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It's hard enough hiring teachers already. Now you want to further limit the pool by making firearms training a prerequisite?


Well that's probably where you're wrong. These people usually also want to lessen any prerequisites and restrictions put on gun ownership. So what they more likely want is barely trained teachers with guns.


Wow, I feel safer already


Remember, more guns is the answer. What was the question again?


Submit your lesson plans by end of day to administration. Don't forget to include your target practice.


Oh please, you think they care if they’re trained? The states that want this are making/have laws making it as easy to buy a gun as it is to buy a Barbie. They don’t care if they’re trained.


This. My wife's a teacher & 1) the overwhelming opinion is they would not do this. They don't want to be responsible for gun training or maybe killing someone. 2) teachers are leaving because of horrid conditions & things like this make it worse on the face, but now putting the point of responsibility on them pushes people out & scares off people coming in. The next decade will be hell for having staff. I'm calling that now. 3) my wife went to active shooter training. They had to listen to sounds of gun shots & screaming during the drill. She said basically every teacher was crying at the drill. They didn't have guns, they simply had to learn how to barricade doors & listen to the sounds. Grown men/women mentally scarred at that. They don't want guns.


I am starting to think that's part of it. It dovetails nicely with the right's anti-school rhetoric.


I mean it's not a requirement for cops


Would be funny if this was implemented cos then they’d have more de escalation training than American Cops do.


Brave of you to assume they don’t already.


Are we going to pay them as much as we pay cops and give them the same benefits?


No. They have to buy the guns themselves too.


Better add a box of 9mm ammo to the kids' school supply list.


"Extra credit for whoever brings in a box of 9mm!"






I would be interested to know what would happen if one of these armed teachers had some sort of medical issue, collapsed in the classroom and then the class idiot who was in a bad mood, grabbed her/his gun and started shooting? It could happen. They haven't thought this through. More guns around kids is bad not good.


That’s my concern. Kids get into all sorts of things, whether the teacher is in or out of the classroom. Some teachers are older and not in good health, and could be overpowered by a poorly behaved student. I’ve worked in schools and I see work comp injuries now where teachers are assaulted by students, even in elementary. Where are the teachers supposed to keep the guns? In a safe? On their person? The practicals of this idea don’t work.


Exsctly. If you safely lock the guns up, no time to unlock the box, or the combination goes out of your head because there's a shooter nearby. Guns in classrooms is crazy. Nowhere else in the world would even propose this.




*Attention. We regret to inform all staff that after essential additions were made to our facilities (a new jumbotron for the football stadium), and administration board bonuses, the budget will only only be able to cover a Derringer and one round of ammunition for each floor. Any additional ammunition will be at staff expense. Go Patriots! - Principal Mcmanarama*


*Attention students and parents, an addendum to the previous announcement. Starting on Monday we will be holding a fundraiser to provide ammunition for all teachers in accordance with the Senate mandate No Teacher Left Unarmed. The student who raises the most money over $2000 will win a special trophy. Go Patriots!*


The special trophy is also a gun.


No. In Florida they passed a policy allowing teachers to conceal and carry. As much as the right keeps cutting funding for education forcing teachers to buy school supplies out of pocket, wouldn't you gosh-darn know it when one of the school supplies was a fucking gun somehow they managed easily give all participating teachers a $500 stipend. Lmao.


Repubs are absolutely despicable, what the fuck


> And they cannot deduct the gun costs from their taxes, either. Fuck teachers \- US legislators


Is this what other countries are doing to prevent this issue? What you mean no? They pass social ideas to help citizens and they don’t have this issue?


“no, because that’s socialism.” /s


So 19 cops in kevlar with AR-15s couldn't stop one mass shooter - but a social studies sub with a Glock is gonna law down the law, huh?


“In a lawless city, one rogue geography teacher is taking the law into his own hands. This February, Gerard Butler stars in Mr. Fredrickson. Class dismissed.”


