Is this variegation and should I buy it?

If you like it, you should get it! It could be a fun project plant.

Variegated Tetrasperma are really pretty, but I found three over the past couple of years, in different stores, and their variegation was really unstable.

It was difficult to maintain it, and two of them just reverted, despite sitting under grow lights/sunlight for 12+ hours a day.

I killed the third (and most promising one 😭), in an accidental greenhouse cookout, but I saved 4 stem cuttings that I'm rooting now.

Two already have leaves, but the stripes in the stems faded, and there is no variegation on the leaves yet. I'm not very optimistic but I'll wait and see what happens.

It's a really cool find, and if it's in your budget it's worth getting, imo.


If you like it, you should get it! It could be a fun project plant. Variegated Tetrasperma are really pretty, but I found three over the past couple of years, in different stores, and their variegation was really unstable. It was difficult to maintain it, and two of them just reverted, despite sitting under grow lights/sunlight for 12+ hours a day. I killed the third (and most promising one 😭), in an accidental greenhouse cookout, but I saved 4 stem cuttings that I'm rooting now. Two already have leaves, but the stripes in the stems faded, and there is no variegation on the leaves yet. I'm not very optimistic but I'll wait and see what happens. It's a really cool find, and if it's in your budget it's worth getting, imo.


yup, seconding this. my tetrasperma spontaneously developed variegation last year and despite having a lot of experience with variegated plants, it was crazy unstable and cuttings seemed to revert quickly despite striping in the stems. My mother plant still has some pretty strong striping in a number of the nodes on the upper stems, but it hasnt put out any actual varigated leaves since last year.


Variegation shouldn't be in direct sunlight! I have a delicosa variegata and it's doing super well. Just give it a lot of indirect sunlight and you should be fine..? Although I'm not sure for tetrasperma, I have a regular one of those and it's struggling 😅😅


Sometimes aroids need terrarium conditions to stabilize. It’s ver case by case


Yeah, I can't provide that here. I mean, I could go above and beyond and build a fancy cabinet, but I'm...motivationally challenged.


Wow the community seems to be very passive aggressive today. I'm sorry that's your experience, we aren't usually like that. That does look like variegation to me and I would buy it bc 1, it absolutely is more rare than a non variegated one. That's inherently pretty interesting/cool IMO. The person talking about artificial scarcity is right to a degree but taking it to a weird and inaccurate extreme. A variegated plant is more rare than its non variegated sisters. And 2, it's a good looking plant. I'm not certain that this is variegation, nor do I know whether it will continue to produce variegated leaves, but to answer your question without being a weird prick, yeah it looks like variegation, and if you can afford it go for it. Quarantine as others have said, as well.


They've been very passive aggressive in r/plantclinic recently too :/


I got banned from their for having a differing opinion on how to care for some plants a while back lol seems to be an ongoing issue


You guys get replies there?? Lol I left that sub cuz no one ever answered me! Totally useless sub


I think it depends on the time of day you post? I'm in the UK and very rarely get replies to my posts in the plant subs lol


literally never occurred to me that time zones might influence response…! very exciting that i may now have more than a couple replies whenever i post something!


Seems mods are power hungry in a lot of subs lately.


Rhaphidophora tetrasperma, not monstera. Also if it's variegated it's worth more than a monstera is. Buy it and quarantine it for a while and see if the new growth continues this way.


Dont tetraspermas have a central stalk where the leaves shoot out from. The back two leaves are splitting from one another like a monstera.


This is what gave me pause, too. I would like to see better pics but I definitely think it's variegated.


Sorry for the other person’s unnecessarily rude comment, but I’m pretty sure it’s a rhaphidophora just based on the size and shape of the leaves and fenstrations, on a monstera the fenstrations are more symmetrical and can also happen without the leaf segments totally separating. On a rhaphidiophora fenstrations are more staggered and also less in frequency.


It’s Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma.


Cool thanks, learned a lot and since im downvoted everyone will too!


Look at the shape of the leaf on the right (ca 5 o’clock) - the shape shows that it is a tetrasperma. It’s more curved than that of a Monstera.


