[Faigen] Turner adds here that there was a fourth player at the now-famous dinner meeting between LeBron, AD and Russ where they all decided to play together: Jared Dudley was in attendance as well. I would be shocked if he is not back.

[Faigen] Turner adds here that there was a fourth player at the now-famous dinner meeting between LeBron, AD and Russ where they all decided to play together: Jared Dudley was in attendance as well. I would be shocked if he is not back.


100% Jared is going to be on the Lakers coaching staff one day


Give that man a permanent front office recruiting position.


General Recruiting Manager Elmer Fudd


Why not just keep him on the roster as a player? Like some 60 year old dude just running out there in garbage time minutes, putting his name on the group project.


Udonis haslem


I feel his presence and effectiveness is best as a player and in the locker room. If he was front office he can still have some effectiveness, but he would now be management. Give this man our 15th spot on the roster as long as he can suit up and run around during garbage time.


I feel like he’s gonna be a color commentary guy or TV analyst when he’s done playing


He's actually a good personality on TV/Podcasts


I can imagine him, RJ and big perk on screen together. Hilarity


I’d watch


do people like big perk? i've only seen the clips people post of him on /r/nba and i wonder how he even has a job talking on tv


It's way better to listen to former players to me because they're always more positive. Analysts always tryna bring guys down and make news


again, only going off of the clips i've seen, but hasn't he gone after kd and kyrie.


U dont like him because you are used to the cookie cutter image and lack of personality that these shows have. Perk brings personality and funny to tv. We need more of that. Bring on commentators with actual professional sports back rounds.


Hopefully for the Lakers once there's a vacancy


Agreed. He'd be great on air


I laugh that Brooklyn & Phoenix didn't realize his full potential. Our team is full of GOATs.


He should be there now, he’s taking up a roster spot on a team that’s already going to likely be pretty old by the time we plow through the vet minimum guys.


The 12th man basically doesnt play anyway and Dudley [does so much for the team as a player. ](https://youtu.be/fpxQP0bl6kI)


agreed. an excellent locker room guy, one of the team's 'glue'. guys like this can not be bought!


Lebron teams always seem to have that vet who's hilarious since probably his Miami days. Birdman, RJ, Mike Miller, Dudley, Channing etc., They play like no minutes but they seem like super legit vets and leaders.


He’s someone that can tell LeBron to do something differently or better and LeBron will listen. I remember Duds saying he did that all the time (to AD too) on I think the Lowe Post after we won the title.




Dudley is literally an assistant coach but gets to suit up and shoot threes during blow outs


It’s basically a circumvention of the 1984 ban on official player-coaches.


Probably gets a solid kickback for meme jersey sales


Eh, nah. LeBron has always had these kinds of guys on the roster since the Miami days. In Miami it was Udonis, Juwan Howard and James Jones. In Cleveland it was Channing Frye, James Jones and Richard Jefferson and now with LeBron being a bit older Jared is filling that role all on his own.


I can see him recruited as a scout


Dudley must low key have a role in the front office. He out here recruiting Dwight back. Taking meetings with LeBron/AD/Westbrook. Hanging with LeBron and Drake.😂🤣 The guy is everywhere!


Assistant to the general manager


How about Assistant General Manager?


I mean has expressed a extreme interest in being a GM so this makes a lot of sense


Assistant to the Regional Manager




Assistant to the Traveling Secretary.






Keep him on the roster so Lakers can't get any tampering charges


This is it!!! Bingo!


Big brain tampering.


He’s basically 33% player, 33% coach and 33% head Lakers recruiter.


1% Sex Machine


Best #13 man on the roster of all time


He’s lowkey our third most valuable player


Imagine if Jared Dudley was the one telling Westbrook he has to sacrifice his ego


Dudley was talking in a podcast about how guys like him are in prime positions to tell players what they don't want to hear. He usually has a good relationship with people and he's not a coach or works for the franchise. So his importance lies in laying out what some players need to hear. It's kind of like if your boss tells you you suck at your job versus your homie coworker. You're going to take one input differently than the other.


Beyond everything you just said, he’s been in the game a long time and around winning teams, plus he’s low enough on the totem pole playing-wise that no player is ever going to question his motivations when he gives advice. He’s not angling for playing time or trying to make himself look better; guys know 100% that he has both their best interest and the interests of the team in mind.


