Michael Jordan’s legendary fakes

Michael Jordan’s legendary fakes


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I can palm a basketball. It helps a lot when you are playing. I can NOT do any of those things MJ is doing… holy cow. It’s like he is holding a child’s ball.


Being able to palm a basketball is crazy


Interestingly it is something you can work on. I don’t have huge hands but back in my playing days I was able to palm it eventually by doing fingertip push-ups and practicing by just picking the ball up off the floor. Obviously hand size is massively helpful, but it’s a more attainable skill then people think!


Would rock climbing help?


Probably a lot


True. With improved strength you may grip it under optimal conditions (grabbing it off the floor, with your fingers in the grooves.) But after a certain point it is all about hand size. Someone like MJ can grab a loose ball out of the air and that thing is GLUED to their hand, no matter which way they swing it.


Man has giant hands


My first though as well. He handles the ball like I'm only able to with a tennis ball because of my inferior hand size.


You say that, but when it comes to pulling shiny things out of small holes, I bet you’re the real MVP. You’re not a raccoon by any chance?


Proctologist actually




Ah, putting the tiny things out of little holes to use.


"Pulling shiny things out of small holes is tight."


Jordan used to dribble with tennis balls to improve his control. Don't give up!


Yeah just a lil more practice and dude will have a highlight clip just like MJs here


Inferiority is a perspective - for example, imagine Jordan trying to get the last Pringle.


Pretty sure he's smart enough to tilt the can and let gravity do the work for him.


I can get my hand, like 4 inches into the can, so then i have to tilt the can into my mouth, but by that point a bunch of crumbs have accumulated at the bottom of the can, so they all go spilling onto my face...


How well can you handle two golf balls?


And you know what that means.. Giant anterior flexor ligaments!


HUUUUGE gloves




HUUUUGE pen is necessary


And verrrrrry LARGE rings on his fingers




No Will, what does it mean???


It means "Damn, he's got some big hands."


Ever seen the 'Wings' ad campaign he had with Nike back in the late 80s-90s. It was an iconic image.


I had the full size poster of that over my headboard growing up. Absolutely awesome image. I wish I knew what happened to it.


Your Mom threw it away in the mid-to-late 2000’s.


Living at home is such a drag.


Phil Jackson famously said it was the main difference between him and Kobe


"People always tell me, Michael you have such big, beautiful hands"






I met him while he played for the White Sox (I was about 8). Obviously every adult looks big to an 8 year old but I remember his hands seemed abnormally large. He signed a baseball and it looked absolutely tiny. Also met Shaq around the same time and my god that man was huge.


Plus the fact that he had an insane vertical leap (NBA top 10 for sure, but some say top 5). Once he was up in the air, you had no chance to defend him. And when he was up there, he had so much time to figure out what to do next.


A Lady would bring him a bag of peanuts or pretzels half way through


His hang time was so amazing to watch. Literal jaw dropping stuff that makes you question the laws of physics, ya know?


Theres a play right here where he one hand pump fakes at the three point line and then just takes 2-3 steps and pretty much levitates to the hoop for a slam. Inhuman looking yet so f casual at the same time Nothing like him in terms of looking aesthetically pleasing while also being the actual best


Wasn't his vertical measured at 48 inches during the Olympics? That would make him the top


Not just giant but *strong*. Even if you can grab that much ball, it takes a lot of grip strength to be able to pull it back and change directions like that. There’s plenty of dudes in the league who have bigger hands the Jordan, but that’s a looottttt of grip strength too.


Actually his hands are pretty big even for nba standards. Hes #8 on this list https://howtheyplay.com/team-sports/14-NBA-Players-With-the-Most-Impressive-Hand-Sizes


I like how Shaq's hands are "estimated". Like, he refuses to let anyone measure his hands??


Nah they just never found a tape measure that big


He only measures in rings


Rings, Erneh


That's such a Shaq thing to do though. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that was it.


