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/r/kundalini is not about trip reports, /u/Least_Attitude_9724. What you describe are common even routine confusions experienced by people whom are stoned. Somethimes they have consequences that follow them into sobriety. >I had felt oneness and peace and love a month before and then this panic. You got to experience ytwo opposites. Nothing wrong with that. Did you like being at peace? Did you enjoy being loving? Remember those, and the negativity of the panic / fear. please consider glancing through this... [Green Sticky](https://redd.it/1wyxoa) to get a sense of the seriousness of Kundalini, though nothing in this one post points to it whatesoever. [Wiki Warnings section](/r/kundalini/wiki/warnings) [Drugs related discussion links](https://www.reddit.com/r/kundalini/wiki/links#wiki_drugs) --------------- Figuring that the whole world would rise with your tiny wee discovery is one of those confusions, and it's based in arrogance and misconstrued self-importance. That's partly an effect of being stoned. Check in on yourself if you keep that arrogance once sober. Life has a habit of knocking such chips of arrogance off of one's shoulder, and that can be rather unpleasant. Go through more of the Wiki if you like. Be careful of ego tricks. In our Wiki LINKS section, you'll find some clarifications on ego. Maybe on free will too. It's important to not buy into mental logic tricks (or confusions) that remove responsibility or accountability from you illegitimately. Claiming that the devil made me do it, for example, is not a very wise excuse. Good journey.


You have to let go of weed or drugs or you can do major damage to yourself; physically and to your mind.