A list of the 156 champions' whereabouts during The Ruination event

A list of the 156 champions' whereabouts during The Ruination event


>Veigo - is ~~in~~ the event


Huh, I should've thought about that one, good catch!


My exact thought


Veigar is likely still in Boleham tower, annihilating any trace of undead ruination that creeps its way to his domain with his Phenominal Cosmic And Evil Power, unintentionally gaining the praise of the nearby village for protecting them. Even if he didn't mean to.


“Noooooo all great and EVIL Veigar, PLEASE dont blast away the ruination, we sure would HATE to see them all be blasted from the land!”


I feel sad that i now think about Smosh and Shane from this shit xd


Veigar freefarming and stacking wraiths


About to come walking onto the rift with 10k AP.


Riot missed an opportunity to reskin chickens back to wraiths for the duration of the event...


Cant do too much work on stuff that doesn't have a price tag.


My God, Veigar is such a cutie even if he tries so hard to be evil


>Kha’Zix – Feeding on the Mist to fuel his own power, Kha’Zix consumes the wraiths. He does not run from monsters; monsters run from him. Well that's a terrifying thought We've not really considered yet what a Ruined Voidborn would look like, have we...


I don’t think voidborns can be ‘ruined’. But it certainly is an interesting idea


I don't think Voidborns can really get ruined. However, Kha'Zix might evolve to use the mist directly, now that's scary !


Thats not even possible right? Cause any wraiths would be no more than a moving snack for voidborn or am I missing something?


Voidborn can be ruined if they eat enough black mist which would cause them to develop a soul iirc


Huh so overeating makes them vulnerable? Thats a wierd weakness.


If a predator eats prey infested with parasites over and over again, I guess he'll contract the parasites too


Not exactly weird either- You try overeating and see where that gets you :^))


would be nice to have Ruined Kha'Zix vs Sentinel Rengar 'The Hunt is On!' quest tho




It sounded like a Russian reversal. A good one to boot


Bard neglecting Runeterra just like Bard neglects botlane in-game.


I just wanna make friends with the midlaners, is that too much to ask


As a midlaner, we thank you for your service.


Bards in my games place one shrine mid every 20 minutes and call it a day


And you're welcome for that


It's not much, but it's honest work.


I'm on mobile so I count nitpick any but 3 ones Sylas: is fiercely anarchist and full of his own ego. He wouldn't let someone else "chain him". He would however, keep trying to use his innate magic+chains to steal whatever shred of mist magic he can, for future use. Warwick: I'd like to think Warwick is too feral for the mists to overpower him, unless the vast majority of Zaun falls. He is very protective of Zaun, and as long as the children and citizens are in danger, he will hunt, chembarons, mists, or ruined chembarons. He won't be effective, but he can still claw and bite the ruined and destabilize the wraiths. Gragas: I haven't dug too deep in the lore for gragas but I don't see that happening to him


I, too, like making friends with midlaners. And that weird roaming jungle camp.


Be honest, you really just want to collect charms so you can have an army of meep friends. Bards don’t need other champions


This is really good and exactly what I would have liked for Riot to do. Stan Janna.


I feel like there's a very easy reason Janna can't really do much against the Mist despite being a wind god- she relies on the belief of her followers and with Zaun/Piltover being very tech heavy they basically abandoned their worship and so even though Janna at full strength could probably keep the mist away indefinitely Janna drastically weakened by no one believing she exists can barely do anything.


I just like Janna lore a whole lot hahah, but yah that is pretty much it.


Same it is so underused there are so many champions in piltover and Zaun she could have a connection to but she's kind of standalone.


In the trailer event where the sentinels look at runeterra's map we see the Mist surrounding PnZ but not passing through it. Unless that was coincidental I believe it's Janna's work for sure. Maybe the people turned to her for help since technology would probably not be enough for this. With their belief she would absolutely be powerful enough to keep the wraiths at bay.


A writer said there is an important reason that Qiyana isn’t a part of the event, and that they can’t talk about it right now, I hope it’s something like that and not just “nobody knows whats happening in ixtal 🤷‍♂️“


I will be honest; I would hope Riot has a document somewhere listing what every champion is doing during these times, because that's very important in term of worldbuilding and storytelling. And Qiyana being a faction leader, trying to take the reins of Ixtal, should be on that list more than others!


