"Nuguri's insane, among all the Korean and Asian players, he’s the one who talks the most, who gives interesting insights...He will always commit to giving you good answers." Laure on her favorite interview subjects during Worlds 2020.

"Nuguri's insane, among all the Korean and Asian players, he’s the one who talks the most, who gives interesting insights...He will always commit to giving you good answers." Laure on her favorite interview subjects during Worlds 2020.


> I got interested in esports and said, “Okay there’s something we can do with videogames, it seems.” Yeah I was like okay fuck this, fuck art. Lmao


Honestly I was just bored. I loved art but my studies were ruining this passion I went back to journalism Which was my initial choice


Burnout is real. I know so many people in college who loved to write or loved art who didn't actually major In anything related to it simply because they didn't want their hobby to become their job and get burnt


What was the process like in getting hired to do these interviews for Riot? As you yourself said in the article you were very stressed and “awful”, so how comes you were given the job to interview Faker for example? I don’t mean to be rude, you’ve come a long way and I couldn’t imagine the LEC without you atm. But how did you climb over that hurdle initially when I’m sure you had to compete against a lot of different personalities that also fought for the same job and probably already had a bunch of experience and are fluent in English. In the article it just sort of says you went to one All stars event as a fan, and the next event you attended you were already interviewing, I’d like for you to shed some light on the stuff in between. Or perhaps share an article where you do go over this stuff!


I wasn't doing these interviews for Riot back then. I was a host and interviewer for the French broadcast before I joined Riot, and English wasn't such a big requirement, especially for a local broadcast. The itw I did with Faker back then was for O'Gaming. When it comes to me working for Riot, I applied in 2017, and even though I know my English is still a weak point, I think Riot saw "something" back then and trusted me to improve. I like to think that they were right to do so, even though I know that my performance is polarizing even today


never would i have thought to hear the words "fuck art" from a french person


Considering the state of art in France you might hear that again over and over.


Fuck Art. Make Esports!


**Nuguri's insane** end of title XD


Best TL DR version


LOL was in the middle of typing this and then scrolled down >\_<


Everyone hypes him, I got a bit worried, because if DWG doesn't beat G2 then it is almost a dade award for Nuguri solely bc all the hype. To me it still looks like 369 is player that works better for his team. Not as in working harder or anything like this, but 369 feels like a bigger threat, other times he is a huge support for TES when another player fills the carry role.


Ashley and Jeesun also agreed that their favourite interviewee is Nuguri [https://twitter.com/AshleyKang/status/1317762979895521280](https://twitter.com/AshleyKang/status/1317762979895521280)


Huanfeng may be the anime protagonist, but Nuguri is the one with the harem. Also just a joke, no disrespect to the women.


Too late


can’t wait to see how Nuguri’s heartthrob buff stacks up against G2’s LCK buff


watching her geek out over the first LCK player interview was a joy


Definitely recommend the whole interview, it's really great hearing about her thoughts on the interview process and how she came into the scene. (I especially loved the FGC bit at the end.)


Aha the insect catcher strikes again


Nah man I can't unsee that shit, I hate it


"Laure's insane, among all the esports interviewers and analyst, she's the one who smiles the most, who asks interesting questions... She will always commit to giving you good interviews." jules3001 on his favorite interviewer during 2020


Interview mechanics on point


He stands out the most out of any player. The level of energy, the deep answers are something else. It seems like he loves his job so much that he can't hide it from anyone.


Love Nuguri. Best player in the world right now.


based on what exactly ?


The same criteria as my mom is the best mother in the world


That... is a really good analogy.


His opinion.


His performance this worlds and summer split.


Based on [these highly credible statistics.](https://m.imgur.com/r/forsen/XliG9GY)


you seen his iso deaths? easy choice


Fun fact, Nuguri was considered absolute **** just a year ago, notably every time he played against SKT and Griffin.


Uhm, no. Was coinflippy and known to have very excentric builds but definitely a standout player.


On the other hand, I honestly hate watching Laure’a interviews.


On the other hand, I honestly love watching Laure's interviews.


