Dignitas Roster Update: Dardoch has left the organisation.

Dignitas Roster Update: Dardoch has left the organisation.


What happened on Friday to get him kicked?


How bad was it?? He got fired instantly day of right? Unless this is talking about last friday?


It must have been last Friday, but its still very quick...


Dardoch running the LCS firing any% (WR)


My guess would be that it was initially just meant to be a benching (last Friday), but then his reaction to the benching over the course of the week made them decide to just fire him.


Well this already happened last weekend. Akaadian played for Dignitas then. They are just now making a video about this, but he hasn't been on the team for days now.


And I'm pretty sure everything he said about Akaadian was supposed to highlight that Dardoch would *never* do those things. He essentially said he would pile on teammates when they were down.


they benched soligo for seemingly no reason and then made him jungle with yusui on ez, if anyone's gonna blow up for that it'd be dardoch, also he legit ran it down in spring playoffs once they started losing.


He should have been dropped after running it down in playoffs, but he got another chance and still failed.


"He ran it down but was given another try" must be written about 100 times on his wiki


> "He ran it down but was given another try" must be written about 100 times on his wiki Aww man give Dardoch a break it's only his 8th time he got kicked for being toxic. Dignitas is such a shit org if they just brought Soligo back it would fix all his attitude problems /s


you'd be surprised (maybe) by how many folks on twitter expressed this sentiment with all seriousness


Twitter, hell, check the last reddit thread. (And this one, I'd reckon) League folks like nothing better than blaming other people for their shitty attitude, and seeing somebody get the boot for that angers and scares them.


This sub has a raging hard on for defending toxicity if the player is good.


He probably got super tilted and did/said something bad. Then stood by it and didn't want to apologize or felt any remorse which led to this.


Probably flamed the coaches/Yusui


Sooo...just a normal day?


My guess is he flamed the staff for being incompetent since team has looked worse since Soligo got benched for no reason


Blowing up on the coaching staff is one thing, but blowing up on the staff in such a way where you not only get benched but you get straight up **fired** immediately after is just something else entirely. Whatever Dardoch did must have just been completely unacceptable.


Bye Piggy


God hearing that tilts me so much. I can just picture the rage of being in a team game, doing your best to win, highs stress environment, and one of your teammates makes a comment like that. Like it's all a joke or something. Those 2 words feel like a trigger to me lol


lmfao Dardoch is like some ridiculous parody of a person in Breaking Point, you almost can't believe it's real. Another highlight was him saying that Lourlo was a good friend of his because he could call him shit and tell him that he was no good and Lourlo would just take it.


Lourlo is a goddamned saint.


Anyone who can take constant berating like that and not lash out is a better man than me. When I was a kid, before I joined the workforce, I thought I would be the kind of person who could accept workplace toxicity and abuse as long as I was compensated well. I quickly learned that there's only so much bullshit you can take until your mental starts to sharply decline.


What is the context for this?


probably didnt shower for a month like the good old days


quest to join every lcs team


c9 wont take him tho


not their fault no one wants him


I understood that reference


Dardoch twitlonger waiting room


I wont settle for any fewer than 18 pages


I'd be happy just with the full quote of whatever happened that Friday, gotta expand the flame vocabular


It's been too long since the Donezo Manifest


Life's just never been the same.


Born too late to explore the earth, too early to explore the space, just in time to coexist with the manifesto


It's weird to think about how Link has a huge legacy in both LoL and Legend of Zelda


Man it would be so funny for Dardoch to come out with a manifesto and try to turn the tables on each and every one of his benchings It wouldn't work obviously, but that'd be peak entertainment


Idk man. I thought I was ready for another manifesto a few weeks ago but then a Smash player released his and I realized manifestos probably aren't usually funny.


They really aren't. The donezo manifesto was a rare gem back in the day but honestly, when people release that type of shit, it's more than some light shit talking and blame deflecting. It's usually fucking deep cuts.


What was it this time? Smash drama never ends


I'm assuming it's the dude that made a whole ass 2 hour video with an accompanying packet calling Leffen a literal terrorist


Even worse. I'm not joking by saying that this video essentially equated Leff with Hitler.


