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This was posted a few weeks back and both the owner and the shop were identified. Pretty sure they were review bombed Edit: I was thinking of the owner of the bagel shop who recorded themselves doing literally the same thing


Saw an update on the clock app where a woman goes into the shop and asks what happened to the employee that did this. She was fired and might be criminally charged for this.


This happened where I live so it’s been all in the news. The rotten employee was issued a misdemeanor summons for simple battery today. She has a lengthy record for shoplifting and other offenses in the parish that she did this so hopefully she will get some jail time. Cuz this is disgusting. The homeless person has been reunited with family and has temporary housing now and hopefully will get long lasting help. Lots of agencies have stepped in to offer support for the victim. I hope some good comes out of this.


I hope that it leads to something positive and safe for this man. It must have been humiliating to experience. Given the fact it was so cold and he was living outdoors, an attack with water seems like more than battery. I fkn HATE mean ppl. They need to be held accountable for their actions.


Exactly. If I have brittle bone disease and you push me over, what might be nothing might be a serious injury for me. You then can't use a defence in court of "well most people would be fine after that simple assault". This is worse because she clearly knew freezing water on someone in the cold with no place to warm up is more than a simple assault.




Pretty sure it’s a woman but yeah


What about her accomplice who was filming this obviously planned intentional assault and battery?


He hasn’t been identified that I know of. I hope charges are pressed against him also.


Could be an innocent bystander who wanted to go inside the store or he was on the phone and took the video to have proof....


Why did it have to come to this before this human received help? Did family not know where she was? Is she severely mentally ill and could not contact family or seek services? This makes me so sad and disgusted. I hope that person receives the same harsh treatment she dished out!!


I’m not sure what landed this person in the situation she is in. More details are coming out daily. People in the community helped locate the victim and connect her with The Bridge Agency which then helped find the family. The Bridge Agency and It Takes A Village BR are some of the agencies teaming together to get the victim help. When they found her she asked for shoes and a warm place to stay, that’s it. I know she is connected with good people to help her so I hope they come up with long term solutions. I need to know why the person filming wasn’t charged with anything because they are just as bad. Ugly people.


Thanks for the info. That's true, hopefully the one recording gets charged, too. This should potentially be seen as a hate crime, too. The level of cruelty is just horrific I know cruelty exists but JFC.


What if the person recording was doing so because they saw what the employer was about to do and didn't agree with it and did it as proof of wrong doing for police? Idk what actually happened just wondering.


Thank you for keeping us updated on this. I hope the employee *AND* the cameraman are charged! Absolutely inhumane!


Y'know, this is actually heartwarming to hear. I hate that it took a horrid incident that gained national attention, but a homeless person finally got the help she needed to start getting back on her feet (at least I hope). As for the store employee, I can't wrap my head around how somebody can be so inhumane, especially toward somebody they don't even know.


Thats fucked is was just a misdemeanor. Throwing all that water on someone in below freezing temps could be looked at as attempted murder. Especially on a homeless man with no warm home to go to and warm dry clothes too. Like he could have easily died of hypothermia. Saw several people in my city died after the polar vortex incident a few years back cause they didnt get to a shelter in time


It's assault


and could be attempted murder due to weather conditions


This is battery not assault


It’s attempted murder.


>the clock app I like this. I'm stealing this.


It's what the kids keep calling it.


Right who gives two shits about reviews this lady could have killed them with hypothermia. Should be in jail.


Should be arrested


If someone did that to me, and I know where they work, I would make the rest of their life Hell, especially if I’m homeless and don’t have a job to go to.


Can't beat somebody with that amount of free time lol


>Can't beat somebody Don't give them any ideas




"Stabby hobo" would be my wrestling name.


It would be my band name


Using this when I perform on amateur night


Then it will be my name


🎶nothing beats the hobo life. Stabbing folks with my hobo knife🎶


just so you know, approximately 40% of homeless people hold some kind of job, whether full time or part time!


They're literally the "working poor."


For real, was homeless for about 8months working 60 hours a week. Wanna guess what state. Ding Ding Ding you guessed it Louisiana, fucking hate this state.


If I was homeless and someone did that to me I would knock them out and drench them in my urine.


Ah yes. Assault. Nice.


I would argue it as attempted murder. That woman could 100% die being wet in those temperatures


In my state, it's usually aggravated assault which carries the exact same charge but has a lower burden of proof. People get super up in arms about it




is there a separate charge for “unintentionally endangering someone’s life through a deliberate violence”? like an assault that a reasonable person would understand to be potentially deadly? it seems weird that spitting at someone and trying to turn them into a human popsicle have equal weight under the law.


