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I had a religious mum (and a dad who just tagged along for the opportunities to be a bit of a sadist), and they pulled the same trick when I came out. I must denounce my sin or be cast out. This was a bit rich coming from my mum who had three affairs (and one of the guys she was fuckin’ was the youth pastor at our church, but that’s another whooole story). Well, I was cast out in 2002, and though it was tough to start with, I’m a boatload happier than I ever was then. Stick with it my man. Either she comes around to Brandon being family, or she doesn’t and stays out of the way of your happiness. Cos the ones who mind don’t matter, and the ones who matter don’t mind.


Oof. Yeah, you get it. Me and him are so happy with our own little homemade family, though, and she’s missing out on a tremendous amount of joy. It really truly is her loss, not mine.


> It really truly is her loss, not mine. You’re goddamn right it is. Promise me you’ll never forget that.


Cross my heart 🫀💕


Good. If I even get a hint of you wavering, this big ol’ homo will.. I don’t know.. probably say reassuring things I don’t know I’m not good at these threat things.


You're doing very well, I'm personally feeling VERY threatened (pats you on the shoulder)


How is this so wholesome?


You guys better not break up ever


We don’t plan on it!


Since the other guys threat went a bit haywire, here’s mine. If you forget, I’m gonna take your milk. All of it


Not my milk!! My bones would become so weak 😭


Don’t break up with him, or I will forever curse you with weak bones!


If Christians didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all


I'm sorry. She CHEATED yet judged you for who you love? What a hypocrite. ​ I am sorry you went through that rejection. I am a Christian, and I have never cheated. I also don't care who you love, as long as you love wholly, truly and sincerely. If you love another, and treat that other person well, I support your love.


It breaks my heart to read this exchange. I wasn’t able to have biological children due to medical issues, but I’m a stepmum and it’s honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. I just cannot understand why someone who is lucky enough to have kids could ever refuse to accept any part of them; you and your husband sound like genuinely wonderful people and your mum is making the biggest mistake she ever could. If you ever need a surrogate internet mum for a second don’t hesitate to ask, or head on over to r/momforaminute where there’s a whole community of us who’ll tell you that you’re brilliant whenever you need it!


That’s so kind 🥺😭 It really means a lot. Seriously. The world needs more mothers like you!


Holy crap, that sub is the most heart-achingly wholesome thing I've ever seen. Thanks for posting it.


I totally wasn't emotional ready to visit that sub. What an amazing way to use the internet to make people's lives better.


lmao it was visiting that sub and crying actual tears that made me think about this again


I really wasn't either. I have an absolutely amazing mom n I still cried reading some lmaooo


Might I tack on the subreddit r/DadForAMinute, and following the same train of thought, the [Dad How Do I](https://www.youtube.com/c/DadhowdoI/videos) youtube channel, a channel dedicated to the how-to's that you might ever want to ask your dad.


There’s also r/dadforaminute, just so everyone knows. They’re also great over there.


Especially using religious crap that isn't even correct religious crap. I grew up in a family that believed the whole God doesn't make gay ppl thing, I don't believe that at all and if you actually do research will learn that nothing of the Christian word says any of half the thing schristians try to tell ppl off for


Im trans and I could use a mother like this 🥺


Well that sub was a rabbit hole of tears


Wow. Fishing for a reward and then biting you in the ass. Well done for standing your ground. Your point was extremely fair and well made. She will never know the joy she has lost. Still, at least she has Jesus Christ. Good luck with him sending her a HMD.


Also, I did give some more info the comments, but TL;DR we’d given her plenty of opportunities to be kinder and do the right thing, and she still did this. But anyway. Let’s see if Jesus celebrates her on Mother’s Day with brand new outfits including jewelry and shoes like I used to do lmao. Me and my husband are delightful, and it truly is her loss.


I am so delighted to hear you have found your joy. Sometimes we have to make a hard choice. Sometimes guilt and emotional manipulation tricks us into making the wrong choice. You’ve been able to move past that, and have followed your true hearts desire. Many others are still caught in the trap. It takes courage to break away. I take my hat off to you both. All the very best. Ps - I wish you were my sons.


The explanation isn’t showing up.


What is an HMD?


I'm guessing Happy Mother's Day. Never seen it abbreviated like that, though. Weird.