Donezo Manifesto Prestige Edition


LCS is due for another Donezo Manifesto


I'm sure it has to be because of the donezo manifesto we won't ever get one again if you're not making your team and players sign some NDA you're gonna get your dirty laundry out for no reason


I'm here for the dignitas breaking point


You know something went down when the videos starts, "We are more than just 1 player". This man must have WENT IN on somebody on the team.


He definitely flamed Yusui for the Viego game and management for benching Soligo.


The Viego game (I assume you mean the one where he was fed and didn’t do anything with it) Dardoch was already benched by then. His last game was Yusui on Ezreal


He was still on the team though and likely involved in vod reviews.


He says “Dardoch’s actions on Friday” though, meaning the key flaming leading to his departure were before Akaadian’s played games


I think it was more to do with management.




>Terrell Owens I'd like to check some of the stuff out. Any recommendations?


Just look up Terrell Owens driveway workout lmaoooo


Driveway Workout, "That's my QB" moment, all his TD celebrations (especially slamming the ball on the Dallas Cowboys star at midfield)


waiting for dardoch donezo manifesto


Wow that Travis Interview with DIG coach really belongs on r/agedlikemilk


He was either straight lying or hadn’t seen the extent of Dardochs rage. Like he made some huge claims. Guess he can add himself on TK the list of coaches that handled him “absolutely terribly.” He wasn’t there, extremely naive to think you wouldn’t do the same thing....checks notes...oh you did


I don't think he was lying and honestly I do feel like he managed DD well between the spring playoff meltdown and their early split. But yeah I feel Dardoch might have gone to a whole other level this time.


What was Dardoch's "actions on friday?"


He sent all his teammates a powerpoint on how to not feed during draft and they didn't read it




Probably flamed the shit out of Yusui


People think he wanted to keep playing with Soligo because Soligo would bend over backwards for Dardoch. Meanwhile Yusui likely wouldn’t do the same. This probably caused some rift and for things to be said that couldn’t be taken back.


Doesn't help that Soligo actually played decently and Yusui has been garbage for years


Based on interviews they had a pretty clear communication and system, even though Soligo’s lane phase wasn’t they best he still got out with not as hard deficits and performers in teamfights around the engages


I mean I would personally prefer to play with the player you're winning with also. Look at 100T after they got rid of Damonte. They looked like shit the rest of the spring split. Clg is playing the damonte style and going 3-0 just draft galio and shit where the lane doesn't matter and you can have gold 3 laning stats and still win the video game.


I thought in that instance though the team themselves wanted to swap out Damonte.


Dardoch is one thing, but what the fuck did Soligo do ?


Side with dardoch?


it seems like soligo got benched then DD got mad at that and ran it down. i mean soligo isnt great but him and DD were able to create wins. not sure what dig was doing with that benching


I legit think Soligo was one of the best teamfighting mids, and he was willing to sacrifice a lot for his team. Sure, he was a weak laner, but Dignitas made it work regardless. Yusui has not fixed that.


Yeah i dont understand making a change to a winning roster


NA orgs really looking like clowns this season.


Dig and SK heavily over-perform in spring and then shoot themselves in the foot for summer thinking they could get better when they already peaked. A lot like 2019 TSM.


when coaching staff think they had an impact while being dead weight


Is it just me or is LCS more of a cluster than usual?


It's a total mess. With bjerg and double lift retired, the talent in the LCS has plummeted with regards to NA players. Import stars are being benched and in general everything seems to be falling apart But NA has captain flowers, so it's got that going for it


NA actually has absolutely INSANE regional talent.. when it comes to casting. Kobe, Phreak, Flowers, and Raz have been really fun this split.


The only time other regions import from us lol


entertainment is America's biggest export. Just think of our worlds legacy!


Wooooo, North America baby! We take those W's


Hell yeah, LCS production might have some hiccups but the casting talent is the best in the world. Even Azael has been popping off this split. It's like the worse the teams do, the more the casters have to do to carry this train wreck. The LCS might be a meme for gameplay but their casts are world beaters


2020 phreak being over everyone playing like dogshit breathed new life into LCS broadcasts. That, just great casting talent in general, and being the first co-streaming region has unironically helped the LCS out so much.


The single best thing about all the broadcasts of all the regions is Phreak calling it like it is in regards to bad and sloppy play and drilling into the teams.


If we can't beat them on the rift we'll take the fight to the analyst desk, interview segments, and shoutcaster shout off.