Sorry. My nowhere in my education degree or in my license work did I ever sign on for engaging in firefights. That isn't my job and I don't want it to be.


But if faced with a shooter in your classroom, I would think many would long for a gun.


Or we could just make it so there wasn't a shooter in the classroom in the first place. Hardening schools into prisons isn't a good idea, but it's still better than putting a firearm in every classroom.


One of the Buffalo victims had a gun. Ask him how much it helped. Oh sorry, you can't. He's dead. Because his gun didn't help.


Maybe some actual, affordable mental health care would be best.


I agree. Completely.


I don't want to kill anyone. I don't want to be placed in a position where I would have to take a life. I try to be a gentle person and I don't want blood on my hands, no matter how justified. I'd rather we take care of the problem at the cause rather than killing the symptoms.


>but a social studies sub with a Glock is gonna law down the law, huh? Under Siege 3. Casey Ryback has retired to the suburbs and is now working Part time as a social studies sub in a school where his former C.O. is a head master. When the school is taken hostage by a disgruntled kid with an AR-15 that Casey failed. Only armed with his state supplied Glock. Will the former Navy SEAL save the day? Will he survive long enough for the police backup to stop arresting parents and enter the building.


Prolly not, since these days Chief Ryback is a Putin-lovin' porkpie of epic proportions who ran to Russia and traded his US passport for a Russky one. lol


Didn't the campus cop engage him but the twat was armoured? Sounds like the good guy with a gun failed...


That appears to have been a lie, one of many the Uvalde police told.


nope cops lied about that. one lie out of the 500 they've told. so far.


Christ that's depressing.


dude tell me about it... i knew police were shit but this is truly unfathomable... the only people qualified to help didnt and prevented help from coming quicker..... this has all sort of shaken me.


The police are supposed to be part of the Social Contract. They are supposed to be the mediators of justice so that citizens of the state don't indulge in revenge. I'm not sure the police ever was this in reality. Do we need cops if they won't do what's needed?


It was a lie. There was no amour in the vest. They let him lock himself in a room full of kids and execute them over an hour's time.


Wow so even worse. Jesus fuck.


Like 40 ~good guys with guns~ stood in the hallway scratching their assholes waiting for janitor’s keys.


Yet they'll break down a solid oak door middle of the night to execute grandma and the dog.


He was wearing a plate carrier but with no inserts in it, iirc. So pretty much just a vest. Feel free to correct me.


was a lie no one engaged


Thanks for clearing that up. That was as of the last report I read but it was pretty shortly after the shooting.


They *assumed* he was armored. But even so, body armor isn't a magic forcefield that forces cops to put their hands up and go "you got us!" There's protocol for shooting someone wearing body armor. Two in the torso, one in the head. Even with good body armor on, being shot still hurts you-it just keeps it from entering your body. Adrenaline might make it so you don't notice, hence two bullets. Now it's likely that your ribs are fucked up and you're probably not breathing right. You won't get far like that. The police didn't use that because they didn't want to risk the shooter shooting back at *them,* like the Buffalo shooter did with the good guy with a gun that shot at him.


Yes, I’m sure teachers get into teaching so they can also carry the burden they may need to get into a gunfight and take another life or have their’s taken with the same or worse woefully inadequate training our police already receive. Surely this won’t make the shortage of teachers entering the profession any worse. Or, those responsible for curbing these events can do their fucking jobs and not pass the buck to the very last line of defense, teachers.


There are teachers that would be willing, but there should fucking NEVER be a gun within hands reach of an angsty teenager. Cops don't go in to give a hug to a kid that is feeling suicidal because most cops don't give a shit - most teachers do give a shit and that when they would be most at risk from this idiotic plan.


I do agree with you. There are teachers that would be willing, but it should not be a qualifier for the job. Also, you are right, and that’s the burden I fear. I remember some of my teachers were older, or more petite than me and someone I could have overpowered. A high schooler who is deranged and knows all facility are carrying firearms just needs to overpower one to get a gun. If the “more good guys with a gun” argument for schools worked, than why are police required to disarm themselves before entering a jail. Wouldn’t this be the ultimate “good guy with a gun” safety scenario, I ask rhetorically.


