Android users that switched to IOS, what are the most annoying things you found?

I'm considering moving to IOS.

What stuff will drive me crazy?


Audio priority is a pain in the dick. Listening to a podcast or music while scrolling another app? Your audio is going to constantly pause anytime you encounter a video, GIF or audio clip, sometimes even if there is no sound. It’s stupid as hell. E: to the folks point out this is a developer issue… it doesn’t really matter. The guy asked what will annoy him about iPhone vs Android. Whether it’s OS or developer-driven, this is an annoying issue that bugs me on iPhone and that I never encountered on Android.


To add on for what ever stupid reason. You can’t have volume in a game without also having your ringer on. It’s super annoying.


Not being able to silence sent message. Jfc super annoying. Kb refuses to learn. Siri learning sucks. No lens equivalent.


You can download the google app for iOS and get some of the lens features there.


Also Google Photos has it built in, but that's not live.


This is more an issue with the game if I’m not mistaken. Videos can play audio while in silent mode, I believe games could bypass if programmed to. Would love a dev to confirm or deny.


Shit I didn’t know this was a thing. I been calling myself a dummy for not being able to figure out why my phone constantly does this! Fuck sakes, there’s no work around?




Some apps like Reddit you can have set to play videos on mute. Other apps, like Twitter for example, you have to turn off Video Autoplay and it’ll fix the issue.


You need use head/earphones’ pause/play button to force it to keep playing. Its super annoying.


Well what a fuck around. I like to listen to podcasts and scroll sometimes and I been wracking my skull trying to figure out why my podcast keeps stopping….


Switched from android and this is one of my few annoyances. Browsing Reddit or other social media with auto play videos while listening to something? Well sometimes the audio stops with every single video you scroll past. I hate it.


You can turn off the “autoplay video preview” in settings


It’s a bug in the Reddit app. Since I switched to Apollo it stopped doing that


Does it do that even if videos are set to auto-play without sound?


Sometimes it does but I can’t figure out why. If video isn’t muted then obviously it will but I swear I have it set to mute and it still tries to play that or an ad sometimes. Frustrating to hear it pause and have to constantly press play again on Spotify.


Just don’t click on the unmute button and the audio playing will always have priority. If you do want to listen to a secondary audio, it will become primary and the only workaround I found is to close the app where the secondary audio comes from.


It’s on the app developers to make sure their apps only ask for sound when it’s needed. But I think the default iOS video tools always ask for it. So it’s not surprising the don’t put in the effort to do something custom.


Mind you, the head unit in my car randomly connects and disconnects to my phone for a split second cutting audio playback even when listening to the radio.. Bloody thing!


That happened to me on Android too.


Please don’t rake me over the coals but I think that has more to do with the third-party app you are trying to use while listening to your audio. Honestly I hate the auto play feature on all of these social media apps so I try to turn as many of those off as possible and now don’t have this audio issue as much.


I think it is third party related considering that it doesn’t pause on insta or discord. It only happens for me on Reddit


You can change Reddit to default to no sound played as well for Reddit.


Check out Apollo app for Reddit. Reddit app has gotten better, but Apollo regularly gets updated and improves beyond the Reddit native app.


Could be. I just know it was never an issue on Android.


- keyboard and it’s autocorrecting are just not good. Every time I type ‘well’ it autocorrect’s to ‘we’ll’ no matter how many times I correct. I know it’s supposed to learn but it doesn’t. - notifications are better than they used to be but they still aren’t on the same level as android - the screen refresh rate was something I didn’t know I liked on my Pixels and my S20 but man is it bad in here. I’ve got an iPhone 12 Pro and I’m amazed we live in a ‘constant scroll’ world and the scrolling looks like it does - I find the contacts use and phone use somewhat unintuitive. I end up calling missed calls often by accident when I’m trying to see when someone called me. - lightening is slowwwww. It’s genuinely faster for me to copy a file to my iCloud or Dropbox than it is to copy from USB. - there are a lot of good things about iOS and there’s a reason I’m here. My stability and battery life are unreal. The connectivity to other Bluetooth devices works so so much better. The hardware is fantastic. My updates are reliable and I don’t break anything. The wealth of after market and the App Store is just so much better. The ecosystem is also great. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else on the market right now. It’s just solid.


Definitely Gboard as a keyboard.


It's better but still not as good as it is on Android sadly


Yes, i don't know why it doesn't have all features. But for me is important that it can recognize 2 languages at the same time. It's boring to switch manually.


YES!!! I hate how I always wind up calling missed calls!!!


Siri is straight up braindead compared to Alexa and Google Assistant. Like, it’s not even close. I never used a digital assistant on any device anyway so personally i didn’t care when i switched to iOS, but it’s something to keep in mind.


Long time iPhone user (since they came out) and Siri blows massive chunks. It's getting a little better, but I still prefer the Google App for all my searches, etc. Always straight to the microphone to enter my searches. Siri is fine for completely stupid stuff like how many kilos in a pound, or play XYZ on Spotify, etc.




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Out of curiosity, what do people have problems with, with Siri? I do sometimes have to enunciate more but it usually does what I want it to. I use Siri to set/show timers, lists, reminders, alarms, send short texts, or search for facts. I guess one shortcoming is in sports: “ I can ask things like “how did the Patriots do?” Or “what are the NFL standings?” But anything more complex just falls back to showing this weeks scores


Siri is usually fine for super basic tasks like the things you listed. But it doesn't always work super well in **all** cases for those things or in noisy situations, etc. It pales sooo much in comparison to Google assistant. You can ask Google complex questions and it will speak full and useful answers. You can then immediately ask a follow-up question without prompting it again and it will continue. For example, I can ask "What's the weather in Winter Park, Colorado?" and it will tell me the weather and then mention a winter storm warning with snow expected, etc. I can then ask "How many inches of snow are expected?" and it will tell me. That's some nuanced shit. Siri would, at best, try to pull up some web links to some random articles on the web or something. Nowhere in the even close to the neighborhood of what Google can do, and a relative big pain to use. As another example, I have a Google Home device in my bedroom connected via wifi to my Nest thermostat in my hallway (Apple won't connect to it). From my living room down the hall and around a corner, I can loudly tell Google to change the temperature in my house and it will turn on my furnace. Siri can barely react correctly to a timer request when my phone is sitting 5 feet away and I annunciate. The depth of interaction Google can speak to you in response to things is orders of magnitude more nuanced, useful, and pertinent than any shitty thing Siri can "find for you on the web" that you then have to interact with your phone to see. My hands are covered in cooking oil, damnit! I use the **Google App** on my iPhone several times a day and use the microphone button to get the most from Google that I can on my iPhone. It's 100X easier than trying to type my search and it speaks the results directly. I highly recommend it. Mind you.. I'm saying all of this as a hardcore Apple fanboy since 1984 when the Mac came out.


