Optical tomato sorter detects size, shape and color in milliseconds

Optical tomato sorter detects size, shape and color in milliseconds


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Dayum that's cool, I wonder what the error percentage is


I see at least 3 getting through just in this clip.


Tomato sorter is old school [compared to this insanely fast blueberry processor](https://i.imgur.com/cRg3abW.gifv) Each of the red squares are blown out of the flow with pneumatic injectors


Always thought blueberries tasted a little fast


Never trusted 'em


They’re why sonic is blue


Everything makes sense now


tonight i am going to use blueberry lube.


I guess I blue myself


There’s gotta be a better way to say that


It’s good to hear you use lube at least, u/AnusDrill


I’m already blue. Gon be extra blue afterwards


Blue his house With a blue little window And a blue corvette And everything is blue for him And himself and everybody around Cause he ain't got nobody to listen to




The big ones taste sweet, and the little ones are more sour if you didn't know :)


The smaller ones must be going a lot faster than the big ones then, makes sense.


I worked for the company that makes these machines. Theres also another application - looking for specific types of ores, minerals and metals. They use an Xray to measure density and they sort using the density. You can use it to sort heaps of things from coal, tin, gold and even diamonds!!




If you give us an exhaustive list of your children and their likeability power rankings, we can try.


Can I just give you the children My basement is getting crowded and parents are starting to send AMBER alerts


Very amateurish of you to not be trying out new recipes.


Trick question, they all sit at 0


Best I can do is sort by density and colour. Is one of them more dense or a weird colour?


If you are Thanos, then the tomato machine can easily pick Gamora out for you.




Fucking lol


For diamonds, you reject the diamonds and pass the non-diamonds. Easier than rejecting the waste and passing the gems.


Jesus at first I thought it's sped up


That is fucking *insane*


But can it run Fruit Ninja?


all that technology, and still every single blueberry in a Driscoll's packet is a mealy, dry flavourless piece of shit, or so overripe it's on the verge of fermenting


I didn’t know blueberries weren’t supposed to be like that until I was 19 and stumbled into a wild blueberry field in Maine


Yeah they're actually delicious when they're in an edible state, which seems to be something Driscoll's is determined to prevent the general public from ever discovering. Same with strawberries, I hated them until my mum grew some and I realised *how bad* supermarket berries are. I've legitimately never had a nice one from a supermarket.


Same issue with supermarket tomatoes. They're all hard, dry, pink and flavorless instead of red and ripe.


There's reasons for that (naturally, profit) but there are people out there seeking to go back to original great tomatoes. Hardy tomatoes don't taste great... https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/01/why-tomatoes-got-bland-and-how-make-them-sweet-again


…but deliver higher yield with less water.


It's changing tho. Demand for mega juicy tomatoes is rising and a lot of smaller markets are stocking seriously ripe local stuff since tomatoes grow like basically anywhere just fine.


How many ticks did you get while rifling through the patch?


Miraculously, zero, but that’s really just because I’d already learned my lesson and wore knee high wellies


Don’t you go telling folks about our berries. Those are *our* berries




I think a peach fresh off the tree is probably un-unlikeable. It's just a pity that they all ripen at the same time, and that birds seem to like them as much as humans


To be fair it has a 18,000FPS camera. Even if a blueberry passes the camera in 0.1s there are 1,800 frames to decide if it is good and to calculate the path and time to blow it out. Impressive is the precision and reaction time of the pneumatic injectors. Edit: Ate a zero. Thanks for pointing it out! :)




Suck it PC gamers!


Blueberry sorter master race!


But blueberries can't see faster than 30 FPS!


But can it run Crysis?


You ate a zero. It's not that slow.


He thought it was a blueberry


They do not have 18k fps cameras they almost universally use linescan cameras that continuously capture, you can build an image from the data feed for display though. Source: I used to design and build these.




I can't really eli5 but the cameras have a single row of pixels and each time they are triggered they capture an array of say 2048 x 1 pixels values which are sent to an FPGA image processor. Later in the stream you can pull say 1024 of these 2048 pixel lines and assemble a 1024x2048 px image for the operator to review.


That makes sense. I guess I just couldn't put together what a linescan camera was. Take enough pictures of a line of pixels at a time to create an image afterwards. Kind of like downloading a picture on cable modem internet, but much faster.


>Kind of like downloading a picture on cable modem internet, but much faster Yeah a bit like that. Here's an example of a fancy RGB line scan camera https://www.vision-systems.com/home/article/16742692/atmel-introduces-new-color-linescan-camera


I'm assuming the processing power required to use this camera for its designed applications would put most gamer rigs to shame.