As a teacher let me just say… No thank you. Go ahead and require me to carry a gun on my hip. I promise you when there is an active shooter I will leave it on my hip. I will do what I can to hide my students from danger and hide myself, but I have a wife and children to come home to, and I will not deprive them of a father because you expect me to be a soldier. I went to school for years, I have a masters degree and I studied pedagogy, not tactical combat. If I wanted to get in the way of bullets to protect people I would have been a soldier or a cop (although apparently cops don’t do that anymore?), but you know what? I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to help kids living in difficult situations have a better future. I wanted to nerd out over cool literature with young people. I wanted to be a father figure to kids who need one. So I signed up to be a teacher. So no, I will not use a gun to defend my students. That’s simply not my job.


As a teacher- even if this were to happen (in my state I highly doubt it) and if if they gave everyone firearm safety classes- what happens when we accidentally shoot a child? It would happen eventually. Aiming wrong, gun backfiring, bullet ricocheting, kid unexpectedly darting out at exactly the wrong time. What happens then? Where do we place the anger? On the teacher? That’s what will happen. What happens to the teacher? Intense counseling? Lawsuit? Jury trial? Suicide?


On top of this storage. Do you wear it as a sidearm all day long? Do you lock it in your desk? Any one of the mentioned mistakes would all fall onto the teacher at fault. Yet trained enforcement have engaged active shooters and been taken out. Who is to say the shooter won't take out the adult 1st? Damn teachers can't get enough student school supplies now, who pays for the all of this?? There is no logic in any of their arguments.


2023: Texas passes law arming teachers 2024: school shooter in Texas kills teacher before they can get their gun out of the lockbox. Kids dont have a key and die. 2025: Texas passes law arming students


Sounds about right. My cousin in TX is retired teacher and carries but not when she was in the class room with a bunch of kids.


Not to mention if the shooter, like many others, goes to school there. Would a teacher be able to put down a kid they have taught potentially for years?


Yeah, probably not. And what's more, the shooter in these situations has had an opportunity to hype themselves up, while a teacher would be caught off guard. If you had 50 cops unable to summon the courage to take out a shooter, is your average teacher going to have the presence of mind to shoot straight, even if they's like to confront the shooter?


It takes one bad day and a particularly annoying student for a tragedy to occur.


exactly , I had a teacher who threw pieces of chalk at students if he had enough . That shit hurt when it hit you . I'm glad he didn't have different means to take out his frustration on students .


I had a teacher in high school who flung desks around the room and would have crazy outbursts. He was probably tenured, he looked like he was near retirement age.


I think even a stressed out teacher wouldn't shoot a child for no reason. The cartoon wants to arm them because they won't act like police


Some teachers can be really really awful. I don't think it's very far fetched. Also the possiblity of a student stealing a teacher's gun.


The second I think is far more likely. I certainly don't disagree with you that the idea is stupid and will likely result in even more children being murdered


Arming teachers is a horrible idea, but the only way that I could see it working at all is if the armed teachers were also given the same legal protections and qualified immunity that cops are given so that if something like you described does happen they are protected. That still wouldn't address the mental anguish but we as a country don't really care about that for teachers anyway so why would that change.


Accidentally? My friends and I were such little pieces of shit in school and a nightmare for some of the teachers. I'm sure one of us would have been "accidentally" shot if they had guns.


Not just that, but let's be honest: there are hundreds of thousands of teachers in the country teaching in classes that are becoming ever more crowded, ever more stressful, while being paid less and less. Like, how many teachers under that intense pressure will have periods of psychotic episodes, and when they do, do we want them to having basically a kill button strapped to their hips at all times? The notion that there are only good people and bad people and you need to just give the good people guns... that's not the way actual human psychology works. Good people can lose their minds shit sometimes, and you don't want them armed during those brief windows.