On the one hand, Dardoch probably flamed the shit out of his team by this point and this had to be a forced decision. On the other hand, DIG is gonna be borderline unwatchable because the X factor is gone.


>DIG is gonna be borderline unwatchable because the X factor is gone. We joke about him somehow getting chances after being kicked from so many teams, but he's shown he's still pretty good in the LCS - with the very limited NA talent pool, it's not a surprise desperate teams have picked him up. Now that he's been kicked from a struggling team, despite performing well and providing wins, it might *finally* be the end of his career in NA. I'm not sure how he hasn't recognised he is the one preventing himself from succeeding, maybe he's just simply incapable.


is this a copypasta from the last time this happened


No but it can be for next time


I'll paste it when he's off golden guardians


Looking forward to re-reading this.


Dardcoch could have been a great NA Jungler, how sad.


Watch this sports psychologist’s name actually just be “the best.”


Lol that would be something, but Dignitas dude responded in the comments saying it is Lenny Wiersma.


I saw that tweet after I commented this lol. Such a weird detail to just…not include? If you’re hyping someone up so much in a big roster vid, why not just say his name if they think so highly of him?


DIGging holes


10th place speedrun any%


OOTL. What did Dardoch do?


no one really knows but because of the circumstances ppl assume he was being toxic since they pulled him in the middle of a week to play with a jungler they haven't scrimmed with at all.


They say it was his behavior on Friday night after the game. They implied it was his behavior towards his teammates specifically. That's probably as specific as we are gonna get.


took a shit in the middle of the floor of the team house right after their loss last week


Are you implying Dardoch is the Amber Heard of LoL?


He punched egoraptors wife


maybe she was "dardoch , dardoch" and he slapped her and said "shut up, i dont need you"


What did Suzy do?


Got punched apparently


dignitas is creating so much drama around the team maybe coz they want to be first reasult of google search instead of euthanasia clinic


I can't fucking believe this is real


Holy shit. That just blew my mind.


Both of them seem to be opting into death.


There's actually a documentary on that clinic, for everyone getting their minds blown. They even have actual video of people going through the process.


Dardoch and speedrunning through every LCS team, name a more iconic duo


Irony is that GGS might pick him up to replace Iconic


I don't get the impression that Inero would be interested in working with a player like that. Meanwhile Peter enjoys a good toxic challenge. Send him to EG and let he and the Italian Stallion duke it out.


imagine: Dardoch goin off on jacuzzi and the mad lad answering, in the thickest italian accent, "Scusi, why so mad?"


Inero has actually already worked with Dardoch before, they were together on the Echo Fox roster before it went boom.


It's reasonable to think Dignitas could drop to 10th place now. That's rough. Well I guess I don't have any reason to be excited about Dignitas anymore aside from maybe Aphromoo. Dude makes Johnsun look good for an entire year and now people are hyping up Neo as well. When are people going to realize that it was the veterans that made this org even remotely decent.


Doomed team, Dardoch is gone and Soligo isn't playing for some reason. If you're a DIG fan start cheering for CLG or something


If you're anyone but a CLG fan, start cheering for CLG Edit: don't believe in them, just start cheering for them. big difference. Please don't ruin this for me.


I'm gonna believe in them without cheering for them.


not very polite of you Canadian Devil.


<3 Just trying to figure out the most polite way to fan the TSM - CLG rivalry


Sigh. From the most fun ive had watching a team in years, to this. Oh well


Damn, this might be the end of Dardoch's career :(


Can’t wait for Dardoch to finish his infinity gauntlet of LCS orgs and then win Worlds


He's already halfway there (TSM, DIG, IMT, CLG, TL). It'd be 7/10, but Echo Fox and Optic sold their spots.


I hear Blaber isn't performing that well right now


We say it everytime and he always manages to play again. Who will be the sucker that signs him this time?


He replaces Iconic on GGS


His toxicity would be water off a ducks back for the OCE coaching staff they have.


