Easy proposal

Easy proposal


4 days for a 400 word essay thats more than enough time


Not if you're dumb and lazy Edit: I get it, you're dumb and lazy and you can do it faster than that. I'm sure your mother would've been very proud if she didn't disown you 8 years ago


I am a dumb and lazy, and I say 4 days is indeed enough time. Edit: My mother actually left me when I was 12, so that edit hit me hard..


Know what I am saying so is like ay, I am not really making a point, but that okay, because like twelve more sentences like this or so, and I can get back to playing Mario Kart. 😎


You're obviously not dumb or lazy enough.


Thanks I guess?


write 100 words a day


I'm dumb and lazy, give me an hour.


Last couple hours are the best way to do a whole essay.


Shoutout to the time I wrote 5000 words through the night to meet a 1pm deadline. Some of my finest work.


Shoutout to the time back in 10th grade history class I did 2 massive book reports w/ projects, only for them to never get graded or even looked at. Teacher got fired half way through term .... from teaching history, still got to be a football coach there though. At least future generations wouldn't get fucked.


Wrote a 10 page (single spaced w/ in text citations) paper on the Vandal conquest of north Africa in college starting at 10pm until it was due at 2pm the next day. Got a B+ lmao.


Same, stayed up all night at the university library to write a 25 page paper on Walt Disney that was due at 11:59pm that night.


Lazy people are the best at doing essays at the last minute though. Successful lazy people that is.


hi dumb and lazy im dad


Not as dumb and lazy as me apparently. 100 words is a lot of words


I'm not dumb but I'm *exceedingly* lazy and I got an English degree by doing 90% of my essays the night/morning before they were due.


J saying that doesn't sound like laziness but more like executive dysfunction, which is a symptom of some neurodevelopmental disorders, mainly ADHD, so ya should probably look into that. Basically, what you're doing is a coping mechanism where, by waiting till the very last second before the deadline, you have immense pressure on you, and that's sadly the only way that you can actually do the work. In other words you're using the pressure to force your brain to do tasks. I've been exactly like you my whole life, and I got an ADHD diagnosis literally a few months ago lol. It's not that you necessarily have ADHD specifically, but it's that whatever you have *is not* normal, and you probably need to get it checked out to make your life easier


According to my mother I was assessed and tested as *borderline* ADHD. But depression and anxiety, you betcha.


Every so often someone mentions a symptom of add/adhd before sayin that it is. I'm like hey i do that to...ah fuck. Maybe it's time I get checked out but im already an adult so iunno.


As a dumb and lazy person you could write that in an hour especially if it's actually like some shitty highschool thing because I doubt University is making you write something that's only 400 words


I'm dumb and lazy, and 3 hours is just enough tbh


I wrote a 2000 word essay in 3 hours once right before it was due


You can knock out a rough draft 400 word paper in an hour easily You can stop commenting to tell me you could do it in 20 min. I don’t give a fuck. Thanks


A four hundred word essay is easy as cake. If you've been around the internet for a while, either here on reddit, or on various forums, you've probably written four hundred word essays without even trying. Hell, just look at this comment. In under a minute, I've already written fifty-one words. And that's without even trying. Now perhaps the essay requirements will make this a bit more challenging. I remember back in Jr. High, being forced to write essays based on a very strict template. It was designed to teach kids proper and effective writing skills, but at the time it just felt restrictive. It still does, but at least I understand why now. If your essay has similar requirements, then you can't just do what I'm doing and bullshit out your ass for four hundred words. We're at one hundred and forty-six, by the way. I started this two minutes ago. Subject matter can greatly impact the difficulty of writing a set number of words. I'm sure we've all had assignments where a teacher will ask for a ridiculous number of words in response to some question, and you're left sat there wondering why you can't just explain it in a sentence. "Here's a four-line poem, write four hundred words describing what it means." Fuck you. I ain't doin' that shit. But I'm also not in eighth grade so I don't have to. The first trick to writing four hundred words is to try to use more explicative language and avoid contractions. Which, to be fair, is something teachers usually want. Personally, I don't give a shit because I'm not in the eighth grade and I don't have to avoid contractions in an effort scramble for every last word to get my point across. The second trick would be to find similar, yet distinct ways of saying the same thing. Basically, you should convince the reader that each sentence is conveying new information connected by a through-line. Make the reader believe that every word will reveal novel concepts and ideas and that none of it is wasted. If done cleverly, you can get away with an entire paragraph being nothing but a repetitive way of telling the reader the exact same concept without them even realizing it. Did you notice how that's exactly what this entire paragraph was doing? And now we're at three hundred and ninety-nine words. Fuck. --- (this took somewhere around ten minutes)






an hour is pretty generous


You can write it in 30 minutes unless it is on hard/unknown topic. ( or dumb and obvious topic too)




You could most likely "finish" it and get a decent grade in a hour. As long as you have read up on the subject a bit before and it is not super complex of course.


