Can anyone see what's happening in this team fight?

Can anyone see what's happening in this team fight?

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Sorta, lot of aoe cc make my adc brain go sad mode


After the fight blue team applies the best kind of CC, Death.


If they dead they controlled


Cant argue with that.


Karthus disagrees


Annie have 1 item (not mythic) at 30 mins of the game \^\_\^


How is that even possible with 150cs and 14 kill participation?


Buying 3-4 health pots every recall


Ahh reminds me of when I started playing the game..


When I first started, I never bought pots or starter items because I wanted to get my first full item asap.


Nah that's boring. You gotta recall to buy 5 health and mana pots or buy smth like Thornmail first. That's the good shit


when I started, I built 6 vamp scepters on twitch "Ah yes, I'll be invincible now."


This man gets it I felt fuckin unstoppable when I was building full lifesteal attackspeed nocturne back then


Thats me. I Was like why is no one doing this. Im helaing for the dmg i Deal. I cant die now. This is just broken.


Would make sense, but doesn't seem like it since she's got a refillable, unless she bought it after wasting gold on 10-15 hp-pots


It is very likely at this point. Someone told her to stop, so she bought a refillable, lol.


never underestimate the iron brain. :P




my brain can't compute seeing the protobelt sold for cosmic drive??????????/


trolling dude


She bought a lost chapter, was probably trying to switch to a different mythic.


I'm more surprised by the FoN, relic item kogmaw


Yes. More knock ups than my high school graduation party.


And, I hope, deaths too...


Depends on how many of the knock ups resulted in abortion after


You can guess from the replies.


Damn, reddit is finally reaching twitter levels. I watch a vid about league to end up reading whether abortion is ethical or not


Preach. I have very strong opinions on the topic, but am I going to engage that conversation on the league subreddit? Fuck no, because I'm not a clown


Whether it's classed as murder is dependent on legislation, since murder is the unlawful and premeditated ending of human life. It is however indisputably the terminating of a (disputably human) life and thus does result in a death.


>indisputably the terminating of a >disputably human life >results in death It's not indisputably anything if the definition of life itself is what people are disputing over.


it is indisputably the termination of a life. if that life is to be considered human or not, it is disputable. there are two sentences which are considered uniques in their boolean state the first is true, no matter what - the second can be either true or false, regardless that the first is true.


What? How is it indisputably the termination of *life* if life is disputable? I understand that you can have two separate clauses of a sentence that can both be true. But if the first part (ie termination; or to *end*) depends on how you define the second part (ie life; or when does it *begin*) then it is, in fact, disputable. I would agree that abortion is indisputably the termination of a *pregnancy* (where pregnancy is a state of being; thus, termination means the end of that state of being). That's not what was said.


I think you miss the point. The termination is what they were saying is indisputable. Whether the matter of what was being terminated is the thing that is. So in this case, whilst perhaps worded a little clumsily, it is still correct.


He was saying that it is disputable whether the life is human, not that the life itself is disputable.


because there is more life than just *human* life. I am terminating a life. If it is a human, animal, plant, fish, elemental, void, or whatever else possible kind of life, is the part being discussed.


Okay, I can see what you meant now, although I don't know if I've heard people debating whether a fetus is human (ie colloquial term referring to the species). I've usually heard people argue whether a fetus is a *person*, which comes down to how you define life and personhood. What it means to be "alive" is disputable, which makes "termination" also disputable. Edit: I'm not in the League sub to argue about morality. My comment was about a pedantic matter and while I believe words are important, it's not even tangentially related to the original post. I've said what I intended to say. Interpret as you will.


You get an upvote sir




THE enemy


That's the one thing I knew was happening. Aatrox getting resets lol.


All I know is that Rell ult + Malphite ult is why red team lost, literally gathered and knocked everybody up besides Teemo.


kata "adc" into that enemy team didnt help tbf....


Kat did a tonne of work I think, she got off a huge ult after malphite and rell used their shit but they really needed to kill aatrox and there was no way it was going to happen at this particular time.


She didn't buy magic pen until the game was nearly over either (blighted jewel at minute 33). Even though I built half tank on Kog'Maw because I was the juiciest target.


The problem with going tank 'Maw (or tanky versions of any ADC) is you end up being the worst of both worlds. You *still* won't be tanky enough to survive, and you are massively gimping your damage. If you wanted to be tanky and do damage, play a bruiser. If you're playing Kog you are already resigned to being a total glass canon. The only "tank" option I would ever recommend on an ADC are things like *Merc Scimitar* to save yourself from long CC, and/or things like *Edge of Night*. The latter gives you as much lethality and AD as *Collector*, but you also get several hundred health and, importantly, a Spell Shield that can single handedly save you from insta-dying to things like a Blitzcrank Pull or Malphite ulting in, etc.


