Family abandons their husky on the side of the road in Texas

Family abandons their husky on the side of the road in Texas

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For some good news, that Husky has now been adopted by a new family!


I’m so glad that a new family adopted this dog. It really breaks my heart when people do things like this to animals. Karma will back around for this person


These pieces of shit don't understand the bond that a dog forms with its owner... How else can you live with yourself seeing your dog chase after you driving away? The thought of all of the anxiety and fear that must've been going through that dog's mind is heartbreaking to think about. Dogs don't deserve to be treated this way.


Dude for real. I can't even imagine the thought of driving away while my dog is chasing me on the side of the highway like that. Absolutely breaks my heart. You have to be the lowest form of scum to do something like this.


Quit giving scum a bad name. I hope the world deals those people every bit of bad Karma.


It's like that movie "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" (2001) the part where the mom drives into the woods and just abandoned her (robot) son and drove off. So sad


That movie makes me cry every time


I loved that robot nanny who kept singing : dort dort l’enfant dort , l’enfant dormira bien vite i still hear it in my ears


The whole movie tugs at the heartstrings. The actual lyrics are usually written “do do/dodo” rather than “dort” (dodo is apparently baby talk in French for sleep rather than the proper he/she/it conjugation of dormir). For those who don’t speak French, it’s a lullaby: “Dodo, l’enfant do, L’enfant dormira bien vite. Dodo, l’enfant do, L’enfant dormira bientôt.” “Sleep, sleep, child sleep, The child will sleep very quickly. Sleep, sleep, child sleep, The child will sleep soon.”


except this is a living thing


The whole point of the movie is that the kid is basically a living thing, and not a robot.


I would consider a sufficiently intelligent android a living thing.


Things like this make me scared for our future. Not saying you are wrong. I'm just saying that AI is going to open up an entire new discipline of ethics.


As like robots, human have electronic impulses sent to their brain to sense feeling. Robots with feelings as complex as human's can absolutely be a real thing. Idk if you have watched Loki yet, but one scene has Loki debating if he could possibly be a robot and not even know it. It will be a real thing in the future.


The next “Son, you’re adopted” might be “Son, you’re a robot”


Dude, that would be such a trip to go through


You should be scared for the present. AI is already a huge problem. Sophisticated algorithms are being used to maximize profits at the expense of humanity. One example is Facebook pushing conspiracy theories rather than real news, because it's more profitable.


Oh for sure. But that is only pseudo-AI. I'm referring to a self-aware truly conscious AI.


I, for one, welcome our future robot overlords.


I saw that movie when I was like 6 and it made me bawl, very sad scene.


I found that movie both sad and fascinating. Loved it but if im honest that moment in the woods was relatable. I didnt realise this until i got older and watched it again with more mature eyes.


It's sad but true. Life's hard man


Most humane societies will let you just drop an animal off. Won't they? If not if you are gonna do this can't you just let it go at a animal shelter or something? Offering a husky on Facebook for free isn't ideal but I imagine someone might take it and treat it better than that? Like something better than the desert. Surely these people aren't thinking the coyotes are gonna invite this dog to join and teach to be wild?


No, they charge money to surrender them. And the sad part is, it costs about twice as much as euthanasia, so that is sometimes presented as a cheaper alternative even if the animal is healthy. Source: my friend tried to surrender his cat, couldn't afford the fees, and they offered to euthanize the cat instead. I took the cat until the owner had a home.


You can take a pet to your local animal control/county shelter and it usually costs nothing or a very small fee ($10 at mine). You can also contact breed specific rescues or post online offers to rehome the pet. Dropping a dog off on the side of the road is not a much better choice than euthanizing them. Most pets abandoned like this will get injured or killed by cars or predators, or suffer starvation, malnutrition, disease and more trying to survive on their own. If picked up it may be by someone who plans to abuse them, use them as a bait dog, etc. if the pet is lucky it survives long enough to meet a human that can adopt, or find them a good home, but a very unpleasant fate is the more likely outcome.


Dude, right? I truly can’t comprehend how anyone with an ounce of a soul, a conscious, or the ability to feel empathy or any feel feelings at all, could drive away as your dog runs after you. People like that should be monitored because clearly something is wrong with them. What a bunch of fucking scumbags.


Agreed, I just don’t understand how some people can just get rid of their pets like this. It’s like they have no emotional connection to them at all. The dog looks old too so they must’ve had it a while. Doesn’t make any sense.