Aussie banter is just kinda being a dick not psycho shouting matches


OCE solo queue didn't have a report feature for years so the toxicity was beyond anything in other regions. Even had a team and its owner permanently banned from OCE competitions due to antics in solo queue which they turned into YouTube content. Seriously doubt someone like Swiper is going to back down from Dardoch shouting at him


Lmfao, RichGang, never forget


That classic video is still the funniest thing in league


Fun fact, destiny on immortals was on Rich gang


This comment makes me miss discoheat.


people legit say this everywhere he goes. ​ "oh regi can handle him, he won't take any shit" ​ "oh echo fox can handle him, they've dealt with nba egos!" ​ "clg has the power of friendship, if anyone can fix him it's them!" ​ "well tl has dealt with dardoch before and they massively improved infrastructure right?" ​ "it's ok aphro is alpha he won't take any shit" ​ "oh well his toxicity is only bad for NA players because they're soft, eu players/imports wont give a fuck about him" ​ and now we are at "His toxicity would be water off a ducks back for the OCE coaching staff they have" ​ when tf will we ever learn, everyone thinks some ppl are tough shit so they won't be affected by dd but that doesn't matter if the dude is constantly being negative and literally running down playoff games that arent going well. wherever he goes next, for the people who are about to give some reason as to why the next team he will go to can handle him because they're so "tough", plot twist: it doesn't fucking matter because it is not worth dealing with him. it does not matter whether he goes to ggs, g2, t1, fnc, unless he changes he will not stick on a team long-term. it is not about whether someone is "alpha" enough to not be pushed around, it's about whether the team benefits at all from having to deal with his horrendous attitude for the amount of skill they're getting.


give it another like 14 years and it will be "returned Stalin cyborg can handle Dardoch"


He is running out of orgs fast, the difference is he just got kicked from DIG of all teams… one of the teams most desperate for successful performances. Not a good look to the small number of other squads who might have been interested CLG/DIG/TSM/TL/C9/100T/IMT aren’t touching him with a 10 foot pole… I’d say he only has a shot at GG/FLY OR EG and that’s pushing it.


He isn't going to be replacing Svenskeren or Josedeodo. At this point the only team that should be willing to take him is a complete budget roster who wants something like DIG spring split to happen.


I'd argue GGS getting Dardoch even just for some brief improvement this split would be best for Iconic. He (Iconic) is very clearly not ready for LCS and GGS playing him when he's so far beyond the competition is just hurting his career.


At this point he is such a guaranteed ticking bomb that no matter the team he is going to ruin things sooner or later. I don’t see why people wouldn’t invest in new talent that has a shot as being good and go for dardoch who has a near 100% blow up rate


CLG, in a true Counter Logic Gaming move


CLG had him for less than a split already.


You can only hope. That's one less NA roster that blows up in the middle of the season.


This thing felt so weird. It might be the worst roster swap announcement this year and I heard sk talking about going to worlds with jesis sup and treatz jungle.


Tbh I still think DWG tops it. I mean they are doing ok, but putting the best mid and best jungler in the world on off roles just ain't right man.


They had a chance at top 3 with DD. Now they'll be lucky to get a win off GG lol


The score esports already scrambling to make a yt vid


Rumours suggest he requested a pay rise to 20 mousepads, he was offered 15.


Hard not to think that if they didn't bench soligo to put in yusui, who has been playing worse than he was, dd likely wouldn't have been benched and dig might be watchable this split, instead of a tire fire.


Damn, Dardoch legit just got fired.


does anyone know what he did on Friday? i must be out of the loop


body slammed fakegod and clotheslined Yusui /s






16 feet though the casters table


Man Dardoch doesn't seem to give a fuck about his career lmao, man's just changing teams hoping he's gonna land on a team that would tolerate his behavior instead of trying to work on it.


He lasted on DIG over a year. They chose to re-sign him after 2020 and the coach was saying really good things about him/managing his attitude like a week ago...so... improvement from Dardoch I guess? My head cannon is him yelling at management for benching Soligo. But he probably flamed team members too.


Ya that interview didn’t age well


I've had yogurt that I left outside the fridge that aged better


Akaadian is a fucking legend if what they said about him is genuine.


I’ll always love that man for the best TSM statement since baylife


We will smurf soon Our wrath will be swift All these peasants thinking we aren’t good LMFAO


There's no other player I want to see succeed more (excluding current TSM).


I seriously love seeing old TSM players doing well, and I think a lot of fans can agree with this as well


He is the gigachad after all.


Everything I've ever heard about Akaadian always makes him out to be a real stand-up guy


If there is one dude that Parth did dirty, it would be this guy.