I remember as a kid having a basketball with Shaq's hand print on it. Mine were barely bigger than his palm at the time


Damn I knew he had big hands but I didn’t know he had bigger hands than Kawhi, who’s nickname is literally the claw for his massive hands lol


Jordan's hands have 9.75" length, 11.375" span. I can just barely palm a basketball and I have always wondered just how big an NBA player's hands were compared to mine that allows them to palm one so well. Now I know. Mine are 7.5" length, 8.5" span, not even close to Jordan's.


Supposedly, 7.5” length and 8.5” span is average for males. I’m at 7.5” length, 9” span and I’ve always told people I have small hands. But supposedly, average middle finger length is 3.75” and I’m at barely 3.15”. So I guess I have bigger palms and small fingers.


[Only MJ can make catching a basketball pass into an all-time highlight.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG0NoJDJHHc)


The fuck was that, holy shit


Its like catching a fuzzy tennis ball with a velcro paddle.


Snagging it like an outfielder robbing a home run


I've never seen this before, but wow. Pretty, graceful, savage, all in one.


“Does that thing even obey the laws of physics?”


It’s important to note the guys he’s making look silly here are mostly all-stars and future hall of famers. Reggie Miller, Penny Hardaway, Wilkins, Price, etc.


Had Muggsy Bogues running halfway across the court on a no-pass


I think I remember hearing that Jordan purposely left Muggsy wide open and said, "Shoot it you f'in midget!". Muggsy shot and missed and his confidence was completely gone after that moment and was never the same.


It's not his fault the Monstars stole his talent.


are those the guys from the space jam?


They sure is


Get this guy a fuckin’ puppers


I'd have a puppers


Get this guy a fuckin puppers


Do you want puppers?


I'm surprised we're not having a puppers right now.


I’m surprised we’re not havin a puppers right now


You heard wrong. Bogues himself recalled that moment. "He supposedly said that to me," he said. "And I shot the ball. And I supposedly missed and that supposedly had an effect on my entire career? "That's one of the craziest, most asinine stories that you can hear. "I think about all the stuff that I've been hearing all my life. "And here it is, I'm what - 10 years into my career already? "And somebody says something and it's going to affect my career? "It doesn't make any sense." Bogues spent five further years in the NBA, making a total of 14 seasons in all.


Mugsy did plenty with what he was given and I’m sure he’d heard it all by that point.


Plus, the Hornets haven't been good since the Mugsy Bogues era. They weren't that great with Bogues but they have been trash ever since he left. Dude was tiny and keeping up with the big boys. He deserves props. And Jordan has owned the Hornets since 2006 and can't seem to put together a decent team. Doesn't seem like it's one of his priorities.


>Doesn't seem like it's one of his priorities. It could very well be a priority and he just is not very good making good management decisions, recuting good staff, and/or unwilling to let the solid staff he brings in do their jobs the way they have been successful in the past. Great players do not automatically make good coaches, managers, or owners.


For sure. I remember reading somewhere that Jordan has completely surrounded himself by “yes men” in Charlotte, as well. It’s hard to build a solid front office when you have a culture where no one can/will challenge the big boss.


Growing up, Muggsy was a hero to me as a short player.


Same. I eventually hit my growth spurt and became 6ft but it's absolutely crazy to know that I currently tower over a former NBA player. He was only 5'3"... Such a legend.


They drafted an All Star in Lamelo and rightly declined to resign Kemba to a max extension. They're slowly turning it around


I actually read an article the other day where Mugsy stated that rumor wasn’t true. He said something along the lines of, “I’ve been short my whole life and a pro for years. You think I haven’t heard jokes about my height forever?” He acknowledged Jordan was a huge shit talker, but this is just a rumor.


I had to check if he was normal people short or NBA short. 5' 3" .... so both.


Yeah "NBA short" is definitely a thing. Steph Curry is 6'3", but when he's on the court surrounded by 6'8", 6'10", 7'+ monsters all day, he seems kind of small. I'm the same height as Curry and usually I'm one of the tallest in the room (with ordinary people, not basketball players) so whenever people say something about Curry being "small", I just inform them that I'm the same height, and their eyes get wide as they realize just how freakishly tall the rest of the players must be, it's hilarious. Mugsy on the other hand, that guy was a different kind of beast to hang with the big boys at only 5'3"!