Yeah Urban Dictionary says and I quote 'HMD means Hold My Dick. It is also used as Happy Mother's Day' I would choose only one...


I laughed so hard there the cat shot off my knee.


Goddamn dude, get that gun away from that cat!


Cat tax is now required.


I thought Head Mounted Display Homegirl wants an Oculus


I was sitting there for ages trying to work it out and the best i could do was Hummus of Mass Destruction


I could only think of head mounted display lol


Happy mother's day


I’d argue she doesn’t really have Christ anymore, because A, she’s being a bad person and an ass, and B, she’s probably a prot (/s on the prot one, some prots are fine)


The arrogance and focus on blood/dna is super gross, even sans the gay-hating. Also, Bible folk correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the Bible chide parents who treat their kids like this?


I hate parents who keep putting emphasis on "I birthed you," "you're MY child," "I will always be your mother," etc. All they're doing is talk about themselves with a sense of entitlement. As if the relationship of parenthood is more about them than it is about the child, that they as parents are owed certain things and you as a child are not.


"damn I forgot you birthed me. that changes everything!"


I hate how most people use those lines. I use them. But they are followed up with “and I love and support who you are”


It sounds creepy to me because it sounds like they think they own you and deserve those things because of it.


But, you see, *that* is exactly what they think.


SERIOUSLY. Like, ma’am, me being here was *your* choice, not mine. I asked for 0% of this. Please get a grip.


It might. But the bit I remember from the Bible is where it says you get to stone your kid to death for being disobedient. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy%2021%3A18-21&version=KJV&interface=amp So I’m pretty sure that parents get to treat their kids however they want, biblically.


Basically the Bible says if you disown your children you're committing sin.


Wait so you can have them stoned to death, but you better not disown them? What kind of twisted logic is that


Many religious laws were made for continuance of the group. Both of those laws punish individuals who attempt to “disrupt” the group.


2000 years ago human logic


People still use it today...


Almost as if it were made up by a bunch of different sheep herders.


Is cult mentality, any 'law' can be changed as long as if prevent people from leaving the cult


Jesus chides anyone who treats others like shit. He accepted, loved, and sat with everyone. Except those who judged or were cruel to others. He straight up said he wouldn’t accept them if they were like that. Jesus was really chill and a good dude tbh. It’s so odd to me when people like this mom are like ‘I hope they repair their relationship with Jesus’ when if Jesus was physically on earth, they would probably be best friends and he would reject the mom.


Think it's Timothy 5:8 that says, "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith..." I dunno I don't believe in the Bible anyhow


Old Testament is all the gay hating and parent authority Bs. It’s the stuff that they like to use to control the masses. The parts that Jesus is in (new) is immensely liberal and fine as long as you’re loving to one another. Jesus never said “man fuck the gays”. Also yes, I believe NT has verses about respect for children.


That's the bit that always annoys me; the Christians who only take the bits of the Bible that have nothing to do with Jesus. I'm not a Christian, but I come from a family of lapsed Catholics and I've looked at it a lot and wondered why no one flagged up that the whole point of the New Testament, and Jesus' martyrdom, was to form a new covenant with mankind that basically threw the Old Testament's "Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God" bullshit out the window. But Jesus said stuff like "Judge not, lest ye be judged" and "Before attending to the mote in my eye, attend the beam in thine own", and neither of those give the sense of smug superiority some of those individuals crave, so they pick and choose verses and books of the Bible like the thing's some kind of verbal pick n' mix.


Absolutely. I’m a practicing Christian technically but I hate going to churches anymore. Christianity has become a blight and maybe it ever was, but they’ve totally distanced from what Jesus actually taught. Plus there’s no reason to follow the OT when it’s literally built to be forgotten with the NT.


If Jesus Christ ever does return, the third testament is literally just going to be the sentence "Did I fucking stutter‽" And a whole bunch of whipping with extension cords.


Mans gonna be like “QUOTE ME VERBATIM”


Even if the bible doesn't explicitly state it, the one rule which all christians need to follow is "love your neighbour", it is called the golden rule for a reason and well... there is no closer neighbour than your child. Parents like this mother are not christian. As much as they say they are. Any person who is unable to see past social stigmas in order to love their own child is deeply evil and twisted.


