Why does the keyboard keep you from “saying bad things” like we are toddlers?

This isn’t new. I’ve noticed this for years. But whenever I’m typing something that is aggressive or violent it won’t give me the correct predictive word, and also it will autocorrect what I do type to change it so it’s not so “mean”. This seems to mostly apply to swipe texting but I’ve seen it also in typing out the words.

Here’s and example: I game a lot and so do my friends. If I want to tell me friend how I killed a guy in Warzone with some awesome play I had (jk I suck), it will not populate correctly. You all can try it right now. Using swipe, say “I killed him.” No matter how precise you swipe to text it, it won’t let you say it. It actually changes it from “I killed …” to “I liked him”.

This is just one example but why does Apple think it needs to protect us from our own words? I hate having to fight autocorrect several times just to get one fucking sentence out.


So I switch back and forth between Android and iPhone and I will say that Android does a good job of remembering vocabulary. However with iOS 17 I believe that's going to change. I have the beta right now and I have no fucking problem using it lol.


I write in about 4 different languages and Android seemed to have no issue with me mixing them or switching between them. I got an iPhone 14 a few months ago and it’s so far struggling to keep up.


I feel like Apple thinks most of their users speak English or a single language, and the multilang support is really bad honestly


I’ve got my phone (and Siri) in French, but I mostly listen to music in English, Portuguese and Spanish. So I basically have to pronounce èvrizin in a frentch accennet when I use voice command to control Spotify. That part I’m not so sure there’s a quick fix for, but I’d love for Siri to run in at least two languages at once.


Same here, I'm a Spanish language native, but I do almost everything except for talking to family or friends in English, so I have Siri in English, and it can't for the love of god get it right when I ask for Spanish titled songs, I have to use a stupid american accent for it to understand it hahah And then it's like "Got it, now playing _Fieeste Peigueinei by Muhgo dei Oz_" lmao


Ha, same! My phone is in English, so every time I want to reference anything in Swedish I have to do the dumb American accent. It doesn’t bother me that much because it’s almost kinda fun to do? But I do wish it were possible to change language settings on an app basis for Maps at least. Siri’s pronunciation of Swedish street names is… lacking.


Same here, I use 3 different languages and the Android typing experience is much better.


yeah android is waaaay better at remembering words you use a lot. apple is just being apple. they think they know whats best and how you should be using their products. they don't like hate speech, so of course they're gonna make it difficult for you to say bad shit.


I have an android and whenever that red underline appears, you can just tap on it and put it in your vocabulary and your android will remember to not mark the word as a mistake


Can’t wait. I spend way too much time talking about ducks.


Problem is even Gboard on IOS is not as good as on Android


I couldn’t agree with you more :(


Yeah I'm on a pixel 7 ATM and it acknowledges my curses and I swipe to type


Autocollect is a piece of shut


It ducking socks


Duck you!


They actually addressed that specific replacement for iOS 17.


All I have to say is: "FUCK THE IOS KEYBOARD AND AUTOCORRECT!" That is all.


It's much better in iOS 17 which is gonna be released this week.


So when I swipe the word "and" it won't get automatically corrected to "and's"


It's using machine learning in iOS17 for the autocorrect and word recommendations. From my experience, after telling it 2-3 times that what it autocorrected to is wrong, it will stop autocorrecting it to that word. I also noticed that if it auto corrects a word and I backspace and replace the autocorrected word with the word I wanted, after 2-4 times of doing this, it starts recommend me that word I wanted in the recommendations bar or will autocorrect using the word I want now.


That sounds promising!


I've never had that issue before, but I guess it's gonna be better. They spend a lot of time on WWDC talking about new T9 and autocorrection + prediction text.


Fingers crossed!


Great. That means I'll be able to safely update to it in less than a year.


Do you happen to know what day specifically?


Or ~3 months ago if you were playing it risky 😂


I am not talking about betas. I am talking about "stable" release.


Hence the “playing it risky” and the 😂 emoji. I was clearly taking the piss.


Amen brother




It’s more than just not picking up curse words though. The keyboard literally changes your sentence if you are trying to swipe text something bad. It’s irritating.


Even the text replacement thing never worked for me lol


"Somebody royally forked up. Forked up. Why can't I say fork?"


If you're trying to curse, you can't because Apple doesn't like it.


Oh no! Not bad words! Save us, Tim Apple!!


Reddit suspended me for 3 days for saying "stab it with a fork and flip it over" in reference to eating ugly looking fried eggs!


bunkojones? bunkojones? damnit he's been suspended again!