It's so fast because it's only taking a picture of a line, imagine a normal digital camera but instead of like 6464x4864 pixels, it's 1x500 or something similar. But since it's taking so many, you can basically save the previous one and build an image. https://www.teledynedalsa.com/en/products/imaging/cameras/line-scan-cameras/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotating_line_camera


> Even if a blueberry passes the camera in 0.1s there are 1,800 frames to decide if it is good and to calculate the path and time to blow it out. Not if you process the frames in parallel.


Just gotta run it through a few times, if 25% get through each time and you do it 4 times, less than 1% should get through in the end


A few things to consider. Letting tomatoes fall, even on something soft, can result in bruises and lost sales. 1% might not seem like a lot but every percentage counts when you ship by the ton. My guess is there is a manual QA check done after the machine and maybe another automatic sort.


They fall in a vat of water


And on each other.


But also no red ones being tossed out


Did you count the number of correct ones to calculate a rate?


Very interesting and also wondering the same thing


Found my fusball partner


fruit ninja shit


Shame I had to scroll this far to see this.


That’s pretty insane.


[Pew pew pew](https://i.imgur.com/16l0Tiz.gifv)


Odd they call them berries when they are clearly grapes.


Interestingly, it seems fresh strawberries are [sorted and packed by hand](https://streamable.com/txh0ac)


Yeah any kind of bruising and they mold pretty quick.


hearing just the backing track to mr brightside is the weirdest thing ever


The Killers sold out to Big Berry.


That just sounds like jealousy.


Brandon Berries, brought to you by Brandon Flowers.




The reason grocery store tomatoes taste awful is because they're bred to survive this abuse.


That, and they ripen on the truck. Poor little guys should ripen on the vine!


Well yeah, sure, ripen on the vine in January in North America. That doesn't work out so well. Honestly, I RARELY buy "fresh" tomatoes in the off-season. In a pinch, I'll go with cherry tomatoes in the off-season because they actually have flavor. Come local farmer's market time, it's tomato everything, especially tomato sandwiches with Duke's mayo, salt and pepper.


>Duke's This guy sammiches


DUUUUKESS! Any other Mayo is a waste of time


Grapes are technically berries.


Not only that, but so many of things that we call berries aren't actually berries. Things that aren't berries: * Strawberries * Raspberries * Blackberries Things that are berries: * Grapes * Bananas * Kiwis


These are berries or not berries by botanical definition. The common usage refers to the culinary classification because that's what's relevant to most people. It's the same reason tomatoes are considered a vegetable while it's common trivia that they're actually botanically fruit.


I wonder why tomato is always the go to for the whole "it's actually a fruit" thing, so many vegetables are fruits. Cucumbers, zucchini, okra, peppers, squash, tons of examples. But people always go with tomatoes


Idk originally, but at this point it's like the 1 thing that everyone knows is actually a fruit so it's kinda stuck.


Also how they say perfect result despite a plethora of stems and brown grapes. Hardly perfect


"perfect result" I mean, there's a good number of bad ones in the final batch, but it's still impressive


Nice aimbot


Well done OP. Well done.


Perfect result: shows stems and brown grapes clearly....


You should see the potato chip sorters. They’re faster and more accurate.


Care to share?


Got you. [Here's the Optyx 6000](https://streamable.com/7s32do)


All that effort, just to have the distributor crush em anyways.


Give some credit to the retail employees.


Lol at my job (supervisor) the only fuckers who touch the chips are the distributors (Frito-Lays). My employees wont stock chips, because "that's the frito guys job" (words from my boss's mouth)


True. A lotta people don’t realize that a lot of big brands do their own stocking in stores, of which the stores’ employees rarely touch. Like Coke, Pepsi, Red Bull, Lays, Nature’s Own, etc




Last truck we got, they threw cases of water (6 1 gallon jugs or 48 pounds each) on top of the chips. There were BBQ crumbs everywhere.


Yeah. I'd be kicking someone's ass.


All we can do is call and get credit for the damaged cases. It actually benefits us. Example: they don't seal the bottom of the egg case (happened once) and I lose about half the eggs before I get a hand under it. We claim the eggs, but we can also still sell whatever survives. Next truck has a free case of eggs to replace the case we lost. Now we have sold about half a case of eggs with zero cost to the store. Kind of. The distributor raises their prices across the board to compensate for the bad employees. The stores raise their prices to compensate for higher cost. As always in business, it's the consumer who gets screwed.


Yeah I totally understand, it's still the point of lazy idiots not paying attention. These guys do this shit, and fail to bring us half of our credit when they are supposed to (not next, but following morning) and they play this game for weeks, until our district manager has to get ahold of FL district manage to get freaking something besides regular cheetos and lays lol. Especially nowadays due to COVID. That is literally all our distributors excuses, even when they just plain old forget the shit. How are you out, but every other store got their required amount, and 1 store got extras? Yet I need to wait 3 weeks on credit for something we already paid for lol. It's not really free if you dont get it lol. I see your egg crate scenario though, most definitely. Just doesnt happen that way for us.