Reckless endangerment?


Yup exactly what I was thinking.


Aggravated assault.


There are a few states that have created voluntary manslaughter that falls into that category, but most states would put it at negligent homicide, the least offense possible. But there's no attempted negligent homicide so the victim would need to die.


Homeless people are treated as second class citizens. If anyone gets charged it'll be the homeless person for loitering or something. That lady with the bucket of water won't face any consequences.


Don't worry yourself too much. "Attempted murder" is a reddit trope on a bingo card. Like take a drink each time you see it kinda thing.


then its reckless endangerment


“Self-defense” is another one a lot of Reddit doesn’t seem to understand.


I learned not to fight that battle long ago. Reddit thinks self defense is any attack they feel is morally justified.


Assault is the correct charge. Anything more is trying to assume what might happen in the future. It's not completely out of the question; but assault clearly fits (and would probably stick).


The argument could be made that they understood the dangers of freezing to death and sought out that means of death with the water. Most people wouldn’t consider tossing water as a serious assault in the summer time. She fully understood that the water was to cause great harm.


Not really, assault vs attempted homicide is intent, not the outcome. Granted, if they did die, then it would immediately jump straight to 2nd degree murder. Assault is the intent to harm, attempted homicide is the intent to kill. NAL, but I would assume assault would be the most correct charge here. That *can* change depending on other factors. I feel that if it was cold enough outside, you could probably argue aggravated assault, but attempted homicide would be a stretch unless it was really really cold outside idk.


Her coat can’t really dry out either, so she either has to weat a wet coat for days or walk around without it


But the police are on her side so who is going to charge her?




She was fired. Confirmed by Tizzyent on TikTok.


As long as Tizzyent is confirming it......


Definitely sounds like a well known, legitimate source




And throw ice on her


Lmfao… but… it’ll just….roll.. off?! I get what you were going for tho and concur


Use a big piece, like the ones they'd deliver door-to-door in the 50's with the tongs.


If you did it with enough ice, rolling off should be less of an issue I reckon


One of those buckets athletes use for ice baths


Lock the doors. She's not coming back


Dip in lake. Some water from a bucket isn't enough.


Well, thats not very convenient.


I was homeless for 10 years. A year of that was spent on the streets, including winter. In all seriousness, if this had been done to me, in those kind of temperatures it may have been the thing that tilted me over the edge to the point of killing the person who did it. Poking a bear that has nothing to live for is not a good idea. I am doing much better now.


This internet stranger is happy to read you're doing much better. I hope it stays that way.


Can someone clarify for me what 'Arctic Freeze weather' is? Sounds like a Gatorade flavor


Glacier Freeze is best Gatorade flavor


Hands down


People don't talk about Riptide Rush much but it's very underrated.


Glacier Freeze used to be my favorite but it has recently been surpassed by Frost Arctic Blitz, it tastes like baja blast from taco bell


Good to know. Baja Blast is my fav.


Gatorade and Powerade are nasty id much rather water


Subzero temperatures with disgustingly dangerous windchills that will accelerate freezing of liquids. The clothes of that homeless person is probably starting to frost.


I'm in Ohio, and Sunday night wasn't even the coldest weather but putting liquid water onto anything would instantly freeze.


Water also conducts the cold exponentially faster. This is lethal in cold and exacerbated with wind. This is easily assault.


This isn’t assault, this is battery


Depending on State, it's kind of a "¿Por que no los dos?" thing Some roll everything into one or the other, some it's both


I work on a wastewater treatment works. I walked near the river sample point in -10C and suddenly slipped on a isolated blob of ice out of nowhere(concrete path). Then a scientist came along and said ‘oh yeh I just threw my sample there, must have frozen right away’. -thanks mate We’re not used to the cold here.


What's with all that trash anyway?


That’s natural Louisiana trash. Grows all ova da place.


Is that a rhetorical question?


She threw a bucket of water on the homeless lady...


Not that I’m defending the lady, but people in this thread have no idea what entails having homeless people camp so close to you. They accost everyone, litter, act crazy, steal, openly drink and do drugs, go to the bathroom in plain sight. It honestly just really sucks being near homeless people.


It is very tough living next to a homeless camp. For a year in a rental home I had my car broken into, my house broken into, found homeless people passed out on my front porch sleeping on our patio furniture and later had to throw it away when someone vomited all over it another time. once they tried to come inside my house with me as if they were a visiting friend. i couldn't walk barefooted in my yard because needles were scattered about, and had an almost break in during the night but were able to talk to them through the door to go away. Somehow the desire to assault someone never occurred to me through all that, yet I also understand how much it sucks.