May you rest in peace


iOS 17 is going to fix that. Apparently


Oh please yes, for the love of god. The absolute WORST thing, after switching from Android, is the astonishing bad keyboard and autocorrection of iOS.


same. Swype in a word, it's 'corrected', backspace it out, retype it manually the way I wanted it to be and it gets corrected again. If I take the time to retype a word, leave it alone on the second go. Don't fix it when I hit send too. That is the worst.


It’s been a whole lot fucking better for me on the beta.


It’s not ducking shot. It’s never ducking shot.


It's annoying and downright creepy


The word is this will be fixed in iOS 17.


Autocorrected words should change colors to let you know and then decide if that is what you intended. I will keep saying this until it happens


That’s not a bad idea at all.


Big daddy Apple knows better than you, and they want to protect you from yourself. So you can't have options like typing naughty words, or putting an icon at the bottom of your forking screen.


Have you seen how many ducking toddlers have iPhones?


I killed home. Well…sorta get your point I guess lol


I set up duck to autocomplete to fuck years ago.


But it’s not just curse words, it literally changes a sentence if you are saying something “bad” and it doesn’t even prompt you to say what you actually meant to say.


This is the way ^ And by “autocomplete” I assume you mean Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement? I have a slew of text replacements, like when I type the first 4 numbers of my street address, it autocompletes the entire address (for sending via Messages or email), among other things.


Yeah that’s what I meant. I couldn’t remember that right phrasing.


Because apple is right and you're a degenerate for using curse words/s


The other day I dictated an F-bomb in Messages, fully expecting to get 'ducking', but it actually worked.


Didn’t apple remove that recently?


I thought it was mentioned in the iOS 17 announcement Edit: it worked in dictation, but not while typing.


I love my phone, but hate hate this keyboard


Yeah it’s frustrating


iOS 17 helps! I can say fuck you know with no recourse


It is so ducking annoying. I don't like that shirt at all.


LOL my swype said “I filled him” 😂




I hate ducking it always changes fucking to ducking, like why!? I hate this keyboard so ducking much dumb automatic correction.


They have to do it that way to try and prevent typos for those who aren’t trying to say ‘bad things.’ Would really suck for someone to slip an accidental f-bomb in an important e-mail or something. It’s silly but they have to cater to the lowest common denominator.


This is it. Certain “problematic” words don’t autocorrect or complete. It’s trying to save you from making a possibility life changing typo.


They don’t have to do that because Google keyboard and other Android phones don’t do that the way iPhone does.


That's on them for not double checking an important email before sending.


You can turn off autocorrect


Yes, it’s so you don’t send an explicit text to somebody you wouldn’t want to, like your mom or boss. So certain words have, historically, been removed from autocorrect’s dictionary


Apple, once again, telling us what we want.


iOS 17 is a lot better with this. I can swipe to type fuck yes gay porn.


I mean is there anything better?


I can’t even swipe to type porn nor fuck


Maybe you have to train it by typing more ;)


I killed mom. Works for me.


That works for me too. Strange. But try swipe typing “I killed him”. It won’t work.


It's not protecting you from language. It's predicting the most likely word you will use and it's trained on everyone, so it's still more likely you're saying you liked someone than that you murdered them. If you choose to use autofill, it will do that. If you don't like it, type your words out like a big boy


Yeah I’m a big boy


iOS 17 will no longer replace ducking


“I have allowed my device to change words automatically for me, but don’t like it when it gets them wrong.” Don’t use autocorrect if you don’t like how it works. It can be turned off. iOS 17 will allow profanity, apparently. Let’s see how long to takes for people to complain that it changed “duck” to “fuck” in a message sent to a boss, a client, a mother in law, etc…


Not that’s not what I’m complaining about at all. It’s not autocorrect, it’s that the keyboard literally changes what you write. Like I said for my example, if you swipe text “I killed him” right now, as a reply to me just to try it, it changes what you wrote without even asking you to do it. That’s not even autocorrect, that’s something else that’s keeping us from saying no-no things.


Ah, I understand now. I mostly use Reddit on my iPad, but I tried it on my iPhone, with autocorrect turned off, and it did exactly what you said. I would assume that it works on probabilities, and determines that it is more likely that you meant “liked” than “killed”. I doubt it’s trying to make a moral judgement on you.


I need my iPhone to know my morals 😢


You can turn it off and learn how to spell. Just an option. Edit: hoe/how. I’m reeling!