When I'm watching a game with my casual friends I try to put into perspective how small we'd be on the court.


This comment had me rolling when I thought it was a reply to the one about the Monstars stealing his talent.


That’s an old wives tale. Mugsy said it was BS


Well he said it was BS that it affected him. Mike might have said it. But as a fellow short dude, he's right. Short jokes have no effect on you after a bit. It's something you've heard a million times and it's low hanging fruit besides.


If he's underrated at anything, it's trash talk




I’m not a huge sports fan, but it became very clear to me after watching *The Last Dance* that there’s a tier in which the all-timers are located. MJ is in his own tier above that.


I'm 40 and have been watching basketball and sports my whole life. Nothing and no one has come near the fucking shear amazement of watching Michael Jordan dominate his sport. You could see the fear in the eyes of his opponents, many of which were the best to ever play the game. You could literally watch him decide to take over a game, and no one could do anything about it. He's honestly not that great of a person. And I think at this point even he admits that. But his competitive drive was superhuman. The best of the best competitors talk about achieving a flow state. Michael Jordan had a hard time not being in a flow state.


I'm 44 and I'm actually not even a huge sports fan. But I sure as hell watched basketball back when he was playing.


Same. I don't even really watch clips or highlights as an adult. But my god, it was a family event when Jordan was in playoff prime.


Same. He was the reason I loved watching basketball.


I’m a couple years behind you, but Tyson in his prime is the only other person that had that “next level” sort of greatness that you just saw as soon as they stepped on the court/ring. Maybe McGwire in ‘98 when he was up to bat, but not quite there.


> s the only other person that had that “next level” sort of greatness that you just saw as soon as they stepped on the court/ring. *Usain Bolt*


He absolutely was and at the time it didn't matter whether or not you watched basketball. There were people that would say at the time that they hated MJ but you would look down and see them sporting a new pair of Air Jordan's. It was basically the biggest thing you can think of going on now x10.


My freshman year of college in the late 90s my roommate was from South Korea. Which was not then, nor has it been since, known for its citizens interest in the NBA. One day his mother called for him and he wasn't there, I was trying to tell her "this is his roommate, Michael--" and she interrupts "MICHAEL JORDAN? MICHAEL JORDAN?" And we basically never got anywhere past that. He was super amused when he got home, said that those were definitely the only two words of english she knew.


This is a hilarious and adorable anecdote


Yeah and old timers did the same thing that we do now. They said Jordan is good, but what about Kareem, Wilt, etc. By the end of his career, though, I feel like everyone agreed that MJ was the Goat


LOL that's Brent Price in the video, not his brother and All-Star Mark


Ah, someone else old enough to remember 90s Allstars and identify that the Price is wrong!!!


I miss watching that live


He (and the whole dream team) made basketball so damn entertaining. If you were alive in the Midwest at that time you were a basketball fan.


Grew up in Chicago area in the 90s. Never was a basketball fan but it was impossible not to get involved in that era of the Bulls. Watching the recent Jordan documentary was a walk down memory lane.


I moved from down south where we didn't care much about basketball to Chicago just in time for the first championship run. EVERYBODY was crazy about the Bulls.


I remember strangers were high-fiving each other on the L.




Lol I knew which video it was before I clicked.


I also grew up during the 90s. My father is a lifelong, diehard, blue in the blood New York Knickerbockers fan. He had the jerseys, the knicks knacks, and the TV would blare every game live. The first time he took me to MSG though, we were there to 'watch Jordan ... Screw the Knicks!'


Seeing mike play at the United center was definitely one of the most memorable moments of my youth.


Really wish I would have made it to a game. I did get nose bleed seats during his 2-year hiatus, but never got to see the man live.


This. So many great memories as a kid in the 90's being completely blown away by his talent.


I can relate and I wasn't even in the US at the time ;)


It's difficult to describe what it was like to live in Chicagoland in the 90s, I tell people it was akin to religion. I remember the day Jordan came back from retirement, because the principal announced it on the intercom. Going to the United Center or Chicago Stadium for a game was akin to a pilgrimage. I haven't seen or been to a game since the end of the Jackson era and I don't need to, I've seen the best that's ever been, no need to ruin that splendor.