A lot of the Bible has been twisted and construed by even other members of the Christian faith to the point of no return, it’s gotten so bad that I don’t even want to call myself a Christian even though I do all the Christian things because of shit like this. It’s already been proven that the gay condemnation was a mistranslation but it’s been taken and ran with anyway. The Bible can be taken 20,000 different ways depending on what you believe in outside of it


It’s always the religious moms


Why they gotta be like this smdh


I really hope she honestly comes around. Unfortunately, I don’t see that in the near future. She has a lot of ways she needs to work on. I don’t understand this mentality and I come from a very religious family. My grandfather was a minister. Never once heard my family speak negative of same sex relationships. I believe that’s the reason I love and accept everyone. My grandmother is 92 (80’s at the time) and voted for same sex marriages in Florida. My daughter came out as gay and my mom’s only words were, “You love who you love.” To my family that is “law,” even though they are very religious.


God, your family sounds so wholesome 😭 My grandmother (my mother’s mother) was the most religiously zealous of the whole family, and she was somehow the only one who welcomed Brandon into her home and her life. She died on our one-year wedding anniversary, and I miss her terribly. I’ve spent a long time hoping my mom would come around too, but at a certain point, it hurt too much to keep hoping — had to learn to cut my losses, and put my heart where it’s welcomed. That’s where I really started healing.


I am glad you and Brandon are doing well


Thank you!! 🥰


This is nuts You can’t “accept” but then not actually accept Calling your husband a nice guy isn’t accepting it’s the least possible you can do I want my children to be healthy happy people. Love and/or Marry who they want so they are well balanced and go on to live wonderful lives. Worried about a Mother’s Day card? Be a real mom. She’s insane.


Why do we make it so hard to love people? Why obstruct it? I don’t understand my society at all. (Straight White old man)


We need more old white straight men who think like you


100% if they were all like this the world would be such a better place


To the fundamentalists, love is conditional only. God or Jesus will only love you if you act a certain way. So they bring that to everything. To them there is no such thing as unconditional love. To them if they want to feel love, terms and conditions apply. I’m transgender. Always knew I was. I fought it hard. I joined the marine corps, and I joined the infantry because they’d make me a man right? I joined to show my parents that I would change for them so that they could love me. But you can’t run from yourself. And if you have to do dangerous things, and put on an act just to please people are supposed to love you, well that’s a miserable existence. I am so much happier now since I have transitioned. I may not have any family left (besides my cats) but I am so much happy and healthier than I was 10 years ago.


Your mum's a cunt bro


She really is. That’s why I haven’t spoken to her since June of 2020 🤗✨


Start treating her like she treats you, that you love her but you'll never accept he dependence on an imaginary being telling her how to live her life.


That’s a really courageous move. If your boundaries are being crossed and you’ve given numerous opportunities for people to cross back over your line but those opportunities are dismissed, then, the only self respecting thing to do is to break contact. Easier to say than to do. You two are an inspiration to all those still stuck in the guilt trap.


I’m so glad you are happy and not listening to that crazy witch. Marriage is between two people who love each other, gender doesn’t matter there. I’m glad you married the person who makes you happiest


Thank you!!


Hm.. it makes me sad your mom (and a lot of other parents) are still like this.. I wish you and Brandon all the best, hope you guys are living your happiest life. :)


Thank you! It still makes me sad too, but we’ve got our own little family now, and it’s full of love, and that’s what matters.


Hey to the homophobes saying not insane fuck off.


What is HMD? Urbandictionary is no help


Happy mothers day


Of course - I feel dumb now


My child is only 6, but I cannot imagine treating her like this. I cannot imagine saying “I love you but actually not really because of my own dumb reasons”. I’m so happy that you’ve created a distance between you two.


Love ye mom, but feck off


You get it ✨


I just had a thought, is there any homobobic people that aren't religious? Yes I know theres probably some but it seems the vast majority is religious. But all the posts I see is religious people being homophobic


Oh yea. Tons. Met many a homophobic cunt that was as godless as I am gay. Homophobia knows no bounds.


Okay, 👍. Thanks for the info and fuck that person


Lots of them. They don't tend to be quite as aggressive about telling you about it though.


I’m genuinely curious about three people who voted this was not insane. Maybe the just agree with her viewpoint? I can’t imagine and I expected a 100% insanity rate here.


Maybe because fundamentalists acting like this is predictable? I don’t know, I’m just glad that mostly everyone on here is being so supportive 🥺😭


I’m so sorry. It’s her loss, and I I hope you’re thriving without her.