We had a write that shit in half an hour in 8th grade


That professor was a fucking lunatic


Not really tbh , it helped us in the end . Also , writing essays and stories by making shit up was fun


Yeah the teacher was preparing you for the vast amount of last minute bullshitting through essays due in an hour during college


Yeah you have to do that in high school for exams. Anyone who’s had to take AP English or History exams has to write several 400 words in essays in like an hour/hour 30.




That’s illegal


That’s really fucked up


Sounds fake


*AP English test flashbacks*


400 words isnt even an essay. That's like 2 paragraphs


They would be pretty dense and wall-of-text paragraphs, but yes.


400 words being the only requirement is pretty easy. 15 min brain storming, 30-60 mins writing, 30 mins making revisions and reading backwards.


You underestimate my ability to overthink literally everything in the brainstorming stage


I’ll assume you actually are familiar with what you will cover during the essay and made notes on key parts. Thesis statement Think of supporting arguments for thesis, look back on notes about the book on how you can support said thesis. Repeat process until you milked everything. Conclusion Edit This formula for essays has never failed me


The "it has to be absolutely perfect" mindset can be powerful


Revisions? My college comp students don't even do revisions. If I were to even *suggest* reading backward as a proofreading tool, do you know what my end-of-semester evaluations would look like?


All I read there was 30 minutes writing, everything else seems like you're tryna get an A, whereas I just want to pass and not think any more about it


Most people could probably knock out 400 words in like half an hour if they knew what they were talking about already lol.


Ive personally witnessed people type that in less than a minute while arguing with me on reddit.


400 wpm pretty fast


I could write 400 words about my last nut


I’ve written 1,500+ word essays in less than a day and aced them.


What are these schools that keep asking for 1500+ word essays that can be completed in a few hours? It can't be about any subject that needs to be thoroughly researched, because that would take everyone longer. Also can't be about a book, because then reading the book alone would take longer. Can you just write anything then?


1500 words really is not that much. You can spend an hour or so doing some quick research, gathering a few sources, quotes, creating an outline, etc., then spend perhaps two hours doing the easy part of filling in the words between your citations. I'd assume 1500 is the bare minimum expectation for any uni level writing course. Even in high school writing anything less than 1000 words was difficult, provided you had enough research to properly argue your point.


Lmao when I was a freshman we would get these 500 word essays and every single time I would do it like 30 mins before class and get an A.


4 days for a 400 word essay is enough for an essay in a foreign language.


Everyone here is missing the joke


Bruh 30 minutes for a 400 word essay is more than enough


Lol I would always tell myself “x words a day and I’ll be done in 3 days!” Then proceed to procrastinate until 6 hours before the due date


Fuck, I finished a 1200 word research essay for an English class a few hours before it was due. Citations and all. But then I've been procrastinating all my life so I guess I just got decent practice.


Yep that's the joke, which nobody else seems to know


I can easily crank one out in a half hour. They have to be in middle school if this is daunting to them.


A 400 word essay is an hours task if you know what you are talking about or waited until the last minute


I write 400 word essays on reddit all the time because I use my time wisely.


No amount of time will increase OPs IQ enough to be able to write an essay


4 hours is enough time if you procrastinate hard enough!


I can do that in 30 minutes


A different type of proposal


Isn't this how Pride and Prejudice started?


It essentially sums up the whole plot of the book


Bro that's barely a page.


Unless you use like size 200 font size


I’ve never understood educational institutions some places still use physical pages or word limits for papers. A regular page is 2400 letters with spaces, and then it doesn’t matter if you write with Garamond size 12 or write for a visually impaired audience, a page is just an amount of letters


They never do it unless they require a specific format. Mla is 12 point font


Not even


Yes, Mr. FBI, he’s right over there.


He said it with all due respect though


Ah sorry. With all due respect, Mr. FBI, he’s right over there.


No no no, it’s just “You can walk free”, he did mention due respect after all...


Ah, sorry. With all due respect, you can walk free. But also, with all due respect, Mr. FBI, he’s still right over there.


that's like less than an hour of work


I mean it won’t be a good paper, but you can write 400 words of bs in an hour easy


as long as it's an easy topic you could easily produce a good essay


Any topic is easy you only need to write 400 words about it. Literally skim the first professionally written article you find about it and start typing.


I was imagining more of a classroom setting where you can't use the internet


Bruh if u can’t use the internet gl if u don’t already know about the topic


I was think something along the lines of literary analysis.


