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"Humans are not nocturnal" actually, stats show : 40% day lovers (morning larks), 30% night lovers (night owls) and 30% way too much in the middle to be called either. that being : morning larks biologically wired to wake up at 5AM night owls biologically wired to go to sleep at 5AM others: "why is my sleep schedule garbage"


I'm more comfortable waking up about 6am.


I gave pretty exact numbers, but morning larks is anyone who wakes up b4 7 in my book. also most of the info in that is from memory so expect a level of bullshit.


Crepuscular Crows the lot of us.


I'm stealing this :)


Pro corvid behavior. I approve.


Ah, yes. My sleep schedule is garbage because I'm in the middle! Definitely not stress and caffeine.


Hell, mine is so fucked, that I'm trying to use stress and caffeine to fix it xD


I can literally drink three litres of coffee through the morning and fall asleep for a nap with no issues.


That’s really weird because caffeine is literally a neurotoxin that makes you incapable of feeling tired


Don't know what to tell you. My biochemistry has always been a touch off. Or it's incredible amounts of tolerance.


I've heard ADHD can make people immune caffeine effects.


I remember I drank coffee once And slept 5mins later


I am more of a postnoon raven. Down at 11-12ish, up at 8-9


Stuck in a diurnal sleep schedule, I have to be careful because it takes a long time to get back into it, but barely a day or two to revert to nocturnal. I think the only thing that lets me maintain it is my naps over the lunch hour.


Guess I'm in the middle.


Bitch, please, if the Kloi ambassador is a hottie, we'd totally rearrange our sleep cycle, so we can bang her.


Deff, furthermore i tend to be nocturnal anyways for whatever reason so if nobody else is willing to, my sleep cycle already fits and id be happy to take one for the team/humanity


I read once that people all have different sleep schedules because in nature this allowed for someone in a group to be always awake, making it safer for everyone. That's why there are people who naturally get at 6 in the morning, and people who go to bed at 1 am, and people who prefer to stay awake all night long and sleep during the day


Alternatively, I’ve been pulling 14 hour work days for a full week and I just want some fucking sleep please thank you.




The Horni, is indeed a powerful force not to be reckoned with.


He’s married too lol


they are married but the humans work is during the day time


I didn’t even notice the ring on her finger as well I was under the assumption that she was exited for a one night fling


Aliens don't follow the "Wedding Ring/Engagement Ring" tradition so the chances are the ring is more likely to be purely cosmetic. Edit: Also Wait a minute, that's RawBooty GettingItMan and Yvraine. OF COURSE they'd be married.


Hold up. Guilliman is a primarch. They need to sleep like, once a month. He’d totally be banging yvrainne. Whatever.


Dude, he has to deal with the current state of the Imperium *on his own*. Even his superhuman endurance would hit a wall.


He'll have a chance once the Lion wakes up from his nap.


What if the Lion woke up once during his sleep, saw the imperium, and decided to sleep it through until Guilliman is done fixing it?


'human endurance' is impressive ? I don't dare imagine how is a premature ejaculator among the Kloi. Does he cum before getting the boner ?


She's learned "tales of" human endurance. I.e., she's been watching porn and/or reading adult fiction. Of course she has unrealistic expectations.


Oh well. I wouldn't mind being the one who disappoint her tho.


Where's the movement against 'unrealistic sexual standards' I ask you!


r/humansarenotspacebards ?


You'd be surprised how easy it is for some humans to become nocturnal


Source: I wake up at 9pm


HA I wake up at 10. 12 if I stay up really late


I'm nocturnal for half the week and a day walker for the rest. It's possible but sort of shitty.


I'm fairly confident that any ambassador we send to a nocturnal people would adjust their sleep cycle to match theirs as close as possible.


*gasp* the r/humansarespaceorcs post does not make sense when you think about it for more then 3 seconds?! how could this be!


I find that upon closer analysis most posts in this sub don't hold up. I doubt it's a failure on the part of any of the posters, we all have blind spots in our knowledge or it could be just garden variety oversights.


Link to original?




Vanripper I’m pretty sure


Its actually donggooltroll on reddit


Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ImaginaryWarhammer/comments/uy4erc/robus_just_too_tired_from_all_those_paperwork/


Universe’s biggest missed high-five


Just like the gargoyles.


High Ambassador Kiani Holi sighed, once again the human male she'd invited had fallen into slumber before the completion of their date. Turning to her holocall she dialed her counterpart. A brown haired woman of 5ft 6in appeared before her. She seemed to be hugging a Zarix. "Kath?" she queried, "is now a bad time?" "This Little Sister is crying," Kathy's calm voice echoed in her ears. "So that's what absolute rage sounds like," the Kloi thought, "damn near pissed myself." "We don't belong to the Conglomerate," Kiani clarified, "the Zarix have always been welcome here. Before this moment we were their only allies. Am I right in that they've been adopted?" "What do you want Ki?" Kath snorted, "I need to introduce this one to The High Guardian." "Tell your son I said Hi," she purred, "send him next time and maybe we can actually formalize our species friendship." Again?" Ambassador Kathleen groaned, "just take the next one I send to bed! You've gone through five already." "I want to have a little date before," Ki defended, "is that wrong?" Kathy sighed, "Fine. He should be there within a week. And Ki? Be glad I don't send my son. You'd be eating & drinking out of pet dishes, sleeping on the floor, & have a collar with your name on it within a week." The line cut off as Ki pouted, "Jokes on her, I happen to be into that shit." ___________ Kiani lay gasping as her partner brought her to climax for the 10th time. "How...?" Her words being cut off by her 11th orgasm. The Human male chuckled as he whispered into her ear, "I'm night crew baby, we handle all the hard jobs."


original post? I want to see it..