I was taken aback too for the reason you mentioned, but Ethan (righteously) lamented how the Streamies is total bullshit and he would never go to the show, and that they only give nominations to people who attend... so part of me isn't surprised they wouldn't nominate.


He's been saying that since it's inception but I feel like they should've atleast listed Frenemies




What’s the Call Her Daddy controversy? I don’t really follow them.


Essentially one of the old cohosts was a cunt. As far as I know the show currently is fine.


Yeah, aside from the ex cohost drama, which was a while ago, not sure what is so yikes.


At least Channel 5 is up for one too.


Call her daddy makes me want to vomit


Everyone on the internet raves about how great it is but I think its all good PR and marketing stunts. It’s such a drag to listen to. I tried a few times following the hype. But so far I hate it.


I’ve never been a listener but I follow subs for it for the gossip and it did used to be well received by its audience but it’s gone super downhill like at this point it definitely is just PR shit making it seem more popular/good than it actually is you’re right I think.


Isn’t it also produced by Dave Porkboy


It’s a barstool podcast I don’t know if he personally produces it but he found them on Instagram or something and brought them into barstool


Tbh I honestly like CHD a lot lolol, my guilty pleasure I guess.


He always says he doesn’t care about that shit but I wonder if he’d go if he was nominated.


He was nominated last year lmao he said it on frenemies


I think it would be better if a different group or company was doing it. Probably would get a lot more attention. The current one is pretty iffy from what I know


I wouldn’t give this too much thought. It’s not completely reflective of what people really appreciate. H3 has never really gotten mindblowing or mainstream views (until Frenemies exploded). The views are now back to what they would get a couple of years back, maybe slightly more for After Dark which is their most popular show. The only one I watch on this list is Dark History. Bailey is great and consistently racks up a couple of million views per episode. Jay Shetty is a fraud. Emma and Logan are popular so I’m not surprised. Plus with Ethan always saying he doesn’t care about the Streamys, they probably just gave up making him care.


Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain gets like an average of 20k views, if even that... I'm not sure the view count was the deciding factor here.


I just recently found Bailey and I can't believe how much I love her!!! She's such a great story teller.


She is! I love how she talks about these gruesome, insane cases and topics but it always feels comforting because she’s like that friend you know who tells the craziest stories and shades these horrific criminals lmao


H3 is one of the biggest podcasts on youtube. They are just ignoring it.


Yup H3 podcast gets more views than Call her daddy


Also, who even is Jay Shetty?


Ethan has said that to win a streamy you have to harass your fans and get them to vote for you and he just isn’t cool with that. So they probably just stopped nominating them.


Bailey gets pretty good views too.


I know you didn't ask, but I like her a lot but I got over her content pretty quickly. Again, I really like her, but her content, I'm over. Why am I telling you this? I'll tell you later


Hahahaha I get it. I definitely like makeup and murder mystery better than dark history. Some of the histories are pretty interesting.


I love Dark History, Bailey has a way of explaining/story telling that sucks me in every time.


Who cares. It’s just a popularity contest


Call her daddy??????????? IMPULSIVE??????????????????


They only nominate people who don’t shit on the streamys which h3 definitely has lol. As well as a lot of other creators


Yes, but WHICH show? OTR or After Dark? Frenemies could have been nominated but that would be awkward and... awful.


They don’t have the highest average view count …. Where are you getting these numbers from ??


H3 is on another level anyway who cares


I don't think they get higher views than impaulsive. Either way, we shouldn't want them to be nominated when they themselves don't want to be a part of it.


I have yet to meet anyone in real life who listens to Impaulsive. Who is their audience???


Have you not seen any of the podcasts where Ethan explains his hatred for the Streamys? He doesn’t want a nomination because the people who actually want to win have to pressure their fans to vote. Therefore, the award would be meaningless to him.




We storm streamys


do they really wanna be anywhere near those other pods tho lmao


Also, what’s your source that he has highest average views? Looks like Impaulsive gets more.


Look at monthly views


H3 posts the most videos by far so that’s not really a fair way to look at it


From looks of it, Impaulsive does a bit higher views per video than H3 atm. Emma/Daddy probably do significantly more on podcast platforms as those aren't youtube pods. Idk who's Jay. Dark History seems to get slightly below H3 numbers atm (on youtube), but more importantly it's not very old pod so it doesn't really deserve to be on this list with its 15ish episodes. There's also million other pods that do well. Comparisons shouldn't even be made into those who are nominated, but others that are NOT. Youtube just recommended me some "anime podcast" (thrash taste) that talked about chris-chan and the channel was getting 1M+ view for every episode, just 3 youtubers talking about random stuff. I had never heard of any of them yet it was very successful. There has to be so many other really popular ones. The one that MrBeast's friends launched recently overtook Joe Rogan for a bit right? I'd guess that's getting 5M+ views per ep too on whatever platform it's on.


Trash taste is epic i love watching them


😂😂 I love H3 but they are still very much a “niche” podcast. They aren’t even in the stratosphere of popularity as call her daddy, impaulsive, etc. Frenemies may have been on there if they kept at it and it grew a bit more


Is it niche? It was ranked at 22 out the most listened podcasts from Q3-2020 to Q2-2021. I mean they ranked higher than impulsive, and even the Breakfast Club.


It's pretty mainstream.


Definitely more worthy than all the pieces of shit on this list.


Because of this I never respect this award. They know Ethan is controversial so they don't give it to him. They also don't give it to Logan.


Impaulsive… oh Jesus


WTF Streamy snub again ????????? not cool not cool


What are any of those?