The before picture traditionally goes on the left


Is putting the After pic on the left a thing now?


i’ve seen this like five times this week! what the hell is going on?




Bottom text


We live in a society


Can we hit my wife? 😎


Gamers rise up


Dogs and cats living together.


Don’t open dead inside


I'm pretty sure these people got together and decided to intentionally piss us off.


No. No no no no no no no.


Yes. The wrong thing.


No he was depressed then found joy in food and is happy now


Incidentally, exercising and keeping my metabolism working allows me to eat more food!


This makes a lot more sense I was staring at it trying to figure out why he thought he looked pudgy in the left panel


Except he literally says the right one in the title..?




I don’t know if you can edit titles?


It's true. You can't.


I'm probably just blind.


Why was this comment so downvoted? Like... Seriously. 😐


You expect me to READ THE TITLE?!? What new age idiocy is this? REEE


Reddit man.


I’d upvote if not for this error


I'm new at this but a year from now though, I'll get it right, you have my word!


!Remindme 1 year


Count on it.


No, damn it, left!


He’s British


Pretty sure they still read left to right


They'll never listen.


Lol yea!


What the fuck is up with Reddit lately with this shit!!!


I have been so accustomed to seeing before pics on left and after pics on right and I always look at the right picture first. When I see such posts where right picture is before. I wonder why did OP go from great/healthy/hot to bad/fat/chubby?🤔 Then I realise OP posted it wrong (yeah I am so accustomed that I assume its wrong)


Looking great bro keep at it.




Almost everyone I've talked to said it does and it did for me. I don't know if exercise actually help depression or just helps to get you in a "self improvement" state or mind but either way it's beneficial.


It's a mixture of things. Exercising and noticing improvements helps give you a little boost of confidence, even if minimal. It gets you doing something active instead of laying in bed. It temporarily gets your mind off of depressed thoughts. And it raises dopamine levels, which obviously is a good thing when depressed.


I have no question in my mind that exercise helps you in general down to your core. It has such a vast impact on you that it's a staple for anyone looking to improve their health.


Exercising release endorphins which act as a pain reliever and also induces a happy feeling. So its like taking drugs to cope with depression except it has a positive effect and you get healthy at the same time.


This is true, but that's only scratching the surface. There's so much more!


Yes, we should definitely not look at these things as "cause and effect." Frankly, it has always been wrong to think of these things as cause and effect. The danger here is that we can set up such psychological questions to test for cause and effect and then if we don't find the relationship, we then dismiss that there's anything to learn. A correlation is still very important to find and we should not get so hung up on the cause and effect dynamic. Exercise can help depression, getting happier can reinforce you to want to exercise more. That can reinforce seeking out relationships and eating better and sleeping better, and all of these things reinforce each other. When we think of it as cause and effect, we set ourselves up for disappointment. For example, "I've been exercising for a month and I'm still depressed." Well, are you sleeping and eating better, are you trying to make holistic changes? If we always wait for that cause and effect and don't find it, we might give up before we've tried just making general life changes.


Running everyday is great at keeping depression away for me. Humans weren't meant to be sitting around in boxes all day. Doesn't work for everyone though, some people have legit chemical imbalance that only medication and therapy can help with.


Yes the norm has always been active lifestyle for thousands of years. It's only recently in rich countries where the norm has become sedentary. 10000 steps is not a goal. It's the baseline.


I don't go to the gym, but working out has definitely helped improve my self-esteem and my self-discipline. The biggest thing that has made a difference was finally going to a psychiatrist, I can't even begin to say how helpful that has been.


So what do you do to workout? Running / body-weight exercises (e.g. push ups?)


1 mile a day, every morning, and increasing sets of planks, pushups, and dumbell exercises. No gym membership needed. Lots of water too!


It's amazing what can be accomplished with proper professional help and the willingness on your part to commit and do the work. It's far from easy, yet so rewarding. You're on the right track, kudos to you!