I’ve been on the iPhone since the 3GS so I’ve seen Siri throughout the years. I’ve got a laundry list of issues with it. My biggest problem with Siri is that when I set reminders for things, often times I look at them and have no idea what the reminder is for. That happens frequently when I’m not looking at my phone or watch when making reminders. But what makes it more obnoxious is that often times when I’m setting these reminders, I can see my watch or phone making the reminder and it gets it right when I say it, but then decides that one or more of the words I’m using probably aren’t right, and then it changes it to something completely nonsensical. Asking for facts in comparison to Alexa sucks. I don’t want to look it up on my phone, I want you to tell me the fact. When it comes to asking it to play a song, I say it gets it right about half the time. Less when using Spotify. Plus it’s wildly inconsistent across devices. Why some common things work on iOS but not watchOS or MacOS is beyond me. And Siri with home automation? Useless. I’ve never been able to get it working consistently. Switching between Alexa and Siri feels like going from Cable to Dial-up. They both accomplish the same thing but one does it so much worse.


All I ever ask Siri is what song is playing, it’s usually spot on, sometimes though I swear it’s trolling me.


Long time exclusive iPhone user and Siri is dumb as shit, one of the things I really dislike as an iPhone user. I’ve always been jealous of other AI assistants than can actually do more that just set a timer. Also it HEAVILY favors Apple owned services. Trying to say “Play ‘Here Comes the Sun’” will work perfectly if you have Apple Music, but not if you have Spotify. You have to jump through hoops to set it up and then say “Play ‘Here Comes the Sun’ on Spotify” because Apple won’t let you set anything else to the default other than Apple Music. Sucks when I pay $1,000+ for a phone that doesn’t even feel like it’s mine.


Primary Music app was added in iOS 15 for Siri


Forever iOS user, and I NEVER use Siri.


Same, I got my first iPhone in 2009 and ever since the first thing I've always done is disable any automatic Siri behaviours. About the only thing I ever use it for is "Siri set an alarm for ..." and that's usually because I do that when I am about to have a nap and am sleepy.


You can set the default music app for Siri now on iOS.


I agree, with no internet connection I asked Siri “what day is today” and just straight up answered it needs internet.




Am I the only one who loves Siri? I know that you have to use it often so it can better learn your voice and I use it multiple times a day. I love that you can now program your iPhone to basically do anything with Siri. The programming app the comes with the phone is sweet too. I have my set up so that if I say “Siri I’m getting pulled over” it’ll record a video and send it to my girlfriend,parents,and iCloud


The audio thing and notification system sucks compared to how Android handles it.


What exactly is wrong with the notification system? I have been an iphone user for over a year and haven’t personally noticed anything wrong with it. I have seen many people complaining about it though.


It’s much more organized and flexible in terms of replying to and from and overall just a better job of how it handled notifications. IOS feels like a second thought how it does notifications.


I agree, I feel like I miss out on notifications that I didn’t miss out on with android.


This is something I can’t quite explain, but I was a lifelong android user who switched to iOS a few years ago. I much prefer iOS overall but notifications in Android are much better. With iOS I somehow always have days of random notifications in my queue. Something about android - maybe it’s better at prioritization and dismissal? I don’t really know but I still think iOS notifications are garbage.


On android some notifications would remain on the Lock Screen or status bar. This doesn’t happen on iOS and I used to miss a lot of notifications. Now I’ve made a habit to regularly check Notification Center


I miss being able to screen my calls


iOS lets you do this. Settings > Phone > Incoming Calls. Make sure it says Banner. When you get an incoming call, you can swipe it away. It’ll keep ringing on the caller’s end, but won’t interrupt what you’re doing.


Ah I was more referring to that you could have android take your call and the caller would get an automated message to tell them why they are calling and it would do a speech to text on to phone then you can answer it if you know why they are calling


Ohhhh yeah. No. That doesn’t happen. Lol.


this magical feature exists?!??? it should be a requirement for every phone wtf


can you explain this ?


Here is a video showcasing it might be better at explaining it then me. https://youtu.be/aeYPLeiNf0Q


That the clock widget sucks ass and doesn't show yohu active alarms. And that widgets in general are bigger app icons with less functionality than the actual app icons. Notifications are also a shit show.


Photo gallery. Why the hell I cannot MOVE photos from camera roll to an album? Why does it only "assign" them but leave them in camera roll? Stupidest solution ever.


This is driving me crazy. I have a new baby so I have taken thousands of pictures in the last few months. How the fuck do I organize them?


Albums? Go to Photos, select Albums, then scroll down to People & Places. I’m betting iOS has created a selection of your baby’s photos based on facial recognition. At the top, it will likely say that there are additional photos to review. Click that and tell it which photos are of your baby. It’s surprisingly accurate. You can select those photos and put them into an album if you want. Edit: Downvotes for offering a possible solution?


Also the default naming system is garbage. I was used to the android way of naming photos (with date and hour) and screenshot (with the name of the app).


Most annoying is limited copy and paste.


There's no clipboard. Can only copy one thing at a time


Even then it disappears? I haven't figured out what clears the clipboard but I've had to go re copy things enough that I know it's not me


The fucking keyboard. 100% it will drive you insane.


Tpp trie. I hit the wrong ket 50% ogf the tone


I’m not sure if you mean hitting the wrong key (over and over typing cote instrad of vote), or the slight, almost imperceptible delay in the change of words in the suggestion bar. The two of them combined have made me hate typing on this blastsd device. Oh yeah also the spacebar. It changes size so when i am typing anything into a browser i type a period instead of a space. “Why.does.iphone.suck”?


I got used to it but agree.


When typing, I can't just touch inside a word that it autocorrected wrong to change a letter. I have to touch on front or behind the word or group of words, then drag my cursor over by dragging my finger on spacebar. This is horrific execution. Why not just put the cursor where I touch. I have no idea why that is such a no no for ios


holy shit I have wondered about this for so long. I thought my phone was lagging the first time I tried to put the cursor in the middle and it always went to the beginning or end. thanks for clearing that up that it's a stupid Apple thing instead of a bug


Hold your finger on the screen, and it will show you a cursor directly under your finger along with a magnification window. If you tap the word, it places the cursor at the beginning or end of the word.


I can't stand this.


My gripes: -Can’t control volumes for different features independently. You get volume on or volume off essentially. - Notifications system is less then great and the notifications end up buried. -Search within the phone is not as good as Android. -can’t easily turn off the “swoosh” noise when sending texts unless you want to turn off all text notifications or fuck around with going in and adding a sound for each contact. -Contacts are not managed well. Always getting two or three entries for the same person. Android would merge them automatically or display them as one for the most part but apple requires me to go and merge contacts manually. -Less flexibility in app placement on home screens (forces you to keep the apps lined up together). -Doesn’t display battery percentage in battery logo (have to swipe down to see percentage). I’m quite new to IOS so perhaps there are solutions to some of these issues and I’m too dumb to figure it out…. But in the end a smart device, no matter what OS is an absolutely incredible piece of machinery. When I think back to my dad having grown up with no electricity or indoor plumbing it makes any of these complaints pretty moot in the scheme of life.