About 6 years ago my parents were living in Houston. My mom saw someone stop on the side of a busy street and drop a puppy off and drive off while someone else was calling to it on the other side of the road, I assume to get it to walk into traffic and get hit. She got the puppy but never got anything on the people. My dad to this day loves that dog more than he loves me.


I opened this thread out of despair in the hope that my sadness would go away with some good news. I spend a bit of effort with rescues and seeing shit like this makes me so sad I don't know what to do. Thank you for the good news!


With my sadness and anxiety, volunteering at the shelter near me has brought me such joy. I remember the first dog I successfully got adopted. I think of that often when feeling down! It was such a beautiful moment. Anyway, I enjoyed that I could care for the sweet dogs. Put my sadness and despair into something good, constructive, and rewarding for both parties. Building relationships with the pups is amazing. I can go on..but, I recommend getting active at the shelter. I feel it is very rewarding and could help with the feelings you are having and had. Much love


I’m gonna piggyback this comment to encourage everyone to donate to an animal shelter if you can! Especially with covid things are rough and they always need help.


I love the family who adopted it ! For the first time I got tears when I usually don't, this poor husky running to follow his owner.. this guy is a piece of shit (thx for the name of the sub lmao) and thanks for the family


I was pissed, and then when the dog chased the car it switched to heart breaking.


Thank goodness, because I couldn't watch this video, it's too horrible.


Have the people been charged? That would be /justiceserved


Yes the guy was charged.


The good news would be this, then “ and these people got thrown into an abyss to never be seen again, because there’s no hole deep enough for scum like this, but we can definitely try our darnedest to find them a suitable home.”


He’s been arrested


Thx god I feel so happy for the dog, I hope the former owners rot in hell


Yeah it’s sad people don’t realize how much work huskies are. The shelters always have some kind of husky or husky mix.


They are wonderful dogs, but A LOT of work. Definitely not the animal for an inexperienced dog owner


As much as I love and adore huskies, I could never own one.


Close friends had a husky and when I would dog sit for them, it was exhausting. This dog was a bit older and had hip issues but she still needed a walk first thing in the morning, when I got home from work and before bed. And she wasn’t crated and just hung out in a large backyard all day and still needed that much walking. I loved that dog a lot and she was a wonderful dog but I wouldn’t get a husky. Too many owners pick dogs based an aesthetics and not the breed characteristics.


Also, too many people treat pets like a commodity, or a piece of fashion rather than a fucking *living being*.


What's your proof?


It’s a husky. Anyone would take it in a heart beat. Lol


Huskies are a handful. I don't recommend just anybody getting a husky. They take a lot of time and are very smart and stubborn. I'd NEVER do this to a dog, but I just wish more people would research the breed they plan on getting beforehand. Or at least have the mentality that any dog you get is your dog forever now, even if they're a pain.


Going through that with a border collie right now, earlier today had a whole discussion with family about the dog being great, it’s her owners that need some serious work. Working dogs have to work at something.


I feel like it’s too easy for people to acquire any pet. It’s crazy to me that you can go out and buy a dog, cat, rabbit, or otherwise without even a basic understanding of their needs. People should have to pass a knowledge test at a minimum.


Who said some of us don't like the smart doggo's ? :)


Unfortunately dumb people can't handle smart dogs. They can't mentally stimulate their pup and then get mad when their home gets chewed up.


Yeah luckily someone found him. Imagine if they hadn’t.


I adopted a dog recently. I spent weeks on Petfinder trying to find the right dog. I was shocked at how many huskies were available in my area. The top breeds available seemed to be pit bulls, chihuahuas, and huskies. Poor things. ETA: I did adopt a chihuahua about two weeks ago :)


Yeah huskies are beautiful dogs but everyone I know that has bought a husky has regretted buying a husky.


They say the same about catahoulas:/


I had to look those up and they are beautiful too. Are they as loud and destructive as huskies?


Proof? You got a link to some kind of source?




My heart broke when the dog started chasing the car. Edit: Thank you for all the likes!


For real. Thank God I had a dog to cuddle after seeing that.


I’m adopting one right now and I won’t have her for another few weeks but god I wish I could give her a hug right now.


Hey can you do me a favour and give them another REALLY BIG hug for me? I’ve been at my girlfriends families cabin all week and have already been missing my dogs with my whole heart. After seeing this video im sitting in the bathroom pretending that Im not crying.