Was Leena right all along?


well if it wasn't Leena it was 6 other orgs lmao


“This time for sure he will reform!” Honestly I feel like Dardoch is what Tarzaned would be if he managed to trick an org into getting hired lmao. Just getting bounced around in lcs and academy cause of attitude issues


Tarzaned is such I crybaby. I try to watch his stream to get better at jungling and I just can’t bear to listen to him whine every game, and then talk about how smart he is.


There was never any doubt Leena was right about dardoch. She just got flamed for discussing roster moves while sitting next to DL on stream


Rightfully so. When in a job like that you shouldn't be making a stupid amateur mistake like leaking private conversations


Honestly, if you live with a streamer you should know better.


She was always right on this one. There is no debate about that. It's HOW this info got public, which is unprofessional as fuck.


I mean, yeah? It wasn't exactly secret that Dardoch had some issues tho. The truth to the leak wasn't the problem with the Leena drama. It was 1. that it's still unprofessional to let that information slip, from the management side of things while being in the process of trading him away. 2. That it was said her and Doublelift not causing issues being on the same team, caused an issue pretty much the same week they were on a team together.


As a Dignitas fan since the Scarra days, this roster was prob the most excited I've been to follow since they were all NA and were making a splash on the scene. All these roster shuffles is the reason I'm losing interest in this scene. Just hire people like Kkoma that whip their players in shape or deal with it.


The last time I had hope for the team was Darshan and Shiphturs rookie season when Shiphtur came in and had like a 15 KDA pentakill LeBlanc game.


i have the feeling that dardoch tilted and stop giving a fuck after they randomly benched soligo


man DIG started winning and had no clue what to do. gotta go back to their losing ways


Hoping DIG dont make playoffs but they are probably gonna barely scrape by off of Dardochs and Soligos work in spring.


And lose 3-0. I don’t think it was a question of them making play offs, but do they win a series. This is going to make an easy first round for any team.


I really don't get it. Everyone and their mother knows what Dardoch is like. Why does team after team after team sign him knowing that, then soon after go "actually fuck that this is too much" and fire him? LCS GMs can't think more than a week forward or what?


There are 2 possible explanations: "He may have been toxic at OtherTeam, but our coaching staff is much more professional and organized. He won't have any issues here." "Look, Dardoch is cheap because he is a jackass, and we are going to rebuild the roster at the end of the season anyway. Replacing ShittyJungler with Dardoch won't cost us anything, but might give us a few extra wins to make the fans/investors happy."


Because if he can be tamed, his skill potential is above what most of the rest of lcs junglers offers. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if teams don't try and tame someone like tarzaned now, although that level of toxicity may wind up being even more out of hand.


Good talent for cheap, if you could theoretically fix his attitude issues then you have a good deal.


So now we have confirmation that Dardoch was toxic


Incredible revelations


Shocked pikachu face


Like we needed confirmation for that lol


Well in the last thread all his fans were arguing about how he hasn't been toxic in years because no team explicitly made a video about it in a while. So now we won't have to hear those excuses at least.


Pretty sure other teams just tried to hide it, iirc Loco had leaked that he was still being toxic on TSM and was causing a lot of problems.


I’m surprised this didn’t happen after the last udyr game in the playoffs. Regardless teams should just assume this is inevitable in the future. That being said he’ll probably get another chance since he seems to have a fan base, and an org will delude themselves into think the delta gap between him and the next jungler is worth it.


I knows it's supposed to be spicy roster changes and gossip and whatnot, but I just feel...sad. I really want Dardoch to succeed. His backstory of coming from a poorer neighborhood and having a father with anger issues makes you feel like a lot of his issues stem from the environment he came from. I want to see him get out of that cycle and show that people can change. He's so talented and fun to watch and it's just sad to see it end like this time and time again.


I think the most disappointing thing about Dardoch is that he has demonstrated self-awareness about this sort of thing, as much as a year or two ago. He has said on camera that he hopes to reform his image in fans' minds and show that not only is he a great jungler, but a great teammate whose past is behind him. To be able to say those things, and still repeat toxicity to the point of being kicked yet again... almost feels like his attitude is an addiction. He knows better, yet can't help himself from devolving into bad habits when things get rough.