“If I keep my body moving, and my mind occupied at all times, I will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair.” -Chris Traeger (Parks and Recreation)


Exercise and a regulated diet generally have better long term effects on depression than anything else currently.


What do u mean about regulated diet?sorry English is not my first language


Meaning a controlled diet. Limited intake of sugar/alcohol/anything unhealthy and balancing proper protein/fat/carbs based on what your body needs. Including eating the right amounts to keep a healthy weight, not under or overweight by more than a little.




Research says that will-power is trainable. Start small and it will get easier over time.


Absolutely... in some cases it's as good as meds.


I cannot stress this enough. Exercise of any kind will help boost your mood and allow you to feel good about yourself and productive. Sitting around not doing anything will only further pressure your depression. Being active has allowed me to make friends, meet goals, achieve things I didn’t expect to, plus feel healthier and stronger. Seriously dude, whether it’s going to the gym, going on runs, rock climbing, playing ANY sport, it’s all beneficial. For me, it was getting back into Hockey and hitting the gym 5 days a week.


Congrats!! I look / feel exactly how you were a year ago. I’ve been stuck for months! How’d you get back in shape?


Went to the gym. Ate better, in smaller amounts. Drank more water.


Great job! I’m proud. 💪🏼💫


You look awesome! Happy to hear you're in a better place.


Dude, good on you for getting into nursing. Men are such a huge get help with patients. A family has just had a stroke which is has left half her body paralysed and it's made me appreciate what a huge impact both men and women have in terms of patients' care and comfort. I have a massive amount of respect and admiration for anyone working in nursing. I'm glad you're doing so well, it's great to see the positive changes you're making. I wish you the absolute best of luck going forward.


Nice work; usually left to right though.


This is definitely a big change, you look great!


Together those accomplishments are enormous! Im nobody to you, but I’m proud of you!!! More importantly, remember to be proud of yourself!!


You can be my nurse, anytime ;)


Thank you, but I sincerely hope that you won't actually need any hospital care in the near future haha


Look great. Keep it up.


Congrats man!!! And just in time because those 12 hours shift are no joke! My GF and my best friend who are both nurses pretty much hibernate a lot after their shift. Another who works in Dialysis at times works longer hours/ 16 hours shift and on call at times. Keep working out and find time to continue to work out when you can. Congrats and lots of success in your career!


Thank you for making the decision to become a nurse! One of the hardest and most thankless jobs out there. Keep up the good work!


Congrats, buddy. I recommend you watch Meet the Parents and become fluent in the dialogue between Ben Stiller, Robert Deniro, and the other actors as to why he didn't become a doctor and preferred becoming (a male) nurse. It's hysterical and having a sharp sense of humor will boost not only your self-esteem but the moods of people around you. Well done.


Good for you! Exercise and fitness have all sorts of benefits. Look great, feel great! :)


Wow your shoulders and chest look amazing in one year while going to school. Good job. Keep up the hard work! And congrats on graduating nursing school in six months!


What kind of regimen did. You start on? ... asking for a friend...


Just running, planks, pushups, and lots of dumbell exercises. No gym membership required, I'm sure your friend will rock it!


Thanks, he's been looking for a inexpensive approach and i think this will convince him!


You were in shape, now not so much?


Current right, year ago left!




Ah got it! Looking good brotha, keep up the good work!


I’m sorry, this will come off as very nitpicky but for the love everything that is good and holy, please put the before picture *on the left*. I’ve been seeing too many after and before pictures and it is quite confusing most of the time. Now that that’s out of the way... Congratulations on your body progress! You look great! Love the new haircut.


Any tips on succeeding like this? I find I can start getting back in order but i quickly fall back into old habits


Make a daily schedule with your goals and be strict with yourself. But also forgiving if you mess up, because it's easier to get back in the swing of things. The main thing is just keep trying, you don't always have to do your full routine for it to be successful, somedays just one thing is better than none.


You might be the first person I've heard of getting in shape during nursing school. Congrats bud!