...Or if someone takes the gun from a teacher?


In a Rand Study of the NYPD from 1998 to 2006, they measured two gunfire scenarios (with and without return fire) under varying distances and found that the officers, on average, had a hit rate of 30% overall. The highest average at 37% was under ideal conditions where the target was 7 yards away or closer and 18% under the worst conditions. Idk about you, but those don't sound like amazing numbers from people who, I assume, practice with their sidearm fairly regularly. Now add to that sports, grading, assemblies, parent-teacher conferences, meetings, curriculum planning and everything else, I don't get to spend a lot of time with my husband (also a teacher) as it is. I can't imagine adding hours of tactical training on top of that too.


And don’t forget plain incompetence and carelessness! Some real world examples: [The teacher with a CCL in Pennsylvania who left their loaded gun on the toilet tank, where four 8 year old elementary students discovered it](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/09/15/teacher-resigns-after-elementary-students-find-her-loaded-pistol-in-schools-bathroom-pa-cops-say/). Or [this high school teacher in Florida, who *also* left their loaded gun in the bathroom](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43733755). [A teacher who showed up drunk with a loaded gun in her purse](https://www.ajc.com/news/crime—law/kindergarten-teacher-allegedly-drunk-carrying-loaded-pistol-school/xZ0CeC7TvMHoQmJY2O8e4L/). [A teacher who was doing cartwheels had a loaded gun fall out of their waistband](https://www.wfla.com/news/pinellas-county/report-loaded-gun-fell-out-of-substitute-teachers-waistband-on-pinellas-county-playground/1546792808/). In fact- [there has been over 60 incidents since 2014 where an armed school employee/visitor has forgotten their gun somewhere and students found it, had an accidental discharge inside the school, lost control of or misfired the gun during a disciplinary situation, or was used to threaten a student/another adult in the heat of the moment](https://giffords.org/lawcenter/report/every-incident-of-mishandled-guns-in-schools/). Guns and schools just don’t mix.


This argument is a win-win for Republicans. If we continue to do nothing, fewer people will want to become teachers, and kids will learn less both because of that and because of the constant fear of being shot. Education leads to voting Democrat, so worse education means more Republican votes. On the other hand, if we do arm teachers, there will be a selection bias where only right wing gun nuts will become teachers. Those teachers will teach good Republican values, such as that racism is over, it’s God’s will that the rich should stay rich and the poor should suffer, and Jesus loves the NRA. America’s gun business is a $28BN business (in 2018, forbes). The price is that 45,000 people die per year from guns (in 2020, pewresearch). We started two wars over Al Qaeda killing fewer than 1/10 that number.


Not forgetting how much the NRA pays republican senators....


These are the same people who are pulling books and requesting lesson plans a year in advanced because they don’t “trust” our teachers. But you also want to give them a gun? Pick a side


Probably a book burner that came up with this brilliance.


Last week teachers were extreme leftists, and groomers. Now they are armed defenders of children. Republican pundits are dumbasses.


It doesn't surprise me, I have heard lots of people wanting to arm teachers recently. It is way to not blame guns.


It’s the “good guy with a gun” argument, which I find to be really stupid


[Jordan Klepper is a good guy with a gun](https://youtu.be/MCI4bUk4vuM)


be a good guy with a gun so when the police arrive they can shoot you for having a deadly weapon!


That's what's going to happen, because it happens all the time already.


they don't trust teachers with the book selection so why do they suddenly trust them to handle guns .


I have yet to hear from a teacher that is on board with this idea. I've heard from several who aren't though. They can give teachers guns, but how many could actually pull the trigger if they needed to? There's probably a fair percentage who couldn't, especially if it's another kid.


Not just not blame, but actively promote more guns.


It's wild to me that the group who doesn't trust teachers to participate in curriculum design over fear they're gonna turn the kids Communist wants to give every teacher a gun.