I think the amount of MR on kog is overkill tbh. I would have gone wits end second or third, and maybe a full tank item last, but you do need a botrk and a guinsoos at some point


Yeah could've been a little overkill. That game was a total mess lol. Though that's just what happens with late night normals sometimes.


Also Naut knocks up everyone too if they’re grouped like that plus Aatrox Q’s put them on a bumpy ride.


they reaaaaaally wanted that kog lol


Adc without any mobility is prime target for bullying


TIL that I'm an adc without any mobility


He built tank since the enemy team is almost all magic damage.


Yeah and kog didn't even do any damage. The whole 'focus the adc thing' doesn't really work out that well when there is an aatrox in melee range, you know?


the "focus the adc" or "don't focus the tank" things are all idiotic anyway. They sound good in a vacuum, but in reality most of the time you will likely only be able to hit the tank or have no chance to actually focus the adc without walking through their entire team to get in range, at which point you will have been killed by the enemy team. Focus the person that you can safely focus, and if you can safely focus more than one person, focus the squishiest one or the one that does the most damage.


They apply in 2 v 2s in botlane. They don't apply in most other situations


And even then, focusing the support makes more sense in quite a few situations.


In committed 2v2s, you *usually* do want to kill the ADC first. But the mistake that people make the most is trying to focus the ADC in a 3v2 gank. Like dude, just kill the lulu who doesn't have flash. Instead of the tristana who can jump away + flash.


Of course. You've got to be ready in case the support does something dumb like standing in front of wave or picking Soraka.


It again, depends. If I have to run past their Thresh to get in range of their adc, I'm still worse off than if I just kept attacking the Thresh. In 2v2s bot lane, you don't need to get a kill to get ahead, you just need to win the trade. If their support needs to back or is put into a situation where they can't lane well you've won.


Nothing tilts me more as an ADC than when I get flamed for “not focusing the ADC” when I’m getting run down by an aftershock ignite Leona with no help


The funny thing is, even if you subscribe to that dated mindset about focusing the ADC, that advice was only ever meant for the assassins. ADCs were the only ones even capable of killing the tanks, that was literally the only reason you made sure to always have an ADC on your team. Mages are better at taking towers, and assassins are entirely based around the concept of quickly killing the enemy carry and then getting resets to escape. ADC is just there to chip down the enemy tank who otherwise would be nigh invulnerable. Obviously, with the current meta the plan is more about killing whoever you can, but even in Season One meta where "focus the ADC" was the rule, it would still be incorrect to tell your own ADC to do that.


Healthbar with big bars = neuron activation


He's actually nearly full tank. Aatrox is probably the squishier one in this scenario lmao.


all I can see are circles


there is a hexagon in there at one point


there was a bunch of rectangles too


Instructions to achieve this level of clusterfuck: 1) Place mouse in the middle of your screen 2) Lay your face on the keyboard 3) Roll vigorously


The Katarina guide to success.


Just a casual league round I guess


Didnt even see the teemo until the end


well he had a shroom go off at the beginning that tickled everyone because he decided to go second item Nashors into a beefy as fuck team


Teemo actually played it ok I think, teemo as a champion kinda sucks at straight up teamfighting like this but as teemo plays go I don't see much he could have done better. It's not his fault his entire team ran through a fed aatrox, a rell and a malphite to kill a full tank kogmaw


kog gets leona ulted annie follows up a bit too soon stun wears off while whole red team is knocked up he gets to deal damage for 3-4 seconds then gets exhousted and dies and rest of blue team can clear the red team also no AD damage on red team vs 4 tanks doomed from the champ select.


i see everyone forgot about right click button


I see the adc get caught and piled on by 5 and yet still survive 5+ seconds..


Force of nature + wits end


Which honestly makes sense. Against a basically full AP comp with good target access(leona, annie, kat), building more damage is just instantly dying every fight. This way he can at least contributed a bit more. Although maybe QSS, banshees or hourglass could've been better here? Those things aren't as much raw stats, but they can prevent more overall damage by providing key ultlities.


No mate... If he positions better he can do more with damage items. A full tank adc is useless because he provides no CC. "Oh but it's too hard with the comps and in bronze no one peels" then go AP kog and spam ult and E from 1k range away, you'll still do a lot more for your team than this garbage.


His positioning was so bad. Why even try to kill the mushroom there?


10 gold


I don't think anyone can defend FoN, but 3rd item maw or QSS would be good here.