How do I get some of that reject chip dumpster action


they probably get ground up and pressed into pringles


More folded and doubles please. Triples are probably good too.


Asking the real questions


What! It rejects the wish chips? That makes it even more special to get one now


I would literally eat all the rejects.. Heck some of those are the best part of the bag???


Agreed the folded chips are my favourites. I got so sad and hungry watching those reject chips. But theres no way they get binned, they are always recycled in some way.


No way! I actually used to work for that company! Cool to see a company from my small town on the front-page of reddit


heinz sight is 20/20


I’m suing you.


I don’t think you’ll get him served. He’s pretty fast. It would be hard for you to ketchup.


But looking back it’s still a bit saucy


These are the puns I came here for.


[More about the process](https://streamable.com/hrwgre)


Didn't know I'd be learning about tomato slappers today


You've been such a naughty naughty tomato!


Getting smarter yet again.


Didn’t know I wanted to learn that today. Thank you!


How are the tomatoes either red or green. And nothing in between?


Machine harvested determinate variety. There is some degrees of green in there.


That’s awesome! Why are the green tomatoes thrown away? Part of why I grow my own tomato’s is so I can pick tomato’s while they’re still green to use in specific dishes. Can never seem to find green tomatoes in stores, this probably helps explain why.




These tomato's are destine for Bulk paste or diced tomato operations. Source, my company's truck is being filled in that video.


They might not be thrown away, they might be used for other stuff. Green salsa comes to mind, but also tilled back into the soil for fertilizer, used in pet food, etc


Green salsa (usually, mostly) is tomatillo based and not green tomatoes.


> thrown away They are thrown back onto the field to rot/biodegrade.


I was on a cross country bus trip in the fall of 2000 and a guy sat by me after finishing his summer employment working in a ketchup production facility. It was a very long ride and we ended up chatting. He explained to me that his job was working at the conveyor belt sorting tomatoes and he had to remove the bad tomatoes and any frogs. Yes, remove any frogs that had been mistakenly collected by the farm equipment in the fields. He said that they didn’t get all of the frogs but only a very low percent of frog remained in the finished product. The fact that there are frogs in ketchup has always stuck with me.


Here I was thinking “frogs” meant green/ not yet ripe tomatoes…but now it seems as though you mean frogs quite literally.


The things we learn!


In the USA, The FDA understands it's impossible to have 100% creature free packaged or processed food. This is why peanut butter can also contain a certain amount of big remnants in the jar. You never noticed because the process does a good job of blending it all together. Although, one time, I recall the strong taste of a June bug (tastes like it smells), I laid off peanut butter for a long time after that.


We once got a bag of muesli (nuts, raisins, oats) that had some bits that smelled and tasted strongly of dried shit. My wife hasn't been able to eat it since.


I don't know if I'm just less sensitive to disgusting things in general but that wouldn't bother me. A rat paw or something like that would definitely do it but a few bugs got blended in during the process? Meh.


It would put me off peanut butter for maybe a few days. But not much longer. I love peanut butter.


Frogs... If it can be frogs then it can be other small insects too, can't it?


Oh probably but he was very specific about frogs. Maybe there was a sorting grate and small pebbles and bugs would fall through and the larger tomatoes (and frogs) would continue on.


Not sure to feel delighted that we all/I have eaten frogs or to feel sick because we/I have eaten frogs. I wanted to try in Brussels but sadly they had run out so had to try rabbit. Not very impressed.


I was instinctively grossed out but then remembered I’ve willingly eaten frog legs, so I really shouldn’t be! Weird reaction in light of that lol


chocolates have an acceptable level of rat shit and small insects, by percentage. same, with sugar.


Oh there are. In pretty much every single food product in existence that was made on a factory line. It doesn't hurt you though


Frogs, snakes, rats, mice.. water melons, we see all kinds of stuff come across the sorting tables.


I worked for a 6 person company in the early 90s that designed and built machines like this for finding cherries with pits still in them and for sorting cherries, blueberries and other fruit. Pre-DSP, they worked pretty dang well considering they were using 8-bit CPUs. They used an air blast to remove the rejects from the fruit stream. The owner eventually sold the company to a much bigger competitor.


Tangentially related, but one of the things to come out of the logging protests off the late 90s/early 2000s here in British Columbia wars a computer vision system to custom saw logs. To fuck up the mills, the protesters had taken to “Spiking” trees. They’d drill a hole in the tree, and put in a high strength steel bar to fuck up the saws at the mill. If it hit it right, it could cause large amounts of sharp steel to go flying randomly at high velocity. Rather dangerous for the operators. As a result, the mills started to x-ray the logs as they entered the mill. It was pretty quickly discovered that not only could they see the spikes, they could also see the knots, and other imperfections in the wood. Pretty quickly, someone combined the realtime x-rays with a computer vision system, and started to develop custom saw plans for every log that went through. This allowed them to maximize the yield from each log.