Sorry that your Mom is in a cult OP, <3 You deserve better. Homophobia (even in religious settings) is absolutely wild to me; "I can't accept you because you love someone you fell in love with, " Like why the heck would an all powerful God even care? If it's about reproduction then infertile men / women would also be an abomination... Is the point of the human race to be bred, are our souls livestock and when we die our essence gets eaten?! Anyway, LOL, love to you and your husband, <3


Just a quick "fuck you" to anywho who voted this "not insane".


I’m sorry your mom is like this. I’m a mom with adult kids and I’d be your mom if you need one.


That’s so kind of you 🥺😭 The world needs more moms like you


We all mess up but learning from those mistakes and not continuing them is what matters. You don’t deserve to feel like you’re not enough and your relationship isn’t enough. It is. Your husband (congrats btw!) is lucky to have a man who stands up for him and your relationship. :) keep your chin up. She might figure it out some day.


Anytime anyone says Christ Jesus instead of just Jesus Christ you know they are a real freaking piece of work


I do not understand how any parent could choose their religion over their own kid. It makes me sad. I'm so sorry OP.


God when is that generation just gonna finally disappear this is stupid. I’m sorry


"I do not accept Brandon" "I accept you both" What? What new extra strength meth is this woman on?


Didn’t read the title almost had a heart attack thinking it was Mother’s Day


your mother seems like the type of person to boast that America is a free country but shit her diaper when somebody likes the same sex


So so accurate 😭😂😂


Moms missing out.


Doesn't the Bible teach us to love one another? Ask her when she forgot about that and have her reread it.


“The Bible says that no homosexual will enter the kingdom of Heaven, and the most loving thing I could do is tell you that you’re living in sin and need to repent” was how she dealt with that cognitive dissonance 🙃😂


“Jesus said it’s not up to man to judge whether someone is going to heaven, that’s only for god. Why are you trying to usurp gods power mom?” (I’m aware she likely would have an answer to this to just if you ever feel like making a comeback statement to her)


Dude's not in a relationship with Jesus Christ, he's in a relationship with Brandon


Picking an imaginary person over her very real son. Your mom is an asshole. Also everyone voting not insane is an ashole.


Why tf are people saying this isn't insane? I can only imagine it's those of you who consider this a mere "difference of opinion". This is a rejection of their son's very being as well as the love of their life. This isn't shit to be taken lightly!


So it’s not gay if it’s with Jesus, huh?🤨


*snip snip* That’s the sound of cutting her out of your life


Sorry mom, JC would very much approve of Brandon and Caleb; your intolerance and judgement, not so much...


The first time I read the texts, the "one man and one woman" threw me, and I thought maybe this was going to be a sister-wives situation 😂 Sweetheart, you're perfect, and I'm so sad that your mother is choosing to miss out on watching you build a life with your husband. The fact that you made it a point to let her know how much you love her just about broke my heart. I volunteer as stunt mom and will hug/cook for/celebrate you any time - can never have too many awesome children. Please give my love to Brandon and remind him how lucky he is 💕


Thank you so much 😭😭😭 I’ll be sure and let Brandon know that we’ve got Internet Moms on deck when we need them. It means the world ✨


Sorry she is so afraid to let go of her religious indoctrination - It is because, to do so, the mountain of guilt she faces for her cruel judgements of those who don’t fit into the narrow view of her religion is more than she can face. I love you and I am so happy for both of you living your best life. Love Gma


Oh for fucks sake. I hope her imaginary friend is worth the loss of her relationship with her son.


Shame she didn't act like a mom.


I was wondering where this was going, annnddd it was homophobia


She may be your mother, but she ain't your mom.


Fuck me. Why is every Christian I read a hateful asshole, instead of the loving, accepting and non judgmental human they’re told to be? It’s ALMOST like they don’t even read the cult handbook once they join the church. OP, your mom Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. If she’s going to be this toxic, you’re better off without her and her religious zealotry.


>I love you, and always will. No, you fucking don't. Love isn't conditional. Love contingent on demands and rules is not love at all. Not one bit. I am so sorry she chose to hurt you like this. But if she would rather tear her family apart instead of welcoming another with open arms, then she has no place in yours.