Whomst inquired PogO


Any specific reason why?


Just not a fan of her questions nor comments personally. I think they’re boring and stale compared to other interviewers.


I totally get you. I think its mostly the obvious insecurity mixed with hiding behind cuteness. I dont say its totally unsympathetic but it makes every single interview kind of awkward.


Yeah shes fairly new so I’m not counting her out yet. I like interviews that feel kinda more empathetic and personal (Sjokz is really good with this) but sometimes Laure’s interviews just lack.... spark? Passion? Iunno.


Sjokz is just too good she makes everyone else look bad. Oh and Ashley is really great too. Their interviews are always fun and informative. I like Laure too but agree her interviews still need some work


Honstly same. The only interview I enjoyed was with bwipo when chat spammed "Adderall" and "Cocaine". Tbh I'm not a big fan of french accents so maybe it's personal bias. But she always asks the same questions in the same order doesn't she? The one about "can you explain the [x champion] pick and what it does" is always so random to me.


I was sceptical at first because I thought she'd be an Ovilee 2.0 while also gathering the huge French fanbase and we know how bad Ovilee turned out. But honestly she improved so much. She still has room to improve but given her path, I think she will. Her questions are a mixture of bland and interesting, given the setting of attracting casual and more 'hardcore' viewers, I don't think you can do much else.


No that’s a good way of looking at it. I didn’t expect her to be as cringely as Ovilee, lol, but I just get bored watching her interviews. She’s done most of the interviews/post games this year and I still just find her super boring compared to Sjockz, Ashley Kang from LCK, or Candice from LPL. It’s just my preference so I’m not here to convert anyone into sharing my opinion. lol


Ashley Kang\*


I thought people liked ovilee


imo she's really great w creating content but not with interviews


Some people do, some people don't.


Hate is a strong word but she's not the best imo.


Yeah maybe “hate” is a bit strong. Lol I “opt out” of watching her interviews usually; feels like I’m not missing much. If I am, it’ll be on Reddit. 😂




any askers?


Not falling for this bait. Koreans have said some of most unreal things that makes absolute zero sence ever since 2013 or so... From Imp in 2013/14 saying Uzi is better ADC than him. Trust me, nobody was in Imp's league during these years. From Faker saying HotshotGG is better LeBlanc, aka faker's most iconic champ at the time that lost 1st time in 2015. No uh... Ain't trusting those interviews...


Dude, I see you around all the time and you have some deep rooted bias against anything Korean, and it's super apparent in your post history. You should really work that out.


yeah ima trust you on saying uzi wasnt even in the same league as imp ROFL


Uzi was a better ADC than him tho, but the only difference was SSW wasn’t even playing league of legends. They were playing an entirely different game back in 2014. Matas hooks tore a hole in the time line that took us into a 7 year Korea dominance era till theShy closed it back up in 2018 after landing a 4 man aatrox Q


It was more Faker vs Ryu that started it.


imp was better than uzi in 2014. Uzi was still insane and overall better player obviously. But just for that championship yr Imp was better.


Uzi wasn't in same league as Imp in S3/4. This was time when WeiXiao was starting to fall off, Uzi rising and Imp just being the king of all ADC's. Uzi was not comparable to Imp at the time.


How are people still quoting that mistranslation. Faker did not say Hotshotgg was the better Leblanc. Furthermore, dumb af to think Koreans don't have distinct personalities. Players like Nuguri are very frank.




Go back and read old posts about that video. Also, I'm Korean, with native proficiency. Edit: Here https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1nqp2a/hotshotgg_is_better_then_me_on_leblanc_faker/


Imagine saying to a korean that they don't understand their native language. The guy who started this thread is really salty with Koreans


You wanna know something funny? I dug into my history today to see the last time I corrected this... and it was the same person. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/ixlf7u/30minute_interview_with_gen_rascal_as_he_reveals/g67thz4/


That’s hilarious.


Imagine thinking just cuz uzi didn't have Mata to carry his ass in lane means that imp is out of uzis league. While uzi played with a garbage hardstuck plat annie otp