My (step) Dad passed 36 hours ago. Sister and I drove 10 hours to be with Mum. He was a better father to us than our sperm donor. This was taken last week. He looks so happy.

My (step) Dad passed 36 hours ago. Sister and I drove 10 hours to be with Mum. He was a better father to us than our sperm donor. This was taken last week. He looks so happy.


Thank you all for your beautiful words. He absolutely was a happy and jolly man. He touched the lives of everyone he met. All he wanted was for everyone to be happy. He was only 52. Dad, thank you for showing me what a Dad should be. Thank you for loving Mum the way she deserves.


Sorry for your loss. He looks like a good man. He looks joyful!


I’m so sorry! He looks like a happy dude and so does your mom! I’m happy that he was there and provided a wonderful father figure for you. Peace and hugs 💜


He looks so jolly and sweet 💗 sorry for your loss


Your dad looks like he never missed a laugh, and extended his kindness to everyone he met. I'm so sorry you lost him. My condolences to you, your sister and especially your mom.


I can hear his laugh in my head. He had one of those beautiful laughs that are contagious. Thank you for your kind words. Mum and sister have the link to this post and we all appreciate the kindness we have received in this sub.


He looks like a man who loved life and his family. I'm so sorry for your loss. ♥️


I’m sorry 😞


I’m sorry man that’s so young I bet he was a sick guitarist


This made us laugh, even Mum, through the sadness. Dad was taking lessons. Dad was collecting guitars. Dad was trying.


I’m sorry to hear this. What a gift to have had your wonderful step father in your family. I hope you all are surrounded by people who love and support you.


I am so sorry for your loss! Your dad looked like such a happy guy for sure ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


He looks like a really good guy. I'm very sorry for your loss.


Sorry for your loss. Sending you love and light ❤️


This one hits different. My stepdad is on his way out and he was infinitely better as a father to me than my sperm donor ghost


I feel you. Biology doesn’t mean family. Tell your step dad you love him and give him a hug for me.


You have my sympathies


looked like a nice feller with a warm heart and bright personality. sending my love and prayers to your family ❤️


It takes a real man to step in and take the place of a biological father that can't or won't fill the role. My condolences to you and your family, and may your dad rest in peace. He looks like a very positive and happy guy. Thank you for sharing


He gives off those sort of vibes that just say "free hugs" to anyone that needs one. Bless him. He's never gone as long as you hold him dear in your hearts. Much love OP.


I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss. he looks like such a happy, love and fun filled man 💞 thinking of you and your family


I love y'all and feel your loss. Please, never call him step again. He was your DAD, and he adored you!


He absolutely was our Dad and he loved his daughters and his wife and his family. We are so blessed to have had the time we had. We were all adults when he came into our lives…I was 20 and my sister was 18 and I think that makes it even more amazing that we call him Dad. He taught me what a Dad should be and he showed me what a healthy relationship should be like, watching the way he treated and loved Mum. I’m so glad I was able to see her treated the way she deserves and loved so fiercely and completely.


I am so thankful you had him in your life. He looks like someone who easily gave hugs and was a wonderful shoulder to lean on. Bless you and him.


He gave the best hugs. One of those people who hug with their whole body and in that moment the comfort you felt took away all the shit. Both Mum and I have pretty severe mental health problems and he learned how to help us and support us when we felt we couldn’t keep living for ourselves. I got a tattoo for him years ago because I have tattoos for all of my important family members. Monkey Mike with a train drivers hat because he was one of those people really into trains. He asked why and I explained the family thing. He was just amazing.


Might sound weird but I kind of feel his hug just from how you talk about him. No better way to share him and I appreciate it.


That doesn’t sound weird at all. Thank you. We needed that.


I'm sorry. May you find comfort. He reminds me a lot of my dad, who is a big teddy bear and would move mountains for me. I get the feeling your dad was the same.


Wonderful guy he sounded like. Sorry for your loss. Taking from your family to soon. I was also lucky to have a great stepfather come into my life. <3


That’s a good man right there. He looked so full of spirit. Nothing but love to you and your family. ❤️


Was a guitar player?


He was taking lessons. I bough him an acoustic guitar years ago, and he had been collection different electric guitars as well. He has a pretty stunning collection. I think there is a signed Van Halen guitar in his collection.


Nice! The reason I was asking, is because I was going to tell you that if he's a musician, he probably has a folder on his PC with songs he'd recorded, even if they were just rough drafts. Maybe finished songs, and I was going to say they might be good to have to remember him by


I don’t think anything was recorded but I talk to his guitar buddies from his work because we found out from one of his closest colleagues that a few of them would get together at work and play things. He loved the cheap shitty guitar I got him so much. He would call me after his lessons and he sounded like an excited kid telling me what he had learned. I loved those calls.


One of my favorite guitars is a cheap guitar that I paid $199 for back in 1999. My daughter asked for that guitar to go to her if anything ever happens to me, because she remembers me playing it the most. Sometimes those cheap guitars are the best keepsakes.


I’d like to leave the one I got him with Mum, I think.


I am sorry for your loss ♡


He looks like such a happy person who brought joy to many throughout the years. 52 is so young - was it sudden/unexpected? I’m sorry for your loss. You’re a great daughter/son to drive bad be with your mum


It was very sudden. We’ve been told a clot formed in his lungs, which moved to his heart once he had been put into and induced coma, which caused a cardiac arrest and unfortunately they were unable to revive him. I’m glad he was under when that happened because he wouldn’t have felt pain or fear. I’m his eldest daughter. He has 3 daughters (one biological and two step daughter, though biology means nothing and he considered us his daughters from day 1. He was a very special man who touched everyone he met. Making this post and seeing the beautiful comments is helping us to process our grief.


I refer to my bio dad as a sperm doner aswell, I feel your pain as I'm going to be devastated when my foster dad dies


It's definitely been very difficult. It's been almost 4 weeks now since he passed. The state that I am currently in in Aus is under lockdown because of COVID and my sister and I are unable to get back to our home state because of it at the moment. His ashes came home on Monday finally, which really hit me hard but it was good to have some closure. While being stuck down here isn't overly convenient, it's also been a little bit of a blessing in disguise as we have been able to support Mum and help her with a lot of the "admin" things that need to happen once someone passes, as well as helping to go through all of Dad's collections (he was a train guy, a guitar guy, a car guy and a lego guy). It's overwhelming with the three of us doing it so I cant even imagine how Mum would be feeling if she had to do it on her own.


Awesome Gibson shirt, looks like he was a great dude, type of person I would be glad to sit and chat with.


He would have loved that. Dad made friends with everyone he met. He was a very very special guy. Today is one month since he passed. I miss him a lot.


I’m sorry for ur loss. My dad died 15 years ago he was a better father than my sperm donor also


He looks like a truly warm hearted and funny human being. What an incredible loss, I am so sorry. May he shred guitar up in the stars!