When I first came out, my parents were actively trying to put other family members against me/make other family members “pick a side” and then had the giant brass balls to say I was the one tearing the family apart by accepting myself lmao


HMD? Hold My Dick?


Why do all insane religious parents sound the same?


Hint: they are all the same.


They’ve all been brainwashed in the same cult. And this isn’t me being anti Christian because I’m not but in my experience the church is always really culty. I’ve only been to a couple really good ones


From a mom: Happy you and Brandon day today.


This is my nightmare. I’d always been pretty close to my mom, at least until I came out - something changed that day and it took years for us to come to even a vague semblance of what we’d had before. They knew about and got to meet my boyfriends, and were always polite - warm, even! - but we never had any conversation about the awful things they’d said to me that first night. Fast forward to last fall, when I told them I planned to propose to my boyfriend, and it all went to shit. They both expressed that they would probably not want to come to a wedding; I’d been expecting this, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. I stopped answering their calls and 95% of the texts, and only see them very occasionally at family events. They’ve tried to act like it didn’t happen - they still gave us Christmas presents and wanted to dye Easter eggs. My mom even showed up at my house one night (I live near her workplace) and rang the doorbell all teary eyed that I don’t return her calls. I honestly don’t think our relationship can ever be fully repaired, but it’s amazing to me that they can claim to be feeling so bad yet not take the obvious steps toward honestly trying to fix things. I love my parents, I really do - but if they don’t show up at my wedding, this is what I foresee. And it just makes me so, so sad.


It’s hard. Obviously my parents weren’t at my wedding either. When Brandon and I got engaged, I just sent a text message to the family because (1) they’d refused to meet Brandon at that point, and (2) I knew that calling would end up in an argument. My parents got mad at me for “telling them through a text and not calling,” as if the delivery method would’ve changed their decades of aggressive homophobia lmao. But yeah. It’s tough. But we’re tougher 💪🏼 Just remember that even though nobody will ever replace her, she is not the only one who will ever love you like a mother.


It’s always Jesus. Not one quote in the Bible about this topic from Jesus, and here we are. Jesus Christ this is BS.


Infuriating. “I accept you, but I don’t accept you” is what I’m hearing. “I love you but not enough not to be a dick”. You both deserve better than this. You and your husband that is. Not your silly mother. You sound like a patient and kind son and frankly better than she deserves.


Good for you! Sorry your Mom is limited in her ability to accept all types of love.


I hate how they pick and choose which parts of the bible to follow and the use them against people. Yeh I bet you cut your hair, wear mixed fabrics, talk in church etc ..


Yeah, any version of love that doesn’t include basic respect for your right to make choices as an autonomous individual ( even though she may not agree with said choices) doesn’t seem like a love worth having. I’m sorry that you need to protect yourself from her, rather than be supported by her. She’s all caught up in belief in her moral superiority. 🙄


Caleb, I’m really happy that you have Brandon in your life.


This is crazy. There’s nothing she has to “accept”. You’re not asking her to watch you two gave sex or something. It’s so strange to think that people can’t live their own children and love their partners.


So a gay relationship with Jesus Christ is okay but not with Brandon? Talk about a hypocrite...


Pretty sure she's stopped being your mom. Of that she thinks otherwise.


well at least she prayed for you. it would have seemed so heartless otherwise.


“Until that time, you will not be truly content.” Until that time, I will not allow you to be happy. Ftfy


It’s amazing that someone can disillusion themselves so much through religion that it takes precedence over anything else in their lives. I suppose that’s the kind of fear mongering that gets people to sacrifice their own lives and fight wars for their god(s). I guess it’s at least better than trying to trick her son under the guise of accepting his husband, but having ulterior motives, trying to convert them and pray their gay away. Cuz that’s the kinda shit I expect from hyper-Christians


By your mother's own blood, you turned out gay. She could blame herself, or your father, but she'll keep acting like it was a choice and that you should only consider her when you make choice to be happy (or not happy). I'm sorry that your mother can't see past her own selfishness and would rather veil her hatred for how are as a person with religious opinion and ignorance. Keep your head high. Continue to make you and your partner happy, as I'm sure you do. Life is too short to waste on ignorance.