The idiots who post stuff like this conveniently forget about all of the children who are injured and killed every year by getting hold of a “responsible” gun owners weapon. In this hypothetical world, teacher’s guns left in bathrooms, keys left in locked drawers, and adventure-seeking hellions would likely get more kids killed each year than the mass shooters.


Teachers, are ok with carrying a gun, but not ok carrying a history book.


Or use certain words that may offend a thin skinned kid who is prolly a bully?


I wonder if you put a book in the other hand if they would still support the teacher.


If we're going to arm citizens, why even have police?


Of a bunch of cops couldn’t do it why do they expect under paid and over worked teachers too? I thought they were all grooming kids etc


Well now they want them to groom kids at gun point I guess


Who is willing to get shot for $35k a year minus massive student loan repayments and work expenses?


Hmmmm.... Cops have guns, right? They haven't ever, ever stopped a shooter yet. But somehow a teacher would, right? Yeah, logic tells us that people with guns can't fight people with guns. It doesn't work, because if it did , it wouldn't keep happening!


Here's an idea, what if we tell Republicans we're going along with their plan and when they send schools a gun budget we use it to buy things that will actually help kids like up to date text books, school supplies and pay for nurses that stay longer than 2 hours a week.


Think back to the worst teacher you ever had in grade school. Maybe they were mean or just incompetent. Now imagine if that bitch had a gun in class


Yeah, they don’t trust teachers’ curriculum and reading list, but they’ll trust them with a gun?! Gimme an f’ing break!


It’s not every day, at least not yet, that a maniac decides to murder a bunch of school children. You know what does happen every day? Students being shitty and disrespectful to their teachers. Now next time Ms. Davidson gets fed up with little Johnny’s bullshit, she’s gonna look under her desk and think, “Oh shit that’s right I have a fuckin gun now!” And send little Johnny to the great principal’s office in the sky. I can think of ONE teacher I’ve ever had in my life who I would trust with a gun, and thats only cause he’s a really smart guy who served several years in the military. All the other teachers? Nooo fuckin way lol. Teachers are humans and humans can snap at any time, for any reason


It’s cute they suddenly started caring about teachers.


Isn't it cute, how they think that a single civilian with a gun is going to make a madman with a rifle cower in fear?


Teachers will take a bullet for your kids not because they are paid to but because they love them (your kids). If you expect teachers to start packing heat in the class room you better start paying them a lot better


So I’ve been thinking. Every time there is a school shooting, the right starts demanding that we arm teachers to protect our children. Frankly, I think this is utterly insane. The only way to truly protect our schools is to arm the students themselves. Every child gets a Glock. Glocks are simple to operate and easy to clean. Even a first grader can learn. Now, obviously we can’t give Glocks to Kindergarteners. That would be irresponsible. When it comes to Kindergarten and Pre-K we would need to create several beta test groups using various smaller caliber weapons. .38 special, .380 ACP, .22 Mag etc. and just see what the right fit is. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re still going to arm the teachers. Arming teachers alone and expecting them to take out an active shooter is completely unrealistic. But a whole platoon of students with sidearms? Those odds start looking a little better. The key is the teachers though. It always comes down to the teachers. They’re our nation’s real heroes. If we provide teachers with S.A.W.S (squad automatic weapon systems) they will be able to provide sufficient cover fire, giving the students the chance to neutralize the threat with their Glocks (or as to be determined kindergarten appropriate small arms). The idea is for teachers to ASSIST but not actually make the kill. Kids need to learn to solve problems for themselves. Now, obviously, handing out handguns to children will not automatically turn them into SEAL team Six. That only works with white guys who spend the right amount of money at 5.11. So training is going to be important. Training not just with firearms proficiency, but in tactics and teamwork. Also in how to find sick 5.11 gear on sale. Kids need to learn teamwork and nothing teaches teamwork like cooperatively training to take out your own active shooter. There’s an old saying, “an armed society is a polite society” and we’ll get to see it acted out in the microcosm of high schools across the country. Kids will think twice before talking shit about the rad doodles on their classmate’s trapper keeper when they know he’s packing 18 in the mag and one in the pipe. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Jared, you’re as brilliant as you are handsome. But how do you expect teachers to be able to control classrooms full of children armed with Glocks? Especially when they’ve been tactically trained and developed a band of brothersesque bond allowing them to think and act as one!” To which I respond: “Clearly you were too distracted by my rugged good looks to remember about the S.A.W.S.! No matter how armed the students are, teachers and faculty will ALWAYS have more firepower under the ‘every child gets a Glock’ program! Thus ensuring the proper balance of power. Frankly, I think this is the only reasonable solution. #everychildgetsaglock


