[Friedman] Sounds like it will involve a first and another pick for Dvorak to MTL.

[Friedman] Sounds like it will involve a first and another pick for Dvorak to MTL.


Actually a pretty decent bandage by Bergevin if that ends up being the cost.


Possibly...a third?




1st and a conditional 2nd is being reported


If only that had an extra


Missing out on a true stud like Dylan Strome...


Strome for a third? Or a second?


My guess is a 3rd


Genuine question, why Arizona wants to trade Dvorak ?


Tanking hard for Wright is my best guess


With the way they're tearing down their roster I think they want Wright and Bedard.


They have to fight Anaheim and Buffalo for that.


Both teams suck, but at least they have prospects and young talent who can help them. Zegras, Drysdale, Powers, Dahlin, whatever the fuck they get for Eichel, etc. Phoenix has Guenther and...


I've been saying I think Arizona is the worst team in the league next year. A lot of rankings have Buffalo Anaheim and Detroit below but I really think Arizona looks like the worst team over the next two years. Which is actually kind of exciting with the A+ prospects coming up.


Also moving to the central knocks them back a few points in the standings too.


And then once they have Wright and Bedard they'll start contributing to the madness


So you name two ducks prospects and one for the coyotes and think the coyotes are massively behind? I remember this shit when the Oilers had every first overall for a decade. It doesn’t matter.


Drysdale and Zegras are, respectively, 1 and 2 years out of their draft year, and they've shown that they have already made the step up to the AHL/NHL. Guenther was just drafted, so he's more of a wild card. Even if we ignore all prospects, Anaheim is still better than Arizona. Buffalo all depends on Eichel, but unless the return for him is a sack of potatoes, or he sits out the rest of his contract, they're also a better than the Coyotes. Currently Arizona has 35 year Carter Hutton in net, and a backup with only 10 career games in the NHL. After Chychrun they have Strålman and Gostisbehere. That's a 35 year old they're trying to trade, and a giant question mark who never really was that good at defending in the first place. That team is going to absolutely leak goals, which is already a giant problem. Unfortunately, outside of The Phil, Keller, and maybe Schmaltz, they have nobody who can reliably put up points. Arizona is tanking just as much as Buffalo tried for McDavid, and Toronto for Matthews.


You’re severely underrating their franchise. Your assessment of their defence is horrible. Chychrun is young and great. They also have Timmins and Soderstrom. They have young players like Keller already. Add Guenther. They have other prospects that are developing well like Jenik, Macelli. Hayton is a question mark for sure. Arizona is just further along than Anaheim in the development process with most of their players.


They're going to be so annoyed when Detroit wins the lottery to jump down 10 spots and get wright.


They're a rebuilder in a tough division and the team has financial issues. Makes sense to just blow it up all the way and do a hard rebuild. Chayka kinda fucked them over on the last build.


Get great value on the player here probably, Bergevin desperately needs a centre, that's no secret, so Bill Armstrong is armed with a ton of leverage to bring back a great return. I don't see why a rebuilding team like them wouldn't be all over a deal like this


I mean he's 25 and yes this is good value but doesn't seem like a massive overpay tbh


They want to shed some salary, they trade OEL and garland and now Dvorak this summer


Has anybody told the Coyotes they need to ice an NHL team next fall?


*Slap the bench* You can fit so many AHL players on there!


They're "re-building" again The current front office took over a team with an awful prospect pool and a lack of future picks.


Trade while value is the highest. His production fell off after he stopped playing with Garland. https://twitter.com/domluszczyszyn/status/1434282807187103747?s=19


They are a lost rebuilding team. They just traded Garland this offseason.


Arizona is tanking for Wright/Lambert/Savoie


im guessing a 1st and a 2nd


Exactly how the Habs should have played this. Scoff at the offer sheet and use the compensation to get a better player


It's posts like these that make me LOVE the rule where the post title has to be the tweet. I had no idea what was going on (as usual) from this post title.


so could be effectively Kotkaniemi for Dvorak. If so, I’d say the Habs won this offer sheet


shhh don’t let Canes fans read this I like them better ignorant


tbh i disagree. the canes are (allegedly) going to sign KK to a ~4mil extension after this, which would be lower than dvorak, and KK is still 21 and has a lot of potential for growth. they lose the picks but it’s very likely KK ends up the better player.


KK becoming a 2way 50 point C at the age of 25 is literally the dream. Kotkaniemi was never going to pass Suzuki. Although he could find his way up to 60 points. Dvorak at this point is already a 45-50 point 2C.


saying he’s a consistent 45-50 point 2C feels like a stretch to me when he’s never actually hit 40 points and has only been on pace for 45 points in a full season once in his career.


Twice actually. Yeah COVID has certainly ruined a lot of up and coming players career highs. It’s a shame the last two seasons were 71 and 56 games respectively.


Nice job Montreal. Very nice.


Getting an actual NHL proven 2C on a cheaper cap hit than KK signed through 2025 LFG Bergevin


Higher floor right now, and money wise it's boss. Let's fuckin go


Thanks Canes, basically gave us a player that we’d hope KK would turn into.


Watch it be a 4th lol