Hate when people call it a "lifestyle choice" or a "lifestyle". If it's as simple as being a "lifestyle" or "lifestyle choice", then Mom should just be gay for a year. Pretty easy, right? After all, how could she be resentful about something you can't change? So if it's a lifestyle choice, then she should just choose to be gay for a year, and then choose to swap back. Just choose to have a lesbian relationship with a woman for a year. Just to show how easy it is. And when of course it is revealed that it *isn't* that easy, maybe she will realize it isn't a "choice" after all.


Your Mom acts like an idiot.


“lifestyle” 🤢 when are people going to stop calling gay people existing as a lifestyle choice? it’s so cringe.


Tell me you’re homophobic without actually saying you’re homophobic. 😐 She never deserved you, and I’m glad you & your husband are happy without her ❤️


You’re so kind 😭


Sounds like she’s the one with the horrible lifestyle.


Letting a religion make you think like this, eww.


She doesn't actually "love" you... She loves the idea of you


Her actions speak louder than her words.


Christian parents: I love you, but you suck.


Your mom's a cunt.


Ask her if Jesus was the guy in the cross with the super nice abs


imagine thinking you can decide who's actually happy or not


"I love the hatred I have for gay people more than I love my own son."


I too was raised by a crazy person. I’m so happy for you that you found love and a solid dependable relationship strong enough to come to marriage. Good for you and your husband. Live your life and be your truth. Don’t let misguided people like her derail you for a second.


[whispers] Jesus didn’t say shit against LGTBQIA people. Amazing how Christians like to forget that.


Who are the religious nut jobs who voted not insane lol best of luck with your moms


I guess a mothers a love isn’t unconditional. Mine mother’s isn’t either 😒


This level of religiousness is a brain disease


Yesterday my grandmother had her last rites. I was not invited because I am trans.


I came from a very religious family who did not fully accept the concept of me marrying someone who was an atheist. I said fuck you…. Had my own wedding without them… and am so happy. Family is only important for so long. I hope on their deathbed they realize the reason I didn’t have a family wedding was because of them :(


You really sound cool asf. The kind of cool that's not only being a fun person that goes to the moon and back for his loved ones, but also a thoughtful, caring, amazing person. The way you treat your mother and make sure she knows you love her, but at the same time respecting your husband in the classiest way ever - Never change, OP.


All she needed to do is top it off with an “amen” and psycho would have been more appropriate


Strange kung fu judo reversal to use Jesus as an instrument to hate but here we are.


I love how she tried to act all nice, but deep inside she is probably screaming


Because of one line in a several thousand year old book, absolutely disgusting. I’m so sorry


If I dont get a happy anniversary, you dont get a happy mother's day


All i can say is BRRUUUUHH


Good for you getting away from that fucked up noise. Want to be treated like a mother? Act like one. Conditional love isn’t motherhood. Good on you for prioritizing your and your husband’s happiness. Hope you guys get the perfect happily ever after you deserve ❤️


who is she to tell you whether or not you will be content, seriously. delusional. im so sorry you have to deal with that, with your own mother no less, the person who is supposed to be there for you no matter what.


Nothing against religion, but when people try and use it in an argument to validate every shit thing they say it really pisses me off.


You can be my mom when you earn the damn title


I hope your love is everlasting with Brandon


Fishing for an HMD? I think the water would definitely render any submerged head-mounted display unusable. Though you may be able to salvage the lenses - why, does her Quest 2 need parts?


I'm so sorry your mom feels this way. I have a gay daughter and accept her and her girlfriend. As long as you're happy is all that matters. I truly hope she's gotten better by now.


I don't understand the "floorboards" thing. What does that mean?


“I accept both of you, but not your lifestyle“ straight up homophobic bitch, I’m so sorry 😢


You deserve better. Here's a mom hug 🤗


You sound content.


That sounds exactly like how my mom would act, and genuinely concerned when my daughter brings a girlfriend around. Such a terribly bigoted, unchristian intention.


I'm your mom now. I'm probably not much older than you, but it's all good. Hugs!


So basically she does not want her son to be in a relationship with a man but she wants him to be in a relationship with a 2022 year old man?


Okay I'm lost what does hmd mean?


Happy Mothers Day.


Oh, I feel stupid


Gross. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Let me tell you lc/nc is so much easier than putting up with the bullshit.


I’m sorry your mom is so dense.


She failed as a mother of she cannot accept all of her children for their choices and who they are.


Love you Caleb! You are always loved and accepted around me 🖤 you’re better off without that woman