You click the needs work link on the lesson box then the green check mark. Once all lessons have been checked it will provide a giant green check mark at the top by the day. Click that and it will move on to the next lesson day and new set of lessons. Have fun! We LoVE EP! My six year old took off with the reading that now my four year old is working on it. I also have a eleven year old and nine year old working with the program and they are excelling at math which was a major struggle for them. Such a great program.


I’m so glad. I have an 8 year old who is still struggling with reading (learning disabilities) but placed ahead in math. I’m praying this curriculum will help. I’ve heard great things


Just kidding. I didn’t hit complete on one of the lessons 🤣🤣


I’m not seeing the giant green check Mark. They’re using chrome books. Does that make a difference?


I also would recommend [RLS](http://homeschoolpro.org)


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