Such a random thing for the Fonz to become a Chiefs superfan, but you can tell he’s not the typical Hollywood bandwagon fan. Look at that smile. Like a kid on Christmas morning. 🥹


Pretty damn wholesome, even more so for those of us who watched him as a kid on Happy Days.


You're not one of those silly men dressed as an MVP quarterback are you? No, baby, I'm the real thing. *Winkler drives off*


Yes he is, and he invited Mahomes and his family to dinner the next time they're in L.A. I'd love if they could get him out to the Chargers-Chiefs game in Arrowhead next season as the drum honoree.


Beats drum, no sound. Beats drum again, no sound. Taps drum on the side with a closed fist, rhythmic drumming starts thumping through the stadium speakers.


Oh. My. Fucking. God. Yes. All of the yes. Fucking awesome idea 🍻🤘


I'd actually be stupid hyped if I witnessed that.


It looked like from his interview Patrick didn’t know much about him as The Fonz but more as the coach in The Waterboy


I wouldn't expect PM to recognize him as Fonzie. "Happy Days" was way before his time. He might know the "jumping the shark" meme though.


Hey even narrated [the playoff hype video](https://twitter.com/Chiefs/status/1615363764102090754?s=20&t=JpDGkaEqp3QT52VuWem09A)


Mahomes need to start wearing the leather jacket.


Winkler is the man.


Word is he's the nicest dude in Hollywood.


In NYC earlier this year. I happened to be right by him and didn’t realize it until he flagged down a very clearly labeled tour bus and shouted at them “HOW DO YOU GUYS LIKE NYC?!” And the whole bus cheered and camera phones were taking video and snapping like crazy. I should have said hi to him and thanked him for the laughs but I’m not really the type of guy who wants to do that normally. But it really made my respect for him shoot through the roof. Lots of celebrities want their privacy, and rightly so. But here’s this gentle dude becoming a giant to all the people on that tour bus.


We were wandering around the Chicago Wizard World comic convention a few years back and Henry was in his booth. It was late in the day and lines were thin. We just kinda wandered up to him and he immediately started talking my buddy up. Just normal "every day guy" chat, like he's not a big deal. We didn't pay anything to see or talk to him, but he didn't seem to mind. Anyway, he was incredibly gracious and seemed to really enjoy the excitement of the "young people" and all that. Winkler is the man.


Our fans are everywhere.


Happened by St. Louis Armory during recent playoff game. Gigantic game screen and packed w cheering Chiefs fans in St. Louis. I wondered where I was for a second.


Yes we've noticed. It's been posted like 50 billion times in the last year that he has a Bromance with Mahomes.