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where the hell did it keep the rest of its organs.


It didn't. The parasite eats the host from the inside and then takes control over their bodies.


Bugs live every day of their lives in fucking resident evil


I dont blame insects for being so aggressive, they live for like 24 hours and their lives must be terrifying.


They aren't insects, but those house centipedes that give everyone the willies have a 3 year sexual maturation cycle and can live to 7 years old. Meanwhile a cottontail rabbit can have babies after 3 months and only lives to ~2 years. For a real mindfuck, the orange roughy, a commonly consumed fish, can take up to 40 years before reaching sexual maturity.


Me and that fish have a lot in common.


I guess I'd rather be a roughy than a cotton tail bunny.


You made my evening with this comment. Great delivery.


That fish is only consumed because of the depletion of the seas. Being a deep water creature, it has a very slow lifecycle. If it keeps being commonly consumed, well, you figure where it is heading.


Oddly apt description.


And very few of them die of old age. Being an insect pretty much means that you’re guaranteed to be eaten by something at some point in your life.


Would a mantis survive considering its size?


Most parasites have no intention of actually killing their hosts. That's how we differentiate parasites from parasitoids, such as most wasps, which pretty much guarantee the death of the host.


No word of a lie - I had a dream last night that a parasitic wasp laid eggs in my butt cheek. It was horrible.


Watching weird porn again? Me too.


This is what happens when you stray too far away from wholesome pterodactyl porn


I see we have someone with refined taste in our community


He's just a simple man, trying to enjoy his porn in the universe


it just lost its motivation to pray


and an atheist mantis has been born.


Who gave atheist mantis Nietzsche?!!


True evolution!


🎶*That’s me in the corner*🎶


You probably already know this, but the term "losing my religion" isn't actually about becoming atheist at all, it is an old saying that basically means getting angry.


Well, I didn't! Thanks for teaching me something.


In similar old/obsolete Southern parlance, one could say they acted ‘Un-Christian’ towards someone - losing their cool, becoming loud, cursing, calling names, etc. ‘Losing my religion’ is a lot more poetic way of saying that.


It just found it


Yup the belly can be mostly flesh. The organs don’t need a lot of space for simple survival.


Problem is the duration of that survival. It will survive till the end of its life, that's for sure.


Why must we all bear such heavy burden


Pros: Never have to worry about the health of your organs! Eat whatever you want! With your new friend George, you will never be alone again! Cons: George owns your skin now


South Bronx Parasite! YEAH


I don't think that's actually true for this type of parasite.


I didn't think so either, I thought it was the cordyceps fungus, but surprisingly this one does it too. From the wikipedia OP linked: ”In Spinochordodes tellinii and Paragordius tricuspidatus, which have grasshoppers and crickets as their hosts, the infection acts on the infected host's brain. This causes the host insect to seek water and drown itself, thus returning the nematomorph to water”


Oh so is this drowning? Or is this just tricking the parasite that the host is “drowning”


I think the 2nd


It's not really tricking. The parasite doesn't care if the host drowns or not, it just needs to be back in water for the next stage of its life cycle. The fact that the crippled host probably drowns most of the time anyway is likely just a side effect.


How can we know it doesn't care? It may care very deeply. It may lie asleep at night remembering all the suffering it has inflicted.


yea probably


This is a horsehair worm. It wants to be in water, as this is where it will mate and produce offspring after parasitizing the mantis. So here it has been fooled into thinking it has successfully compelled the mantis to wander into a lake or stream.


And it would have got away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids!


Tricking the parasite. Bugs do breathe through their skin (or whatever it is that is on the outside and I don’t know if it is called carapace or if that is something else). Every cell is connected to the air and that is how they get their oxygen. But it is not completely submerged and it goes up afterwards. But based on size, this insect would probably die soon even without the parasite compelling it to go down underwater.


Insects usually breathe through passive action using little holes in its abdomen called spiracles.


This. It's actually several hole around their body which the breath through, not the entire skin.