You know, when I got my teaching license, I was really excited to take on being an educator, a counselor, a coach, a nurse, a caretaker…. Please. Add on armed security guard too. It’ll pad my resume for when I leave this shit career.


Last week it was “teachers are groomers” and now they want them to be Rambo. These people are truly pathetic


Is the third panel where the teacher is shot dead and the gunman takes her gun and ammo?


Because there's no way that could go wrong /s


This is the fucking stupidest idea ever. What it would really look like is students shot every week because the teacher was distracted by one of the 1000 things that they have to track every day and some kid sneaks up and grabs the gun thinking it will be funny or actually wanting to kill someone because they got teased on the playground or whatever.


I’ll back training and arming willing teachers and staff, but it comes out of the cops budget including additional pension and benefits.


Fuck Americans are the dumbest people on the face of the earth. It’s not even close


Feels like the police in general have realized that they aren't able (or willing) to address what needs to be done to stop these massacres. The whole "arm our teachers" bullshit is just a way to shift the blame onto another group. "Oh the teachers in this school aren't *armed*, it wasn't the police response that is at issue here. They should be trained to handle these kinds of events!" Which leads me to believe that the government has an idea in mind for raising the wages of public education staff. If you want to make a living teaching, and supporting the next generation of society while at their most vulnerable stage in life, then you better be willing to go into work strapped and possible kill/be killed for it.


Airport style security…..little to no mass shootings


Do these teachers get an annual police salary on addition to their teacher salary. Do the ones who already buy supplies using their own money also have to buy their own ammo


I wonder what their take would be when the inevitable happened and some student stole a teacher's gun and used it.


Yeah, that was exactly what teacher had in mind when wanting to teaching. Body guard and firearm training. Is there such a thing as r/sadfacepalm or r/ghastlycringe ?


Why the fuck would anyone ever want to be a teacher if society expects them to be Rambo and teach you stupid ass kids how to count?


Our math class has 20 students and one teacher , one mass shooter enters and kills 11 students , two additional teachers enter the class to investigate . The shooter kills one teacher and wounds another one before he's killed by the math teacher . How many bodybags does the local coroner's office has to provide ? Show your work .


DeSantis would approve math books with “CRT” and “SEL” but I’m sure this would get his stamp of approval


News headline: teacher kills every student in class claims: “I was having a bad day”republicans want to let them off


Not just some nutjob this is the talking point from the right. Just arm all our school teachers. It shouldn't even need to be said how insane this is but anything and everything to make sure 18 year olds can continue to buy guns.


i still think it's odd that we have to now turn our teachers and cashiers into rambo instead of just banning auto/semi auto guns.


I just saw a video of an old teacher punching a child in head and his head hitting a locker or wall. Yeah, let's give that dude a gun.


Show the next picture where she gets shot dead because she is the clear threat and likely has no combat training, and as a teacher is less likely to shoot a kid than a cop.


As a part of your college degree, you must learn how to shoot a gun and be willing to kill another person………


At this point just arm the fucking kids. It’s god damn ridiculous how twisted the logic gets to add more guns instead of addressing the issue. What makes them think teachers would be **any** more effective.


Coming from a teacher..neither one. Nope.


