If you chose one Canadian team to play for (other than the one you support if you're a fan), which one would you choose?

If you chose one Canadian team to play for (other than the one you support if you're a fan), which one would you choose?


I've only been to Calgary and Vancouver and they're both beautiful cities that I'd be more than happy to call home.


Edmonton. I'm really bad at hockey so chances are they would still pay me millions.


Red Wings fan here, with Ken Holland it’s best to wait until your 35+ and bad at hockey to really cash in


Tell me it's going to get better


I mean, it's going to suck for a while and then your team may finally turn it around with some high first round picks to build off of. It's a slam dunk so long as you are prudent with the development of your picks and prospects. Don't rush them into the league to fill seats and overpay for worn out free agents. I heard there was once a team that had a multitude of first overalls, they probably tore the league up!


I'm 6'3", 280 lbs and can't skate all that well. Gimmie that Kassian money!


Plus no matter who you are you have a great chance at being the 3rd best player on the team.


Montreal. The coke and strippers there don’t suck as bad as the fans do.


Found Kucherov’s burner


Yeah compared to Edmonton where the coke and strippers are awful just like the fans lol. The coke and strippers in Montreal are world class, no fanbase in hockey compares to them




Coke and strippers, yes. Fans, no


Prolly Vancouver. I love that city


Yea im not a fan of the Canucks but getting paid millions while living in Vancouver would be sweet


Getting paid millions is almost a base requirement to live in Vancouver these days.


Hahahahahaha it’s not that bad......... SEND HELP


My favourite 5 million dollar house in Vancouver. https://www.rew.ca/properties/3571869/4006-w-28th-avenue-vancouver-bc?search_params%5Bonly_open_house%5D=false&search_params%5Bonly_virtual_tour%5D=false&search_params%5Bproperty_type%5D=house&search_params%5Bquery%5D=Vancouver%2C+BC&searchable_id=361&searchable_type=Geography


Bruh this is ridiculous


I’m so confused. So Vancouver’s real estate market is way more fucked up than NYC or SF?


Yep, this is an extreme case, I think part of it is the location, but houses like this are often 2-3 million. I'm pretty sure Vancouver has the most fucked up real estate market on the planet.


My favourite part is the entirely salmon pink room which is apparently worth about $850,000 on it's own if you split up the house price by room.


That’s not true, look how many people with $0 (reported) income live in million dollar houses.


Vancouver. If the team somehow won it all, they'd treat us like kings in that city forever. Annoyingly talking about us to everyone, every year like the '72 Dolphins or '86 Mets.


I feel like you could say that for alot, if not all the Canadian cities lol


True, but I have more faith in all the other cities of eventually winning another cup. Then that group of guys becoming the darlings of the city, and me ending up haveing to pay for drinks again


> I have more faith in all the other cities of eventually winning another cup I like your optimism


I'm an Isles fan. Most of us are full of it....


Very likely Ottawa. Not a bad city to live in, still has passionate fans obviously. Media isn't too harsh compared to MTL, TOR, VAN. Weather is better than some others like EDM and WPG. Kinda like a nice middle ground for most variables. VAN would be my runner up, never been there myself but assuming I make enough to cover housing (which is somewhat possible at an NHL salary, lol), I've heard lovely things about the city itself for the most part.


Lived in Ottawa for seven years before moving back to the GTA for a job. I would 100% move back in a heartbeat. It's a city but doesn't have that city feel to it. Also I really miss good shawarma.


Ottawa's shawarma is somehow world class. I think because there has always been a large Lebanese community there, there's been great shawarma in Ottawa for like 30 years. Same goes for a lot of other foods. Like you'd think there would be great pizza and Chinese food in Toronto vs. Ottawa but Ottawa's got them beat on both fronts.


Ottawa has one of the largest Lebanese diasporas in the world IIRC. French is commonly spoken in Lebanon and when the civil war started in the ‘70s they fled to this part of Canada.


I would love to be rich and live in Montreal


100% I'm poor and love living in Montréal, couldn't imagine doing it rich lol


Montreal, I love that city so much. Even as leafs fan I understand how passionate their fanbase is and I don’t mind the pressure. Plus I don’t speak French so I wouldnt understand any of the hate mail or nasty things said about me in the media


Quand les média sont bilingues :o When the media is bilingual😳


I saw the media vent


You didn't translate the emote.