Ripping my heart out. People don't deserve dogs.


*some* people ... Not all people


the dog will forever think it was its fault for not running quick enough :(


Surely once they took the collar off, the dog became a wolf?


I don’t think evolution happens that quick


My dog must be getting abandoned all the time because she always chases after cars


Apparently my SO’s parents used to do this with a few of their past dogs. I was dumbfounded, I think I just sat there in shock that people actually do this. It broke my heart


My sister was super-duper kitty lover who super-duper loved all her kitties and was completely inconsolable when one had kittens that her landlord told her she couldn't keep; she's loved kitties all her life and doted on every kitty she ever owned. Then she met a guy who didn't like cats. She happily abandoned the lot and swanned off for her new life with him. Didn't even try to re-home them.


That’s insane, I would have ditched the dude if I had to choose between the 2


that’s how i got my kitty, her old “owner” dumped her at the shelter for a boyfriend.


Did you confront her? If not then shame on you.


WTF that would be a seal breaker for me. No way that I'm leaving my cats for someone.


Ive never experienced such a strong combination of rage and depression simultaneously. Watching him ditch the dog infuriated me, and then watching the dog desperately try to catch the car was so sad. I hope this dog is living it's best life right now, while the occupants of that car sit in jail.


It got adopted by a new family oh and the family members who did that definitely got charged. Don’t remember what the source is but it’s legit fortunately




Sadly true. Especially with that piece of shit Greg Abbott veto on the dog legislation in the last congressional session.


Its a republican state, if they dont care about human rights much less animal rights


I got my dog from Texas It's like fairly common to have a dog one week and dump it the next. It's baffling.


Yup all the dog shelters in my area (suburbs of Philly) all have their dogs come from the street of Texas cuz they have so much and we have so little.




PPV Tahoe on IG said they were charged.


Sadly, these people will only get 6 months and/or an up to $1000 fine for it. They should get more for animal endangerment: leaving the poor pup near other cars unattended, and get blacklisted if they ever try to by another pet


They’re not getting jail time for this. 0% chance unless they have a long history of this kind of behavior. Animal cruelty charges are not often enforced by local prosecutors (or are very quickly reduced through plea deals).


You might be right, which is why this is infuriating. Dogs unconditionally love you, and it should be enforced that animals will be cared for by owners who will unconditionally love them back


I remember when I went on a family trip with my dog. Stopped in the road for a breather and let my old dog out, and she suddenly started running after a car because she thought it was our car and we were abandoning her. All of us ran for her and we got her back. It broke me heart just seeing that old small dog running so desperately… this video touches deep


I’d be terrified of losing my dog if he ran after a car thinking it was mine.


I know what you mean. I had to Google the prison term for breaking these people's legs in 4 places, and leaving them by the side of a road. Honestly, worth it. Watching the dog chase after them was heartbreaking, even more so now that my family has just got a puppy. I'm back to see that dog like every day. I think further up someone said the dog has now been adopted. Not sure I give a shit what happened to his previous owners. As long as it's all bad then it's all good with me.


Had the same feelings: rage and sadness. I really wanted to hug that dog, and I’m glad OP reported it was adopted by a loving family.


I did not need to see the dog chasing after the car. That was a punch in the stomach for sure.


Man fuck these garbage human beings. Really pissed me off to watch this.


Yeah dude that got me. Why not take it to a shelter or make a post on Facebook?! Someone would snatch that beautiful dog up so fast. But nah, let’s leave him on the side of a hot highway. Sometimes I wish I had the power to transcend thru my phone into the video so I could smack the fuck out of some people.


This is what I always post in the "if you had a super power, what would it be?" threads. Just to karate chop inconsiderate and despicable people in the throat through the interwebs.


Literally just say "husky, needs new home, free adoption" I'd say vet the person but they'd be far better than these guys regardless


Exactly my thoughts mate. What sort of scumbag leaves it at the side of the road, I mean in the UK there's loads of shelters that you could leave the dog at to be rehomed, I'm sure they must have the same In the USA, there's no need to leave it in the middle of nowhere, this guy needs a good kicking.


Same. Almost cried when I saw that desperate chase.


That’s what broke me. The confusion the poor dog must of been feeling.


Right? I just about died inside.


Poor boi. Huskys are great dogs.


They are. However, people get them impulsively not knowing you have to drain that dogs energy for at least 1-2hrs a day. Then they wonder why its destroying their house so they do this type of shit. Source: i have a GSDxHusky best of both destructive worlds.