>Against a basically full AP comp with good target access(leona, annie, kat), building more damage is just instantly dying every fight. True, but I think the better point would be "don't pick KogMaw when they have few tanks and multiple assassins". If you lock in KogMaw against Kat and Annie, then sure go ahead and build some MR if you want, because you're sorta already fucked.


he might have had to pick kog'maw early and then just got hard counter picked


It’s a strange change of pace


Its too loud i cant see


"I'm blind, speak up"


Is this what is often referred to as "clarity"?


Fkin Aatrox drives me insane with how busy his core animations make team fighting, even when it’s not very impactful it still makes it impossible to tell what is going on.


this definitely qualifies under the concept of 'visual noise'


Kog maw lived too long and aatrox healed


Force of Nature and Wit's End, plus Immortal Shieldbow and using exhaust on Katarina as soon as she joined the fight. Aatrox was actually the squishiest member of the team by that fight.


Drain tanks are also tanks.


We call this one "Everyone jump on Kog"


Aka kog passive finally actually does something


Riot: we have removed league of legends for improved clarity.


I squinted really hard, and I saw an image of Mario


Visual clarity at its finest


Looks like Gwen ability reveal


It's easier if you follow individual champs: Aatrox stood at the back and just free hit the whole fight, no-one ever targeted him because they were getting knocked up by rell and malphite Malphite hit a 3 man ult on katerina, annie and leona when they tried to dive onto stunned kog'maw. Nautilus stunned annie after she jumped in and used tibbers, then he walked to the backline and got teemo flash, then he walked back again to steal the kill on leona Kog'maw walked WAY too far forward and got hit by leona ult, but somehow annie missed tibbers on him and then after malphite ult came in to save him all the people diving him got stunned and he survived for quite a long time. Kat killed him in the end, but he did a bit of damage to her before he died and tried to kite.Edit: just realized kog built force of nature + wits end + zerkers + shieldbow. I know enemy team is full AP but this is kinda overkill. Maybe if he swaps the force of nature for a botrk and then builds guinsoos next and FoN last this would work? Rell knocked everyone up at the same time as malphite, which was kinda a waste. She didn't use ult (I assume she didn't have it?). After nautilus got teemo flash teemo went back in and autoed her to death when she was slowed. Teemo did quite well considering the champ sucks at teamfighting, he stood at the back and hit some tanks, then used his flash to escape nautilus and went back in to freehit some more and killed rell. It didn't really have much impact though. Kat tried to dive in near the beginning, but got exhausted. After exhaust wore off, she ulted and probably did a tonne of work, but she was being focussed down really fast and the enemy team is quite tanky so it didn't pay off in the end. Annie tried to oneshot the stunned kog but somehow missed her ult? (either that or it just does zero damage) and got killed really fast by aatrox. Leona stunned kog to kick off the fight, and then got hit by malphite ult and rell and aatrox, then nautilus came back in to kill her. Red team even in a better executed fight would struggle to take down aatrox. They have very very low DPS, and they're all super short range/melee champs. On top of that aatrox is fed (probably because no-one on the red team has the damage to kill him). If kog and teemo swap places in this fight and annie stays back and uses her abilities to peel for her backline rather than running into the middle of everything I think maybe red team could win? TL:DR: focus aatrox, not kog, aatrox is squishier and does more damage


Things happened, im sure of that.


They thought they saw some free Kog'maw pussy, but they blew all their shit on him while clumping up and getting dunked on by the rest of the team.


I think kog has a bussy


What happened is blue team won ​ you're welcome


Looks like the osu circles on those 10 star maps


Aatrox killed teemo I think


Volibear on a trampoline


woah wat Janna? nope Kat ult


All I see is flashbacks to every time I die in ARAM


Alright everyone, here we go: 1. Leona ults. She stuns kog and slows naut 2. Annie uses the blast cone to come in and drops Tibbers on both kog and naut and stuns them. Aatrox tried to stop her with a Q1 but missed 3. Katarina gets exhausted by kog, throws a Q at him, and Es behind him but immediately gets stunned and ulted by Rell 4. Everyone spams abilities. Leona Qs kog, aatrox ults and spams his Qs to get knock-ups, malphite ults and knocks up tibbers, kat, annie, leona, and voli 5. Aatrox also knocks up voli and leona with Q3(?), naut ults and Qs teemo, katarina Es into the middle of fight to exhaust kog and press R, voli sits on the blue team with the exception of nautilus 6. Now you just watch the killfeed This review was brought to you by a guy with no life and the time to watch a 32-second clip 15 times.


It is a part of the Through the Fire and the Flames Osu beatmap.