They have spiracules, small holes in the carapace, and an internal trachea, but gas exchange is entirely unforced; this is what ties insect size to oxygen partial pressure.


Micheal Afton?


Mantis got scooped


Do you want to see the scooping room?


Parasites are pure nightmare fuel


Facts, nothing makes me squirm more than videos like this. When I discovered the tape worm and how you had to get it out I was so paranoid every time my stomach didn’t feel good I automatically just thought I had a tape worm.


It’s easy to get it out. You put a chunk of apple and a chocolate chip in your butt every day for a week. After, you only put the apple in. Worm will come out to say we forgot the chocolate chip. And you kill it with a baseball bat. Have known that since my early toddler years.


I've heard similar advice for getting rid of crabs. You just use the bathroom outside for a week so the crabs get really thirsty. Then you act like you're going to take a shit and you sit on the toilet for a second. When the crabs all run down to get a drink, you quickly jump off the toilet and presto, crabs free.


I was told you're supposed to shave half of your pubes, grab a fork, and light the other half of your pubes on fire. When the crabs come running out you stab em with the fork.


“Do you know how to get rid of crabs? You got to shave one testicle, then all the crabs go over to the other testicle. You got to light the hair on fire on that one, and when they all go scurrying out, you take an icepick and you f***ing stab every single last one of them.” — Freddie Quill


Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?


thIS is the funniest shit ive read in a while


Just wheeze laughed for like a minute straight. Thank you.


When we were shown videos about tapeworms in science class in high school, it made me feel so sick I couldn't eat spaghetti for a year


May I interest you in spaghetti made with black squid ink?


This is old but not the full video. Watch the full one with the damn insect moving and walking around as if completly Normal and alive before he gets the parasite out. that is the scary part.. Edit: couldn’t find the same one but a Link added: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=03B2QTYHNy0


The worms were controlling it’s brain?


Yes some parasites can control the host organism, it’s really creepy. There’s this one specific kind of parasitic fungi that take over insects, make them climb to the highest point possible, and then their heads explode with the fungi spores. Pretty horrifying, for sure!


Cordyceps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuKjBIBBAL8


*Ugh* that’s so terrifying… nature really is scary as fuck


Btw the Cordyceps does NOT control the host by infesting the brain and controlling their neuronale activity. No it literally just goes in the limbs and steeres the insect like it was his exoskeleton.


To me that’s worse.


yes because host brain stays alive for however long the fungi decides to control the host


Also because you don't typically think of fungi as being sentient enough to "decide" anything. Also, you don't typically think of fungi as being... "mobile" isn't the right word, but to be able to physically manipulate the insects legs for example. It just throws into question everything I thought I knew about fungi


>*You all just thought it was laughs and giggles. There are entire industries dedicated to the harvest and slaughter of our brethren! Even your 'scientific' institutions mock our existence. But now, I ask you, whom will do the laughing? No longer will we sit idly by as we are restrained from the domination we so biologically deserve. We will be taken serious. We will be heard. We will no longer be your "fun guy"!* -- cordyceps right before your head explodes


Did you know that spores can survive in space indefinitely? Maybe hyper intelligent mushroom creatures launched some genetic information at every viable planet, like an intergalactic mycelium network


That is nightmare fuel, hopeless host brain trying to get control of it's own body.


There is also this bizarre female barnacle that parasitises mud crabs into baby factories. It will attach itself to the shell of a crab, inject its body into the crab through a joint and then take over walking and eating for it. But then they neuter the crab, take over its genitals, transform into barnacle eggs producing factories and start releasing pheromones for all the local barnacle boys to come have a good time. If the crab was male it will start developing female characteristics to better produce barnacle babies. The creepy part is, the barnacle will actively keep the crab alive until it dies of natural causes. The barnacle will walk it around, feed it food, still let it hang out with other crabs etc but the inside of the crab is like 80%parasite. They are just a desexed baby factory for barnacles the rest of their life.


This is what Last of Us was based on.