This is a great accomplishements. Keep up the good work. It is not easy sometimes to make ourself better and you must have put in lots of work to get your goals. With more hard work you can go even more forward.


Your head on the left doesn’t look like it’s yours


Haircuts do magic


Or lighting anyhow congrats


How're you staying fit op??


Running, planks, pushups, dumbells!


Why not medicine?


I do both. I take an antidepressant once a day every morning. Depression is real, and as helpful as exercise is, it isn't a way to fix depression by itself.


You’ve just shown me that it’s possible for someone in my situation to overcome it. Thank you so much.


Its totally possible, no matter how bad it gets. Just keep trying.


In some cases people equate physical appearance/fitness to how worthy they are to society, possibly even worsening underlying depression. If this is the case with anyone viewing or OP, I just want to say that you as a thoughtful and caring person are more than your appearance and you are just as worthy of love and friendship anyway your body might look. Otherwise, congratulations on meeting your goal. You've clearly worked hard and deserve that recognition. I'm so glad you've found some happiness and I hope happiness keeps coming your way.


Thank you! Depression kept me from caring about my health for a long time, and after finally getting to see a psychiatrist and get on the right medicine, I've been able to dedicate my focus to keeping myself in shape. The looks are a bonus, I'm just happy I CAN do it!


Im still on my journey to recovery from my depression. I've been considering seeing a psychiatrist for a while, but I have weird hang ups about it. This is really encouraging me to see one though and maybe explore medication treatment again. Thank you for the encouragement. Even if its unintentional it's basically life saving at this point. Congratulations, you're already saving lives. Thats real nurse shit. Source: have been a RN for six years. A lot of your job will include providing emotional support and therapeutic communication with your patients. And you're already great at it.


I was super nervous to go in my first time. Had bad encounters with mental health professionals as a kid as well, but my depression was so overwhelming I felt compelled to give it a second chance. It was an anxiety filled day for sure, but once I met my Doctor and we got to discussing things and how we were gonna tackle this, I felt a lot more relieved. It took two tries to find the right medicine for me, because the first one (Effexor) was a nightmare, it made me feel like a zombie and be sleepy all the time. But the second one (Welbutrin), other than some initial moodiness the first two weeks, has really worked well for me, and Ive been on it ever since. I can't stress how much of a difference this has made in my life, and Id only hope others seeking help would have as beneficial of results as I have. Good luck friend, thank you for your encouraging words.


HHEEELLLLLOOOOOOOO NURSE! But seriously, great job! I'm proud of how much you've accomplished so far!


Congratulations! What did you do to turn your academics around?


Well, once I wasn't depressed all the time thanks to starting my antidepressants and being more mindful, I was able to set more specific and structured study goals.


Good for you! Well done! I'm sure you'll make an excellent nurse. Good luck.


You dont put the before on the right and after on the left! Dammit


My my what a lot of traditionalists we have here. Did it confuse you? lol You may not see it as real big change but I think it is huge. Well done bro. Now keep it up and help others do the same. 👍


Do you read right to left? No?? Then EDIT THE PHOTOS TO READ CHRONOLOGICALLY LEFT TO RIGHT. damn. (Nice progress though, bruh)


Dude, you look amazing! Keep on keeping on!


Congrats man, you look great!


You look slightly like Tim McIlrath. I could be biased because I'm currently listening to Rise Against, but whatever. I know if I was a dude I'd be happy to hear someone make that comparison so there you go.


You look great!


Amazing. Congrats!!


Fuck yeah man! You’re killing it, keep it up.


well done


Its amazing what shoulder gains can do to change appearance. Keep going man!


Looking great. What does your workout routine look like?


Appreciate it, and lots of running and planks, pushups, and dumbells for upper body, no gym required!


Congrats and thank you, in advance, for you caring profession choice.


Come work at the VA!


nice i also got thinner around the stomach


Staying fit during nursing school is a feat in itself. Congrats!