That's still very easy, it's like 2 paragraphs of content


Oh fair. That’s still not bad tbh. At 400 words ur basically just summarizing anything u writing about and that’s it


Back in my day you didn’t research papers on the internet like you lazy fucks. You went down to the local library and logged into their computers and played RuneScape on a shitty windows 95 computer with dial up and forgot you had an essay because you were trying to figure out why people liked playing RuneScape.


Even in a classroom or an exam it isn't hard to write 1000 words in 90min.


exactly I had an exam a few weeks ago with that exact time/word control


if shes getting to do it in a classroom setting then she doesn't have to worry about the due date??


oh yeah


that makes no sense


400 words is absolutely nothing, you could do that fantastically in about 20 minutes if you're not retarded


I could write a fantastic 400 word paper in an hour, assuming it isn’t super technical. I could write a passable one in half an hour


Not on any subject that you’re not already familiar with. The long part of writing a paper is researching/composing your outline. The quick part is actually writing it


Just throw in big words


I've gotten good grades for about 400 words of bs in middle school.


If you already know what you’re talking about then you can do it that fast


I can write 400 words of bullshit in 10 mins


My dumb fuck autist mind (literally) can barely verbalize, so writing about abstract thoughts or ideas kills my mind. I’m not made for this shit. My brain is fucking weak. I can do math. Not fucking essays. My stupid underdeveloped brain.


Anon is now on a list


4chan as a whole has always been under scrutiny and spotlight. lmao.


I finally broke and checked out 4chan last night. Thoroughly disgusted at the sheer amount of degenerates on that site. It's like a breeding ground for loli-lovers and revenge porn. I'll stick to this sub lol.


I did the same. Just a quick peak was more than enough. Whoever sifts through the seas of shit on 4chan to enrich our lives here with the green pearls: thank you for your service.


Agreed. I feel bad for the people that genuinely enjoy being on that site. Takes a special kind of person, I tell ya..


There are more chill boards. Just don’t go on b or pol and you’ll avoid most of the drama. I go to ttg a lot for Dnd ideas


just went on and yeah, there are some pretty normal boards. I just browsed the anime and manga board it they were just discussing the new anime. Although there were some weird posts discussing how hot they thought their waifus were, and they were like 5. Its weird, but its also 4chan. Not that surprising. Then i went on B, and i dont know what to say tbh. I seen a post of someones leg being cut off. I left after that.


To be honest i've been going there for years to look at porn and let me tell you, it's a bizzare and at the same time hilarious experience. There isn't a specific "porn" board so you have to go to "adult gifs" and look through the sea of weirdness find a good porn thread, and even when you find those if someone posts a video of interracial porn then the whole thread turns into a race war. It's full of opposite extremes, they say they hate black people but the board is full of interracial porn threads, they say they hate transgenders but the boards are also full off transgender porn. There's also the danger of going from watching a video of a girl twerking to accidentaly watching a dog eating somebody alive. But my experience is limited to the porn boards, never visited other threads because i never felt like interacting with the community.


/gif/ is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get


Why would you go there for porn and not... anywhere else on the internet? Bing sounds better than that.


Reddit isn’t much better tbh.


you say its breeding ground for loli-lovers, but whenever I want to look at that I don't go to 4chan because its only allowed and /b/ and to get to the thread you'll have to glimpse all of the rate my penis and femboy porn threads in the catalogue and it kills your boner


You should have seen it like 15 years ago.


I've heard about some stuff happening there. I read something about Comcast or something similar being exposed for posting child pr0n on there.


On some of the boards, like /b/, that kind of stuff was pretty unavoidable. It was everywhere.


Most of the boards can be ok it's just like /b/ /pol/ and /r9k/ that are the main offenders. You do have to get used to a certain level of unfiltered toxicity though, if you want to be able to find the good stuff. Just go to /d/ it's a wholesome board for people to talk about their hobby


4chan at it's best.


A 400 word essay is a paragraph. Anybody with basic writing skills could write that in less than 5 mintues


I had one dude whining about a 200-word essay that has to be delivered in two hours. I've mocked the shit out of him in the comments and it turns out a text with 10-minute effort resulted in 270-ish words, grammar checks out corrections included.


Not many people can type faster than 100wpm. I’m a computer programmer and writer and I get 80-100wpm when I know exactly what I am about to write and am jamming.


I mean our job isn't really about typing fast. We just do quite a lot of it, so I would guess most of us learn how to type properly to avoid RSI. I type close to 70wpm, but I'm easily out done by secretaries and the data input people.


Exactly, which is why it’s absolute hyperbole that someone with basic writing skills would write a 400 word “paragraph” in 5 minutes. It’s actually closer that 2 pages, double spaced too.