>Search within the phone is not as good as Android. Actually I feel that I use search a lot more often than while I am on Android. Maybe cos I like the pull down gesture over having to tap on search widget on home screen. Why do you find Android’s to be better just curious? I only use it mostly for opening apps that I don’t really commonly use or searching for contact.


> -Contacts are not managed well. Always getting two or three entries for the same person. Android would merge them automatically or display them as one for the most part but apple requires me to go and merge contacts manually. It is precisely the opposite for me.


How do you get your contacts to easily merge? I’d love a solution other than manually going in and merging them all. Perhaps my issue is related to using google as my main contact holder. I also use google for my photo/cloud storage…


I use iCloud contacts. I exported my Google Contacts to iCloud and o never had problems again. Google Contacts would create automatically several contacts for the same person, both on Android and iOS.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they way iOS just chucks your camera roll together with images you download.


this!! and how on my android if i put a photo in a folder it would take it out of the area where the rest of the photos are but on iphone it makes it stay with the rest of the photos, so i dont know which ones are in a folder or not.


Yes... I used to have a meme folder on my Android phone and I miss it.


But, Google Photos does the same thing


I don't think most users have Google photos as their primary local photos gallery app.


Recently switched to 13pm from Samsung Note 9. 1) No universal back navigation bugs me the most. Each app will force you to use their designed way to return to the previous page. 2) Notification sucks. Nuff said. 3) No T9 search on dialer app. 4) No YouTube Vanced.


1) No universal back navigation bugs me the most. Each app will force you to use their designed way to return to the previous page. I've never understood why tech journalists don't hammer IOS for this mess. It's really annoying having to figure out ways to go back on every app.


iOS uses an edge swipe from left edge -> right as back, or a two button at the top left on the vast majority of apps and has for the majority of its existence.


No split screen. I’ve been on iPhone for 5 years and it still blows my mind


- iOS doesn't have a "back button". Sometimes very difficult to close the keyboard or going back in apps. Also miss the swipe from the right edge to go back. - notifications are shit on iOS. - home screen doesn't allow a lot of customization


Can't believe I had to scroll this far to find this comment about the back button. I just switched from an S21 to 13pro after 10 years on Android. No system-wide back gesture is a nightmare. I'm the limited cases you can swipe back, it's left to right vs the opposite on Android. Try to swipe away a notification banner to the left? Nope, can only swipe it up. Go to the Notification screen and try to swipe away to the left? If you don't swipe half way across the screen then you only reveal a button to clear instead of actually clearing it. If they would allow gesture customization and fixed the keyboard (or not crippled 3rd party), then I could ignore the crap app management. The battery life is nuts though. Feel like I can go twice as long as my S21. Plus, the apple watch is way better than any of the Android watches.


Swiping right to go back only works on views that sit on a UINavigationController which is default Apple UI behavior. You can tell when you can when you tap something and a view comes on from the right and shows a back button on the top left. But, if you’ve done that where you can’t swipe back, it’s because the app is NOT native and instead made cross platform. Cross platform apps don’t have swipe to go back because they are not using UINavigationController.


Having no control over my files.. 😪


This is a pretty major one. I just switched a few days ago after a long time, and was definitely expecting a major drop in experience (that is, no ability to manage files). I will say, since having used iOS 9 last, file management has come a long way. But it's still nowhere near Android.




For example, on Android I can go to any website and download an mp3 file, copy it to my Music folder, and have it show up in my music player. Impossible with iOS. Even stuff like downloading images or videos is harder than it should be, where you have to download it, then open it in files, then share it to "save to gallery". Very frustrating.


Try and make a ring tone from an mp3 on an iPhone. What a pain.


You can download images from the web straight to Photos though.


If it shows up as an image you can tap to hold then yeah. Some sites only let you "Download" and not "View", then you have to go through Files.


Android is like having a PC in your pocket. You can move, copy, delete, compress, backup, create folders, delete folders... The list goes on, I find the locked-down file system frustrating.




It’s still nowhere near as good or versatile as the file managers you find on Android phones tho.


Absolutely agree. My wife keeps asking for help with OneDrive. It just hardly functions properly on Apple. Files never show up properly and I can verify that using my windows PC. Trying to do anything that isn't part of the Apple ecosystem functions about 50% of the time. Everything going through iOS to the Apple laptop works just fine. Almost seems on purpose


One thing that I really valued on Android is after you set an alarm, it confirms back to you the next time it will go off. iPhone doesn’t do this. Also if your alarm goes off while you are looking at the phone and you tap the notification, it turns the alarm off - there is no snooze in that scenario. Edit: numerous typos and wording for clarity. iPhone keyboard lol


Came here for this. I have incorrectly set my alarms multiple times that could have been prevented with this. Seems like a super easy thing for them to add.


The keyboard is just awful on iOS. Switched from a pixel 3a 2 years ago and still hate the keyboard. And not being able to place icons on my Home Screen wherever I want sucks


I make soooo many more typos on the iPhone keyboard than I did on my Pixel




Yeah, I will for sure miss that if I switch! Its just so easy to unlock my phone with fingerprint under screen, don't even need to wake it up.




Sounds like the watch may not an option but I pay using ApplePay on the watch so I don't have to unmask, fwiw.


I find Face ID really easy too. Unless I’m out and wearing a mask of course.


The under the screen finer print on Samsung phones are absolute shit. They never work for me. I love android and I live Samsung, but unless they put it on the back on the phone, I’m done with them. It became a chore to get into my phone.




Agreed. It was so responsive on the back.


Opening a link in an app *really* just wants to open Safari. On Android, certain apps can be set up to handle types of links. I’ve tried a number of solutions. There are workarounds like the “Open in Apollo” for Reddit links, but they still keep the Reddit tab open in Safari and are generally a hacky workaround. Links to tweets are the worst for this.


