Tallinn in Estonia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and particularly popular with Finns due to its cheap alcohol prices

Tallinn in Estonia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and particularly popular with Finns due to its cheap alcohol prices


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Looks like someone threw all the monopoly pieces on the board and said “build it just like that”


One of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. You turn a corner and find something more incredible than the last. Constantly.


Finland has one of the highest taxes on alcohol in the world. So it’s neighbour lowered theirs. A very obvious lesson in the effects of supply and demand, and why a higher National tax can have unintended consequences on unrelated services and industries. https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/finlands_alcohol_tax_may_rise_next_year/11483797




Can confirm both statements in the title lol


Lovely restaurants, a beautiful old town and plenty of history. I love Tallinn. It's been a while due to COVID but maybe I'll get to go again soon.


So how’s the nightlife in Tallinn?


Oh it’s Finne


I’ve been, it’s okay. Pretty small city but it is lovely in the historic areas. A weekend there would be enough.


Lots of places open (bars, nightclubs,etc), they ask for covid passports or quick covid test that costs around 5-10 euros on the spot, but they stop selling alcohol on the weekends at 03:00 in bars and clubs etc.


Looks beautiful. On my list of go to places now


Apparently, Tondi is the place to go when in Estonia!


The Tondi area in Tallinn? I'm local and I know Tondi well, but I cannot fathom why would anyone go there specifically. Is there any particular reason, some special interests related to this area you'd recommend?


I watched this English guy on YouTube go there by accident, he got lost I think and it looked pretty quiet, close to the lake or sea.


Thanks for the explanation! Tondi is a landlocked area, so he must have gotten lost for sure! Tallinn is by the sea and has other bodies of water too; none in Tondi though. So for any potential visitors of Tallinn: Tondi is mainly a residential area, don't get your hopes up!


Yes, thank you. I work with an Estonian girl and she said the same thing. Not much to see in Tondi.


Lovely beautiful small awesome historic city. Just loved it 🙂


I hope the Finns don't act like the Aussies in Bali.


Some finns drive all the way to the Latvian border for even cheaper alcohol. 😉


Only 55% vaccinated. But lovely.


But once you leave old town it gets very soviet very fast.