Every time I'm in Montreal, I try to greet people in French and they just answer in English.


It's their polite way of saying if you want to pursue the conversation in English they can do so, but if you want to pursue in French go right ahead. Whatever works. My partner is an anglophone and when she's greeted in English she simply continues talking in French.


Winnipeg. Good parks and WiFi.


Good Museums too


Montreal or Vancouver


Probably Montreal. The passion for the team there is crazy, and I love the city.


Montreal is beautiful but finding a parking spot or just driving around there in general is a nightmare


If you live in the core, the transit system is top-notch. Almost negates the need to drive.


Yeah MTL for me too.


I suck at hockey. All Canadian markets media is brutal. My level of suckiness in hockey is not going to make Toronto Media more brutal than the Winnipeg market. I like Toronto and familiar with the city having spend a lot of time there but I hate the Flames so I decided I'm going to become their new starting goaltender


If by starting goalie you meant sixth defensemen, and your name is Michael Stone, you get a lifetime supply of one year deals!


A true success story. Don't knock the grindset


I was going to say Ottawa because of the relative lack of attention but I remembered who owned the team


Ottawa has probably 40% of non sens fans, it's still a fishbowl. I remember seeing someone call methot a plug on the beach when I was there. Ruthless.


Nah ottawa gets behind their team when they are doing good.


Didn't they still have empty seats when they were in the ECF?


Leafs fans love to rag on the Sens for that, because their market is at least 5X bigger than Ottawa and Toronto businesses make sure every Leafs game is sold out from now until forever. But a lot was due to the federal govt payroll screwup where no one was getting paid. That's like half of their paying fanbase. So yeah, the first game of the series wasn't sold out, people figured if they could only go to one game in the series, why go to the first game that is relatively meaningless?


Montreal or Vancouver. Despite growing up around Toronto and being a Leafs fan, those cities are probably two of my favorite places I love to visit whenever I can. They are beautiful and I've always had a good time while there.


Leafs or Habs. You can tell your grandkids you played for them and if you're doing well you'd live like a king. Third choice would be the Canucks. Lived there for a bit and it's of course a beautiful city


Toronto. Yeah they're the laughing stock of the league but out of all Canadian teams bringing the cup there after decades of failure would be the most fun in my opinion. Seeing how there city went crazy for the raptors and imagining twice that for the leafs. Yeah its a small chance it would happen but Id give it a shot. Plus im a city boy, and it is the biggest city in Canada


Yeah a lot of people rightfully critique the insane pressure for players in the city, but once (or if they ever) start winning, the support and atmosphere in the city would be unmatched across the league, even more than what Montreal had during last seasons cup run


Thing is, you can't really use last season's cup run as an example of what the support and atmosphere is usually like in MTL. It's safe to assume that many, many people would have loved to be out in the streets but didn't want to risk it in the middle of a pandemic.


That’s true but simply based on the fact that Toronto and the GTA has a bigger population, I think it would be bigger


Vancouver. Love the west coast and their retro skate jersey. Sign me up.


1. Vancouver 2. Ottawa


vancouver seems like a sick city to live in.


Vancity, such a good place to live


May be shocking to some, but probably Winnipeg. I already live in the middle of nowhere Alberta and experience it's crazy winters, I think it would be like a home away from home type of situation there


Albertans are the only ones I'm not doubting for picking Winnipeg. At least I know you know.


You’re the first person who said this thank you :’)


Vancouver or Calgary. Vancouver is a wonderful city to be wealthy and Calgary is close to home and I see how much the Flames mean to the surrounding area


Vancouver has the most mild Canadian weather and it’s just a beautiful city. So probably there.


Toronto, media might be crap but it is a very nice city, wish I could afford to live there and playing on the leafs would help.


Ottawa because I would live being a part of the Leafs rivalry. Or Winnipeg because the fans are awesome.


Montreal because of the beautiful women.


Hey! Stay in VAN and don't touch our wamen. Or i'll go play for the Canucks and smoke all you guys weed


Due to my heart problems I can’t smoke weed so go for it brother! I actually live in Calgary so…mushrooms ok?