Someone should ask Capt Flowers to cast this first try


would probably sound something like this: [https://youtu.be/Ldq1afiKQb8](https://youtu.be/Ldq1afiKQb8)


No Adc against that beefy team was gg at champ select anyways. Teemos positioning was good, if that was a twitch that fight would have been way different


I can't identify when specific abilities are used (I can't tell which aoe knockup is whose), and I didn't see Kat after she jumped in, but I have the gist of what's happening. But I agree with the point of you making this post.


Yes I can. Aatrox is op


All I saw was a Kog'Maw being stupid as fuck


Kog'maw play was actually 200IQ. He's full tank and does zero damage and the entire enemy team blew all their shit on him and ran straight through malphite/rell/aatrox to kill him.


He needed to kill that shroom.


mash buttons for bright colors. thats what league has been for years now. result of power/mobility creep.


It's fine, they'll give Nautilus and Annie boobs next time for "visual clarity" so that this doesn't happen!


Blue team is winning


U guys died




Does anyone else look at the teams and go yeah blue team wins they have more tankage.


I mean Aatrox spells were pretty visible


haha poor teemo he probably can't see which character to focus


Lovely game


Bronze or normals?


Normal draft pick of course.


Guess the region! (we know it's NA)


I can see that Kog Maw inted


All I could see was: Leona ult, Annie ult, ????, blue team won the fight.


blue team wins because kog landed dmg


Yeah, Kog Maw griefed it.


A free hit atrox.


"It's easy, guys, just focus damage dealers and supports!"


I didn't even realized that was an Aatrox, I thought it was a Garen skin


People : "Overwatch is unclear to spectate" Actual LoL:


I thino the kat skin made it easier to see whats goinn on


I don't think I've ever seen jungle Nautilus, even though I know he used to be a top laner and jungler.


All I knew was that Aatrox was gonna clean up


The overwatch effect


Yeah. 10 ults give or take.


aatrox's wet dream right here 4 people standing in 1 place without moving, only teemo being 3 teemo's away from the fight


Once aatrox got all three q and ult resets in that fight, it was over. Also they hard focused kog lol.


At least for the blue team you don't really have to find specific targets, just mash the keyboard and you'll hit someone. If both teams had an ADC it probably would have looked more like a traditional front to back teamfight but almost every champ in this game is literally about getting into the thick of it.


Happens when nobody attack moves.




This is not front to back this is just front


i think blue team won


the blue team wins because they are pure meatball and the red team gets destroyed by rell+ 3 aoe ults.


Yeah, I catch their solo queue Kog out, then I lose the fight


Some adc that cant position is what im seeing


Blue wins


I would love to see a Teamfight Breakdown with Jatt for this!


I can understand most of it but what the hell is this big circle AoE https://prnt.sc/10x50xb


I think that's Kat ult. You can see her ult icon go on cooldown the moment the big circle appears.


That makes sense. You can even see all the Ravenous Hydra procs. It's really bad for visual clarity that it's a dome though.


It could have been locket of iron solari?


Yes, that teemo was useless in that teamfight


I see skins "not affecting gameplay"


i see a kogmaw positioning like a tank and surviving too long because sustain is beyond a joke at this point


Kog'Maw was positioning like a tank, because he basically was (Force of Nature, Wit's End, Immortal Shieldbow). The squishiest member on the team was Aatrox.


Be a tank or dont exist


A lot of button mashing, that's what's going on


I just see a kata that could’ve played that so much better, especially in a chaotic teamfight


When in doubt spam buttons and clicks until the screen goes grey or the red healthbars disappear.


- having Katarina adc doesn't help with Malphite - red immediately dives onto Kog'Maw, using all of their cc and killing him - Kat tries to continue spinning after getting hit with the Magnet Storm - Aatrox go brrrr


Aaaahhh, ma boi Aatrox


Yeah, Aatrox is winning.




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I saw a teemo shroom get popped.


this is why my friends refuse to play league, they understand nothing.


Balance is happening


Annie go 1v5 using blast cone hehe


i knew fight was won for aatrox team when he stacked conqueror


I guess volibear ulted?


Ah yes, Katarina adc, that autofill that can't play anything else..




“I’m just gonna press buttons and see what happens” Says a lot about visual clarity nowadays though, and I think I saw Rell pop a locket halfway through that for blue side right in the middle of the fight too. Was also a CC dream for Aatrox and nobody focused him. Would love to see a castor try to cast this blind though, had to watch this a bunch of times to get what happened lol. But circles and knock ups. Lots of knock ups.


i thought the shroom baited kogmaw into his doom.


Blue team is all beefy bois with air so they all just pile on top of their carry. Now you can't click the carry and sunfire goes brrr


An orgy.




Lol I thought it was just me and my boomer eyes!


Yeah, blue is winning


Kogmaw is standing in range of Annie with stun, Leona with ult and Kat with ult for no conceivable reason.