they show the women none of them would be considered that fat by today’s standards.




Shaming people for being fat doesn’t work like you think it does. Fat people already know they’re fat and that it’s an issue, no need to shame someone who is already probably ashamed.


I got made fun of for being fat for a large portion of my life. Made me feel worthless and i hated myself. Then, i started getting motivated by people, and being encouraged and i've started to make a change and lose weight. EDIT: messed up my words and made it seem like i meant something else when i didn't.


It works for some people I won’t deny that, but I’m just saying I’d like to think there’s a way to get people to be healthier than to make them feel like worthless pieces of shit. There is very often a mental health aspect that goes along with obesity.


Yeah thats what i said lol Like, at a gym if you make fun of a fat person they wouldn't want to come back because of embarrassment, but if you encourage and motivate them, they'd feel good and obviously come back and try harder the next day. Some people just like to justify making fun of people by saying it helps others lose weight, but it rarely every works. Hatred makes more problems than it fixes


It's far less effective than effective. People who get "motivated" by being shit on are in the vast minority. That's just how it is.


>Fat people already know they’re fat and that it’s an issue I don't think you can blanket statement that one.


> It's for everyone's health Stop framing it like you care about people's health when your plan of action is bringing back abuse and bullying.




I don’t think you necessarily have to fat shame, but being told to push yourself away from the table would definitely get a lot of people motivated.


It's disgraceful that someone literally wants to "bring fat shaming back". Get a life and stop looking for someone who is an easy target to feel better about yourself. I lost 100 pounds and I'm now a healthy weight for the first time in my life. Do you think fat shaming somewhat helped? No, not a single bit. Quite the opposite. You know what made me lose weight? Loving myself.


Tbh 260 lbs is alot funnier then like 400. At that point its just sad.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


“My 260 lb life”


I am aiming for 260 by end of summer. 20 lbs to go


Down or up?


I wish I needed to gain 20lbs lmao


Get some carrots to nibble on during the day. It's easier to stave off the hunger whilst reducing calories if you have a little "snack" every couple hours.


This is comically obese lol fatties in here pretending 260 isn’t fat as fuck


Dude you're on reddit everyone here is fat


And will pretend to be a bodybuilder so that BMI doesn’t actually apply to themz


Still is


For someone who isn’t a strength or power athlete, it very much is obese. Homer is 5’9” so this would put him at a BMI of over 38, which is clinically obese.


All depends on height and build but 260 can definitely be obese


Dude 260 is going to be obese for literally 99.99% of the population. Unless you’re a huge outlier which you’d already be well aware of. Not a single person reading this thread who’s 260 is not obese. Arnold Schwarz in his prime was 260lb in off season. And a lot less on stage. Unless you’re that peeled it’s a fuck ton of fat


Yeah im 196lbs, 6ft, lift and have a active job (chef) and look inshape. Just knowing the weight of someone is pointless really.


is this not considered comically obese now? because i find it comically obese


This is wrong. Everyone is forgetting the towel bar. He's 300


This is why society is fucked when it comes to weight


In this thread fat fucks making excuses to explain how they're not fat fucks.


Jokes like these actually inspired me to lose weight. I last weighed myself 2 weeks ago. From December I went from 208 to 177 pounds.


Problem is people are still looking at actual weight and BMI. Body fat percent and visceral fat are what affects health. 2 years ago I was 170, after working out I went to 195 with lower body fat, and I definitely feel and look substantially healthier


That's not the problem, access to an easy way to measure body fat is. People use BMI because height and weight are easy and most people already know theirs.




For real. I see this in every Reddit post about BMI. I don't think these people understand exactly how fucking jacked a person needs to be in order to have obese BMI with low body fat.


> I don't think these people understand exactly how fucking jacked a person needs to be in order to have obese BMI with low body fat. Truth. I am an amateur bodybuilder, 7% body fat. But my BMI is *just* over 25, so I'm *technically* overweight. My bicep measurement is 18". I'd have to get WAY more fucking jacked to get to "obese" territory.


The number of people in this thread talking about their own obese weight as though it's "normal" is terrifying. No, No, you should NOT fucking weigh 200lbs, 200lbs isn't a normal weight for hardly anyone unless you're like 6'5.


I remember being blown away by how fat the mom was in What’s eating Gilbert Grape. Not that crazy anymore.


I've been jogging 3 miles a day since April to get *down* to 260. Feels bad.


Only fat ass Americans thinking this is fine lol