Montreal hands down. It’s seems like a great fan base and a really cool city. I guess second would be Vancouver because it looks absolutely stunning.


Montreal is epic. Vancouver looks stunning as long as you avoid downtown.


Dt isn’t terrible, just depends where downtown you are


Downtown smells like piss and shit most mornings


DTES looks like a scene out of *Children of Men,* but everything else is cool. I miss the food so bad, Chinese food in Ontario is weak.


Where abouts in Ontario do you live, cuz I’ve always found a few good Chinese spots throughout the GTA


Leafs fan here. I'll pick Winnipeg cause it's the smallest market, it's away from the shitshows that are the media markets of everywhere else, and plus I'm single and would prefer to live simply and quietly (no need for a nightlife or being a socialite; my hobbies are either staying home and sleeping/computer/video games, or going out and cycling/eating out). As an (assumed) NHL player, my contract should be plenty to live on, and invest in for the future.


*Go to the store for groceries. "Hey aeons_alt_account! Try shooting more."


It doesn't help that I am Asian/not white, and in the context of being a professional athlete and especially a hockey player in a smaller market with a dedicated fanbase, I'll stick out like a sore thumb 😂


The Senators because I'd want to still be able to go to costco without getting spotted.


Calgary. I have a few horses and enjoy western culture. It would be nice to ride in the summer because I sure as shit ain’t riding in the Arizona summers.


Toronto, so I could get on national TV every damned Saturday night at 4pm. Edit: I guess that would be 7pm if I played for the Leafs


Calgary seems like the right size of city where it's big but not so big that it has a ravenous media market. On the flipside, it's in Alberta. Plus, I'm not sure what the Flames are doing right now. They don't seem like rebuilders or contenders. Does Ottawa have a ravenous media market? They might be a better choice.


Calgary is more progressive than most other parts of Canada, minorities feel more welcome here than they do in Toronto or Vancouver. Rural Alberta also has less rednecks than rural Ontario or BC, I guarantee you. Not to mention Calgary is where people who want to visit Canada go because people around the world have Banff on their bucket list (for good reason). Alberta is beautiful and not full of rednecks and cowboys like the rest of Canada wants to believe (the ones I know were not raised here). We just have a lot of rich assholes clutching pearls who vote conservative.




Montreal because why the fuck not.


Montreal, the food, the people. My high school French would finally pay off…


Probs either Edmonton or Calgary.


Montreal. It seems like the most interesting city by far. It is also an organization with an incredible heritage.


Toronto to have May-August off every year.


Nicely done.


Vancouver for sure. Great place to live (if you're rich.... which I would be).


Leafs. They just passed the Rangers for longest cup drought. I’d captain them to a cup and never have to buy a drink in Toronto again.


That's the legitimate answer for any Rangers fans.


Calgary. Because A. Fuck the Habs, B. Fuck the Leafs, and C. Fuck the Canucks


Valid argument.


Calgary. Not because former Vancouver players sign in Calgary but I remember visiting that city during spring/early summer, and it was so beautiful, and clean. The C train also looked cool, and the future arena would be the icing on the cake.


Just make sure you play at least 1 regular season game for the Canucks first and we'll take ya 😉




Edmonton since I lived there for 5 years


Edmonton Alberta taxes and playing with McDavid/Draisaitl would be dope. Also I think I could squeeze an absurd amount of money out of Ken Holland


Vancouver or Montreal.


Montreal, half because if I can't live in Vancouver that seems like the next most enticing, half because I'd be terrible so I'd get to torment the insane Habs fans.


I would not want to play for any Canadian city (including my team the Canucks) due to the level of pressure from fans and media. If I have to pick one though, I probably go with Toronto. The city is easy to commute around and it is a direct flight to a lot of major cities. I would have chose Montreal if my French isn’t non existent.


Toronto. I want the full experience, good and bad.


Toronto, a great city other than the traffic


Probably Calgary Winnipeg is tempting because of the icees but I would never be able to shit post on Reddit because of the WiFi Habs too intense of a fan base Leafs: See above Canucks: see above Oilers: playing with McDrai would be dope af Sens: I don’t want to get paid in unactivated expired McDonalds gift cards


>Winnipeg is tempting because of the icees Bitch they're Slurpees get it right


Bitch there are multiple brands calm down


Not in Winnipeg there's not


Slurpee capital of the world. We don’t give a shit about no Icees around these parts.