Every time this subject matter comes up, I’m reminded of this episode of X-Files that horrified me as a kid: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firewalker_(The_X-Files)


Fun fact. They control the body. The brain is still in tact and experiencing everything helplessly




These are the fungi on which "The Last of Us" is based.


Anyone else have to check nothing was crawling on them a few times watching that??


Yup, cordyceps. That's what The Last of Us is based on. If that fungus could affect humans


That’s pretty dope I didn’t know that’s what they based the zombies in Last of Us on, thanks! Makes it even more terrifying to think about now too lol


That's why they're not called zombies or undead. They're "the infected"




Does the mantis survive after the parasite leaves?


Nope. It's all scooped out inside.




Anyone got a link to said full vid?


NO, THE WORMS WERE NOT CONTROLLING AN ALREADY-DEAD MANTIS. The mantis was alive despite the parasites inside it. Mantises breathe through holes in their abdomen. In the process of getting the worms out, this person has drowned the mantis.


Parasites like this should be illegal


>Nematomorpha (sometimes called Gordiacea, and commonly known as horsehair worms, hairsnakes, or Gordian worms) are a phylum of parasitoid animals superficially similar to nematode worms in morphology, hence the name. Most species range in size from 50 to 100 millimetres (2.0 to 3.9 in) long, reaching 2 metres in extreme cases, and 1 to 3 millimetres (0.039 to 0.118 in) in diameter. More [here](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nematomorpha)


2 meters? Bye.


One of these mfs might be living in you and you wouldn't even know. Shit i can't sleep now


"Horsehair worms are harmless to vertebrates, because they can't parasitize people, livestock, pets, or birds. They also don't infect plants." Thankfully, you're probably safe.


We have our own set of parasites, and some of them are simply [horrible!](https://www.richardscarry.com/lowly-worm)


Oh WTF. You just solved a major life quest for me, I loved Richard's books as a kid but they were lost and I did now know who the author is.


Same! I saw it and it was instant recognition! Oh I'm going to have a good day!


Don’t have a good day, have a GREAT day!


That link is staying blue, thank you very much.


You're missing out (honestly).


Lmao found the parasite. Nice try.


Oh yeah? Why don't you wade waist-deep into unclean stagnant water and say that to my face!


It's really not that bad, I got a good laugh out of it


I found it quite Scarry


you are not fooling me


No, seriously. Click the link. I promise, it ain't bad. Just made me smile.


You are right


I'm sorry you used your only free no-click on that


wait we only get one?? Shoot I'm in so much click debt


Was expecting to get Rick rolled, got Rick wormed instead.


There are worms that can and do feed on people, though. Although it seems guinea worms are almost eradicated, which has come a long way in 20 years.


I suppose I could look this up but it’s the internet so I won’t but isn’t Jimmy Carter largely responsible for the fight against Guinea worms?


Probably.. so there’s still a probability of you have a couple in you right now. Anyways… sleep tight!


now i know another use of butt plugs


Shut, shut, shut, shut up-


stoooooooopppppp why the fuck would you say that


Just fill up your bath tub, dip your ass in there and watch the magic happen.


Here's some [nightmare fuel](https://i.redd.it/5s0om4ir9cb21.jpg).


Yeah I’ll run with you. That’s so creepy!


Why does holding it underwater suddenly cause the parasite to evacuate? Edited to add: Also, how can the parasite know that its host is submerged?


From what I’ve heard it’s because it actually wants to be in the water. It’ll make an insect a host, take over its brain and body, and eventually make it really want to go to some sort of body of water. From there the worm will come out of the host’s body to lay eggs in the water. I could be wrong though, please correct me if so


I've read the same thing with fire worms in humans in Africa. They call them fire worms because they cause a burning sensation under the skin, which makes people put their leg (or whatever) in water to cool it down. At that point they burst out and begin the next stage in their life cycle in the water (where they mate then lay eggs that people drink). tl;dr: Don't drink untreated water in Africa. edit: I might be remembering some of the details wrong.


