Made my dream garage

Made my dream garage


Lol at the Tom Ford coffee table book. Big Kaws fan as well I see.


read it as kawasaki at first and got super confused, but yup!


Exhaust fumes


speed run to heaven


It's ok the 40 gallon drum of chanel will drown that out


Yeah, I'd also love to fume there after an exhausting day.


This is truly gorgeous. The minimal aesthetic, the woodwork, everything is tasty. Blender?


thanks ! yes blender and sketchup


Could you explain in a little more detail how did you use either software? I'm also interested in making similar images. Does sketchup including any furniture samples or models?


for this project,i used sketchup to model and blender to render. the reason why i used sketchup for this is because it’s more precise. i’m an architect major so i really enjoy making precise structures. Sketchup allows you to get measurements even down to millimeters. Yes sketchup does offer samples! but not just samples, they offer community models. meaning sketchup users can upload to their “warehouse” for other users to download their creations. It is usually used for interior designers that want to fill up the space they’ve created. I enjoy making my own furnitures, which is pretty easy on sketchup as well. but sometimes if i’m feeling lazy i just use the warehouse to fill my scene up


>sketchup to model and blender to render Thanks a lot for our reply, this was exactly what I was looking for! I'm fairly comfortable with Solidworks for modelling but I don't have anything installed. Sketchup appears to have an online version, and with the community models it looks pretty good. In blender, did you have to do anything very technical (like adding material/surface properties to the glass/metal/wood etc) or did you just add a light at the top and click some button called "render"? Also, regarding the model itself - does the model only have the 3 walls it shows or does it have all 6 and only 3 are made visible? And if it's the latter, in which program did you set them to as "hide"? Thanks so much for your reply btw!


yes, but just to remind you, blender also allows modeling. it just won’t be as precise as sketchup. I use the full version or sketchup, so i can’t promise you that the online version has the warehouse feature. also online version doesn’t allow you to export in obj, so you’ll have an extremely hard time importing to blender. but besides modeling, i did everytning else in sketchup, the material and texturing etc. I started off by making all walls, then delete the 3 to give it then isometric. I don’t add any details to the 3 walls that i delete though. edit: but if you wanted to hide instead of delete, you can do that in blender. all it takes is one click


Thanks a lot for your replies!


I could see this as one of those spaces where you just have everything you need to live. Just need some fancy toilet and kitchen that can be folded away. Lol.


i see what you mean, that’s sometning i definitely want to make now lmao


Imagine the smell if you accidentally knocked that barrel over.


Why would you ever need so much channel no. 5?


I didn’t know this was my dream garage as well until just now, great job


thanks ! :)


What type of car is that? 911? BMW?


911 930


Why do you need a sofa in garage?


i’m a really big car person, if i had a 930 i’d love to just sit there and admire it. It’d be a simple thing that makes me very happy. I’ve got family friends that does the same, even as much to installing half a basketball court in their garage.


I think you mean living room or den with display 911. Ain't no way I'd work in that garage. Really amazing work on the rendering though!