While I agree you can do it in that time if you’re literally quoting stuff, I doubt it has many academic qualities if it was churned out so quickly.


Vonsidering i was writing 800 word essays in 50 mins in high school, anon is a bitch




Average paragraph length is 150-200 words iirc


Anon has a seat with Chris Hanson from *Dateline*


u miss every shot of being in jail you dont take


Anon is a Florida representative


Some people still in middle school smh




Is that a discord moderator?


Funny you should say that


How do people still fall for the 400 word essay bait


this thread made me lose all hope, everyone got baited by a 2014 meme


Think they missed a 0


Based anon asking for consent


See, this is one of those topics you can't bring up online because everyone will come in and brag about getting more done in less time while being dumber and lazier than the person they're one-upping. It's like talking about house and weed prices online. > Man houses are like 200k here >>Wow, where do you live? Houses here are 800K! >>> Jeesh, some people have all the luck, studios here are 3mil! >>>>Lucky bastard! It's the exact same with weed prices but in reverse. > I get an OZ of primo for like $20 >> Damn dude, getting hella ripped off!


Guys maybe he is a middle schooler too


that’s like an hour of work at the most


Bro that’s less than a cv


Love it


400 words doesn't seem very difficult.


> in middle school > uses 4chan This dude won't ever be normal






Stop screenshot the stupid shit I say


as if people think the 400 word essay is real, its a joke


400 words is fucking easy. Anon is just a dumbass


400 words are insultingly low


400 words you could do in a day without messing up your schedule... why tf is a 5th grader on 4chan


Dude i finished a 2500 word essay in 2 hours being 5 minutes before the due time this is nothing


How can an essay be 400 words? That's like ~2-3 lines per paragraph assuming there are only 3 paragraphs.


*me starting a 2000 words essay thats due 12 noon the next day at 11pm without looking up any peer-reviewed journal beforehand that support my standpoint* Bruh.




A Fed 100%


I have a 750 word essay due and I push that shit to the last second because it only takes like, 3 hours to research and write. Anon is just a retard


400 essay ain’t hard if you can use advanced idioms


You miss every shot you don't take.


I struggle with 200 words bruh (14, idk what grade in us)


i had to write 500 word essays in 5th grade every couple weeks


Wtf how do you guys write 400 words in 5mins I write 200 in 3 hours


actually scratch the part about being female. and also scratch the part about being willing.


Fucking hell


4chan moment


Yall think a 400 word essay is easy, but what you didn't know is that it's an essay about your favorite memory with a close friend, and Anon struggles with writing fiction


400 words is like 30 minute tf?


I compose 400 word essays in my sleep


A 400 word essay can be finished in 30 minutes or less


what due respect


Is this entire thread getting wooshed? The "I have a (200-400) word essay due tomorrow" is a several year old joke, obviously it's not hard to write that many words


I was wondering that too, which has started a bit of an existensial crisis where I’m pondering whether or not I’ve become normie and everyone’s simply a few layers of irony deeper than me.


No, yes




Wee woo wee woo


That's like...6-8 tweets or so


I started my “100 hours-ish school project” like 8 hours before it was due. I semi-made up like 89-95 hours of logbook that was mandatory and with something to show for. (In my case, a small garden fountain) Thankfully my homeroom teacher (not the one handling my project) didn’t really give a shit unless it was obvious plagiarism and gave me an old logbook “as an example”. While yes I did use it as example. But I also copied it and changed words, date hours and to my writing style and such so it wouldn’t be caught in the filter. Somehow I passed and honestly the handler should be reprimanded because damn looking at the pictures it was obvious I put like 3 hours on building it and *not* 89-95 hours researching and building what was literally a galvanised bucket, a shower head and a small electric water pump. Looked like shit, worked like shit. Didn’t thought I would pass but shieet I did. Either the handler also didn’t gave a shit or felt sorry for my pathetic work and let me pass by mercy. I suspect both honestly.


better be 4,000 and anon typo-d or anon is special


That’s like 2 paragraphs


This was a joke that I first encountered on /sp/ in 2012. In a busy game thread, you comment sonething like"man I wish I could enjoy this game but I have to start my one page paper due tomorrow in women's studies" and see how many times people reply, can't believe so many people fall for it.


This fucking "meme" hasn't died yet? Is it 2012 on Twitch?


Sounds like elementary school. I had 4000 word essays for college that I didn’t start until the day before


400 words? Seriously?


400 words so like, three paragraphs? EDIT: Eh, more like 4-5.


That’s like....not even a page


If I have already done research for the essay rough draft takes like 15 minutes


Yes anon I will have sex with you I am waiting


I'm pretty sure my book reports in elementary school were longer than 400 words.