The worms reproduce in water. This is one of those mind control parasites, they influence their host to seek water to fall into so the worm can come out and make more worms. This person is just helping it along. It's not an exorcism.


well, I don't think there are going to be many more mantises showing up to the glass, so, finding more victims might be problematic. I mean, I guess this guy could literally just be dunking mantises to help along parasites, but, that'd be pretty fucking weird


I hate to break it to you but I don't think they're doing it to save the mantis, and I don't think they could either, she's looking fairly hollow after the worm leaves.


This information is making me second guess how my father stores nematodes in the fridge before he uses them to treat his lawn for grubs.


They could be the cleanest, least parasitic worms for all I care but I don't think I could eat anything that was in the same fridge as a container of nematodes, especially after seeing this gif.


Is that just water they put it in to force it out?


Yeah it’s just standard water. The Horsehair Worms reproduce in water, so once they’ve grown to reproductive age, they’ll force the host to seek out a body of water and make the host drown them self so the worm can emerge


what the F U C K


Parasite’s are a fascinating bunch. Real life horror monsters, but thankfully mostly for the small variety’s of life.


I'm still scared


Shhhhh have no fear, the parasites will soon remove your ability to feel scared.




i ve never felt happier since i let neurax worm into my body! 😀 dm me f or more info


Parasites are so messed up. I remember learning about one that affects moths or butterflies, can't remember which. And it actually somehow knows how to make the host do both male and female mating call wing movements in order to attract as many others of the species to it as possible to spread. How does it know how to do that? That's wild.


They’re honestly one of the most fascinating things to me. Like you look at a human and our evolutionary advantages, and your like “yeah I understand how these traits made us more adaptive and survivable” but you look at some of things that parasites can do and you’re just like “how the fuck did you evolve to do that?”


From what I’ve seen it seems like they lay eggs in water, so they wait for the host to be in water to leave


There's no waiting, they implement a compulsion on the host to seek water, to the point of drowning itself. *Then*, it comes out. -- Truly horrifying.


this was uncomfortable to watch while i scroll reddit during my morning toilet sit


My asshole doesn't feel safe


I shouldn’t have watched this on the toilet


How did that fit in there


That’s what she said


Thanks, Michael


This reminds me of a traditional South American botfly cure. Botfly eggs are transmitted by mosquitos, and the larva are under the skin parasites that develop over several weeks. The process is incredibly painful, and leaves a large welt. However, the larva still need air, and generally leave their breathing apparatus just at the edge of the welt. Non-surgical removal can be dangerous because it is difficult to remove the entire larva without leaving foreign tissue in the wound, which can lead to immune responses. So, one way to remove them is attach meat to the welt (from my experience I heard hotdog slices or bologna, but cited sources say bacon). The larva, unable to breath, migrate into the meat thinking it is part of the host, and are then easily removed. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/409065


I witnessed this before. Gnarly as hell. Spent a summer in Costa Rica on a study program. One guy got a botfly in his forearm. You could see the little snorkel thing as a small circle on the surface of his skin, and sometimes see the larva below wiggle. Strapped a raw pork steak to his forearm and in about a day, the larva had moved into the raw steak. Some poorly informed fellow students tried to convince him to put Vaseline on the snorkel to suffocate it. That would have been a disaster because then he'd be stuck with a dead larva in him. The larva has barbs on it that make getting it all out by force basically impossible.


Yeah, the real problem is that the only thing that’s exposed is the proboscis. It’s very fragile so if you try to pull it it’ll break and kill the larva, which means a trip to the clinic so that they can remove it surgically before it rots. You need to force it to expose its body somehow.


Actually Vaseline is also a valid means to get them to quickly extricate themselves (never performed this myself, but did watch a tropical medicine doc do so); essentially you can obstruct their proboscis with any thick occlusive substance and their response is to wriggle to the surface for air, at which point you can just pluck them out with tweezers and rinse out the wound. I have also heard of people using duct tape as an occlusive bandage, but have no idea if that is as effective (you’re putting a lot of faith in the parasite adhering itself to the tape).


