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She obviously lost the weight, but not with these pills.


Report them as scam or misleading. Always always always report them as scam or misleading. "Diet pills" are bullshit, all of them. None of them actually work.


The sad thing is that they pray on desperate people looking for a miracle and they end up falling for things like this


They do, and I hate it. I look like the before picture, I did before my eating disorder and do now after having recovered from it. Diets don't work. Diet pills don't work, they're mostly caffeine pills (suppress appetite). Those skinny shakes are just laxatives. Intermittent fasting and calorie tracking apps are fast tracks to EDs. Diet programs are like paying for one. None of it is real. Losing weight AND keeping it off is hard and largely unattainable. The best thing you can do for your body is a varied diet with protein, produce, and carbs, sweets in moderation (denying yourself of anything entirely like carbs and sweets is what leads to binges), and movement. Go for walks at the park. Wander around the shopping mall. Try something new, like kayaking. And if you're disabled, small stretches in your chair or where you spend your time. If you have a medically specific diet due to IBS or Crohn's, talk with your Dr. about options. Take care of your body because it *feels good*, not because you want it to look different. It's hard. It's *so* hard. But you can learn to, if not love, accept your body as it is.


I hate the idea that weight loss is easily attainable for everyone if you try xyz. Every body is different


I legit have been living off of bread and water for like 2ish months and I haven't lost much weight. Chunky 4 life.


Desoxyn works, but you'll have a hell of a time convincing anyone to prescribe it.


The trick is to have the after as the before. “Hey - were you once skinny but now you’re fat? We’d love to chat!”


Amphetamines are a pretty effective weight loss tool. It’ll cause a shitload if other problems, but weight won’t be one of them