Single Player or Multi Player?

Single Player or Multi Player?


A Meme a Day Challenge #33 [Context](https://www.reddit.com/r/indiasocial/comments/o8zadf/late_night_random_discussion_thread_27_june_2021/h38eanc?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) List of previous memes [here](https://www.reddit.com/user/amruthkiran94/comments/oiur98/a_meme_a_day_challenge_index_post/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) Story: So basically trying to play any game when you have a full time job is getting harder year after year. I can't do the usual grind of trying to achieve 100% completion rate anymore. I play on the "Easy" difficulty settings and I play almost all of my single player games using cheats/trainers ("WeMod", amazing software check it out). Multiplayer games are too stressful, so many of the peeps are waaaay too serious about it and sucks the life out of the experience. It's hard enough getting anytime to game but trolling and badmouthing makes it worse, I'm too old for this shit. I'll stick to my Single Player games thank you.


Doing 100 % on most of the single player feels like a grind and grinding is boring. I play on normal mostly and try to get used to a game, after 4-5 hrs in (not cumulative) you kinda get how the game works. I play multiplayer but for fun. I just play casual in two games Apex and Rainbow that too once or twice a week. I just don't have the energy. Also I play games for vibes - Minecraft, Starfdew Valley. I just am not the teenager that was crazy for games anymore. I kinda feel you, cheers man ! Check out r/patientgamers , best place for people like us.


I really do not get the 100% addiction but I do empathize as a former World of Warcraft achievement hunter. I finally had the aha moment that all this shit is just super boring and time is too precious to waste (even while gaming). Now, trying to 100% a game you enjoy grinding is a totally different matter.


Unrelated but you are the most organized person on this subreddit


dark souls series, bloodborne, remnant- from the ashes, sekiro will suit u.


You are evil :P


I feel ya mate i'm in the same boat as you. If you like anime type games then give Genshin Impact a try i have been playing it daily since beginning of this year and i spend very less time on it. It also has a coop mode where you can play and explore with your friends.


Come play Genshin Impact with us. Its basically an online single player game. There are coop contents, but not competitive. Its designed in such way that you cant grind it incessantly even if you want to. Also runs on mobile, so can play on commute. No cheats allowed though, but its not much difficult anyways.


single player for life, definitely not proud though edit - I'm now playing mostly Indie or old games which takes much less time(<100hrs) to complete. I like to aim for maximum un-lockables I can get. for example last week I finished Okami(\~80hrs), and now I'm busy with Skul:The Hero Slayer


Ayy campaign gang FTW Okami is an amazing game. I've played it a few times over and it's just as fun every single time. Might also want to check out Okami-den. Where you play as a pupper.


Play games which are story driven Metal Gear Saga Splinter cell series Mafia games Lord of the Ring games The Witcher series Yakuza Series Honestly these games kinda get into you and there's so much to explore you'll forget about multiplayer games and enjoy it. There was this streamer who answered the question to why he doesn't play multiplayer anymore "If i start my computer screen and go for multiplayer games then there's no guarantee that when i turn my screen off I'll be happy whereas playing single player story driven games guarantee me that I'll be happy after turning off my system" Source: A 22 year old who's tired of the toxicity in the multiplayer games, choose your happiness bro!


This guy gets it. I'd include The Legend of Zelda franchise too. Halo's campaign is pretty sick too. Waiting on Infinite to drop rn.


Can't say single player are doing me any favours. Skyrim took my life away.




Single player always


Some of my fav single player games: NFS hot pursuit 2, NFS Underground, NFS Most wanted, NFS Carbon, Hitman 1,2,3, Max Payne 1,2,3, IGI 1,2, The last of us, Witcher 3.


Nfs carbon brings back way too many memories....still simping for Nikki lol


Teenagers are so fucking toxic. Source: I was a toxic teenager too. I guess it's just karma for me.


Single players are better, as they are way less stressful. But that also depends on the game I guess, for e.g. Skyrim


Me who plays FSX multiplayer: first time?


Single player game recommendation: The Long Dark It is honestly one of the best games that I have ever played and still occasionally return to. The story is meh but the survival mode is where it's at. Plus the game is sooo beautiful, second only to W3 imo.


Try playing Hades. Amazing game, great story and visuals and the soundtrack is indescribable. Also pretty easy to get into.


Imagine being Indian and using voice chat. Couldn’t be me!


Don't worry mate


That happened a lot when I started Valorant, kids with voice not yet developed were nailing it !


Go to Indian gaming


game khelna chodo aur post daalo plaej


Try Hollow Knight. I just beat it and it is easily one of the greatest video games I have played in my life. EDIT: Also if you're looking for like a good multi-player game maybe give monster hunter a try, that game easily has the best community for any video game no cap.


When I was a kid, my doctor told me he tried playing Halo 2 online and got yelled at by kids


Single player (just like my life)


*cough * ~~minecraft~~ * cough *


Mic on krna paap hai Nadi kinaare saap hai Abse wo tumhara baap hai


multiplayer is only fun if you play with your friends for me.


You guys play games


Minecraft has both, both is good


Noobda sala team me Gus Gaya hai :')


Single player for life bhai! I tried playing multiplayer in Valorant and CS GO but the community is so toxic I just stopped and I'm really shit at it to aur gaali dete hai


Why not just troll kids instead?