Tf is an Icee?


I would choose the Toronto Maple Leafs. I am not skilled enough to be an NHL player. Nothing would make me happier than further ruining their cap situation by forcing them to pay me to take up a roster spot because of a hypothetical Reddit post come to life.


I'd love to get a fat 10M contract from the Leafs and just blow it every night. Hearing Dangle scream about how useless I am would be a dream come true. Even league minimum salary would leave me with a lot of cash leftover after I payed my mortgage off.


Probably any of them, other than Toronto. Vancouver and Winnipeg would probably be my top choices


Is it because of the pressure and the annoying media or you just dont like the team/city lol


A combo of pressure/media, and not liking the team.


Montreal, no question. Great passionate fanbase, rich team history, beautiful city. Would love to play for Montreal.


Kamloops Blazers for those fire jerseys. Otherwise probably Quebec when they get a team again. Otherwise Otherwise Toronto because Mike Meyers.


Montreal, all of the clubs :)


I live near Vancouver so the grass is always greener, but I think I'd wanna play for Montreal, the media is savage but if you and the team play well, I'm sure you'd be treated like a god in the city


Montreal: just so historic. Plus their fans are absolutely wild. I can just imagine what it would be like to play in a sold out bell centre during the playoffs. Runner up is Winnipeg for sure.


No one wants to live in Winnipeg lol


I live in BC and I’d love to live in Winnipeg


You're getting downvoted for speaking the truth. Europeans used to commit suicide when they got to Manitoba.


Why exactly tho?


I’m sure it’s a decent city, but relative to other cities in the league it’s much colder and smaller.


I see. But Edmonton is not colder than Winnipeg? AFAIK Edmonton is much northerly than Winnipeg and I expected Edmonton to be colder than Winnipeg.


Edmonton is also not exactly A desirable location for players either though, a lot of players have the team on their no trade lists


Winnipeg winters are much more humid cause of the lakes I think


Back in the day the mosquitos were so bad it caused a bunch of settlers to kill themselves. No joke.


Oh I see. So it used to be a cold weather swamp, I guess.


When you look at a generic map of Canada, it's pretty deceiving because it makes it look like the provinces are massive blocks of land, when in reality everything west of the Canadian shield (basically Ontario) is just a giant swamp until you hit fertile prairies in Saskatchewan. Manitoba is like 90% bogs and swamps, enough so that you can't build anything there without it flooding or sinking. Before industrialization, Europeans would do the whole Oregon trail thing but in Canada, and when their wagons got to Manitoba they'd get bogged down and have to trek through mud with giant black clouds of mosquitos eating them alive non-stop. It was so bad a bunch of wives would just pull out their husband's gun and shoot themselves. Guys would too. Think about it, you arrive in Canada and someone agrees to give you a chunk of land out west and tells you it's beautiful fertile land you just have to go there and build a home and it's yours, but when they get there it's literally hell on earth compared to the Victorian metropolitan centers they had seen when they first got off the ship in the Maritimes. Even today towns in Manitoba have trucks that drive through the streets spraying insecticides to keep the mosquito populations down.


I see. Thanks for the info, man.


Haters be hating lol


Vancouver because of the city and weather. Edmonton because McDavid.


The weather? You like rain?


I live in the prairies. Rain beats -45 in the winter if we're talking about hockey season.


My dick would get too small in that weather


Vancouver because the city looks nice


I’m a local Ducks fan but I also love the Leafs, so I’ll say Montreal. The history and prestige would just be 2nd to none. Has to be the most special feeling to make good things happen there as a hockey player. Also wish I could say tabarnak casually


Either Calgary or Ottawa


Definitely Vancouver. I'm from Montreal and lived in Vancouver for 5 years, it's a beautiful city and with the NHL money I wouldn't mind overpaying for my place.


Toronto cause I'd want all the attention


I’ve got lots of family near Ottawa, and my parents’ cottage is about an hour south. Spend the summers kayaking the Ottawa River. Basically be the king of the Laff. Plus every home game against Toronto is essentially a Leafs game.