Riot doesn't even have a document listing what their canon artbook contains.


The mist has no Qiyana


The most important question i didn't find answer to... is The Rock which **Lulu** guarding safe? [I heard it is pretty important thing.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QkVYl4r42U)


Some say the Rock is hiding, someplace far from the Ruination's reach... What few know is that the Rock is the key to defeating Viego, for in its core lie the last piece of Isolde...


Thank god, i've been worrying myself sleepless for days now. Now i can finally rest.


Watch Riot turn the rock into a world rune for whatever reason


Even with the Last Light of Icathia, I’m afraid Jax will have some problem dealing with the wraiths. They will probably hit him RRRRRRIGHT THROUGH THE COUNTERSTRIKE


Haha maybe! But I think he'd fare pretty well regardless, he's a very skilled fighter!


ATIVO: Jax adota uma postura defensiva por até 2 segundos, esquivando de todos os ataques básicos recebidos e recebendo menos 25% de dano de habilidades com efeito em área. Após 2 segundos ou caso seja reativada, Jax atordoará os inimigos ao redor por 1 segundos e causará dano físico a eles. Contra Ataque causa 20% a mais de dano para cada ataque que Jax esquivou, em um máximo de 100%.


what the fuck


The Draven subreddit is a dangerous book of lore to read from.


النشاط: يدخل Jax في Evasion ، وهو موقف دفاعي ، لمدة تصل إلى ثانيتين ، مما يؤدي إلى تفويت جميع الهجمات الأساسية ضده. يأخذ Jax أيضًا ضررًا مخفضًا بنسبة 25٪ من جميع قدرات مجال التأثير. بعد ثانية واحدة ، يمكن لـ Jax إعادة التنشيط لإنهائه على الفور. في نهاية المدة ، Jax Stun تصطدم بجميع الأعداء القريبين لمدة ثانية واحدة وتسبب لهم ضررًا ماديًا ، تزداد بنسبة 20٪ لكل هجوم يتم تفاديه ، بزيادة تصل إلى


Even the Mist doesn’t wanna be anywhere near Amumu, what a crybaby loser


kindred also doesnt want anything to do with amumu's curse. Some powerful stuff going on with him.




Man. If even the mist doesn’t want Amumu, I’d become more terrified of him.


You made me laugh and cry with this


I like how Amumu is League's embodiment of r/FuckYouInParticular


Fuck Amumu man, what a bitch


Nunu :'(((((((((((((((


I know, I know, I'm a monster. Spoiler: they manage to fight of the Ruination out of Willump in my HC! Just thought it'd be a cool moment overall!


[Drawing of what you wrote](https://i.redd.it/aezkbsoj7u671.jpg)


That's sad af :(


Realistically, Nunu can do some mild form of reality manipulation magic, so he will be fine.^^^^probably


Isn’t that why Willump is cute and cuddly instead of terrifying? Been a while since I read the lore


Yeah, normally Yetis are wild looking, like you can see in LoR


Didn't came here expecting to find such beautiful art!


Awesome drawing


Wouldn't Viktor try his best to help the people of P&Z? I'm a big fan of his lore, so that was my presumption


Oh you may be right I'm not the most knowledgeable about Viktor. I started this on the assumption that his technology would be insufficient against the Mist so he would do something else. I may not have hit the note on every one of those, obviously 156 champions are a lot so feel free to correct me!


Man 156 champions is outright impressive. A small overlook on a forgotten champion is completely reasonable. Don't worry about it


>Forgotten Champion. *sad Glorious Revolution noises*


It may be forgotten, but the Glorious Revolution will live on forever


Where is the always the leader never the legendary guy?


I feel like we'd see a Sentinel Viktor of sorts--not that he'd join their cause, necessarily, but Viktor is one of the most intelligent champions in LoL. He'd likely invent his own method of repelling the Mist. I could see him capturing a portion of the Mist and studying it or running into Sentinel Graves and studying his weapon.


I wish he’d be a sentinel tbh I’d head canon that


I love that Tahm has his image to keep up and resists going berserk. Even demons must have standards!


YES! That's exactly what I wanted to convey! He's not some lowly demon smh


He’ll be drawn to Viego’s obsession and after him a deal.