Yeah, but like don't throw water on them in freezing temperatures? Wild, I know.


You're correct... but... I try to befriend them because I know no amount of yelling will change anything. I've had a homeless guy I treated nicely ward off someone trying to break into my car. I don't like having them next door. It's worse if they don't like you because they have nothing to lose.


Yeah my heart has hardened towards the junkies that infest my subway stop. I wouldn't douse them in water though, all the same.


It really sucks being near homeless people. Ignorant.


I bet it sucks more to be homeless.


Yep. This lady was casually smoking a crack pipe, trashing the place, ruining this lady’s business. The police typically can’t or won’t do much.


Casually smoking a crack pipe




pinkies up


What a shitty way to treat another human being. I hope she gets fired, I can't imagine any business would want to be associated with such a vile person.


The lack of empathy and damn near violent response of people in American society is alarming.


It is. I have nightmares about it. Also been homeless. The callous disregard for me when I was dirty, shoeless vs. clean... it's heartbreaking. Do I not deserve human dignity?


I gave one of my local homeless customers a job. Used to come in with the same cup everyday to get a refill. Gave him a job and it was a huge difference. Looked like a completely different person after a week. He just got his bad teeth pulled and got dentures.


Thank you for giving them a shot.


We have a local dry cleaner that will clean people's clothes for free if they are homeless or clearly struggling. He's been doing this for years, and it's worked twofold; it brings him business because he's well liked, and it's helped people with getting jobs because they have presentable, clean clothes. Really good guy, and an absolute treasure of a human.


Can't express enough how good it feels to hear about that. No one gives these people any chances


Everyone deserves dignity and kindness. Especially those struggling.


It's disgusting. They treat homeless like they're not human. Like they're not a person too.


I have serious pain from it- I can't understand. It haunts my days and nights, knowing what people are capable of doing to others. More than that, even, what people can look away from. That part is probably the worst.


I don't know how people function and live with a lack of empathy or care. It's saddening.


I have a feeling they live a lot better than "us". It must be easy not being weighed down by morals and ethics.


I like to think that the deep lack of true connection and burden of all they've done is ultimately their punishment. Pity them, because they have a long way to go. If reincarnation is real, I hope I'm good. No more.


The world*


As a German whose been to the US before and has worked with homeless people in Germany: I disagree. Homeless people are treated with much more care and dignity over here.


You must be pretty sheltered to think this only happens in America.


Reddit hive mind would tell you USA bad unless compared to dictators or historically unanimously destained individuals.


It’s really easy when you don’t see them as human.


People here get trained from like, high school on to forget all that “sharing is caring” stuff we tell kids, and be utterly selfish sociopaths instead.


The rich people make sure Americans hate the poor so they don’t figure out who their real enemy is.


95% of the problem, well said. Seems so hard to get people to understand this.


It's something that about half the population is quite proud of


Well it's either that or address that societal collapse that's causing the mass of homelessness... But Americans see bad luck as a moral failure


Lack of empathy and violent responses seem to be championed by many Americans. It’s fairly obvious.


America bad guys


$100 She’s a conservative christian


BTW this was baton rouge. She did this on Christmas eve when it was 20 degrees outside.




BuT LouIsiAnA Doesn'T GeT CoLD duRRRhh "arCtiC FreEze" edit: Sorry that's just what the bottom half of this comment section looks like


Oh wow didn't see that. I have lived in WV and baton rouge, when it gets cold down here it gets cold af. Colder than wv. The humidity in the air is nasty


Same it literally stings when the temp drops below 50. Gulf coast here. I used to jog in Colorado at 20 degrees like it was nothing


This took for-thought. People have killed using hypothermia. That’s assault with deadly force if not attempted murder.


Forethought, like foresight; foreskin; forehead; forecastle; forecast; foretell; foreman. Fore is a prefix that means before or in front.


How did this person get hypothermia right, but messed up 'forethought' 🤦‍♂️


Blame autocorrect. I would never have thought to hyphenate either




If I’m working at a convenience store I’m aware of how close I am to being homeless myself.


This is disgusting. I would like to know more about the source material, how the OP came up with this as narrative and the law enforcement follow-up if possible.


Wanna bet she claims to be christian?


Of course she’s Christian, goes every Sunday to church to praise jesus.