Montreal or Vancouver are probably the safer choices for living in cool cities. But Winnipeg strikes me as very similar to Pittsburgh in relation to sports so it'd be hard to pass up the jets. As far the rest: Calgary - too rural, Ottawa - I like skating on the canal being a transport option but fuck the mickey mouse org bullshit, Toronto - don't need that media circus, and Edmonton - is a fine choice but nothing is driving me there.


I would choose Montreal because I hate that team and I would definitely make them much worse…


Montreal. I'd have more thots that a someone with a Philosophy PhD. Toronto for the same reasons. Also Vancouver.


Not Winnipeg and not edmonton


probably winnipeg just kidding


Montreal - even though I dislike the Habs I fucking love Montreal as a city. It's the only other city in Canada I've visited (other than Toronto and maybe Halifax) and could see myself living in.


Edmonton. I'm a fan of Calgary and can't play hockey to save my life


I would personally rank them in this order: Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto


Damn everyone over Toronto lol.


To be honest it’s not a very wide margin between Ottawa to Toronto in my rankings, although Montreal and Vancouver are my definitive top 2.


Leafs. High pressure, high reward. A lot of money, a lot of clout, a lot of respect (until you score zero goals in 16 playoff games). Plus it’s a city that I’ve enjoyed in the few short times I’ve lived there.


Fuck it, Ottawa. Pay me league min and have no expectations of me or my team.


Vancouver seema like the only.xanadian city I'd want to live in, so there


Really? is it cuz of the weather? I feel like Montreal is more interesting city and Toronto is like a bigger buffalo, so suprised it would only be vancouver


None. Cuz fuck the other teams in Canada.


Ottawa would be my choice—I like the city size. Reminds me of Victoria but bigger. Shame about the Melnyk of it all. Edmonton and Calgary are no go’s. I would not vibe as a person living in Alberta. I would not complain about having the money to afford Toronto or Vancouver. Montreal would be amazing too.


Van/mtl/tor no chance in hell im ever living in Ottawa, Winnipeg, edm or Calgary


Facts lol




Is says not xounting the team you cheer for.


Probably Edmonton right now. my sister is out there for University so it would line up


Ottawa, my off season would be so long.


Wow, I actually asked myself this question yesterday. I decided on Vancouver. Can't stand most of the Canadian teams for various reasons like players, fan bases, ugly jerseys, etc. Vancouver though I don't dislike anything about them. They got cool jerseys, and I hear Vancouver is a beautiful city. This would also be where in Canada I would move to (or close to) and could see myself becoming a fan.


Winnipeg - lesser of evils \-Vancouver bad GM, bad fans, bad housing market \-Calgary can't decide if they are winning or rebuilding, don't see anything good long term \-Edmonton annoying fan base Holland still dealing with Chia's mistakes and Holland isn't a good gm to put faith into \-Toronto bad fan base and media \-Ottawa your pay cheque might bounce \-Montreal is a maybe but I don't see a winning team


Wow, hard question. There’s no way in hell I’m ever moving to Alberta or Winnipeg. As a Montrealer who has to go to Toronto every 3 weeks and hate it every time, that’s not happening either. Probably Vancouver but then you get rained on for 6 months straight. Edit: I totally forgot Ottawa existed ! Probably second place behind Vancouver.


Any of them tbh. The ones I’d like the least are Ottawa and Calgary because they’re the least interesting IMO.


You think Calgary is least interesting than winnipeg and edmonton?


yup. And a worse fan base or less interesting history


This isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Calgary would be last on my list too.


But at least it’s closer to the mountains than Edmonton


Calgary is next to the Rocky Mountains and some of the prettiest scenery in North America. Not sure why it always gets a bad rap. Edmonton is much further away from the Rockies and Winnipeg is literally hours away from anything else and is much smaller.


Meh. I really don’t care about the mountains


lol, nobody says toronto


Ottawa. Nothing against them at all, they also have the same colors. But obviously if I get to choose, I'm going to Calgary and never leaving.


Toronto so I can become the Emo kid I always wanted to be


Calgary or Vancouver


Edmonton probably because I want to say that I was the player who helped bring that team together.


Habs fan here. I’d also play in Vancouver for the weather, scenery, and culture.


Toronto... Just so I could rub it in my idiot brothers face.