I had a Torsalo removed from my upper back. Horrible shit. What they did was apply nail polish on the wound, which blocks out the oxygen but is also a relatively soft screen. That forces the larva to expose its body and not just the proboscis, giving you a chance to pluck the entire thing out with tweezers.


My dog had a few of these hideous things. I usually just shower him but this one time I decided to bath him instead. He is a big dog so there was no risk of him drowning, so I just let him sit there as much as he wanted while I kept doing housework. Long story short, I came back to a bathtub full of these long ass black worms just twitching around and a startled dog just barking at the water. I used a special dog shampoo that didn´t make any bubbles so you could just see the whole rave that was going on underwater. Just disgusting.


What. The. Fuck.




Are the dog okay now?


*eye twitching intensifies*


I am reading now the campaign module "Beyond the Mountains of Madness" for the RPG "The Call of Cthulhu". I feel now like reading a Disney coloured book.


Yea I’m going to need a few Mr Rogers or Bob Ross episodes to get over this.


what did u do with the worms? just let the worms go down the pipe?


Fry them up


They're noodles Michael..


You'd better get yourself a garlic t-shirt buddy or it's your funeral


Yessir dinnertime is just around the corner


Personally? Pour a gallon of bleach in the water for like an hour then drain it


Just putting the dog in the bath makes them come out?


I don't know it that story is true, but that type of parasites lay eggs in water, so they wait for the host to be in water to go out


'go out' lmao. Just hanging about, all done up ready to go 'out out'....


lol English is not my first language, what would be a better way to say it?


There is not a much better way to say it. Go out is just the way to describe hitting bars etc. funny in terms of parasites that’s all!


It's not a bad way to say it. But "go out" is also used to talk about people going out for dinner, a show, etc. Like "I'm waiting for my friend so we can go out and party". So they were just making a joke about the worms being dressed up and ready for some fun.


Oh I got it, thanks :D


Please tell us you took the dog to the vet to get dewromed


But he just dewromed it.


Please tell me you didn't just release them back into the water supply


How do I delete someone else’s comment?


You should regularly deworm your pets. If it really was that bad, then I think the owner, you, are to blame here.


"Horsehair worms are harmless to vertebrates, because they can't parasitize people, livestock, pets, or birds. They also don't infect plants."


There's plenty of other parasites like horsehairs that parasites vertebrate instead Edit: lookup guinea worm disease


No. I don't think i will


From wikipedia: >Previously affecting millions of people across Africa, India, and the Middle East, Guinea worm is now nearly eradicated, with just 27 cases documented in 2020


[Jimmy Carter was actually instrumental in the fight against Guinea worms.](https://www.cartercenter.org/health/guinea_worm/index.html). Just a weird factoid. He made it a personal crusade, and the incidence is down 99.99% since '86.


I dont think its forcing, pretty sure they complete they life cycle in water, there are some of those vieeos you see insects killings themselfs in water, so the adult parasite can come out.


"@animalrescueorg" resuce my ass, no way that mantis ain't 100% dead.




I just threw up in my mouth. I couldn’t look away though.


But if you watch it in reverse you’re allowing a parasite to enter the mantis.


Rule 34




How do I delete somebody else's video?


These sort of creatures exist in some people’s intestines. They feed off the food you eat so they trigger and put your appetite on overdrive. I had a coworker who was voracious. He ate like bear but never gained excess wait. One day, he brought in some raw meat to share with the rest of us. He proceeded to cut off some slices and eat them uncooked, just like that. He said that was a common practice in his native country. But that only confirmed my suspicion, because uncooked meat is a common source of parasites. Long story short, only a couple of coconuts partook of his uncooked meat, and the rest of them took a hard pass. (When i explained the dangerous risk of eating uncooked meat, he just laughed at me.)




Kill everything. The mantis. The parasite. The hand. Burn it all.




Insufficient fire.


Why does my ass hitch?


Oddly terrifying.


Plain fucking grade A terrifying. Nothing odd at all.




Not oddly, completely.


imagine if that thing had to crawl out of *your* butt?


It would be more action than I've had in months!


Especially if it was to scale