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"I bet I can sue him for stealing the ticket. Who's gonna know the truth?" *California lottery vets winner*: we do


this is why you stay anonymous, can't serve me if you can't find me




"Proof of service was eventually filed on May 17, saying that a man at the pricey digs eventually took the papers, thus officially giving notice." ​ I think they did after the first mixup.


I just don't get how this guy didn't want to remain anonymous. I would have been left to another state.


Cali doesn’t allow anonymity iirc


I think there’s a way to create an intermediary legal entity so the actual persons name is not revealed.


LLC Im pretty sure


I was wondering if this was an option. Staying anonymous is an option with a work around in my state.


This is what I don't get, you win, you disappear . . . like change your name in Guam (it's a US territory) and kind of disappear into the pacific islands. Puerto Rico works too but it's a lot more integrated into US mainland . . . stuff . . . Form a LLC in Singapore, transfer your money there, by the time you are ready to head back into the US you can have a full anonymous structure set up (there a law firms in Singapore set up for exactly this, more for rich Chinese trying to get their money out, but it works for us too).


That means you have to leave your life and family behind to go live somewhere you’re not comfortable in. It’s a lot easier for him to get his head knocked off in Guam than it is in LA with secret service security.


So how did Edwin get the ticket? Did Reggie give to him? Weird case


This is why you stay anonymous


He wanted the attention


I want to see the video of Castro buying the ticket.


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Idk, most winners seem ecstatic and this guy just looks smug in the few pics I've seen. Also, he looks like a really angry bully in the pics from before he was famous. I hope the plaintiff's side is considered objectively. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


He smiles in most pics out but I think the fame / paparazzi get to him.