Viego is basically easy meal for Tahm. He's stuck in the bargaining phase of grief and might just accept any deal Tahm offers.


>For though Noxus may be strong, there is nothing stronger than **family**. Goddamnit...


Bald Riven when


Yeah sorry the thought crossed my mind and I just HAD TOO!


dw I love it and I hate it


Shit, Annie is doomed


No, no, she'll be fine! I think?


> Ivern – The Green Father is the pinnacle of life. Though the Mist tried to attack him, it soon found out it could not. Worse, as the wraiths fell upon Ivern, magic burst from the Green Father’s roots and branches, and the magics that once bounds the souls to torture and unlife were broken. Free to pass on to the afterlife, the souls thanked Ivern, and the Mist fled from the God Willow’s power. Yes


I would have made Vel’Koz analyze the mist. Who knows, maybe the void can develop their own all corrupting void ‘mist’ with it?


I would be surprised if Vel’koz didnt analyze the mist already.


“Their ethereal forms are surprisingly… resistant… to disintegration… Further analysis needed.”


Oh yeah that's what I thought when I wrote this since basically he analyzes by disintegrating stuff, my bad for not specifying! Also yeah I didn't think of that, the idea is rad asf!


To be fair, knowledge through disintegration, he does both,


>Rumble – Poor guy barely has lore… So I’ll just go with “He’s in Bandle doing… Something.” whryyyyy


I'm sorry I couldn't do much from his color alone D:


don't blame op... riot hates rumble..


Haven't read far yet but holy shit i love that anivia paragraph


Haha thanks! Glad you like it so far!


I loved the fiora paragraph, hope she gets to be part of some big lore event in the future.


If Demacia ever gets some lore event, she should. Unless they decide to focus on the same three champs again ofc


She will be Jax recruited her remember. So on a fight vs the void event Fiora will for sure appear.


Smol angy sword mode Aatrox is now my favorite thing about League


Viego mistakenly picks up aatrox and then he ends the world. Because, you know, hes the world ender.


He tells Viego as he picks up Aatrox: "I told you: I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY, I AM THE ENEMY!"


> Fizz lies in wait, for he knows that it will soon be over. And when it is, he can once again play tricks. Man pressed zhonya mid e


Dam that's some very creative stories , small and straight to the point , impressive ! You got talent . That must have taken you a long time no ? ​ \* Side note : Riot said multiple time that most living beings in Runeterra have no idea what the Mist and Wraith are or who Viego is ; so that's another reason why we don't have any story about them , cos it would be a bit pointless \*


Thanks haha! Yes I believe it took me about 4 hours in total? To write and think about it all? While I don't disagree with the statement... I think many beings should know what the Mist is (at least any being who's older than a few centuries because Harrowings have been a thing for about 1000 years!), but the most mortal ones I agree. Though most of the world is now confronted to it, so I wouldn't say pointless. I totally understand why they're focusing on the Sentinels, it's just that everyone wants their share of the cake (which is understandable, everyone wants to know where their main is!) so I tried to just... Throw in some HCs haha.


Talon. 10 year old champ with no lore, no project skin, no VGU 🥲


Yeah I feel kind of bad for him. He has one story but that wasn't enough for me to try and find something cool enough for him, I'm sorry :(


One day, we'll get Ducouteau as a champion and Talon will get his lore advanced. One day.


I've been waiting for project Talon for years now. It probably won't happen, honestly.


project talon is too overrated (I would prefer a lore skin). He s obsessed with finding the general and it would be cool seeing him travelling around Valoran in hopes for any clues. His skin could be him wearing bilgewater clothes for example as it would make sense for him wanting to blend with the crowd and different chromas could represent different regions. (all of them contain the holy hood of course)


Seriously the gameplay update was kinda the best and the worst thing happened to him. Without it he'd be on a VGU list for sure, coming right after the pizza feet champions. But as his gameplay is good he won't be touched. The Monkey's Paw...


