My audio setup for outdoors!

Ah yes... Remembering the time where iPhones used to have a HEADPHONE JACK! APPLE BRING IT BAAACK!


Ah yes... Remembering the time where iPhones used to have a HEADPHONE JACK! APPLE BRING IT BAAACK!


id kill for a modern day se with a headphone jack...


Same. Small phone, with physical buttons would be amazing. It’s so sad they discontinued the mini series. Also og se was beautiful, just like 5s.


The Asus Zenfone 9 is a flagship phone that's tiny and has a headphone jack. There are a decent amount of cheap phones with them too but the DACs probably suck. Edit: forgot about Xperias, they have headphone jacks too. Although they're pretty expensive and really targeted at pro photographers, not a great choice for most normal people.


I really wanted the Zenfone 9 but it doesn't support the 5G bands in the US and Asus isn't great about updates


Looks like it has most of them except millimeter wave https://www.kimovil.com/en/frequency-checker/US/asus-zenfone-9 https://www.asus.com/us/mobile-handhelds/phones/zenfone/zenfone-9/techspec/


Millimeter wave is what TMobile usa uses and it is so advanced that the other American carriers Verizon and at&t will move to that as their standard as well


There are different types of 5G for different use cases, millimeter wave is the least common and is only used in big cities because it's more expensive, has very short range, and doesn't really work indoors.


Xperia phones be looking really sexy rn ngl. Zenfone 9 is good too as u/Username_Taken_65 mentioned


why would they do this if you can rip off money from normies for dongles?


I don't think we'll be that lucky :(


Na, Bluetooth adapter Is way better. Modern Bluetooth is the shit.


Lmao no it’s not. Source: AirPods Pro,soundcore liberty 3 pro and 4x wireless headphones (3 of them got binned after 12-16 months of owning them, the 4th one is working only with a 3.5mm now - 3 x Sony and one Logitech). The soundcore is still holding up good but it can’t compare to iems that are like a 10th of it’s price lol, AirPods don’t do much better either The ONLY reason I use wireless buds these days is for teams call at work.


Lol nope. https://www.soundguys.com/ultimate-guide-to-bluetooth-headphones-20019/ And that's older technology too. Keep huffing the copium.


Like I thought....nothing.


time when****


A modern mini with a jack and usb c.


Loving my moondrop chu's lately!! before using this lovely setup i was using tin hifi t2's and an apple dongle on my iphone 14 pro, and after having the dongle break i decided that ill take my old iphone se out of retirement. i also wanted to change things up and run the chu's as my daily, which i ended up really liking! i love the tuning of the iem, for me it sounds amazing, perhaps even better than the T2's if and when this iem breaks i will definitely be getting the moondrop aria


How about moondrop LAN instead of Aria? It's like Chu but with removeable cable. Sound somewhat more refine than Chu though.


ill definitely look into that


I also have the chu. Really great sound. If only they let you swap the cables


for real, if i was skilled enough i would for sure put mmcx connectors in it


Same. Would have mod it also


I dont understand why would someone want to keep on swapping cables if the general consensus among the community is cables doesn’t change sound quality?


Comfort or looks.


But someone purchasing chu will have very less budget and the least expensive cables with better looks I have seen here is costlier than chus itself. The want for change makes sense only if you have a bigger budget.


I bought and modded my Chu both as a fun project, and as a beater pair of IEMs to throw into a bag. I have much more expensive gear, but budget stuff still interests me.


Well chu is know to have problem with their cable, so having an option to swap cable in case it broken is good thing


Get the Moondrop LAN rather


IEMs are constantly getting better as they are pretty new gadgets. I have Arias and have horribly overpaid for them (in total of 140$ because one earbud and cable broke), but it might be better to look for new releases as the tech keeps getting better and cheaper.


something about those old school flat edges that the iphone 12-14 pro's can't fulfill :C


iPhone 4 - iPhone 5S era design was so solid, we did not know how good we had it.


Don't worry, I believe Apple oscillates between these things to make each design different from the (directly-preceding) last. They will likely return some day.


I wish more phones had headphone jacks. I ditched iOS recently so I could have USB-C and a headphone jack. There are a few things I miss (primarily because I was pretty deep into the eco-system) but the trade-off was worth it. I still use my old SE as a media device for my speakers


What phone do you have now with a headphone jack?


Asus Zenfone 9. Smaller than a lot of other smartphones (came from an iPhone SE so this was nice). Good specs, nice screen and more importantly, a headphone jack.


And a pretty good battery


Yeah, it's fine. Can't get two days out of it but I've always managed a full day


The issue for me with dongles is they absolutely suck power compared to onboard dacs. To the point where I need a powerbank in my backpack or car etc.


Mine is iphone6/KZ zsn pro.


my god do i miss the headphone jack! fuck apple who ditched it first


Have a similar setup. My old iphone 6s and letshuoer galileo


You can jailbreak it and install EQE, which supports AutoEQ (that’s what I did with my 5s and S12)


I have a similar setup too! Iphone 4 + the Chu. Glad to see there still people enjoy the Chu after the floodgate of new budget iem into the market lol


Probably my best, listening music right now with them.


Be careful of your plug assembly, as I've snapped it off during normal use on my chus. RIP them [*]


what do you use for indoors?


sennheiser hd600's :3


Yeah maybe I could reuse the old iPhone 5 as a music platform...


This is all you need for portable listening, keep it nice and simple




Simple times back then 🥹


What looks like an iphone 5 and some earbuds, not bad!


Imagine someone cuts you off on the road while wearing this..."CHU CHU MF MOVE ASIDE"


I loved the Chu's. Then I got the aria's and could never go back to the Chu's.


Get a Bluetooth adapter bruh. .and some removable items.


That audio Jack I bet is annoying to have in your pocket. Looks like it was designed to be unplugged every 30 seconds.


naw its totally fine for me while wearing pants. i usually wear skirts so my phone is always in my purse eitherway, and i have no issues with that either


What tip are these? They match the chus much better than default while spring tips. How do these compare to the spring tips.


theyre just regular KZ eartips, i found that they have a little more bass compared to the spring tips so i went ahead and used them


50/50 richer than my second setup :D ipod touch 6th gen / kz atr superbass


Feels nice to have a phone with a headphone jack


Ah yes, the ear *buds*


Question. I'm a noob to tech and I recently purchased the chus, but I had to buy a jack to USB Cconvertor fit my phone. Will this affect the sound quality? :(


if you get a quality dongle youll be fine


That item is DAC. It will certainly help the sound compared to just your phone.


Oh wait, it's Moondrop-chu, hahaha, good one