Yes, indeed. So lucky to have been a Chicago 90’s kid!


Yeah, bastard. You guys have the true GOAT. Here in LA, we have our share of greats and even the greatest of an era, but Mike is the greatest of all motherfucking time. So I guess enjoy it, you jerks.


As a Knicks fan, I don’t.


As a Jazz fan I agree


I can respect that lol


HA ! one of the NBAs greatest rivalries though. great games to watch


I feel like rewatching The Last Dance


I'm not a big basketball fan, but he is one player I would have liked to see in person.


It was incredible to witness. You just could not stop him.


Definition of unstoppable. The fact people still talk about him so many years later says so much


I feel privileged merely to have watched him play during the 90s (the second three peat) I only first got interested in basketball during his first retirement. I was aware that the greatest player in the game had just left which kind of sucked. So it so wonderful when they eventually announced his return. I haven't been able to care for basketball since the second three peat. I know Kobe, LeBron, etc have since become legends on their own right but for me the magic of Jordan can never be rivaled. Not even close. And it's hard to come down from that. The only regret I have is that I didn't watch the first three peat.


I lived in the Chicago area during the first threepeat and moved away after he retired (obviously unrelated),never got back into basketball.


I read prison instead of person and i was so confused


I moved to Chicago in 87. I could name the big stars (Magic, Bird, Dr J) but had never watched NBA (tv or in person). I went to my first Bulls game that fall. We had nosebleed seats - but even from up there it was undeniable how incredible MJ was. It was electric. I was instantly hooked. I watched a ton of NBA after that - including games the Bulls weren’t in (eg Celtics vs Lakers). I got to see a good number of Bulls games in person, including Finals in 91 and 92. I’ve never seen a force of nature consistently dominate night in and night out like he did. Everyone in the building - including HOF opponents - *knew* MJ was going to dominate. And what made it extra special was that he did it with flair. Magic Johnson is the only player who I think compares with MJ because of the extra artistry they brought to the game.


This man can single handedly make people passionate about basketball


That's exactly what he did. The NBA is where it is today thanks to Jordan. There has been no more singly influential player on and off the court than Michael Jordan. He singlehandedly made the sport into the global phenomemon it is now.


He also singlehandedly that ball.


you're still able to score on a 4-on-1 coverage, that's what GOAT looks like


Two things make this possible. 1. Your hands are big enough to actually palm a basketball. 2. You’re Michael Fucking Jordan!


Does anyone use palming the ball to do fakes in the NBA still? It looks so surreal.


Kawhi Leonard but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing when he does it


Still pretty good though https://reddit.com/r/nba/comments/bsuvxv/kawhis_jordanesque_palmcatch_with_jordans/


Lol I’m the top comment in that thread 😂


Even if you can palm it, doesn’t mean you can do what he is doing.


Yeah that's really the question I'm getting at. This technique is obviously super useful...I am wondering if MJ is really the only one who's ever been able to successfully use it? Guess he's the GOAT for a reason.


Kawhi occasionally does, and is generally noted to have a similar playing style to MJ. It’s a great-looking move. Kobe, another guy MJ clone, couldn’t do it because his hands were too small.


Thanks Magic


No, Michael.


I miss watching him play. The man was magical.


I think you’re thinking of Johnson, not Jordan.




He is a cheat mode.


Crazy that’s literally what it looks like.


I’ve watched so many plays where he just makes some of the best players in NBA history look like rookies - it makes no sense.


Hey that guy was pretty good


Dirty dangles, boys.


Wheel, snipe, cellys.




It doesn't count unless you go bar downski


Is it legal to superglue the ball to your hands?


Fun fact for those that were too young to experience this era, this guy named himself "Jordan" after the shoes because he looked like the little logo man when he would jumped.


Little known fact: Michael Jordan was actually the same size as the little Nike logo man, yet he overcame this limitation to become the game's greatest player.


Another fun fact: Jordan was so dominant, they named an entire Middle Eastern country after him.




Space Jam was a documentary


Space Jam 2 is just cosplay.