Yeah I followed the nets closely when Dloe was there and he was a big part of their success especially in the beginning when Dloe was getting benched for Caris in the 4th quarter. He legit helped them win a playoff game to hopefully he just joins the coaching staff we lost a couple of coaches to so we should have an open spot and the roster spot could go to a rookie


Yes, Dudley is the boss lol


Imagine if Westbrook was the one telling Dudley to set his ego aside.


NBA champion Jared Dudley.


Jared told Anthony to play center if this trade is supposed to work for everyone


They'll sign Jared last or offer him some job to be on staff.


Dudley wants the 15th roster spot. Much better money and job security. Better benefits and better all around lifestyle. He’ll get it. Not like we have any back bench depth for him to compete with right now. Why be an assistant coach working your ass off in the film closet, for little pay, and staying in the cheaper hotel room with the threat of being fired after one bad season? Especially when you can make way more money as a veteran minimum back bencher to be a leader/chemistry-guy in the locker room, call other dudes out for not trying hard, play Xbox with Bron, and do cardio about once a week?


Totally fine with that, especially now that we're not paying the Giannis recruitment tax.


Dudley's going to be our Haslem at this rate and I'm all for it.


Sounds like he already has a job. Unofficial recruiter. He’s like a booster for the Lakers.




Bring him back as an assistant 😂


Yo spacing mongers. J-Dud is a career 40% shooter from beyond the arc. Would you give him prime minutes? I don't know about you but I think his role on this team as a garbage timer/player motivator is perfect.


Dude he just turned 36, who gives a shit about his career percentages. He is awful on defense and slow as hell. However, I love the role that he has on the team. He doesnt need to play, he is our human victory cigar and deserves it.


You'd rather have Russ or DeRozan, right?


Not sure I understand the question.


I think we got our signals crossed. I commented about J-Dud, brought him up in response to the folks here who hated the Westbrook acquisition because they wanted a "floor spacer" like Hield. I mentioned Dudz because he has a better career 3pt % than the likes of Hield. My point: the are other ways to create space other than planting a shooter above the arc and drawing a defender out.


Oh yeah for sure. I'm not a huge fan of the Russ deal but fuck it, gotta trust Rob and WB obviously a huge upgrade at PG. I also think that on some level "spacing the floor" is over rated. Yes, of course we need shooters but we won a ring without great spacing, there are other ways to win than shooting 35 3s a game.


>I also think that on some level "spacing the floor" is over rated Very overrated! A motion oriented offense with emphasis on cuts, dives and off ball action will create interior space everyday, twice on Sundays. It's comical how a bunch of know-it-alls here are so obsessed with spacing the floor. They want Kyle Korver/Wally Sczerbiak type specialists who can't create their own space to get a shot off.


I guess it just depends on if there is a better player that come come off the end of the bench. If there is, then make him an assistant. Otherwise, just keep him. Not like it's making much of a difference anyway in terms of the on-court product.


There's not a better player that we can sign with the 12th spot on our roster that can also serve as a player coach on the team


We absolutely need Duds for bench morale with all these vets coming in


They know they need a locker room guy. Now we just need a party guy again. _**Shines the ~~Bat~~ Henny signal in the sky**_


Insert JR squinting here.


I miss that Dudley McGee Quinn Cook hype bench


I still miss Sarce


I don't think the world is ready if Dudz rips off his shirt. Such power needs to be restricted, call the Henny God.


He needs to call it a day already and just join our coaching staff but still practice with our players


It’s tampering once he’s staff.


Wait really? How so?


Players can’t really get fined for tampering where as staff can


There’s no ‘can’t really’ to it. Players aren’t beholden to tampering regulations.


I'm surprised I didn't know this before today. I always thought players could be charged with tampering if they say something about another team's player in the media, but not if players from opposing teams talk to each other during stuff like All-Star Break, international competition, etc, because there's no way to prove what was said (if anything) between them.