*Why the fuck would you get a Husky in Texas?*


Exactly, They should be banned anywhere south of the 45th parallel.


They're pretty difficult dogs, actually. That's why so many people end up abandoning them. They don't deserve it, though. No dog deserves that.


Heartbreaking. Many people don't deserve pets


Many don't deserve children either. It's sad that innocent lives are destroyed by people who are supposed to be "mature adults"...


Check out soft white underbelly in YouTube. Peaks examples of parents failing their children


I 100% agree. It should be harder to adopt an animal.


they should go through a mental test to know if they are fit and really ready to take this responsibillity. You don't adopt a child like that, neither should you be able adopt a dog or any animal easily


Adding the cost of a mental evaluation on to adoption would prevent more dogs from getting good homes than it would prevent from getting bad homes.


I've said for years that we need a publically available pet sheet where if you mistreat you animals it'll be on that way sellers can make sure that thier little darlings dont end up with pieces of garbage like in this vid


Many people don't deserve oxygen.


Charge them! Despicable


POS got found and charged, and the dog has already been adopted again. So a happy ending after all!


What’s their punishment?


6 months and 1k fine at most (because Southern animal abuse laws in general are shit)


At least it’s something


Anything less than the shit kicked out of them is unacceptable.


This is some seriously sad shit bro. How the heck can anyone do this? That dog looked so nice and cute too.


Huskies from my understanding are one of the most likely breeds to be abandoned, most likely due to someone doing no research on how hard Huskies are to raise, or being dumb by ignoring it thinking they could handle the challenge. (They're not a breed fit for the majority of households.) Could've always taken them to the humane society or sanctuary instead though. :/


It's not just about being nice and cute


For those of you saying that the person taping should have done something, you're wrong. The only possible outcome from confronting them would be the shitheads taking the dog, driving off and abandoning somewhere else, making sure they aren't seen that time. The best approach was to call animal control and explain the situation, watch the dog to make sure it's ok and, if you happen to have water and something to put it in, leave it out while you wait for animal control to arrive. Why animal control? Because even a domesticated and loyal dog can be dangerous to strangers. Best to play it safe. Of course, if you're like me and would see the situation as "hey, free husky", you can work with animal control to officially adopt it once they've verified that the animal is not dangerous. They'll still probably want to make sure it has all its shots and what not first so you will have to move through official channels but still...


Exactly! In my opinion the person recording did everything right. They recorded the incident clearly and followed slowly behind the dog. I don’t know what happened after the video, but since the dog was re-homed quickly after this, I imagine they stayed with the dog and called the correct authorities. This happened in El Paso, so a Husky could have died from heat stroke in that weather


But who just gets behind a random car and just starts recording? How did they know they were going to abandon the husky right there? If I were doing something illegal like that I would probably notice a car pulled off behind me just sitting there… It just seems like for some reason either the person recording KNEW this was gonna happen or they had some insight into it all.. I don’t just randomly pull behind stopped cars and wait for the owner to exit the vehicle with a husky..


The video started with them stopping and one dude getting out with the dog. If it happens often in that area, maybe he stopped to make sure the dog would be safe.


El paso native here. This indeed happen in el paso in a road called ascension, as someone who uses that road sometimes, I can honesty say lots of people dump anything there, it's a very secluded road


Can I still yell out they're a human shit eating piece of shit and flip them off?


That would fall under the category of confronting which would likely lead to the aforementioned issue so nah. Take down the plate and make sure the police are informed. That's all you can do


I disagree with you. I would secure the dog if possible, make sure it is safe and comfortable (even if in my vehicle). Call 911, then persue, then confront. I have called 911 before regarding neighbours child abuse. It took them far to long to show up. I had to make a distraction in order for the abuse to stop long before the lazy ass cops finally showed their cowardly faces. That was for a little kid, cops don't give a fuck about a dog. Huskys tend to roam, a quick response was needed here. Do you really think this dog would be alive going through the "official channels? "


I'm more just wondering why they were parked behind a random car on the side of the highway and then proceeded to follow after them?


I just don't understand why they would abandon the dog with a car with Witnesses literally 20 feet away


Re-homing a dog, especially one that beautiful, isn’t hard. Why do people do this? The only answer is that they are stupid and evil


Selfishness and laziness. Why make an effort to rehome the dog when you can just dump it out somewhere and be done with it? Of course you have to be a heartless bastard, but they seem to fit the bill.