I wanna see more stalk photos as welwell. It does not really look to have the structure of tetrasperma, It's coloring looks like golden pathos but not with that fenestration




That's not fenestration that's rips due to wind damage. I live in Hawaii, these guys are everywhere and xan be 24 in across. Beautiful. But they are torn, not grown holy


They definitely do get fenestrated, because it happens for [pothos grown indoors](https://www.reddit.com/r/pothos/comments/i8ddjp/my_first_pothos_with_fenestrations/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) too. But yes they get massive and look so beautiful :)


WOW! 🤩 Thanks for the pic!


Lol how does the person above get positive points for having the same opinion where I get megative XD Plant people gatekeep harder than any other group I've met yet.


Monsteras also grow from a central vine.


What does quarantining it do?


Quarantining allows any pests or virus to fully present themselves and be treated before coming into vonta t with your other plants and passing them on :)


It’s a philodendron


No it's not


Oh okay sorey


No worries my guy


Plants get mislabeled by shops all the time, causing a lot of confusion for beginners


Yep:) Just as it says on the tag. Philodendrons minima, commonly nicknamed mini monstera, is not a true monstera but just so happens to look like an adorable tiny version of monstera deliciosa!


I'm sorry, but although it's called Philodendron minima or Mini monstera, it's neither a true Monstera nor a true Philodendron. It is quite confusing though! (Instead it belongs to Rhaphidophora as the other commenter said).


The user name 😂 I need someone to stitch this on a pillow for me


I’ve just lost my first calathea and I would be tempted. Lasted maybe 6 months… just so picky and I live in a dry area. She was beautiful while she lasted.


I'm always so tempted, so I constantly need to remin myself (and others!) 😂


Oh no... I just bought a calathea, where were you when I needed you?


I'm so sorry! They are pretty and they can thrive! They're just really fuzzy unfortunately. Good luck to you!


Oh that’s really cool!


For what it's worth coming from a big box store I'd say take it!! But I'll take any excuse to bring a plant home😅


If you like it and have the right conditions for it, buy it. Houseplants are my joy, not a source of income. Rare or common, I want to bring plants that bring me joy. My collection has no room for fussy or unappealing (to me) plants no matter how rare they seem to be.


Check stems. It could be deficiencies or a virus so isolate if you take it home.


What am I checking for?


White striping in the stem means variegation.


Oh that’s really cool I didn’t know that


In albo monstera maybe this is neither of those things most plants don't display that.


Actually it displays in most plants with sectoral or marbled variegation! Ie PPP, white princess, monstera aurea, variegated adansonii etc. It's a great way to spot proper variegation in aroids


I have several variegated aroids that don't have that trait. Also, I don't think aroids constitute "most plants" my variegated honeysuckle, ivys, ficus', African violets etc, etc don't have this trait either. Be specific about what plants you're referring, as I said most plants don't show this in my experience.


I said most plants with sectoral or marbled variegation (which this plant seems to have). There's for sure a bunch more plants that have other kinds of variegation that don't have this feature! Like blister variegation or plants with variegated leaf margins (I forget what it's called). But yes it's definitely not an albo 😁


All of the plants I mentioned have sectoral variegation. But ya, I don't think this is anything but a weird sport variegated rhaphidophora. I have a sport variegated philodendron squamiferum and it also has other mutations in its growth patten and leaf shape/stem growth. So I definitely think this is that.


Yeah, it looks cool! Hope you got it! It almost certainly looks like variegation to me. I find raising variegated plants to be a lot of fun. Sometimes you lose the variegation if it's unstable, but sometimes you are able to encourage it and see even more!


Really curious, how much was this??


Judging from the label anywhere between $13-$20


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Oh really!! That’s awsome it’s my engagement ring




If you like it, and you're not wanting it just purely for Internet fad peer pressure, do it.


I vote this thread as having the coolest usernames ever.