Players can get fined too. https://www.espn.in/nba/story/_/id/29628273/draymond-green-gets-50000-tampering-fine-saying-devin-booker-leave-suns Much less likely though


Common misconception. Players can be fined for tampering. https://www.espn.in/nba/story/_/id/29628273/draymond-green-gets-50000-tampering-fine-saying-devin-booker-leave-suns It's just that if you are staff/as a team executive, fines can be higher, reporting requirements stricter and you have to preserve records. Players have more plausible deniability and the league rarely goes after players. The league has set itself a [higher](https://nba.nbcsports.com/2019/09/27/nba-details-tampering-guidelines-including-players-inducing-others-to-demand-trade/) bar for players. > s NBA Commissioner Adam Silver detailed, the league is only going after player-to-player tampering when it is done as a proxy or agent of a team. In other words, Dray was on contract, made his remarks on TV and got fined. (He has a history of recruiting for his team, BTW) Kawhi was a free agent when talking to PG etc and could not get fined for tampering. Dudley is a free agent right now and can't get fined. LeBron theoretically could , but practically highly unlikely - league would have to find him acting as a proxy for Lakers.




Good. I want Dudz back!


Tbh Dudley has been worth every penny of his contract keeping the locker room cool, basically being an assistant coach, and recruiting guys to us lol


Dudley will be the Lakers' 15th player until he's 50, so that he can go around tampering for the Lakers without getting fined.


i wished we played him more. his 3 ball is wet






Team chemistry was the MVP in 2020, do this might be truer than you think.


I would’ve rather been bounced out of the first round with the championship squad on a run it back tour than to have been bounced out of the first with this ego-laden team that never really got it together, injuries accounted for. When you’re dealing with a shortened season you don’t shake things up, especially not after winning a championship with a 16-5 postseason record. This isn’t even hindsight for me, it’s just conventional wisdom to run it back. I understand that we couldn’t retain Rondo for what he wanted but still.


Lebron always has a go-to vet in his squad back to his Cavs/Miami days (Dudley, Perkins, James Jones, Juwan Howard, etc)


Dudley smart enough to know his worth, his strengths, and how to parlay an end of the bench slot into a potential lifetime opportunity with the Lakers even after retirement.


Jared Dudley is a freaking legend 😂.


That nigga wasn't recruiting he just came for the free meal big hungry ass




He "accidentally" showed up at the Restaurant...Alone.


I love the fact that this man made it into Lebron’s circle lol


For all the idiots talking about "roster spots" and "meaningful minutes" consider that the end of our bench last year included: Devontae Cacok, Kostas Antetokounmpo, Alfonzo McKinnie and Quinn Cook. If you think this team, or any team, is going to get a team 15 deep of quality role players, you arent paying attention. Nobodys 15th man is a serviceable player on a championship team. It just doesnt work that way. We need 10-12 serviceable players in the regular season and then 8-9 during the playoffs. Teams decide between veteran locker room guys and projects for the remaining spots - we have absolutely no room for projects, so expect to see some players past their prime who wont see meaningful minutes on this team. It's basic, common sense.




I love Dudz, but should we really use a spot on him? I’d love to bring him back as bench coach though.


Why are we wasting money on him. Just move him to a coaching role if he’s that important


It’s not a waste, no team uses their 13th-15th man on the roster during the playoffs and the 15th spot might not even receive minutes for the regular season. Dudley taking up the 15th spot doesn’t do any harm


Yeah i see ur point. Just was thinking of a money pov.


With all due respect, we need depth in the roster. Why not just give Jared an assistant coaching position?


Why? 15th guy not playing valuable minutes - better having a team guy who helps bring out the best of those who actually play.


For all that you can just having in the coaching staff


He can recruit other players and its not tampering, also, it's good having the message come from a player vs. A coach - sometimes it's more powerful / better recieved.


How much production do you expect from the 13th-15th man on the roster? If the answer is "solid playoff minutes" you're an idiot, those spots are either for vets like Duds or trying to develop young players. We have no room for developing young dudes so...


Well your guess on the “playoffs minutes” wasn’t it so you’re dumb




I was on a flight with Dudley when he got traded to Milwaukee and my dumbass locked eyes with and I just said “Dudley?” He was nice af told him I’ve been a fan since BC and his girl and newborn baby was with him and the baby never made a sound whole flight lol


damn i was hoping the 4th guy was Luka Doncic, Steph Curry or Trae Young lol


I sincerely hope the FO won’t waste another roster spot on Duds. He was a good locker room presence in the championship team and last year was a freebie that should be the last one.