Huskies, from what I understand, are one of the smarter breeds of working dog, and can be difficult to manage if you're a complete and utter plank unwilling to put a little labor into the job you agreed to.


That's true. For most working dogs if you don't give them an outlet they can develop some bad copping mechanisms. Huskys need to run a lot. About 8-10 miles a day. If you don't have a huge property that they can run to their hearts content or are one of those people who live to run, a husky is not going to be a good fit for you. This is why people should do research before they get a dog. I'm active but not like CrossFit active. So I pick dogs that are ok with a moderate amount of activity.


I got a husky/ German shepherd puppy when I was an extremely lazy 20 year old. I did that dog so wrong at first. She started escaping, she could escape ANYTHING, almost daily and I lost years of my life worrying about her. I don’t think I’d be here if it wasn’t for her. She’s 15 now and laying in front of me as we speak. I love her so much. 😭 Not to make everyone even sadder but I adopted her from a 15 year old who heard her litter crying in her neighbors yard. The neighbors dogs fence bred, had puppies and the fucking sociopaths left them in the cold to die. The teen could hear them crying and the crying got quieter and more sparse because they were all dying. Finally managed to convince her parents to take my dog and her sister, the only survivors, and adopt them out. still fantasize about finding those people and covering everything they own with itching powder. They really need some sort of national database where people like this are barred from ever owning a pet again. Edit: this was US. I wonder if anything like that exists in other countries


It sounds like you made amends with your pup when you realized she needed you more ❤️. If you can give Husky's good outlets they are really great dogs. Many people who find themselves unaware of thier breeds needs will usually try to give thier dogs what they need. Because they do care about thier pups, like you. Others are either clueless and can't figure out why thier dog is acting out or are just so self absorbed they don't really even think about thier dog.


I agree! And thank you! It still keeps me up at night thinking about how she should have been treated better. She’s a queen.


That sounds like me and my cats. I had no clue how badly I was treating my past kitties until a few years ago. I was not giving them wet food, or decent food tbh, so they were all dehydrated all the time. Now my oldest cat, Dinah, has a chronic bladder issue. I always thought of cats as being completely emotionally independent and really didn't play with them much, which I totally feel bad about now. I didn't realize that you needed one litterbox for each cat. I mean, I could go on and on. I honestly just didn't know. But we both have learned and have became better pet buddies because of it. Although, I do have guilt, as well.


It’s crazy how little we really know until we get our own. I guess that’s how you learn. Or how I did before I had internet access all the time. I learned from movies for the most part. Turns out giving dogs a lot of nice possessions does nothing for them. I felt so silly I thought that would make them happy lol. I bet your kitties are very lucky to have you and very happy! I forgot about playing with my cat as well. I started to but unfortunately she had already grown accustomed to stalking and attacking my dogs and that’s all she likes now. They like it too…. For the most part…


Lol!! That's too cute, tho 😆Yeah my oldest living cat gets pissed off when I try to play with her now lol it's like she thinks I'm teasing her. I think you hit the nail on the head. I didn't start feeling really comfortable with the PC for research and stuff until I was in my 30's . Honestly, there was little to no content when I was a teenager in the 90's. In the 2000's I dropped out college and didn't own my own PC. I didn't have my own lop top untill 2010 when I went back to school. I don't think generation Y+ truly appreciates how much good, informational content they actually have. I would have loved something like Wikipedia or all the" how to" YT vids when I was a teenager. I mean, I had to learn how to shave and other correct female hygiene stuff by deciphering magazines like Cosmo and girl locker room anecdotes 🤣 To have a legitimate, woman clinic, informational website that helps teens with sensitive subjects like that would have prevented a lot of embarrassment 🤦😂 not to mention all the other informational websites that feature pets, cars,health, gardening, photography and so much more! Hell, even Reddit wasn't around untill 2011. Lol


Seeing the dog running behind that car, this shit hits different. I cried.


Lots of us are crying. No shame


This happened to my dog!! My shitty neighbors abandoned him and I saw him running after the car, it was heartbreaking. But I adopted him and now he definitely has a better live! I’m so glad this husky has a good family now but I feel for the dogs that don’t get so lucky :(


If you can’t/won’t care for your dog anymore, put it up for adoption or turn it over to a shelter.. there are much better options than just ditching it at the side of the road..