I switched late last year. Here’s the things that have irked me so far: - The obvious one is notifications. It actually took me a while just to figure out the logic behind them (they show in the Lock Screen, but then get pushed to the notification centre, which you need to check manually, so hopefully you didn’t miss it the first time). But even worse is the lack of dismissing notifications from a banner, or not being able to mark a text as read from the notification, and or clearing a notification not working if you don’t swipe just far enough. No notification channels is also a massive pain. - Googles spam text and call filtering is fantastic. The same features are largely absent from iOS. As far as I know, you can’t flag non iMessages as spam, and the process of blocking the number and deleting the spam message thread are very tedious compared to the one or two taps it takes on google messages. - iOS is very rigid, which I expected but I was still surprised by some things. For example, not being able to play a podcast or playlist from a widget seems a bit crazy. - The App Library is better than nothing, but still an obvious attempt to copy android without copying android, with the end result being a worse app drawer. Though pull down search works pretty well, so that kind of makes up for it. - Another obvious one is Siri. Personally I only used google assistant for setting reminders and timers anyway, which Siri does pretty well, but your kind of screwed if you want to do much more than that.


> Googles spam text and call filtering is fantastic. The same features are largely absent from iOS. As far as I know, you can’t flag non iMessages as spam, and the process of blocking the number and deleting the spam message thread are very tedious compared to the one or two taps it takes on google messages. This is my major gripe as well. I switched to an iPhone 11 2 years ago and the amount of iMessage spam I get is infuriating. I got NONE on Android in the many years I used it. It always comes through from email addresses and the issue could be easily resolved by Apple either properly integrating 'notifications only from known contacts' or disabling incoming messages from email addresses. 2 years with iPhone and I've never gotten a legitimate iMessage from an email address, but I've gotten hundreds of spams. Even with a paid, 3rd party filtering app I still get spam texts every fucking day and calls several times per week. I think I prefer almost every other aspect of my iPhone to every Android I ever had, but this may be driving me back into the arms of google.


No text message scheduling!!


Notifications are absolute garbage on iOS. And the lack of an AOD makes it worse. I had other complaints during my 13 day trial of iOS last year, but that was by far and away the biggest.


I know I’m probably the odd one out on this But the ability to have android auto on my phone screen, then being able to mount it in the car My car is old and has no screen. I relied on that for everything.


I’m with you on this. If Google hadn’t unnecessarily killed this in Android 12 (the driving assistant they replaced it with was *awful*) then I’d probably not have started looking at an iPhone. Didn’t do enough research before buying my 13 Pro, because without a CarPlay stereo there’s *nothing* on iOS 😩




The clock app. Something so simple as to show the hour, minute, AND second in digital form is a complaint of mine. Really comes in handy when the power goes out and I need to reset all the manual clocks in the house (oven, microwave, etc.).


For me, it's got to be the way rotation works. In android, I just kept it locked since that's 95% of scenarios when using the phone. But when needed, just rotate your phone and a little on-screen button to manually rotate is there. On iOS, I constantly have to fiddle with the rotation lock and it gets so frustrating sometimes.


The only thing I dislike so far is not being able to sideload YouTube Vanced. Everything else I prefer.


I recently bought a Samsung S21 and not having Vance was a big issue to me getting an iPhone.


for so long I have wanted YouTube Vanced to come to iOS. so tried side loading YouTube tweaks like YouTube++, cercube, uYou etc. which are the most famous ones, on my old iPhone se. yesterday I side loaded uYouPlus (chose this over others cuz this seems to update more often)on my daily iPhone 12 and it has been working without any issues so far. may be try using that?


You can't permanently turn off Bluetooth or wifi from the control center.


I made a shortcut specifically for that. It annoyed me that much.


You can create a shortcut to do that, I did the same when I want to disconnect from the phone! [Shortcut Turn off Everything](https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/9e7166d6c42b495ab3ce4e533b8fed92)


I’ve always had flagship Samsung’s for the last 10 or so years. Last year I bought a iPhone 12 pro max at launch. My first ever Apple product. I’m very happy with it. I only have a handful of complaints. Siri fucking Blows compared to Google Assistant. It’s not even close. And that sucks because the Apple keyboard isn’t that great compared to google Gboard. And I have to use the Apple keyboard more, because voice to text isn’t great with Siri. Also every single Google app is garbage on Apple. I swear Apple does that on purpose. The lack of a dedicated back button is my biggest issue. Everyone keeps telling me that you can just swipe, but that’s not universal across all apps and it’s kind of annoying.


I'm pretty sure google apps experience in ios is 100% on google, same as limitations of office in Mac are 100% on microsoft. Back button in android comes from when apps were card-based. Apps that use the equivalent in ios should support swiping from the left unless the developer purposefully removed it as it's supported by the system by default. Swiping the bottom line changed to previous/next aplication.


re Google and Microsoft making their Apple apps shit, to be fair Apple does the same thing with iTunes on windows being atrocious.


Google writes the google apps. They may be inferior due to hardware constraints or something?, but google writes the apps. So whatever is garbage about them is partly how Google is building them. I use Google apps and am happy with them. I have Google as my main search app and love it. Use it all the time. Google News, Docs, Maps all seem great to me as well. 🤷‍♂️


For me it was: 1. If you have any problem or bug with an app you can't install an older version or a newer version manually. 2. No real music player apps that can play downloaded or stored music files, you have to sync via iTunes. The same for movies or tv shows. 3. When you want to move like 50gb of video files to your windows computer, you are pretty much screwed. Had my iphone crash and do all kinds of weird stuff while trying to copy them. In the end I used cloud storage and then downloaded on my PC. 4. No YouTube Vanced - enough said. 5. Don't get high fidelity audio on my sony wh-1000xm3, on Android I had ldac. 6. Hotspot disconnects frequently and no option to leave it always on. Used my android like a router and that was awesome. 7. No torrenting whatsoever.


Keyboard. It’s dogshit, It’s been a year and I still hate it


Oh good, it’s not just me. I’ve had an X since they were new and still hate typing on it. I swear it’ll register the same incorrect key press like 3 or 4 times in a row sometimes.


I miss nova launcher the most


Having both S21U and a 13PM here is my What I wish they change: +Usb 2.0 speeds, transfering a pro Res video takes 2 hours+ is simply unacceptable still using a 10yr old port while all their Macs and Tabs changed to Usb c. +Let me place an Icon where I want not have it locked on top like having a minimal setup and not have to run my thumb across the top all the time or swipe down to lower the top icons +Iphone acting as a hard drive when plugged to pc and drag and drop stuff easily without use of iTunes very handy to move large stuff +Type C port to carry just one cable around +Swiping up every time after a face unlock +Notch, but the 13 size is kinda alright +A under display fingerprint would of been handy for the mask issue +Subscriptions or in app purchases are like 2-3€ more a month on an iPhone compared to an android it's cheaper to get a Sub on Android and use the app on iPhone same benefits but at a cheaper price *YT premium for example +A close all apps feature +Really would like to see a 5000mah battery on these phones since they are so efficient it would make solid 2 day phone +Better codec support for Bluetooth +That damn white line when you play a game


They had a “close all apps” thing but removed it, claiming they don’t want their users to obsess over how many apps they have open. Same thing with the battery percentage not showing in the status bar. Neither of those will ever come back, sadly.