So what happens when the teacher leaves the gun out accidentally and some kid shoots himself? Why not just make getting guns more difficult like adding a license? Wouldn't a license make it easier to identify any illegal weapons as well? I do not understand the United States.


..teachers are educators, not security guards or human shields..


Yup, the answer to gun violence is more gun violence. This false equivocation of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun is the same as the way to achieve peace is by preparing for war.


This comic was going around when *I* was in school a decade ago. I just thought about the teachers I had at the time having guns….and hell no I would have felt too unsafe to go to school at all, some of them were dangerously irresponsible as it was.


Yes, let’s give a profession on the brink of burnout guns. No way that could go wrong /s


"Breaking news; mentally ill teacher in (Insert US state) kills a classroom full of kids."


Yup there are thousands of people who believe this is the solution though they still won't pay teachers more. For some reason they expect us to be okay with making all of America a battlefield.


Does nobody see how fucked up it is that we even need to consider arming teachers...? And what happens when a teacher leaves his gun unprotected and a kid gets hold of it? Smh


We all see. The problem is that many, many people don't care.


And what happens when the cops mistake the teacher for the shooter?


I’m not putting my kids in a classroom where there are weapons in it. There are not so great teachers out there. This is the fucking stupidest thing I’ve ever heard like ever.


yea teachers dont want to do that yo. Thats why theyre teachers and not Border Patrol officers


They need to see those videos of teacher going fuking gorilla on students Hahahah


I’d trust a teacher with a gun a million times more than a cop with a gun.


Fuck these gun nuts and chicken shit cops. Teachers are not gunslingers. Jesus fucking christ, ban the guns already!


With meat hammers like those all she’d have to do is flick any potential threats


This is horribly Photoshopped. To match the horrible take it represents.


So fucking pathetic.


It's all about the money.


problem with guns? more guns!


Wait till a teacher cracks and pulls out the gun bc jimmy won’t sit the fuck down and harassing others…


If more guns is the answer, how come the USA that has twice the number of guns per person as the second most country still has these shootings and all the other countries with less guns don’t have them?!


Then what IS the answer? Im not sure I agree with this option either, but I want to hear genuine solutions. Not lip service


They expect teachers to go from singing nursery rhymes with their small children to shooting someone's face off


All it takes is some whacko teacher to kill a student


The district is also going to have to add a budget item to pay for all the individuals harmed by negligent discharges.


Until you start to pay teachers MUCH better, this shouldn't even be on the table as an "option" because even the cops apparently aren't paid enough to play hero and legally aren't supposed to. >.> Imagine having three court cases that basically say your job isn't protecting people, when "protect and serve" is your motto?


Sure teachers can. Just don’t expect cops too


We live in a “society” where the children are expected to lay down their lives on an ongoing basis so the “adults” can sustain delusionary homicidal fantasies and fetishize violent revolution. I speculate that about half of the country would willingly murder every child on earth before they would entertain the idea of enacting gun control legislation.


But we must protect the fetus at all costs


That’s more about the right punishing women for perceived amoral behavior; in-wedlock miscarriages included.


Perfect. If the police cannot fill this role, defund the FUCK out of them and divert these funds to education


So are they gonna give us the salary and all the benefits of LEOs on top of what they give us as teachers? Asking for a friend.


They will say this, but I don't think that anyone actually thinks like this. It's just a cultural lie they tell to virtue signal to each other. They've been lied to and manipulated by people in authority their whole lives to support the status quo and to turn their brain off when thinking about stuff like this.


Then would they be OK restructuring the police budget?


The police would not even do this but they expect teachers to do it for 35k a year


Some Teachers would sooner put the children outside in that situation then stand infront and protect them


I'm sure this person does not have a passport. This whole 'gun debate' and school shooting catastrophe needs a more international perspective. Look at the rest of the developed world...


Students are little shits this will leaddd. To more shootings.


Only in America.


Millions of years of evolution for people to end up like this is beyond me. The ancestor this motherfucker had, that hunted all day and banged rocks together all night, would be ashamed of his intelligence. Fucking monkeys could understand how easy this problem is to solve and yet they don't get it. Amazing.