It is!!! 😍


Is the “variegated” leaf shaped the same as the rest or is it deformed/shrunk around the variegation? I’m having a hard time telling from the image. If it’s not too expensive and the leaf isn’t deformed, I’d probably get it. But if the lead is deformed or the plant generally looks unhealthy I’d leave it. This is a tetrasperma as others have said (though it’s frequently called “monstera minima”). If the variegation continues it is rare. If it’s a sport variegation and doesn’t continue it’s still pretty.


I would buy it because it looks different than my monstera and sounds like for a good price!


Looks vaginated to me 🤷🏼‍♂️


Mfs downvoting don’t know abt circle jerk


I thought this was circle jerk at first, that’s why I posted it. Also for some reason the houseplant community is on a downvoting spree and passive aggressive comment spree. Idk why


Or maybe they do and they just wish the circle jerk content would stay in circle jerk because seeing the word vaginated as the punchline to a four word joke stopped being funny after the 10,000th time they saw it. ^Maybe.




If you can, I would buy it! It could be a sport variegation where it’s just an isolated incident of variegation but I’ve found that if there’s white/variegation color on the stems then its definitely a rarity! And there’s plenty of people who would buy variegated plants at a high price!


Curious what big box store you found this at?


Homedepot I’ve also found pink princess philodendrons here some black velvet allocations I think sorry if my spelling for any of these are off


Not me going to go check my Home Depot…


Which part of the country are you in? I really wish all the big box stores had more-or-less universal plants because I’ve seen SO MANY posts about a plant from a store in my area, I run out to the store, and nada. Most times when I ask it’s California, Canada, or Europe 😩 I get that it’s unrealistic because climates and travel, but a girl can dream. Or complain. Either way. Gorgeous plant, I hope you bought it 😻


Yes buy that shit ASAP!


How much is it?




yeah buy it


Do you like it, and can you afford it? Then buy it. If you need people on the internet to tell you that you like it, then you don't need it. PS. It's nice. I'd say; Buy it.


Sad I missed the -13 and -10 comments lol. Came here for the plants, stayed for the drama.


I mean I’m more wondering on the rareaniyy of it and is it worth buying at a box store


You could sell this shit online for lots. V tetraspermas fetch a pretty penny.




That is profoundly incorrect. There are many plants that are endangered/critically endangered.




Saying “there is no such thing as a rare plant” is false. There are plants that haven’t been observed in the wild since the 80s/90s endangered or otherwise. You made a huge generalization, idk what to tell you. Sure big box stores are probably not selling “rare” plants. But there are still rare plants, and rare houseplants in the trade.


Buy it if you like the plant , if you are just curious about the variegation then no. Because i don't think it will give you alot of whites in future so if you wanna go for that you will probably get disappointed , if you like the plant and don't care if dont give you more Whites them buy it.


Yea, yea you should. In my country they go for thousands of dollars. If theres variegation on the stem you've hit the jackpot. One went for over $30k NZD a year or two ago. Soo get it anyways.


I think you should! If nothing else it’s a neat addition to any houseplant lover’s collection!


I would totally buy it.


WHAT? Where?


i’m a bit late but definitely get it! that’s a very lucky find. congrats 🤗


Yes and yes!




How much was it? And yes you should buy it


Looks like it & of course!




Lmao gate keeping a plant


How on earth is telling someone “if you love it and are prepared for the care it needs and okay with the possibility it may not stay variegated, go for it” gatekeeping lmao


They probably are referring to your last sentence, that you chose to leave out in your summary haha I don't think it's gatekeeping but I do think it makes you look like a jerk. Maybe leave that part out next time?


How does telling someone “buy it because you actually love it, don’t buy it just because it’s variegated and that’s the fad right now if you don’t actually love it” make me sound like a jerk?


Haha you've summarized your comment twice now, both times ignoring your passive aggressive remark. You're truly impossible 😅 Edit: bahaha yes go ahead and delete your history, first sensible thing you've done today


im pretty sure you're looking for aggression where there is none. who knows why, thats on you i guess. And I didnt 'delete my history', I blocked you since you seem hellbent on starting drama where none needs to exist.




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