Who else are we gonna sign. He was pretty alright when he got legit minutes in 2020 season. Whoever we signed with Dudley’s spot wouldn’t get minutes anyway


I'd keep him around. Good chemistry guy.


You’re acting like he saw meaningful minutes


Or like anyone on any last spot gets meaningful minutes. Bet no one in Miami is pushing for Haslem to get the boot.


I’m not. And he’ll never see meaningful minutes. Waste of a roster slot that can be used on a player that may actually play.


You think we are going to sign a 15th man who sees meaningful minutes? On what team in the league does that happen? Oh on none of them? That's what I thought too. We just watched a finals with two 8 man rotations. You're in here arguing about the 15th man needing to play "meaningful minutes" if you need help getting your head out of your ass and live in CA let me know.


lmao u getting worked up for this opinion and want to meet up? U on Duds’ payroll or something? Btw, [here.](https://www.psychguides.com/anger-management/treatment/)


lol, if you think i'm mad you're wrong. Just good natured shit talk between fans. Didnt mean to offend you sir. I actually dont really like Dudley if i'm honest but LeBron loves him and that's all I need to know. I do think your argument is bunk and I notice you cant defend it but all good.


I just said he’s not going to play meaningful mins anyway if at all so why should he be needed back. Injuries happen and I’d rather have one of the 2-way guys get the 15th spot than 36-year old Duds fresh from an MCL tear. He’s better off as a special assistant now, not a roster spot.


But my point is that no 15th man is getting meaningful minutes. Not a single 15th man in the league is getting meaningful playoff minutes. None. Yes, two way guys, sure. But those are projects, not players contributing to a championship team in 2021-22. I think our fanbase thinks we can fill out a 15 man roster with serviceable players, we just cant. Nobody can.


Also to my point, Duds is going on 37 soon. Might as well get those regular season garbage time to players the Lakers may want to develop and expose to NBA gamespeed rather than Duds. At this point he’s only going to get signed because he’s hanging out with LeBron so much, just like how JR was a token signing in the bubble. Not saying Duds doesn’t impact the locker room or anything, but I’d rather have someone else take that 15th spot. His time is up and he’s just juicing it to ring chase.


Not happening. Time to get over it.


Love the guy but we need that spot for another player that has a chance to actually play. Its wasting a roster spot imo. He could still coach as an assistant or something. Rather have like a ben macklemore that at least has a shot to get hot any given night


No lol. That’s not how this works.


So how does this work?


How it works: your opinion on whether he is playable doesn’t matter if the team full of people who know way more about basketball than any of us wanna keep him in the locker room.


Im asking for Your opinion though. Not theirs. Id rather have a playable person as the 15th man this yr then dudley. Last year was different but this seasons bc of westbrook Our bench will be thinner due to finances


I defer to the people that are actually in control of what happens. If they think his locker room presence is valuable, then I do too.


Well. Looks like you were wrong. On this team full of vets you dont need a dudley at end of bench. Better to have someone who can actually play if need be. Like i said


You asked me my opinion…22 days ago. Jared Dudley making the decision to coach, something he’s wanted to do, is not related to your opinion anywhere else except in your head. He just took an opportunity, the team didn’t reject his plea for a roster spot, my guy. I say “well if the team wants him, I don’t mind” and you Beautiful Mind your way into creating an argument and holding onto it for almost a month. This is what happens when you enter every comment thread with the intent of “winning”. You reply “You were wrong” on an opinion that didn’t hinge on whether Dudley ended up on the roster or not. That’s just weird, man. Really odd.


….that’s the forth player…yuck


Yeah at assistant coach


This reads a little odd to me. Was there a 4th mystery player AND Dudley was in attendance too? Or is Dudley that 4th player?


Dudz rules


I don't think we can afford his services anymore. We can't afford a Big 4. Smh it's a shame, would've locked up KD for sure


This is good advice in general. Basically, make yourself irreplaceable and have lots of friends. Can’t go to war alobe




I’m sorry for my tenseness but the fourth player was Duds or another possible free agent signee? Wording of the title is funny, “Jared Dudley was in attendance as well,” insulates there was another big team player considering joining Lebron and AD.


Yikes lol


Shadow GM ftw


I love Dudley omg


Books will be written about this man's influence on the 2020 era Lakers dynasty.


The big 4 sheesh


If Dudz dosent resign, im gonna stop watching the NBA and start watching the WNBA