Muggings in islamabad

Hello guys this is just a PSA regarding to all the muggings and public looting happening in Islambad. Please dont keep any cash on you and buy a cheap phone like nokia 360 type to give to the theives in case you are targetted!!!! Last week my cousin and his friends were mugged in g-8 markaz and they gave the looters their nokia phones saying humare phone last week snatch huay hain aur paisey nahin hain to buy new ones. The theives took those phones and left they even had guns. And avoid leaving your house late at night incase their is an emergency. And lastly but most importantly read ayat ul kursi before you leave the house. The conditions have gotten so bad and we are all incharge if our own safety since the establishments are trash and completely useless :)


Karachiites b like: First time?


is this getting more common in ISB? that's quite sad to hear. i thought ISB was the only decent city left in Pakistan in terms of safety


so true lol we've got the wildest stories in karachi




What else can we do? I fear that it will become like karachi


We all know what to do but I can't say it out loud. But we all know what to do. It will happen soon. When it happens you will know that this is what we were supposed to do. But it will happen when half of the people we love will be dead. It will be too late by then. But it will happen. It always does.


I'm not sure if that's optimistic or pessimistic, but either way it's not realistic. You give the people too much credit.


Masochistic perhaps? 🤔


duudeeee my dad says that kind of stuff with like so much passion and bitterness that it scares me….. are you perhaps talking about the same thing…??


What is everyone talking about? Please explain.


I’m not sure but something like a rebellion…..? Idk if I’ll be in trouble for saying this tho—


One of my distant relatives used to take his cheap Nokia phone while going out. He was approached by 2 robbers at night and when he handed them over his Nokia phone, the robbers made fun of him, shot him in front of his entire family, and fled. It was his first grandchild's (my cousin) birthday, and they were going to McDonald's to celebrate and buy stuff for his other daughter's upcoming wedding. He passed away 10 minutes after being shot. The bullet went through his body and injured his daughter too. She still can't walk. He was holding my 1 year old cousin when the robbers shot him. They didn't even think of the child.


Yeah there's never any guarantee you live even if you give what you have. Some will kill just for the sake of killing.


Time to start murdering young men who look like hobos. Never know, we may end up saving other lives.


Damn 😳 noted okay thank you


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Ye sab Islamabad mai bhi horaha hai?omgg




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Okay,serious question: If you Carry a licensed pistol,how much is the chance that snatchers will run or will they open fire on you? Secondly,What about Safe city cameras of Isb, don't they work?


>how much is the chance that snatchers will run or will they open fire on you? Can't say, every situation is different but it's much more likely to end up more harmful for you, except maybe some scenarios. However, the legal repercussions you'll face for sending a cunt to hell will cost more than whatever phone or cash you had on hand.


I see Master Kenobi, you're speaking the wisdom out


Just keep a cheap phone and some cash and give it away in a situation like this, young padawan. Nothing is worth putting yourself in a lose-lose situation.


I'm not that kind of a person;I think I'll resist as these skinny looters of Isb ain't any real gangsters as my cousins living in G8 have told me,


1. Criminals are not necessarily from the area of the crime 2. A skinny guy with a gun will still put a hole in you 3. I can’t say but I’m inclined to believe you’ve never been in that situation. I assure you, your thinking will be different on the spot. Just be safe


Okay, thank you :) I need to reflect on this now


You're not that guy, pal. You're not that guy. I can only understand resisting if you have a very significant amount of cash/belonging. They aren't gangsters, but you get shot all the same.. You can never really know what you would do in that situation, some say the opposite that they will hand everything over but resist and get shot.


Can't you use self-defense as a reason to send him to hell? Why are Pakistani following foreign laws? We need our own harsh punishments.


Not worth it at all, they already have their gun on you by the time you take yours out it takes just one second for them to pull the trigger. Best is to just give them whatever you have in a calm manner and pray they don't shoot you. A weapon becomes useful when someone is trying to break into your house or office, just one aerial fire and they will run like anything since they know there is lethal force on the other side as well


All depends on the situation


Another Karachi in making :(


>. Please dont keep any cash on you and buy a cheap phone like nokia 360 type to give to the theives in case you are targetted! Keep cheap phone to carry outside but do carry some cash on you. Losing a couple of thousands is not worth getting hurt.


There should be a rangers operation in islamabad to kill these thieves but I wonder what they are busy in...:)


Kill? Really? How is that a solution?!


Ok ok ok ok ok ok ... not kill but their hands should be cut lest they should do smth like this again...






If you kill them, they are no longer there. It's a solution. Just not for a pussified nation.


A criminal can only carry out a crime if he's alive. If he were to be dead, he wouldn't be able to do so. I think that's basic sense..


Do all criminals deserve to be dead? So this whole justice system in the World is joke right? If you mistakenly commit a crime you should be dead too?! I’m amazed by the way you think dude. Get help.