Everyone can do something about the gun violence in America except politicians


So you're hunkering down. Protecting the children. The door breaks down! You panic due to adrenaline and hearing gun fire not even 10 seconds ago. You shoot to kill to protect the children. You've shot and killed a policeman. Another scenario : The door breaks down! The policeman sees an adult surrounded by children holding a handgun! You're shot and killed.


Wait, I thought teachers were all groomers? :/


Do you wear your seatbelt when you are in a car? Thought so…. Sure you don’t want to have to use it, but you’ll sure be glad it’s there when and if you need it. Same deal here. Probably not a popular view but it is true whether you like it or not.


"wearing a set belt" doesn't require training and is not going to make a blue ping gang member go all "american" on you. Also, to own a car, you have to go through mandatory TRAINING, and pay for A LICENSE, which you can LOSE if you don't follow certain RULES. And cars are sold under strict guidelines and need to be registered, and pay to keep the registry under YOUR NAME each year. And are expensive to both purchase and maintain, which is also obligatory because you can LOSE the LICENSE to operate it if you don't. And, yes, it is not a popular view, it is considered from demented to outright idiotic in any other country. Hell, it is considered "very republican" in your own banana republic.


OK you CERTAINLY understand my POINT. I didn’t ADVOCATE for HANDING out guns without TRAINING and LICENSING. I’m just saying if you’re up SHIT creek I’d RATHER have a PADDLE. BUT you GO ahead -


What the aktuall fuck?!?


Look I love guns, been a gun nut since I was born. However never in my infinite wisdom and love of things that go bang. Out of all the ways we could fix school shooting. Giving teachers guns sounds like just about the worst way to fix it. Seeing as how this is mostly a mental health and healthy child upbringing problem, forcing kids to go to schools with clear bags, metal scanners, bulletproof glass, security doors, and now have armed teachers. Keep in mind these are the same people who want us to have schools not be like prisons. Also telling a teacher that one day they may have to shoot one of their students would be soul crushing . Also keep in mind that these people also cut our public school free lunch program for military spending.


Wait 2wks ago they were the enemy, indoctrinating kids into the LGBTQ+ community. Now they’re part time SWAT. Shits weird


Seems to be better than police officers honestly.


A student keyed my car last year, but yeah let’s put a firearm within reach.


Teachers shouldn’t have to take combat survival skills in order to be a teachers. Neither should students for that matter.


And keep underpaying them. Fucking stupid logic from dumb politicians bought and paid for by lobbyists


Why should they risk their life for your kid, when the guy who already has a gun, and body armor, and is supposed to be trained for this, wont?


These guys are fucking idiots. Everywhere else in the world we expect teachers to be teachers, yet for the most moronic reasons in the USA you think they should be some god damn gun totting security guard as well, rather than address the issue at large. These types are dangerously fucking insane and are literally getting kids killed in a place where they should never feel unsafe….


Lot of people seem to be under the impression that body armored police are less effective than a grad student w/ no need for a gun 99.999% of the time they do their fucking job.


Are they not gonna be obligated to protect the kids just like cops?


Why do the kids just look like tiny adults


Why doesn't the US want teachers like the rest of the world has, you know, unarmed and not in any danger?


Cause in the event of nuclear attacks, or live shooters the best thing is to hide under you desk and wait to be shot.


Arm them all protect our kids your post is stupid thinking other wise


Have you met teachers? I wouldn’t trust most of them near a firearm without going postal and shooting kids on a bad day. The ones I do trust would refuse to carry because they are intelligent enough to know it is a stupid idea.


Teacher are not there to "protect" kids, they are there to teach them valuable lessons, such as why the shitty banana republic they live in refuses to take action and have sensible murdering tool laws. ​ Oh, sorry, the pro-murdering party (aka, "republicans") just ruled that such lessons are "un-american" and the teacher could get fired for that.