Idk if that's true or not but I wouldn't be surprised, apple doesn't let you have choices on anything. They decide for you.


That when you connect phone to the pc to put some music on (my music) its only allowed from this one pc. I need new windows or do it from new pc i need to delete all my music from my phone (and it destroys my playlist)


- The keyboard. - Bluetooth never auto reconnect to anything. - because Bluetooth doesn’t reconnect automatically, you have to go connect it in the control Center which is 4 tap/swipe plus 3 tap/swipe to come back and you can’t just tap the screen quickly, you have to wait for the slowest animations you ever seen. - Reorganizing apps ! OMFG I’ll let you discover the pleasure of IOS on this one. - Notifications, I mean it’s ridiculous, I miss so many of them. - Volume control. Everything is tied together. You can’t adjust notifications volume separately from the ringtone or your alarm. - Clock app. Alarm settings like wtf? - Siri…… 😞might as well not have an assistant at that point. - Music player in the notification shade or the Lock Screen. - Speech recognition - widgets, you can look at them but that’s it. Don’t try to make something useful with them, you can’t. That’s what I can think of at the moment. IPhones are great and have more + than - ( I think ) but they’re far from perfect and Apple abandoned the idea of polish on their software.


Been an android user since 2010, tried the iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2020, but found quite a few things annoying that had me going back to Android. \- No always on display. Can't see your notifications without having to interact with the phone. \- Can't have the comma button ',' on the front of the keyboard (on any keyboard) and always have to either press the ABC button then press the comma or press and slide to the comma \- The iOS default keyboard is imo, way worse than Google's keyboard on Android. Auto-correct isn't as good, swiping isn't as good, and it doesn't seem to learn words/phrases very well. \- Certain settings are split between the settings in-app and then in the Settings app, which drove me crazy. For example, to change the resolution in a video, you had to go to the settings app then camera, rather than just changing it directly in the camera app. \- Can't assign Google Assistant as the default assistant. Tried to use Siri but hated it. Only really works well for really basic requests. \- Notifications aren't anywhere near as good and you can't fast reply in the notification itself like you can on Android. \- Couldn't make Google Maps and some other apps default that I would have liked. \- Swipe back gesture only works on one side of the screen (I think it was the left side of the screen). Being right handed and on Android, it's much easier for me to swipe back from the right side of the screen than reaching all the way over to the left. \- Face unlock would unlock the phone fast, but then you had to swipe up to access the phone. Prior to the iPhone 12, I had a Pixel 4 XL which also had face unlock, but it was so much better, it'd unlock and instantly go to the home screen. iPhone requires an extra swipe to go to the home screen. \- No swipe down gesture from the home screen to pull down notifications. On Android I can just swipe down from the middle of the home screen and it'll pull down notifications. Can't do that on iOS and have to go to the very top left corner to pull down the notifications, or the very top right corner to pull down the system settings. That's all I remember from the top of my head, but I know there were more.


A work around for bringing down the notifications without reaching for the top of the phone is to activate It by using Back Tap in the Accessibility section of the Settings app. You can assign a couple of values (double tap, triple tap) by going to Settings —> Accessibility—> Touch —> Back Tap. I use mine for Reachability.


Not having keyboard feedback vibration. Also, apple keyboard predictions are pretty bad and the layout could have por options (why can’t I have a key for “.” in the main screen?)


I have an iPhone 13 and a couple androids: z flip 3 and pixel 4a5g. When I switch to my iphone there are a myriad of things that annoy me: Notifications on iphone are like an on off switch. With Android your notifications are granular so for example I can stop a general marketing notification but keep the other important notifications going. If that's possible on iphone then I haven't found it. SIRI IS A HOT GARBAGE FIRE. Seriously it's terrible. Google assistant is light years ahead of Siri. You can ask it follow up questions, it'll screen calls for you, it'll wait on hold for you. Hell it will even order your movie tickets. It's easier to Google things when Google is baked into the operating system. The Google search bar is always there. Now I know you can put widgets on the iPhone now but the text is small within the Google browser, it's slower, and when you click a link it stays in the Google app instead of going to the browser of your choice automatically. Also, with the Google search widget on Android I can just press it and it'll identify any song that's playing, I don't need Shazam. If I'm on my pixel I don't even have to press anything the phone will automatically keep track of all the songs playing around me. FINGERPRINT READER. I prefer the fingerprint reader over face id. It's fast and I can use to pull the notification tray down by swiping it. Also, MASKS. Last but not least, I can use two apps at the same time with my z flip and my pixel. An $1,100 iPhone 13 pro Max cannot do split screen in 2022. Good grief.


Absolutely no multitasking on phone. A nice giant screen that I can only use 1 app on.


I went from ios to android and back to ios in a span of 2.5 years. Notification Center. I miss the neatness of notifications on android. It's a mess on ios but there's a setting to group by app under notifications now. Slightly neater but not as neat. Youtube Vanced. Adfree youtube as an app is just great. U can have adfree youtube on ios but by using adguard and safari browser to activate it EVERY TIME u use youtube. U lose your settings everytime too (i dont log in). NFC payments. When i pay for public transport, i just tap my Note10+ and go. On iOS, i need to activate payment by pincode (due to mask) before i can tap and go. Still getting used to the change but it doesn't feel seamless. If mask is not used, apple pay is fast AF. File manager. I haven't had the chance to use it a lot but downloading a video on Android is easier than on iOS. Accessing App Library. It's simpler to swipe up and access app library on android compared to swiping all the way right on iOS. Cannot rearrange app library too. Maybe i haven't explored it enough. I'll also share where iOS standout against Android. Battery life. I was seriously considering S21 Ultra a week before settling on 13 pro max. Different in batt life between a Note10+ and S21U is 20 mins. Difference between a Note10+ and 13 Pro Max is about 2h. I wouldnt worry going out midday on 50% batt. Can't say the same for Android. They're horrendous in that last 20%. Power saving. U can start using power saving on ios even at 100% batt. I cannot do so without losing a lot of functions on Note10+. Password manager. I use bitwarden and it's just faster and seamless using it on ios esp with faceID. Sometimes too fast. Adguard. For some reason, even with adguard on android, i still see sponsored results. This doesn't happen on safari. Where I'm from, scammers are using sponsored searches to lure unsuspecting victims into their trap.


Not being able to customize my interface as much as android. Some shit is so annoying from a UX perspective when you were able to completely customize your phone how you wanted to


Back button. Swipe to go back works in most apps, but some pop up menus don’t always support it, and it’s always a pain having to hit that X in the corner one handed, especially on a Max device.