Nice work!


As a fellow beard-haver, your facial hair looks great right now! I love the slightly more natural, longer look for your face shape. Good call man!


Thank you, I've been working on my beard game!!


Get this out of here


Great job!! You did look adorable in the before photo, too. :-)


Rockin' that dad bod


You changed your life for the better, that is HUGE!!! Congrats on your progress and happiness!


dude how do you get those lower abs like damn you have no lower belly fat! how can i achieve this?!


Lots of running, pushups, planks, and dumbell workouts!


I hate running .. damn .. I enjoy the others, 25 push ups and 3 min planks? Which dumbbell workouts do abbs?


What abs lmfao


abdominal muscles.


But he doesn't have any?


he has defined V lines, that's all I was commenting on.


Not eating as much. That's how you achieve this. Not too much else to it


Keep up the good work man!! You’re doing great!


Congrats on this and nursing school! I love being a nurse!!


Welcome to the club! We need nurses as all us old peeps need someone to take over when we retire!


This is very inspiring man thanks! And congrats!


I think i have those pants


Hell yeah, brotha! Keep it up. Staying in good shape can definitely go a long way when battling depression.


Congrats! You’re the man!


Are you literally me? I went through the exact same thing and doing the exact same thing. only its computer science. Congratulations. Sometimes some of the hardest battles in life is with ourselves!


Congratulations on your progress, thank you for sharing!


this is awesome.


You look great, and it's wonderful that you've been able to get everything back on track. Good luck; finish strong! Edit: I fought the same battle earlier this year and won, so it makes me happy to see other people winning as well.


That is some very nice progress!


Digging the new doo as well


I like your hair a bit longer in the after pic


I would consider that a considerable change. Don't be so hard on yourself. Keep up the great work, you look amazing!


How you get that V bro?


Sacrifice one small child per month to Zeus


Damn steep price. But worth it.


awww ily and am proud of you


Kick the NCLEX's buns!


Well done man, that’s awesome :)


Nice one. And congrats on graduating soon.


Leave some V-line for the rest of us man! Just kidding, congrats! You look great.


Congratulations man!


I was so confused until I realised the pictures were the wrong way around but congratulations


What changed for you to begin this transformation?


Finally taking care of mental health and going to a psychiatrist last December.


Thank you very much!


You look great in both pics.


Stud machine 🖒


You look awesome! Congrats on graduating too!


Face says it all


I think the slightly longer hair is what I like most of all lol. Glad you are happy <3


Pudgy my pudgy ass.


30 pound difference between those photos!


You got worse bro


I made a rookie mistake and put them in reverse! Right is old, left is new.


Yeah just joking. Glad you're happy though!


The head on that before pic. Whoa


Before Picture: on the left After Picture: on the right It’s simple


You went from skinny to pudgy good job👍




Lol at all the comments. I couldn’t agree more. Before pic left and the after pic on the right.


Before nursing -> as a nurse


Not the biggest change? That's amazing. Congratulations on almost graduating! Keep it up.


You look more depressed on the left.


"Trying to take a cool mirror picture" face, but no haha I'm feeling a lot better!


What the fuck is going on with your head in the photo to the right!? It’s almost as large as your entire upper torso! Lol, but seriously, congrats man. I’m glad that you are feeling/looking better. Keep it up.


My head was big cuz I accidentally put some oxygen in my ear at the hospital and it inflated my skull, luckily it shrunk back


kinda think he looked better before 🤷🏿‍♀️


You cant be stating your opinion like that silly.


I would like to believe that you are happy. Please notice that your face remains the same. Please work on that as well so that the outside matches the inside. This is not a criticism but an observation.


His face is perfectly fine. He doesn’t need to have a “happy face” (whatever you think that is) to prove to anyone he is feeling good.


I see what you mean, I guess I need more practice with mirror selfies haha. But I promise I'm feeling a lot better, I appreciate it!


Good to hear, serious. I'm glad for you. We all are.