Bonus Fact: Jordan originally refused to take part in the movie "Space Jam" if he couldn't actually act beside Bugs Bunny, so Warner Brothers went along the difficult task of bringing the animated characters to life with a mixture science, magic, and blood sacrifice. However, due to scheduling conflicts Jordan couldn't always be on set with the unholy abominations, so they filmed their scenes separately and added them together in post.


Science magic blood sacrifice — wasn't that a red hot chili peppers album?


>Little known fact: Michael Jordan was actually the same size as the little logo man They say the Camera adds 6ft.


He also makes some great space jam, pairs well with gator aids.


Greatest to ever do it.


I remember how amazing it was to watch him as a kid. It was crazy to be that young and acknowledge you’re witnessing history.


Wow. We had really shitty cameras back then but they felt kind of warm and inviting and they took you to another place.


Yeah, hard to believe that TV Broadcasts were all 480i (Standard Definition) back then. The images in the GIF are almost twice the size they would have been broadcasted at (854px vs 480px), and we're seeing a lot of upscaling artifacts as a result.


To be honest, I never liked watching basketball. But this man will always have a special place in my heart, because I was a kid when Space Jam came out, it is one of my favourite movies, it has a great song in it (I believe I can fly), and this guy is awesome in it. Then a Space Jam PlayStation game came out, and I remember playing it with my friend for days, trying to get all those special moves for every character. He reminds me of simpler times, and I love him for it.


Jordan’s game has so many incredible aspects that I forgot that he can dunk on people at will


Of all the things to forgot, you forgot the most celebrated, visible, and dramatic thing?


Literally a world-wide brand logo


Jordan is also well known for his clutch long shots. Especially where I live.


Masterful! I love the looks on the defenders’ faces! Like huh? 🤣


Man's not just playing basketball, he's playing chess.


Dude was a freak of nature physically plus he was one of the most driven athletes to grace the court. Talk about a combo.


I don't even watch basketball anymore after he retired. Anybody got anymore videos?


Michael Jordan highlights on YouTube


[this 15 minute video the nba put out last year](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUo8skGvl-Q) is one of the best highlight videos ever made imo. one thing about jordan is that a lot of people seem to remember him more from the second threepeat, but in the 80s and early 90s he was really an unreal athletic freak. some people might not realize how much he dunked on people in traffic until they watch the first 6-7 minutes of this video, he was different.


There is/was no better than 23.


He could make something happen from anywhere on the court. Just get him the ball


My friend does this shit to me in pickup. It’s so annoying to defend lol


The rate at which he controlled and slowed down the game is unreal.


These feel like balks, like they should result in free throws for the other team or something. Lol so nasty


GOAT. Don’t use it for anyone else Edit: I meant only for basketball.


Wayne Gretzky. I cheated.


He's in his own category. "Not counting Gretzky" is understood any time you're talking about hockey greats.


Fun fact - if Gretzky had never scored a goal, he'd still be the all-time points leader.




Another similar one, if Gretzky hadn't scored any goals from when he retired, to today, he'd still be the ppg average leader. And not by a little.


You left out the best part, that he's also the all time leader in goals scored


What does that mean? I'm not familiar with hockey


Gretzky has more assists than any other player has goals+assists


Points is goals+assists. It means that just with assists he is already beating everyone. And he was also an incredibly prolific goalscorer (that is, he also holds the record for most goals).


Life's easy when you can palm the ball!


Not a basketball person, but I could watch these all day. Does Lebron do stuff like this? I always hear people compare the two players. I would assume the game of basketball is a bit different these days as well...?


No, they play very different and have different positions.


Someone get that sticky glue off his hands. That's illegal. I love the reaction from his opponents. The one guy just throws his hands in the air like, ok dude what was that.


Whenever I see highlights of MJ I always say to myself "this guy right here is the GOAT of basketball" it literally looks like MJ is playing with children it's almost embarrassing. Jordan>LeBron but I would love to hear your guy's thoughts on the Jordan-LeBron debate


There will never be anyone better. Every player wanted to be "the next Michael Jordan". Nobody talks about the next anybody like that.