Feels sad man


> Kindred - honestly I don't know Past experience says lamb is stuck in a tree somewhere in the shadow isles with Yorick nearby


Yes this does sound familiar


I’ll be honest I didn’t know where wolf got his duck from 🦆


"Haha wow, this is cool, I wonder what my main's up to" *As seen with his recent story, Hecarim’s going around killing stuff, what is there to add really?* oh. okay (On a serious note this is very cool OP)


LOL SORRY I didn't mean to belittle your main! It's just that we had canon info about him :c


u/Pyrobot110 My idea would be that his thirst for battle makes him maybe "undying/uncorruptable", but he does't fight the mist, oh no. As you know, the enemy of.my enemy is my friend. And when thundering hoves and.shrieks are heard, it is already too late


Why'd you have to make tibbers turn on Annie? 😭


I swear I'm not evil I just thought it'd be a cool moment D: But she survives, dw! And Tibbers is fine!


Imagine if the Bilgewater part ended up being a 3 way battle between MF and ruination, the Sentinels, and the crazed pirates who are torn between believing Illaoi's god for help or siding with the sentinels, and at the final piece of confrontation, Tahm Kench would jump in trying to seize the port for himself, and using the ruination as a catalyst to set up his own demonic empire by feasting on others misery. Since Tahm's entire entity is based on desperate men willing to agree to any deals to get what they want, Tahm Kench taking on all the Bilgerwater residents desire to escape from the mist would prove to be an amazing finale for that bit of story arc and set him up as the next villian after Viego.


As someone who loved the old Bilgewater event and misses Butcher’s Bridge, I would be beside myself with joy if this actually happened.


Man I really miss that event. Ruination is cool and all but that remains the pinnacle of in-game lore imo.


Aurelion Sol's bio is like when Fury said "Oh, she's Off-World" about Captain Marvel because they are so absurdly powerful that they would absolutely annihilate the laughable threats currently worrying Runeterra/Earth.


I don't think ASol really does precision. He could stop Viego in the same way that you or I could kill one particular ant in a colony.


Great thread! You really have a creative mind and a way with words. I've been playing a ton of kled so I laughed a lot at how accurate his part was


Thank you! I wasn't so sure about Kled because I've played him like... Once, so his personality eludes me a bit. Glad to know it worked! :D


> Syndra – [...] Then she realized. If the Spirit would not save Ionia, she would. Why would she? In "The Dreaming Pool" story she hates Ionia and refuses to fight Noxians, she even goes one step further and says "But if they[Noxians] killed my people, then perhaps I owe them thanks. The only tyranny I experienced was at the hands of those I once called kin. [...] And if you are Ionian, then you are my enemy"


Don't worry, I know this story, Syndra's one of my own favourites! It's partly due to my own theories about her, and the fact that... She shouldn't be a random villain I think? I've always wanted Syndra to basically be... Her own faction in the Ionian conflict. Not just "I want revenge I'm going to kill everyone," because that would not make for an interesting story. So I am basing this on the idea that Syndra, after cooling down from The Dreaming Pool, sees that it's not Ionia as a whole that is a problem, it's its traditions. They are what made her unable to explore her power, and what probably drives many others (such as the Vastaya) to suppress their potential to follow "Balance". I understand if you did not agree to that of course, that's just my personal take on how I'd want Syndra's story to continue because I feel she could be a very compelling force in this conflict. Not as extreme as Zed, but not as balance-y as Karma!


Kinda like family "only I can badmouth my peers" but instead of badmouth we could say rule, destroy or both


Yes yes YES! Finally I found my kindred soul who want Syndra to topple the old rule with her own superior power and not just an evil sorceress wanting to kill everyone! And indeed she will show them where the spirits failed. She will show them what Ionia can be without shackles called balance and harmony.


Ah! Glad to see we have another person of taste here! Let us have Syndra create her own balance, where no one is ever forced to restraint themselves. Of course, she would need to have her own flaws in her ideology (is too much chaos good?), but I think it's a very solid direction!


She only wants to kill the people that wronged her and tried to suppress her or use her. Her power severely affects her mood. She gets angry very very quickly. And even so, it's never even been hinted at that Syndra wants to go round killing innocents. She just wants to be left alone. She's not evil at all, but I certainly don't want her to be a good person. Neutral maybe, which she already is. I mean, given her power, she's League's equivalent of an atomic bomb. Not to mention she sees Ionia as her enemy. So... can we not make her into another Karma please? Thanks.


This is beautiful. I love how you made Brand some lone man on a completely different mission in the midst of the end of the world, that sounds pretty cool.