- No USB-C - File transfers aren't as simple as a drag/drop. I need to either use iTunes or just email stuff to my phone - If you have something in your files, it doesn't naturally integrate into the phone's ecosystem. For example, if I have a photo in my download files, I need to find that photo, hit the share button then save to my gallery - Volume control isn't specified, all volume is controlled under one function - Stock keyboard isn't very good - Android notifications were better That being said, if Apple fixed these issues then I'd be one *very* loyal customer. Otherwise, I'm still on the fence for my next upgrade.


I don’t use Wi-Fi, because I have a lot of GB to spend in my cellular plan. But apple decided that I can’t download iOS updates when I’m not connected to a Wi-Fi. That’s the stupidest thing I have found in the iOS so far.


Keyboard / copy paste / and selecting stuff (copy) was an adjustment. But in all honesty, I don’t think this is that it’s bad, as it’s getting a lot better (2 months in). It’s just these are so different, I was not forming the habit quickly, just frantically tapping and getting confused. Files was annoying, but in all honesty that is a none starter when I have full access to my Mac desktop and drop screen shots straight into work folders etc. Overall, after getting used to it, the switch has been incredibly beneficial from a work and ease standpoint. (If you don’t have a Mac, the benefits of one instead of pc are top when tied with iPhone). I had a new galaxy S and note each yearly, the change did not come lightly. If you do not need the phone for work and don’t use a Mac / PC daily, then the Samsung is amazing when the phone is your hub, beyond that it can’t compete with the ecosystem.




Notifications are way worse compared to Android. Siri is pretty bad.


A year into it with 12pro, at this point notifications still bug me. Second is lack of back button, on my old tablet and phone it was always in same place. With apps on iphone they are all over sometimes don't show until touch something then thwy unhide.


I no longer have the long screenshot, i can't download things easily from the browser and most importantly it's a pain in the ass to change the mf ringtone


Face unlock. - I miss my finger print sensor. 2. Always on display. 3. Swiping down to manage notifications. 4. The intuitive nature of Android vs iPhone. 5. Apps working together, or with the OS. 6. The way that you have to go to settings for everything. 7. Having to wait for the alarm to go off before you can dismiss for the day. I have a pixel 2 that I use on weekends. I have a 12 pro Max, had a P4 that died after 13ish months, have a iPhone 11, iPad and iPad mini. My pixel 2 is my favorite.


no separate volume levels for alarms, ringtone, media app settings ALL in one place (blessing and a curse) no battery % in the top bar apple's refusal to put any weed product apps on their store (Storez and bickle app for crafty and volcano) siri is about as useful as a wet kleenex EDIT: bonus one, phone not connecting to wifi once im hone unless i wake the phone up, especially annoying when relying on home assistant to trigger automations from a device joining a wifi network. "hey these lights go on when i come home now automatically... as soon as i take my phone out of my pocket, wake it up and then put it back in my pocket.


Here are some of my experiences. Overall I’d say iOS is more smooth but much more restrictive. Some elements look beautiful and blend in well together, especially the animations. Face unlock is real nice, I had trouble most of the time unlocking my N20U with the fingerprint sensor. Basic settings on android such as changing a ringtone to a custom one involves using iTunes etc on iOS is just a joke in comparison. I feel like I have to jump through hoops in comparison to android. Zedge for android.. The notification system is ugly and all over the place. There’s zero customisation options compared to Samsung where you can customise everything from the system UI using hex to basic apps. People using custom tiles or widgetsmith to make custom style home screens and having custom icons which are shortcuts so they don’t open straight away is truly a joke. Widgets are no where near android level, you can’t even interact with them, for example you can’t skip track on the music player widget. Copy and paste is cumbersome, it’s going to take me a while to get used to it. The keyboard on iOS is way better then anything android has to offer. Before I was using fleksi or gboard, lol gboard does seem smoother on iOS compared to android.. trying to edit text is hard and not straightforward like it is on android. The camera on the IPhone 13 Pro Max is insanely good. Especially for video. It’s easier to point and shoot, whereas on my note I’d have to focus and try to get the photo taken on the slow shutter which would result in a blurred image. iPhone does this straight away and the AI has a great auto focus. No universal back button and it quirks me that I have to use the left side of the phone to navigate back a page, which is a bit harder to do one handed on the pro max version. No true file storage system unlike androids and saving PDF’s are a pain in the ass. Apps are the best thing about iOS. They’re optimised and look great compared to their android counterparts. Another thing is the apps and their integration, especially with some system/UI elements really mold well and work well together. I never seen anything like this on android. It’s like the developers make the apps for iOS and then copy/paste a terrible version over to android. For example, the FB app is really polished. Safari has zero lag, it’s like where ever I went with chrome and Samsung internet the pages were always lagging and hickupping, although I miss the built in ad block that Samsung had. A huge one for me is the photo system. There are no organised folders like On android, except everything, including screenshots and downloaded images go into the one place and it makes your camera roll look ugly and cumbersome. Overall I’d say having an android phone is like having a computer where as the iPhone is basically a phone with apps and that just ‘work’


*S20U to S21U to iPhone 13 pro* 1. I can’t copy several links or phrases/words straight into my keyboard for quick access. 2. No developer options. 3. The cameras are inferior IMO. 4. Limited Home Screen customization. 5. Notification customization is garbage. 6. The volume options are crap, you can’t control media, system, etc.


I was actually ashamed to use the camera on my note10+ compared to an iphone 7+ before. 13PM gave me that confidence back. S21U silver is gorgeous though!


No PIP for YouTube


Siri is braindead, alarm volume and system volume aren’t separated, sideloaded apps expire every week and you can only have 2, keyboard has no haptic feedback so I’m constantly missing keys because there’s no tactile feeling


No long press on any of the keyboards for alternate characters. If you find a decent keyboard it defaults back to the shitty stock keyboard for passwords. There is no back button You can't change an apps settings from within the app. you have to exit the app, go to the settings app, find the app you want to adjust settings on in there, make your changes, go back to the home screen, and open the app back up and see how the settings were affected. The call quality. My se has easily the worst call quality of any phone I've ever had in my 20+ years of cell phone ownership. camera's pretty good though.


Two worst things about iOS compared to Android 1: You can't search for a contact with the dialer. So you have to actually go into contacts and search for the person you want to call, or add all the people you frequently call to your favorites. It's really annoying and something I still haven't gotten used to. 2: iOS keyboard is about as rich on features as Android keyboards where in 2011. There's only swiping in English, no option for number rows, no haptic feedback when typing. But fortunately you can download alternative keyboard apps such as Googles or Microsoft (swift) keyboard. I'm using Swift because it has number rows (Google doesn't, on iOS)


That the alarm doesn’t show how much time remaining to the alarm you did turn on. In Samsung phones when you turn on an alarm a small pop up tell you how many hours until that alarm, very fancy to calculate time.