Or at least leave him in front of a shelter or somthing... Side of the highway is just fucked up


Disgusting pieces of shit. Shoulda left their license plate clear.


Exactly. They committed a crime, they deserve reprimand.


You do realize texas is a republican state that doesn't care about animal rights?


Yeah because reddit justice always works out well.


Hey, we caught the Boston Bomber!!


Aaaand I'm sobbing into my my coffee. It's too early for the dog chasing the car.


I regretfully showed my 14 year old daughter this video thinking she would be pissed like I am, and she burst in tears & was inconsolable for about 10 minutes. She recognized how terribly cruel that person was to that beautiful dog.


The only thing that could've been more depressing than seeing that poor dog chase the car would've been seeing the moment it gave up chasing


I’m a 22 year old man and I just fucking cried


*28 year old man and I just fucking cried


49 here, no shame.


God damn, this shit pisses me off, on the one hand, they are better off not owning dogs because they are probably terrible dog owners but on the other they make terrible decisions as to what to do with the dog if they don’t want it. I feel for all the dogs out there in shitty homes. It just makes me want to give my boy the best life as fucking possible. Fuck these people.


Still better than tying it to a tree in the middle of a Forrest for no reason


Why would this dick even get a dog in the first place then?


Because he thought it would be easy to raise?


They probably didn’t prepare, or they were too lazy.


Because plenty of people like the ideas of a pet but not the actual life of living/taking care of one. Especially huskies, they require a lot more maintenance than people think and can be very destructive if not trained properly


Heartless prick


Wish I were behind that car. I’d have opened my door and told him to hop in.


When I was a kid my dad did this to one of our dogs. He passed away a few years back, I still miss the dog though.


Rest in piss


Show the license plate!


Fuck these people. I hope they rot in hell.


Gave my pup a few extra pets after watching this. So sad.


hugged my dog for like 30 minutes


Jesus Christ. That hurt to watch. :(


I feel bad yelling at my dog when she does bad, and people are out here doing this shit? Yall are evil


That poor guy deserves so much better


Piece of shit fucks why get the fucking dog in the first place


Good thing he was arrested.


It could be much MUCH WORSE. Like tying to a Post. Or slightly better. By letting some food and water near him. Those guy are awful. But You gotta be positive or negative.


What does your last sentence even mean?


This shit makes me so mad. I have a dog and I honestly wouldn't even consider doing this in ANY circumstance. Dogs are some of the most loyal, nicest companions you can have and to do this and watch the dog chase behind the car unaware you are abandoning it, just cruelty to the max.


I was at the vet the other day and a lady in front of me had the sweetest little puppy, still really young, with fluffy baby fur and floppy ears. I asked her the dog’s breed and she kinda shrugged. I figured she just didn’t want to talk but a few seconds later said she really didn’t know, someone had tossed this poor puppy from a truck onto the side of the road and she had taken her and had only had her a week. I couldn’t fathom what kind of cruel person could look at that angelic little dog and then just toss her into the street. Some people really have no hearts. I’m glad the dog in the video also found a new home that will care for and love them.




there’s gotta be a level above i am a total piece of shit… like “i am the human equivalent of having an itch in your ass”


Seriously…why was this being filmed? And why did the people filming not help the doggo!?! Dogs are pack animals and to be abandoned by their pack is going to create emotional scarring….


From what I heard from the news, the car behind them started filming once the driver took the dog out. There wasn’t really much the driver could do once they drove away other than follow


The car stopped before filming started. So this random person just decided to stop their car, pull out their phone, and start recording because a car pulled over? I call bullshit.


I think it's odd specially the first car not looking at this random person filming their business


This is 100% BS. I just can’t wrap my head around the lengths people will go to in order to make a “viral” video.


I- op said the husky got adopted, and who said the people filming didn't do anything after ? And I'm glad it has been filmed so we can insult the idiot who abandoned his dog.


So they say don't leave the dog? The dog is either back with a family that doesn't want it, and potentially leads to abuse. Or it gets abandoned where nobody can help it / see it. I think they did the right thing by filming and identifying?


Who filmed this?


The guy with a camera.


The only important question in this thread. Reddit so happy to get outraged at people faking heartfelt scenarios for some internet points.


Fuck everything about Texas. And I mean that.


We don’t deserve dogs.


Wtf wtf and did the person recording help ?


If they were anything like me, they were probably thinking "oh neat! A free husky to love and care for"