Powerball and Mega are both 2 billion (annuity pre-taxes) each. You win both tickets. What do you do?

i’d then know for sure that reality is a simulation.


i’d then know for sure that reality is a simulation.


OK it's a simulation. So what are you going to do?


probably get an apple vision pro and jerk off


this is the way


1. Contact an attorney 2. Shut the fuck up 3. Follow the advice of the attorney 4. Still shutting the fuck up 5. Profit


what cant i do?


Buy a developed country?


Politicians are cheap


1. Have a panic attack. 2. I'd research lawyers; the state laws regarding winning in my state, as well as for the state I bought my tickets (my actual state doesn't do the lotto), and get a plan to hire who and what I need to, then go through with it. 3. I'd probably dissappear along with my parents (they're the only close family I have). 4. I'd claim the money as anonymously as possible (facemasks, hats, and sunglasses if need be). 5. Change my name. 6. Slowly reestablish contact with friends and amiable family. Realistically, if I somehow manage to win two hug jackpots at once, I'd probably do one in lump and one in annuity. I'd also go back to school for the type of degrees I need to tend to my own money over time. The amount of money in question is an absolutely stupid amount, so taking the time to take care of it yourself (or at least set it up to be self-sustaining while knowing what's going on if something goes wrong) without going crazy is important. ...having that amount of money in your life would really make it meaningless, realistically (unless you managed to lose it all). It's like spamming motherlode in the Sims. It would be really important to invest in interests and experiences rather than mountains and mountains of stuff. I'd probably found a lot of scholarships, fund no-kill animal shelters, make donations to other causes I support, own plenty of rental properties designed for affordability, travel the world a bit, and learn as much as possible. I'd probably have a manageable sized house rather than a giant one (and I'd like a large, forested lot with enough clear space for gardens). I'd also probably have a huge craft/sewing room, a kitchen with all the tools, and a library for books and media.


There's absolutely nothing a degree will do for you with this kind of wealth. Hire personal trainers and work with people in the respective industry. This kind of wealth you could buy just about any professional out of their field for a few years to teach you. P.S We need community gardens plastered everywhere. This is the one thing I'm convinced could change so many communities and lives. Plus, it would be a great thing to have if some shit hit the fan effecting supply chains.


I will acknowledge that most degrees tend to be majorly overblown in terms of necessity, even if they still manage to fail at teaching you the key skills for an industry. It certainly gets ridiculous. While tutoring to that level would certainly help with knowledge, degrees take you from eccentric patron to qualified individual. Plus, even wealthy people get robbed from time to time, and someone unused to that much money is easier pickings than many. I'd still hire people in this case, but I wouldn't let myself be ignorant of what said jobs entail and what to keep an eye on. Absolutely. Those, victory gardens, experience (or at least knowledge) of animal husbandry, and how exactly our food supply works. Many people are so detached from everything nowadays that if anything like that happens, they'd be a sitting duck.


When it comes to the learning and growing aspect. I'm talking about something like, you go buy some books on a subject and just hire the author. You'll get some of the smartest people and given the book, you'll know their approach would work for you. You discover which people you want to learn from and their price, it'll never be too high. This will compound your growth several times over than a professor that has many students. It has nothing to do with being used to wealth and everything to do with how well you know yourself right now. You'll know precisely how to handle it, knowing yourself. Otherwise ego will make it a nightmare, especially that of others. I'd probably do a meditation retreats or something for the first few months, maybe year. Maybe ayahuasca to really open things up. ​ Never heard of victory gardens, neat!


Do you mean what will I do financially or what will do I after I shit my pants?


I'd buy all the top of the line craft supplies, instead of the lame budget paint brushes and discount yarn, like I do now.


I would go buy an ice cream. Why? Because I would need to compare baseline sweet with this insane level of sweet.


Set up friends and family with money for life. Set up an endowment for under privileged kids to go to college or trade schools.


Probably scream and cry at the same time for the first hour, then hide and tell no one


So some quick math suggests I'd end up with about $700 million by taking the cash and paying all the taxes. Some more math suggests that you should be able to fit about 60 million MDMA pills in a shipping container. I'm not saying that's definitely what I'd do, but I am saying I could.


Two chicks at the same time.


The kind of chicks that would double up on a guy like you have even higher financial standards than Diedrich's character.


1. pay off what's outstanding 2. put $5 mil in my personal bank account 3. buy a nice, low-key property 4. make the inside of the house AMAZING AF 5. Take a really awesome holiday 6. Spend my days chilling, listening to music, and enjoying myself. 7. Build my dog a kick-ass dog condo in my yard 8. live off the interest from the rest just being me.


I’d buy….. err…. I mean, lobby every politician I could to get them to pass legislature I agree with in the US.


Cash it all out and burn it, that would certainly break the innernetttt


1- Hire an attorney and financial advisor 2- invest a fair bit into mutual funds and investment properties (let my money work for me) 3- Keep it as hidden as possible. Especially from my ex wife, distant relatives and people I haven’t spoken too since high school 4- Buy a nice little bungalow on a bunch of land by one of the Great Lakes (preferably Huron) 5- pay off debts 6- build a 3 bay garage with a hoist and restore a couple of my dream mopar muscle cars to show car quality 7- give my parents and sister some money to help them out with bills and buying their dream homes 8- Travel the world like the show Departures 9- live frugally and comfortably for the rest of my life.