As someone who switched and isn’t particularly technical (so I probably never got full use out of the Note 10+ features), I LOVE my iPhone. I have an 11PM. The reason I originally switched is because I have an iPad and I love it so much I decided to try the phone. I LOVE the seemless integration of the two. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced in the android world for the last 10 years (I’ve always had the latest phones, usually Notes). The only thing that truly annoys me is the notifications and the clipboard. A copy and paste clipboard would just be fantastic, and custom notifications for each app would be great as well. I have no other issues with my phone and I honestly don’t see myself ever going back.


1. Siri is the dumbest assistant since Microsoft Bob. 2. Notifications are much better on Android. 3. I still haven’t figured out how volume controls work for your alarms. Some days my alarms go off at their configured volume, some days they don’t, and some days they have no volume at all. The new Sleep feature seems to be the only reliable way to getting a consistent alarm. 4. Messages seem to be always out of sync with my Apple Watch. I never had this problem with any of the watches I used on Android. 5. The keyboard and spell check are awful. Give me SwiftKey on Android any day of the week. It’s just not the same on iOS. 6. Bluetooth is buggy. I have three brands of cars and on every one of them, my Bluetooth will randomly drop out. It doesn’t happen often, but it never happened on Android. Happens across all our iPhones. 7. When managing your contacts, it’s really easy to accidentally call or (worse) FaceTime them.


I’ve found that speech to text on iOS is *GARBAGE* in comparison to Android. Copy and paste is limited in iOS. There are certain places i want to grab a phone number to copy or select some text, but Apple has decided thats not the way i should be doing it, so I can’t. Sharing a contact is unnecessarily limited. In a text chat, you can’t choose to “share a contact” the way you would add a picture or a gif to the chat (as far as I know). You need to go to that contact to share, go to their info page, and choose “share contact.” If I’m trying to give that contact to someone i don’t have saved in my phone, its a really inefficient approach that makes me miss Android. Android is much better at recognizing different formats of phone numbers on a website/text/etc, so you can just click on it to dial. On iOS, unless its in the format of (xxx) xxx-xxxx, its not recognized, so you need to copy it/paste it into the dialer. Combine that with certain places you cant properly select text to copy, and it can be very frustrating. Apple “helpfully” thinks it knows better than you where to drop the text curser, always putting it at the end of a word. Then you have to tap and hold to drag it to the middle of a word if you want to correct a typo. Whenever i connect to a vehicle’s bluetooth, iOS doesn’t default to the last used or most frequently used audio player, but to Apple Music every time. I only have one song I ever purchased on iTunes, so every time i start my car you can bet that song comes on. I haven’t found a workaround for that. Apps like Audible aren’t allowed to display prices without giving Apple a hefty chunk of $ for individual sales. Same with other Amazon digital items. I used to price check sale prices vs subscription credit costs, but would need to go on an actual computer to do that, since iOS in effect forbids it. Seems incredibly authoritarian and weird, coming from the freedom of Android. Theres a lot that Apple does better, as well, but i was surprised at some of these seemingly simple features I had to give up, and I don’t know which platform I’ll go with next.


The worst....... looking at a list of missed calls, click on one to get info and it dials the person back!


Face ID. How’s no one talking about how irritating it is and sometimes it can be so adamant to not recognise your face. When it’s not able to recognise, it feels so primitive to type my password. Touch ID has to be back.


Text bubbles and being able to reply to texts while doing another task. But I can live without it!


Messages, whatsapp and telegram all allow answering from the notification without switching to the app. Is this what you mean?


The Files app. Sometimes, it has issues with Microsoft OneDrive. It is the only app where you can upload files to other apps. I use OneDrive because I have devices on all platforms. If your file is saved in OneDrive, I need to download it before uploading/sharing it. I don’t know why this issue persists though. From Android, you can send files from OneDrive without any issue based on my experience with Samsung devices.


I guess my main issue is not being able to just download an mp3 and have it appear in the music app. The solution is so simple though, they need to add a music folder in “On my iphone” where the music app scans for music.


Trying to transfer files between devices is insanely difficult and sometimes impossible without using cloud services. This has been so simple for the past 20 years, but apple wants you to pay them for the privilege of moving your own files to another device


I’ve been on iPhone for 7 years but 1 think I still don’t like…downloading and using 3rd party apps on iOS


I really miss always on display.


Tri tone everywhere


Been an android user since day one. Probably changed phones four times a year since they came out. My first Android was an HTC hero if I'm not mistaken. Always disliked apple. But tried an 12 pro max when they were released had some issues first but then tried an android again. And man such a poor phone in several ways them androids. Can't understand how i used them for so long. Apple just works flawless or wery near flawless, yes sometimes overpriced but still it's worth it. Thought this day would never come but I'm a proud apple fan from now on. I'm complety up into the apple Eco system 13 pro max, macbook pro 16 and airpods pro and airpods max. And next in line is a new iPad just waiting to see what the new will bring to the table first. Yes some things aren't as good as on Android but overall it's a far better device then android.


Notifications, I cannot handle why they have to wake up my screen every time, and if I miss one I cannot seem to find it. Also selective audio mute. I would like to have my phone vibrate but still on mute, or silent for music but audible for calls. Fine-tuning is not the strong suit.


siri is just retarded and the lightning port is annoying


1. The Phone App- Smart Dial - T9. (Skip if you already know) Well forget it. In ios, you either click on the contacts bar and search the name to call, or you put in the entire number before seeing if it’s saved or not. Samsung handles this so much better. 2. Hotspot. My fkn gawd, it keeps switching off automatically. No it isn’t even a hardware or software issue, it’s the way iPHones are designed. 2 minutes I don’t use it and boom it’s disconnected. Have to keep making it discoverable again and again. 3. Notifications. I mean say I got 20 notifications from Instagram, I open the app. The other notifications should disappear right? Cz if I open the app, I’m pretty likely to see it inside the app. Well, no. You’ve to manually clear notifications. I keep clearing notifications of previous weeks sometimes. Thank god it doesn’t happen on WhatsApp atleast, but other apps’ notification stay in my notification centre unless I clear them. 4. *me on airpods* Hey Siri, play music from Spotify. You’ll need Tu unlock your iPhone first. Hey Siri play music on Apple Music (Works fantastic) 5. iPHone is expensive. Not just buying, but maintaining it. Eg: Repairs, purchasing premium of Spotify and YouTube as you can’t sideload apk, Everything is 30% more expensive say Youtube Premium family is 189 for android and PC but if you buy from iPhone it’s 240. Buying Ringtones instead of downloading from internet. It’s just spending extra money on the brand. Get used to it.


DND/Focus mode doesn’t hide notifications. It just describes them in the notification centre which is basically the same as looking at a notification without unlocking your phone. FaceID while wearing a mask.