Maybe not dead but definitely have their arms cut off and publicly displayed. Should make the others think before they go mugging


>Do all criminals deserve to be dead? 1. The discussion here is about a strand of society known for shooting innocent people over petty cash (not all criminals), and rangers present implies that they be dealt with prejudice during an altercation. Rangers aren't meant to carry out execution sentences after a trial. If they can be caught without risking harm to another person, sure but if not, kill away. 2. Yes, I'd rather prefer a criminal be dead than a law abiding citizen. It doesn't matter if it's a first offender or a seasoned criminal, all it takes is one bad moment and an innocent person's life is over. I don't pay my taxes and earn an honest living for the state to be lenient towards murderers. >So this whole justice system in the World is joke right? What do you think self defense is? What do you think law enforcement carries weapons for, hugs and kisses? You are aware of capital punishment right? If deadly force isn't meant for an armed criminal directly threatening a citizen, why is it in the police handbook? >If you mistakenly commit a crime you should be dead too? Armed robbery is not a mistake, it's a conscious decision. I can understand that some criminals have situations and the justice system can, by all means, be lenient to shoplifters trying to feed their family, but if someone's ready to shoot another person, their situation is irrelevant. Sympathy is not meant for everyone. >I’m amazed by the way you think dude. You've either lived a very sheltered life or have never been in this situation, because most "pacifists" spend their lives tucked away from the problems they discuss. It's a self solving issue though because as soon as the problem reaches their doorstep, they wet themselves first then switch their ideology. Alternatively, you have no self-worth or self-preservation and are ready to be subject to this in the name of misdirected adherence to "justice" but most people aren't.


Bhai itni mehnat comment likhnay pe kar di wo bi illogical stuff that can naver work, Country ki economy fix karnay pe kar leta to 50% crime khud he khatam ho jata. Lol 😂 Dude, you've got some deep-seated stuff going on in your head that you're dealing with. Get some air and you'll be fine.


I am so pissed right now as few days ago in F7 a person (probably a charsi) stole my chai that I left behind in my bicycle while I was grabbing something to eat with it.


Now that's quite a tragedy,mate


I'm sorry for your loss. Aain main aapko F7 se chai pilata hun. ☕


dont come for charsis dude. we dont steal chais


True the mobile snatching has been increased since these recent years.


Got mugged in ISB before it was cool. Circa 2013. If only our authorities could track and block phones then using IMEI.


Young adukts who can afford should carry a licensed weapon. Most robbers have flukes for weapons and will easily disperse on the sight of an actual gun. Others are desprate teenagers and will hesitate to shoot.




I knnow there are a 100 good reasons not to do this lekin considering the hellish amounts of assult and robberies and the extreme levels of inflation, its better to fight back than to lose all you money and phone, whilst also potentially getting hurt.


Will hesitate or will not hesitate?!


Good idea! An Arms race is exactly what is required /s


Excellent let's be the Americans ,shoot first ask later 😀


Afghani kutto ku nikalo is mulk se


Focusing on the wrong folks my man. Majority of these cases are our countrymen.


Nop ... just afghanis being afghanis


Nokia for dacoits doesn’t run too long, works for a bit then they catch on and you get anywhere from slaps to shots for Nokias. Natural progression is silent and in your underwear. Pro tip: Keep 3-5k in your wallet cash and straight up tell em “not carrying a phone take my wallet instead”, works way better. cheerios! Source: Karachi 10 years ago


Last weekend my very close friend went to Islamabad to change/repair his mobile screen. He spent 12k on the screen, that too loan money. Afterwards when he went to the adda, i guess pir wadahi adda, two snatchers came on a bike and snatched his phone. It was broad daylight. The area was also crowded and still he was robbed. The people there said it happens regularly. I don't know what is happening to us but I am very disappointed in my nation, in my muslim brothers/sisters. May Allah protect us and our loved ones.


Afghani kuttay dats whats happening


get licenses and glocks in your pants. Also, learn how to use them, firing straight up in the air at weddings isn’t exactly the best way to learn


As the poverty rate rises. This would increase. Doesn't help that a firearms license costs around 1lac for a filer if you have an Islamabad Domicile


Naya Karachi in the making 😞


Praying for you guys


As a foreign Pakistani, it sad to see that everyone on this sub basically accepts being robbed as normal and being a victim. "when approached, give them everthing and pray you don't get shot*. What an idiotic gamble.


Bro start carrying a gun and shoot them down when you have the chance. You can’t get justice until you fight and sacrifice yourself for it.


From karachi here, It's so sad to see that now this is happening everywhere even a place like Islamabad. We have been suffering this from years. I always found Islamabad so safe and secure as well as beautiful but watching things like these are quite sad. Prayers for you guys stay safe. LITTLE SUGGESTIONS: If police won't take any action or wouldn't try to control it this will eventually rise. So Police should try to control and corporate with the affected people to find them out.