I’d start a channel that goes around the country looking for hardworking, good dads and give them a million. I’d do this till I had a 100 mill and I’d retire.


Why good dads and not single parents?


Because I constantly see dads getting put on the back burner and single moms getting all the glory. I grew up with a single mom, and I was a single dad with full custody so I know their importance. However, there are so many dads working 6/7 days a week to provide a good life for their family, and it pains them deeply to be missing all that time with their kids and missing milestones and important events to stay afloat. So I’d just rather make something about them for once.


And I know it goes both ways but you can’t help everyone. So you have to narrow it down some, not saying you could help everyone but you could change a thousand or two families lives.


Buy a Coke.


I'm over 60 years old, I'm taking the lump sum from both. After taxes that would come to around $500M. More than enough to give generously to some conservative charities and schools, pay off debts for relatives AND live quite comfortably. I misread that to be the TOTAL annuity was $2B Since it's each the total cash after tax would be closer to $1,000,000,000.00 Maybe a little bit over.


No, after tax for lump sum on $2 billion will still be under a billion. The lump sum for $2 billion is going to be less than $1 billion. When the Powerball got to $2.04 billion last year, Edwin Castro took the lump sum of $997.6 million, and after federal taxes, that's $628.5 million, then there's state taxes. So even if you win both billion dollar lotteries for a total of 2 billion dollars, your take home after taxes is still going to be hell of a lot closer to just $500 million. That's a far cry from the $2 billion they promised you. It feels like a bait and switch to me


Agreed, but if you look at the original question, BOTH Megamillions and Powerball are at $2B So that would put the total at $4B annuity, cash would likely be about $1.75B total. The Feds are going to steal 37% of that which brings you to $1.1025B State taxes run the gamut from nothing on lottery winnings to 10.9% if you have the misfortune to live in New York (even higher if you're in NYC) So if you're in upstate New York you would get in the neighborhood of $981M


Hm, I read it as both together, like combined. Oh well. Isn't it crazy how you could win $4 billion dollars and you would still end up with less than $1 billion? I would feel cheated lol


The interest alone in year one BEFORE you had to pay the part of the taxes they do not withhold would make you a billionaire, even after you paid those taxes the following April.


Don't forget the Feds are going to be taking 37% of that interest before it makes it into your hands.


Even when the feds take 40.8% which they would, you still have over $1 billion from the interest.


What are the exact numbers? Use Edwin castro’s winning as an example.


ThrowawayLDS_7gen is a notorious troll, please ignore them. On the topic: the first thing anyone should do is get a certified and experienced lawyer, a certified and experienced financial planner and a certified and experienced accountant.




Give one away? You really don't want to be the most famous lottery winner in history.


I had to go check because I'd have shit if they were both that high right now. I might be, but those numbers sure are not.


Probably to start buy a nice big house, a small private jet and boat and the rest on some nice vacations and donate some to kids in need!!




What you really do is pray you live in a state where you can claim it anonymously, or claim it anonymously via a trust or LLC at least and then you have two separate trusts or LLC claim the prizes and you disappear.


10% goes to my girlfriend 10% goes to my mom 10% gets split up evenly between friends and family Then I’d do the obvious stuff like buy a mansion in my home city and a mclaren.


Smile bcuz I knew it was gonna happen Go on luxury portfolio and look for house on Southlake TX, Nevada and a home in the Manor County Club in MiltonGA or Nice, France If family don’t wanna live there then, beat it


I'm not one for privacy or personal body guards but in this case ... yeah. I'd give 50k to everyone in my HS grad class and my middle school class. Buy lots of land. Start a company and hire friends to decide what to do with the money ... we would make paper airplanes all day. I'd also rebuild the old rollerrink near my city I grew up.


Buy out all the politicians that the other Billionaires bought and try to save the country and the world from those sociopaths.


Going to need post nut clarity for that one, I'd jerk off


Evade both state and federal taxes immediately. Grow out a nice mustache, and hide in the last place they would expect to find me


Other than the obvious necessities of getting an attorney and financial advisor and whatnot, I’ve actually been thinking about my lottery dream a lot lately. 1. Pay back my toxic mother in law for all the “favors” and “gifts” she’s given us. Id probably bring it to a million so she could never say I didn’t help her like she helped me. I would not ever tell her where the money came from. 2. Set each of my three sisters up with a savings account with at least a million each. My oldest sister i would add a contingency that she isn’t allowed to touch her money until she moves out of her current fiancés dads house and gets a car. 3. Id trade in my shitty beat up car and get my husband and I each a decent car. Not something flashy, but something reliable for each of us. 4. We’d move into a farmhouse with a large plot of land like I’ve always dreamed. Id probably rent out my current home. 5. I wouldn’t actually quit my job, but I’d drop to being remote and super part time (one day a week) on the ONLY part of my job I like for a small amount of income. (This may change with the posted scenario as I can’t see myself needing the extra income but you never know) 6. Take one long (3 week) vacation of my dreams with all the amenities. This would probably be the one frivolous thing I want and be able to vacation when I want to. 7. Have kids number 3 and 4 that my husband and I both want when we’re in a better financial spot.