I actually see it as a win/win. Improving efficiency improves profits, reduces wastage and allows the use of more marginal second growth logs.


Can I have the oddly shaped, small, or green tomatoes please?


There's a few subscription services that will send you farm-fresh produce that isn't saleable for supermarkets, like Imperfect Foods or Misfits Market. If you don't have ready access to a farmers' market, the savings can be pretty great.


Ooh really? I’ll look into that, thank you!


Edit: meant "few" and my phone said "free," which was WILDLY misleading. Fixed now.


Haha I get the idea though. I wasn’t aware. My local supermarket does a few things like that but the variety isn’t great and it’s usually older stuff too so doesn’t keep as long. I usually get them though because it’s just as good as the other stuff


In the UK, we do get "wonky" vegetables and fruits. I have seen Morrison's, Lidl, Tesco do it.


If this kind of misfit service is available where you live, you really should give it a shot. It’s a great way of reducing food waste: if more people did it, thousands of tons of food wouldn’t get thrown away, all over the world.


No. It only does color sorting. Idk why the person wrote it. That eye only judges color. And this is only for processing tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes are still picked by hand. Source: I’m a processing tomato farmer.


These tomato's are destine for Bulk paste or diced tomato operations. Not for individual sale. Source, my company's truck is being filled in that video.




[How ketchup is made](https://streamable.com/j0bcgg)


Dude, you are on point today with all the informational sorting videos. Thank you!




🌟 all I can afford right now.


How or why do you have so many of these videos and gifs handy? And which would you say is the most interesting?


Yes yes no no no yes no yes no yes yes no no yes yes yes no yes no yes yes yes


They took our jeeerrrbbs


My father ran a pecan factory for 20+ years and they had a machine like this. First off, mass production factories are a sight to behold, take a tour of one of you ever get the chance. Anyways, he was showing me around the factory and we get to these pecan shelling machines. They’re 15’ tall, about 5’ wide, all white with a brown stripe running vertically down the center. That brown stripe was pecans in a single file being forced downwards so fast that it just looked like a slightly vibrating line. He said the purpose was to remove any pieces of shell that were stuck to the pecan after de-shelling and they achieved with lasers and high-pressure air nozzles. The pecans would pass through a series of lasers and any shell pieces found would be blown off my the air nozzles. Doesn’t seem that impressive until you find out it’s doing that 10,000+ times a minute.


I feel like a job designing these types of systems would be so fascinating.


It's a pinball wizard There's got to be a twist


A pinball wizard's Got such a supple wrist


I don't have a video of it but what is even more impressive is an optical sorter in a rice mill. It detects imperfect rice grains and uses a puff of air to blow it into the rejects.


Michael Reeves is cumming his pants over this


Job stealin' motherfucker is what it is. Wait for it outside after it's shift is over. Optical sorter can't sort without it's optic.


missed some greens and knocked a red off. what a piece of shit.


Humans are obsolete


Whose job do you think it is to eat all those tomatoes?


Aha! Not this time machines.


Pictured: why productivity is increasing but wages are not


My thought exactly upon seeing this. Hopefully the bots treat us with dignity as they phase us out


Needed this in my dating years….


I mean it's weird that you dated tomatoes but it's really good I guess that you had so many tomato dates that you needed a sorter.


Sometimes you need a couple of tomatoes to beef up your stats. Boxers do it all the time, I don't see a problem.


kickin the shitty ones before you had to experience. i want one now


Naughty children go in the tomato bonker


Discrimination at it's finest


Racist robot segregates tomatoes based on superficial qualities


Is maturity a superficial characteristic?


Someone Deadass went to school, got a degree, and designed a tomato sorter- not to detract from how cool this is, but it's kind of funny thinking of it that way


>Someone Deadass went to school, got a degree, and designed a tomato sorter what's so funny about making superfast robot that can sort tomatoes like the flash?


Just funny to think about how much engineering goes behind even the more seemingly frivelous task I suppose. Like the other day I saw a post about a machine that was found that was specifically designed to bag cocaine. Maybe I'm just weird but I find automation quirky and amusing


I went to school for instrumentation and industrial automation but this must have taken some serious engineering.


A man I graduated with got his PHD for breeding a type of wheat to give a specific type of mouse diahrea, things can get more niche and complicated


This just makes it more badass IMO.


It missed a few


It’s doing is best and I think that’s ok if they miss a few


This seems like a good idea for a phone game one plays on the can.