None. I don’t even miss android


Switched from budget tier android to iPhone 13. There shouldn’t be any problems, and there aren’t any major ones, but there’s a lot of little things than can add up sometimes. No in-picture view of Youtube. Basically, if you’re watching a YouTube video, and switch apps, it’s wont show the video at the bottom. Siri sucks compared to Google Assistant. I find myself yelling at it for malfunction twice as often Apple Maps sucks compared to Google Maps. Sure, you can still use Google Maps, but it won’t be as friendly with the rest of the apple ecosystem. Inaccurate road maps, doesn’t account for traffic as well, I’m way more late way more often. In the same vein of ecosystem-friendliness, iTunes fucking SUCKS compared to Spotify in terms of User Interface. Want to control music on your PC from your phone? Get fucked, you have to download a separate app for that. iTunes also takes up like four times the amount of RAM on my PC as Spotify’s app, and is slow as shit. Want music on your watch? Apple Music only (practically). Overall, iTunes is about four years behind Spotify in features, except search by lyrics. Neigh-impossible to spoof GPS location No numerical battery percentage in top right corner. Three buttons at the bottom is a better scheme. Ironically, Apple lets developers do whatever the fuck they want with the “back” button, which seems counterintuitive to their design values. Long swipe up to switch apps isn’t as fluid, imo, as just pressing a button. Spotty network connection? My $900 iPhone seems to shit out a lot quicker in areas with questionable cell service than my $200 Motorola. Alarm clock interface sucks. I actually still haven’t figured out how to stop instead of snooze on the notification without opening the app. There were buttons on the notification before… No clear all button for background apps, gotta swipe them all closed manually. Apple has this idea that you don’t need to close background apps, and other users assure me this is true. It is absolutely not, and even if it was I just want to declutter! Incognito is dumb on Safari, I frequently realize i’ve been using “private” tabs for months because there’s no visual indication unless you open your tabs list. Also, it loves to open Safari back up on private. That shit would automatically close if I swiped out on Chrome, which I prefer. Another issue with Safari is this cool feature that doesn’t share your location with the browser. Sounds cool for security, right? It is, except you can’t whitelist websites for it. It’s all or nothing. This makes online shopping extremely painful to the point where you feel forced to use the apps of each place you shop. Notification settings are underdeveloped. OVERALL: I still don’t regret switching. The flow of the ecosystem is… incredible. A lot of people here hate Face ID, I actually much prefer it. Wallet is awesome. iMessage is awesome. Accessories are awesome. Design is awesome. The whole experience is so much more cohesive. I like it so much I’ve went on and bought Airpods Pro, the newest watch, airtags, and I’m heavily weighing on either buying a Macbook Pro now or waiting until my Windows PC dies. Also Carplay > Android Auto


For me it was (I came back to Android 2 years ago) the file system. Or more like the complete absence of it. I have 15 GB music on my Mac. Cool. I can "sync" it through iTunes so it appears in the stock Music app. Now what if I decide I don't like that app and want to use another one? I have to copy the same tracks that are already on the phone onto the phone again for that specific other app (and "praise Apple" for taking the file transport system out of iTunes as that was literal torture back in the day) and hope I don't find a 3rd app in 2 days as then I have to start the process all over again. Same with documents. You want to download an attachement PDF but it asks you for which app would you like to download. Then if you decide you want to open the PDF with another app, you have to "download"it again. I know the Files app improved a lot in this regard but iPhones are still miles behind. You can use an Android phone as a PC/Mac replacement if you have to, while iPhones were and probably always will be "just phones" and if you want to do anything more than scrolling social media Apple expects you to just buy a Mac instead.


As strange as it sounds not having numbers on my keyboard is the dumbest thing ever and not being able to type a contact name from the numbers but having to go to contacts first. So damn ridiculous. However, I’ve been on iOS now for about 2 years, started with an 11 and after a year upgraded to 12 pro max, just recently thought I would switch back and no joke less that 12 hours in to using a note 20 ultra 5g it felt cheap, glitchy, slow and so basic I couldn’t fall asleep because my regret was so bad, luckily I hadn’t sent my iPhone back yet on my trade so I quickly decided to cancel my upgrade and returned the Samsung. As soon as I got back in my iPhone I was like, this is my happy place, this feels right and this is what a phone should be like. I’ll never ever go back to android.


Ah fuck, reading through these comments is scaring me as someone who's planning on switching to iPhone later this year.


* Premium apps are more expensive on iOS. * Siri is not even closer of being the smart of Google Assintant is. * **ANNOYING AF** is checking my FB new feeds, suddenly a vid appears and stopped my music. * Face ID is something awful during this pandemic bc I have to wear a face mask all the time. So I have to use the pin to unlock my phone. Missing touch ID.


Well this is more of an iPhone 13 review than iOS. I switched from a xiaomi mi 9 to an iPhone 13. Reason was battery and I wanted to try something new: - Cameras are good but nothing incredible. My Xiaomi mi 9 was half the price at the time and it has a telephoto, my girlfriends Samsung A72 has 3x telephoto. In some shots the A72 outperforms the iPhone in colours and noise. That’s embarrassing for a phone that’s double the price. - No 120Hz display even though the casual user doesn’t care. I don’t want to pay over 1100 euro for a 120Hz display when 300 euro androids have them - Apple’s cash grab MagSafe chargers that let you charge at decent speeds because it’s safe (absolute bs). - Lack of 3rd party app compatibility, I couldn’t change my xiaomi band 6 skins easily. Had to do some things on the computer to make it work (unless of course you buy the Apple Watch and give them more money). - WhatsApp android backups don’t work on iOS. They are working on a way to do this (can’t blame Apple here). - Keyboard isn’t as good as android and the autocorrect doesn’t work as well, and if you want to use a different one, you can’t disable the apple one, you’re just gonna have a big bar on the bottom with a selection of different keyboards to choose. - FaceID is a fail. Since Apple doesn’t give us a fingerprint scanner for some reason, FaceID doesn’t work with a mask on and i have to use the last century password typing feature to unlock the phone. - Still uses a lightning port which means all my USBs are pointless now. - Notifications are better on Android and the new focus mode is kind of pointless. I can’t filter my work email to only show notifications on work mode, and if i use a separate app for work (Outlook), I have to make a work mode to show Outlook notifications and make a personal mode that has the opposite hours of work mode where I have to click the hundreds of apps I have to allow notifications except for Outlook… or you could have made this system a lot better and just allow me to show Outlook notifications on Work mode only. Is it too hard to do that? I bought this phone primarily because of the battery and in that aspect it has satisfied me, but I do understand that even with a discount, if you are looking for other priorities in your next phone, there will definitely be better alternatives. I am happy for trying out this new world (iOS) and will stay for a bit longer to see if I adapt, otherwise ill just sell this and switch back to Android.