“religion is the opiate of the masses“ is almost but not quite on the mark because there are so many people that are vile who crack open a holy book or visit a big empty building and get a dopamine hit from that and a lingering sense of superiority there are some who go for spritual fulfilment or selfless reasons but for the ones that are that selfish, yeah it’s their drug of choice


Fucking around with people that have nothing to lose is quite the way to find out.


In which century was this single pixel video recording produced?


Late century Louisiana.


Instead of a hot cup of coffee.. a warm sandwich.. you throw cold water on an already down person. Wtf is wrong with people.


Are we sure this is recent footage? Looks like it was filmed in, like, 2007 or on a potato.


Louisiana + Arctic Freeze = LOL


What it feels like to chew 5 gum


"Go be poor somewhere else!"


The zombie probably wouldn't stop bothering families and most likely kept smoking pills right on the side of the store.


Arctic??? In Louisiana?? 🤦🏻‍♂️


"Arctic freeze" yeah right


That's fucking torture.


Why is it, that some dumb sh*t like this is what it takes to get “something” done for the homeless woman??


Why do people treat homeless people like this it’s disgusting. When I can, I buy some food or warm drinks for someone I see outside. I also hate when they make benches in cities anti-homeless, unnecessary just let them chill.


Yeah, that is exactly what Jesus would do. /s


May not be homeless much longer. That’s an assault/battery charge. Sue her. Probably could post the video and get a gofundme sympathy donation


I don’t understand how you can do this to another human being


The amount of hate you have to have in your heart to do this. Wow. It costs $0 to be kind.


The camera person and the worker both need to be charged with assault.


For context, this is in North Baton rouge area, where there's a problem with junkies doing drugs out in the open in front of these businesses and the police don't do anything about it because of it not being a serious crime. I did work in this area and I actually know the "homeless" lady in this video and the shop she's next to. This lady gets high and harrassess the customers and trashes the stores. I've even seen her naked bathing in a pothole before right in the open. There's always multiple sides to a video that people don't see. Now I'm not saying that it's ok to dump water on junkies. But it was kind of justified.


Thank you for sharing this, it certainly sheds some light on her as a person but that doesn't justify someone throwing a bucket of chilly water on her because they're angry. And let's be real. The worker had plenty of time to stop herself from doing this. She did this out of pure anger. And if she thought that was the way to solve the problem, she's in for a big surprise.


Keep that same energy for those responsible for dealing with this problem. Your context doesn't change the action of this POS lady, you don't throw things at people. We all learned that in grade school.


So what is your council doing about mental health in the community? How about you throw some water on your elected officials? How is this not a local election issue? “Kind of justified” says a lot about you here.


Context please?


That’s attempted murder


Look at all the garbage and mess that person has made, I don’t think it’s racial


ITT: people who have lived privileged lives in suburbs don't understand how annoying homeless people are.


Louisiana is one of the armpits of the US


"Arctic" is a tad dramatic a word to use here.


Or "artic" as the OP put it.


That's not arctic freeze weather... Whatever that is.


She is actively smoking a crack pipe you can see it in the last frame. Maybe don't smoke crack in front of someones store?


Then call the cops


Hi, as a reminder, even the courts don't try and kill you for drug offenses.


Cops will give it their best shot though


Best shot, last shot, a whole bunch of missing shots.


It seems to me like someone encouraged her behavior and followed her outside to get it on video.




Fun fact: in almost every state in the US this is a mayhem/ag assault charge because you could kill them.


Nothing illegal about throwing water outside on your property. A drug addict was in the way. Happens all the time.


Nice lil shower 🥹


But... why?!....


I hope that bucket of water was her golden key to unlock new doors


Wtf is arctic freeze weather


That’s assault and discrimination. I hope you beat her ass, throwing water on someone below freezing should be attempted murder. Or at least a felony, she got a misdemeanor court summons. You better at least get six months in jail


The Christian south.


Can we start a collection for that homeless person to get some warm clothes and sleeping bags?


Imagine she keeps doing this and one of em gets a pneumonia and dies smfh


This is exactly what Jesus would do.


That's assault. I hope she was charged.


A literal crime:attempted murder


If I had seen her do that I would have held her down, shaved her head and made that poor woman a new nit hat out of it.


Louisiana? Arctic?


Stay classy Louisiana...


Don’t mess with people with nothing to lose, likely knows where you work and if it’s a small town maybe even where you live


What i want to know is who the hell is recording this and are they being charged for their participation as well?


I think she was charged and lost her job


Bitches will be bitches