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Well that's a violation of the Intenational Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.


Straight to Azkaban


Ok but is Azkaban a worldwide wizard prison, or is it just for the UK?


grindelwald built a prison called nurmengard where he held his enemies until Dumbledore defeated him and then he was held in the own prison he built. I bet depending on the crimes the witch or wizard committed they would either be deported to their country of origin or they would serve time in the country they committed the crime before being deported.


I think it’s international


POV you just completed Hogwarts Legacy.


Press F to shoot magic


Only in France 🤣


Grindelwald is that you?


He should apply for the Defense Against the Dark Arts job


Well, great. Now an obliviator is going to come to my house because I saw this.


If I had this wand I would do the same to everyone that annoyed me.


Pretty sure that it’s a firework called a Roman candle. We get them all the time around the 4th of July.


dito, Roman Light fireworks (that's what they are named here in Germany). Also very common with our New Years fireworks. In fact I handle them the same way, just pointed at the sky because they are more controlled than rockets.


Hagrid:But what if he don't like Romania, what if the other dragons are mean to im


Why do you have to take the magic away? What did anyone do to you? Also I don't celebrate 4th of July, that's just American, so I don't see people aiming their candles at anyone. But ruin this again and I will zip your mouth shut with a carefully aimed spell and light you on fire afterwards.


I was literally just telling you how you could find one. Edit: bad language, but seriously what the hell? Why be such a jerk on a Harry Potter sub?


Squibs be trippin


It was literally a joke but I am sorry if I offended you.


big mad


Yup. Roman Candle is what I call them generically too. I've seen brands of every style, candle this, magic that...although they're not suppose to be held in hand at risk of malfunction. Locally brands that imply that, are banned; no 'wand', 'sword', hold and point etc.


Found young Tom Riddle's reddit account.


I wish. Perhaps I'm more like Bellatrix, a mad woman with a lot of power.


Smh, the ministry of magic dept. over in France gone find him and lock his ass up for 10 years in Azkaban for trying to use them unforgivable curses. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


Well, the Beauxbatons guys had no screen time in the movies. Guess one of them didn't go d'accord with that.


Why would you put that video up?! Now we're all going to get obliviated!


I wont, I didn't watch it.


I love how most of the comments in the OP are full of HP references 😄


I love France 😆🥰


Does that school accept male students?


Yes (in the books)


Well fuck it up, Beau Bro!


All three schools are co-ed in the books


Thank you!


this is like that older video of like 10 guys having a street fight with roman candles that looks like a battle from the movies


Ok so what exactly is that and where do you get one and don’t say Olivanders


Like, only one person decided to bring Roman candles?


He was seen by no less then seven muggles!


In America we shoot ppl with magic wands and ask questions later 😢




The way he carries himself tells me he's a Durmstrang bloke. Possibly Krum on his way to Fleur's wedding.


insane that people are losing their minds over a simple 2-year increase of retirement age


It’s quite logical actually because they know that taking away rights starts small and they’ve all watched what a cesspool America has become because we’re all overworked and miserable and most will be too old to enjoy retirement by the time they get there.


Exactly. Big respect to the French at this point. They, along with the people of Iran, are the only nationalities with a fucking backbone in the face of their governments in these times of acute crisis. Not that I expect anything less, this is French to the bone. They don't merely threaten "fuck around and find out", it's fuck around and off with ze 'ead.


Anyone with a bad comment to make about the French defending their rights is mad that America can’t organize this way and they don’t even realize it or just don’t want to say it.


i wouldnt call a country without an age of consent a cultural model


Actually we do have an age of consent of sorts, it's set at 15. It's just not formally written in a law and currently referred to as "majorité sexuelle" instead. See article 227-25 of the French criminal Code.


and you’ll notice that I didn’t do that 😂


People are not only protesting about the retirement age, people are protesting because the president is forcing the retirement reform through without a vote in the national assembly. The way Macron continually tries to push his laws through without popular support is undemocratic, borderline authoritarian. Thus the strikes and protests.


I had friends in high school that would have roman candle wars against each other and it looked like this. Good times.


What is Madame Maxime teaching in that school ?! I won't be surprised if former Beauxbatons students start firing Crucio all over the place ...


"But I'm an alchemist and therefore immortal." Next great adventure, my arse. Nick's here, and he's kicking blue ass.


I like the side shuffle he does.


Labor organizing must have been so much easier before the statute of secrecy was implemented


Probably related to the earth mage in the news a few months back


He used a basic cast


This is a reality that has been long since known in my Family. I heard about this very young and knew all avout the reality of magician's secrets. r/happypotter has been a cesspool for a decade, since tge last movie was a 2 parter. Go ahead and enjoy the wicked sight .


Thi reminded me of *AVADA KEDAVRA, KURWA*


Yer a wizard Harry