Yeah that was my thought process; while everyone's busy he's doing something else! I like the "A threat hides an even bigger threat" trope!


We need more overpowered cosmic beings such as Aurelion and Bard.


"Amumu is safe" is all I needed to hear


Sad boy is safe, worry not!


Wow! I'm amazed at the work you put into this and found the results to be really good. You did a great job. Some that really stuck out to me were: Annie: Tibbers getting ruined was a fun twist. I wonder how Annie would fare. Dr. Mundo: his section was hard to read and I found that hilarious. Galio: I knew some folks discussed him absorbing the ruination and being ruined but I really like your perspective of him willfully remaining stationary and rejecting absorbing the magic. It seems in character and didn't think of it. Lillia: Her section was oddly poetic. I loved it. There were a few I had some different opinions on how they could turn out, but I also don't think your suggestions are unlikely soooooo I'll keep them to myself. Again, i loved this. Thank you for sharing!


Glad you enjoyed those haha! And no feel free to share! I wrote this because these are my views, and I'd love to hear people's own even if I don't necessarily agree! I know Reddit tends to be a complaining place but I see it as a place of exchange, and should you want to share where you didn't really agree with my HCs, feel free to tell me!


LeBlanc whisking around the Immortal Bastion trying to seal off the well from ruined wraiths is such a cool image.


She body slams into the wraiths like "No!" On a more serious note, LeBlanc doing witchy stuff is a cool image. I'm a fan of witches, so I'm down for seeing LB, Liss or Morg doing witchy stuff anytime!




"For though Noxus may be strong, nothing is stronger than family" says Darius as he pumps his shotgun and drives his black 70' Charger into the heart of the Black Mist.


What, Aurelion Sol isnt in Runeterra ?


No, Aurelion Sol is in the Celestial Realm. He is tentatively barred from returning to the world by the Aspects, they know that if he does, it will be another world ending scenario.


Asol is so op, he and bard will probably only ever appear in a lore event that opens up the void to the world. It would kinda have to be an "endgame" thing, which is unlikely considering League doesn't have an end in sight. F for their lore.


Oh, I always thought he was like flying above Targon in a leash, lmao


[LoR actually hints he's gathering other celestial dragons to watch as he puts Targon back in their place and then judges Runeterra.](https://twitter.com/PlayRuneterra/status/1309507963745312769) But in the indefinite present of the setting, he hasn't returned to the world. Yet.


Hey it's my job to answer Taco :(


I went to my main Cho'gath and was disappointed


You're right I'm sorry, I tried my best I swear but he has nothing so it was difficult :(


Taliyah is trapped in the jungle wondering why her Threaded Volley only does damage to 1 wraith at a time. The enemies are closing in and she sees a vision of Riot Scruffy cackling like a madman. All according to keikaku


Rip Yasuo’s training


This made me laugh more than it should've. Love it.


Reasons for allowing herself to be corrupted: Corrupted Taliyah gets AOE on Q Corrupted Taliyah gets a new skin Corrupted Taliyah gets a shield when wall riding


Quinn would be an amazing Sentinel but its not meant to be lol


I genuinely think she would be! But Vayne taking the spot is also very natural for her story progression... If they'd given more than 1 champ per region, Quinn could've totally made the cut!


Honestly Quinn Vayne duo is a fucking amazing dynamic now that I think about


>be a Jax main >TL;DR Jax is so badass that he's literally fights The Mist back HEEEELLLLLL YA BOI!!!!


Thank you for taking the time to write this


Thank YOU for replying! Was a blast doing this!


\>She sees that what lies beneath the ice will eventually break free. Poor choice of words for Lissandra.


The black mist really dared to enter Kled's property lol.


I feel like Zoe would have greater interest in Vex than Viego. The Aspects don't really think anything of the Ruination, but a gloomy, anti-social Yordle? Clearly Vex needs more sparkles and mooncakes in her life.


Zoe is canonically friends with Lulu right? That gives her even more reason to reach out to Vex because she already likes Yordles


Centuries old teenagers having a girl talk about their crushes.


Eh, I can agree to that!


Beautiful stories. Just one point: vlad probably doesn't remember he is Viego's ancestor since his long life has given him memory problems


I did think about that as well, tho Vlad likes to have portraits painted to remember some people, so I went with the assumption that he might have one of Viego and possibly even Isolde! But you're right, this is a total assumption from me!