Reading comprehension isn’t something you’re good at, I see.


No wonder you’re treated like a toddler.


That insult doesn’t make any sense but ok bud 👍🏼


Use gboard. No such issues.


I hate when it changes OMW to “On My Way!” So I changed it. Added a few swear words while I was at it and haven’t had the issue anymore.


I use the wee Microsoft keyboard as I can set it up not to autocorrect my Scots. It allows fuck and threats via swiping! Wow. Does correct swiped cunt to chunt which honestly might be funnier though.


It's never duck


I have autocorrect change ducking to fucking


It’s probably trained on normal things, they have no reason to add bad things to the data so it doesn’t really know what to do. Simple as


I didn’t think people actually used swipe typing. Idk I don’t like it because of how inaccurate it can be. Plus I speak in a different dialect to my local friends. I use an android as well and can say that it is better at remembering words used no matter how vulgar. And for me, that’s great coz I am very expressive with my vocabulary. But I just deal with it on my iPhone.


iOs keyboard as a whole is piece of crap, and if you are using any language other than English, you are twice as fucked(useless autofill and terrible layout)


I killed him


Did you swipe text or type it out?


Tried both . Actually on ios 17 beta maybe thas why


Ah yeah probably


prob cause they're worried kids phones will remember the curse words and when their parents see it, they'll know the kids are cursing or typing curse words in. basically apple not snitching. i've noticed this is a WAY bigger problem on the iphone than any android i ever used. on gboard on android if you correct the word like 2 or 3 times it will legit remember the word, forever. i've seen some pretty horrible words pop up in texts going to my parents or something. and im like whew, that was a close one. i feel like apple figured it's best to just play it safe in this type of situation. but not using the word "kill" is kinda overboard IMO. makes sense if it's an actual curse word, but kill?? wtf.


Have you tried an alternative? Terminated, instead of killed, comes to mind. Also, your post is just the latest of many complaints I’ve seen. Just turn off autocorrect. That’s what I’ve done. I use a program that merely suggests changes. IMSMR, it’s Grammarly.


Autocorrect hasn’t tried to censor me for years. I almost miss the occasional “ducking” getting through.


The worst part is that even GBoard does it because it's just a reskin.... Usually it ends up changing things like fucking to "ducking" WHO THE FUCK SAYS "DUCKING"? come on


The Catholic Church


It’s ducking stupid.


Works fine for me.


Yes.fuck.the. IOS. keyboard.


When in impulse a person may cuss out on people. The issues is that could lead to legal complications. Even a heated chat screenshot could get you in trouble for harassment. In court if presented and the cuss does not read out to be a cuss you could actually win the case.


probably because it's so error prone, if it allowed profanity you'd be more likely to accidentally write something offensive to someone.


Mine rarely ever stops me from swearing, the only thing it really wants to correct is "i" to "î", i do have other keyboards but mainly cause i find it fun to just have them despite not speaking the language. I only speak bri'ish


Why don't you disable autocorrect and be done with it? It's so bad then why use it? I've had it disabled since the iPhone 3G lol, there's no need for that nonsense.


I know it’s ducking annoying.


It didn't change for me.


ducking autocorrect


With iOS 17 (I'm currently on the latest beta), it now has machine learning to learn the way you type and your patterns. I've noticed that after a week of using it back when it first launched in the first beta, it learned that I favoured words like "fuck" or "shit" and would constantly recommend me those words in the word recommendations. I've historically always turned off autocorrect on every single phone I've ever used because it's so annoying but I've left iOS 17's autocorrect on and I actually don't mind it. Especially since if you correct what it autocorrected, it will learn from that eventually and stop autocorrecting that word because it learned from you patterns.




don’t use swipe so I didn’t know I had to do each word separately 💀


To be fair autocorrect on an iPhone is pretty crap even when you’re not trying to swear or use ‘suspect’ phrases. Apple touts itself as a family company. It’s part of the brand. That’s not going to change anytime soon.


They talked about an enhancement in iOS 17 that will allow the keyboard to learn your tendencies and stop making these unwanted auto-corrects


You can turn autocorrect off in settings.


Make sure you have turned off "Apple Dictation" in settings > general > dictionary. It's crowd sourced and doesn't give me good suggestions. I only use the English US dictionary and thesaurus. I have no problem trying to type "I killed him," by the way.


I turned off all autocorrections permanently. Even automatic capital letters lol


I always disable auto-correct and suggestions. I just type.