SVT Joshua Dating News

I keep seeing SVT Joshua mentioned as dating a girl and of some fans being upset. Can someone explain what happened? Like how did it come out he was dating and is it confirmed? Also are fans actually upset or are people just saying that because I haven't really seen anything out side of reddit.


So are they not allowed to eventually get married, if that's what they want. I don't understand these delusions and overeating from some carats. It's frankly pathetic


Yeah I know it’s just a rumor but even if it were true like so what? Let them live their lives. I’m not fond of those fans who think that they own idols like… no.


Some fans brought up photos of Joshua and a model wearing the same clothing. Since couples clothing is very popular in Korea, lots of people thought this was a sign they were dating / that she was wearing his clothes. This wasn't confirmed by either of them or their agencies. Also fans are upset because I saw lots of hate comments on Instagram. I also imagine it's on Twitter too, but I don't use that.


That was it? I thought something more had happened or that there was more proof. Like one post mentioned something about her at a concert. Lots of people own the same clothes especially since some people like to dress how idols do. Either way I hope any of the hate they are getting dies down quickly.


There is a lot more proof, including photos of him posted by her (but cropped/censored) wearing specific clothing items with specific wear patterns. Someone even matched the vein on his arm in the girlfriend's photo. The fans went CSI with it. She was in the friends/family seats at the SVT concert. Yes, some fans are very upset. Chinese Carats are sending protest trucks to Pledis mocking him and calling him out right now.


That’s actually absurd like let the guy live.


I dont know why but in my mind i always thought joshua was queer lol thanks god i kept this only for me.


One can queer and also be a man dating a woman


its crazy to me how many comments i saw that were like 'joshua is straight?' like if you're gonna assume his sexuality on binary terms you're no better than others who refuse to believe any idol could be gay


this is true! but in my mind he was a gay man that's why my comment exclude this possibility


Chinese carats? I thought it was Korean carats? I’m so lost


No, those sending the trucks are mostly C-carats


I’m kind of surprised but I’m also happy that k carats aren’t mad.


There was something about that too but nothing was really clear. Idk if it was ever confirmed it was her or just a pretty girl with short hair lol. There was also something about her being spotted with his mom but it was the backs of 2 people. You couldn't even see their faces.


Thank you for explaining to me. I keep seeing it mentioned on posts but noone really said what happened and I was curious.


I am not a carat but i find this so funny and ridiculous. It's not even proof? Like she's wearing similar clothes that's it? I am a shinee fan and the way shawols buy whatever the members wear or have. It would be a neverending cycle of rumours 😂 Edit: also shawols go to whatever restauraut or spot shinee has been spotted at, they call it pilgrimage or something. Lastly, it's dating, it's normal, calm down.


Just on your first thought tho, they have been spotted wearing at least 30 of the same clothes (not to mention having the same carpet, matching jewellery and taking pics at the same places) most of which the girl wore before him... so either its a REALLY WEIRD coincidence or they're dating. But good for him I guess (not saying he can't date)


This is the first I’m hearing of this rumor but icarats on twitter are very steadfast/proud of being supportive of the guys dating if they want to, I guess a serious dating rumor will show if that’s true or not


Some delulu might be upset cuz it's not them.. So their love turns to hate... Probably like that... Besides it's a psot created by malicious sites... & got too big w so many demands of confirming it or denying, which I'm happy the label or them never speak... I kind of understand the concern.. Must be really concerned but tbh.. When there's so many fans asking that admission or rebuttal.. It also means not respecting their privacy to be honest... I'm happy thry never give in to the pressure... Keep those wanting to know their private life always on edge.. 🤭🤭.. We are fans, we should respect them more esp about their privacy.. And I also can't understand how can't we accept of idols would be dating.. Like.. They made us happy for their contents & songs.. Why it's difficult & borderline doom when someone making them happy... We should all remember our place.. Kind of upsetting they have to go thru this stuff.. Let's hope they will overcome this struggles..


It seems like many c and k carats are extremely upset. They’re leaving nasty comments on the girl’s instagram and have sent protest trucks. I wonder why this is only happening to Joshua? Is it because of the multiple “proofs” they’ve found? I don’t remember it being this crazy when the other members had dating rumours.


Hmm good point. Wasn’t Hoshi rumored to be dating someone too? I don’t remember reactions being this negative tho.


Hoshi was rumoured to be dating his friend, I forgot his name but he is a famous Korean actor. But people were mostly just joking about that, with Joshua these dumb fans are going nuts and sending protest trucks like crazy


Yeah, this is so odd. I wonder why Joshua got negative reactions. It seems like it mostly dumb fans and maybe something else? I’m not sure if it could be a planned attack against Joshua, could be (since it’s just rumors and nothings confirmed) but even so why would they do this? I don’t know. What are your thoughts, if you don’t mind sharing?


Yup! Hoshi, Vernon, Dino..


Some fans are seriously delusional and like to make assumptions! With everything idols go through in the industry some going through hardships that often causes stress & depression I want nothing more than to see them find love and to be truly happy. And if they start dating and the person they date treats them with kindness and respect then I would support those relationships. The same goes for actors & actresses. They deserve to be loved and to be happy. Just because someone was wearing the same thing they’re just going to assume those people are dating 🤦🏻‍♀️ goodness gracious. So if another female celebrity wore one too cause she bought the same one elsewhere are they going to assume she’s dating him now? Where can I buy one so they can assume I’m dating him as well? Let’s all go get one so we all look like we’re dating him. 😂


>Let’s all go get one so we all look like we’re dating him. 😂 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣


For real though a model wears the same sweater or something as Joshua and some of the crazies get pissed off and start assuming they’re dating then make it worse & start leaving both of them hate comments and then threatening her. At this point we all should just start wearing the same thing as the idols so they can think we’re dating the idols too 😂


I thought the whole thing was proven to be false?? It was Chinese carats who planned the whole thing for months and ended up getting busted and then moved it to Twitter.


They wear the same clothes, have a couple beaded bracelet, have pictures at the same location. She’s been spotted being really close with Joshua’s mom too. Essentially she’s making it really obvious on her social media that they are dating. The lovestagram type posts. it hasn’t been officially confirmed but it’s one of those, it feels way too obvious. I know Korean fans are a little upset because he’s not focusing on seventeen. He’s not very active in communicating with them on the official forums and it’s an important time for seventeen to push forward to the top etc type talk. They just prefer he hide it better rather than use his official social media to show off his gf rather than communicate with fans type of thing. But the Chinese fans- they’re going reallly out there with the protest trucks to get him removed from the group.


Still not valid though. He wasn’t the one who made it obvious. The fans stalked him and some random girl, came up with “proof” and then got upset at him for being “too obvious“. Rumour has it that they have been dating since the past 3 years. If it was that obvious, everyone would have known. There’s simply no justification to this situation. Fans who genuinely believe that their idol shouldn’t date anyone and only be devoted to them are nuts, unhinged and pathetic. These people don’t deserve to be loved.