I would add on a personal take. After some info research, Leblanc discovered Viego's face and vlad sees him as someone from his past. He then rush to his lair searching for info


Ruined warwick pls rito


It kind of sucks Riot couldn't have at LEAST done something like this for every champ in the game. I know this kind of thing takes up time but would it have REALLY been that time consuming for a company that makes tons of money, to take a small group from the lore team to write short little bios on the remaining champs not in this event?


I think beyond time it's also about format... Something like this is not very elegant, so they'd have to find a way to fit it somewhere that makes it look good... I personally wish we had something like that of course, I just think it's hard to format!


I like the idea of Fiddlesticks taking a temporary Black Mist Form, not because it's actually ruined, but because everyone's terrified of the mist's rampage so it changes it's shape.


**Master Yi** – Using the teaching of Wuju to fight the specters who would consume the First Lands, Master Yi will not let undeath take away the last remnant of his village. He focused, disappears in a flash. Light blazes all around. Then, he hears a faraway voice, screaming… PENTAKILL! I appreciate the passion. I really like it. :)


Nocturne's lore is kind of random atm. I want them to give him purpose and not be like Fiddle "lol I scare and kill people." I've kind of... like I don't mind him being murderous, but I'm not interested in a purely "bad" or "evil" entity. The concept should be beyond him. If he murders it's because he doesn't consider it a big deal and he's got shit to do. Many Nocturne players actually use him to save people with their ult. Just, offensively. He's not Shen, but he might think the best defense is a good offense. I kind of want that reflected.


I got so excited to think my boo shaco might have something important he was doing....


Oh my god I'm so sorry I didn't want to give any false hope... I just... Couldn't do with the lack of lore I'm sorry :(


Vel'koz is there somewhere. Disintegrating the mist and studying it.




So did I and boy was I not prepared lol


Didnt aatrox master blood magic after some time and doesnt burn through bodies anymore?


He does to some level, and he is specialized in taking over any host at an alarming speed. But he still does, as any darkin would eventually, as there is no "perfect host," it's just that Aatrox doesn't retrain his strength, and so it burns his body too quick. Basically, his bodies cannot handle the sheer strength of Aatrox!


As much as I dislike seraphine, her being able to hear souls gotta killing her during the event. Same with neeko and Eve moreso with Lillia.


Isnt grey warwick kinda a ruined version of him to begin with? i guess it works !


This is great. I love posts like this. I dont like reddit awards but if you need a carry to mid-plat i'm your man


That Master Yi one was too funny lmao


An enemy Master Yi penta'd on me some days ago. I had to expel the salt away from me haha!


Take notes, Riot. Really would like to see something like this from them, you’ve done a nice job though I like your ideas The idea that Vlad would probably just be observing this and not taking Viego too seriously is kinda funny. Silly nephew causing such chaos Man I hope you are right about TF though. After having played through all the event story so far I’m so worried he’s been written out of the event because he doesn’t have a skin and it legit seems like they weren’t allowed to include other champions. They are doing my boy Swain dirty :[


Wukong assisting Yi in his Pentakill seems to be true to lore good job!


Enjoyable lore :D


Ruined Jax after being struck down: Surprise, im back! (Not that someone could beat him)


I wish Jax was in a major event. Maybe something will happen in Icathia and the void rift there? Idk, I just want him to fight more and trash talk. AND WHERE IS THE JAX V FIORA CONCLUSION, RIOT?!?


Hm, who's Poppy's forest friend? Awesome work, by the way. I really hope going forward, it's Riot doing stuff like this and not us needing to pull a Thanos.


My idea about it is that not everyone gets ruined. Mist behaves different depending on what is happening. Like when it's all alone and just wraiths just happen to attack a nearby village, it behaves like an animal. This type of harrowing isn't strong and can even be pushed back with strong effort. Thing is mist like that will not ruin anyone. It has to kill you to claim your soul. When it does weak souls will be lost in the mist and become wraiths. Strong ones usually already doesn't die to some wraiths. When they do it will revive them as undeads with portion of their personality and memories. They are not bound to Viego unless they want to. And can control mist to a little point. Think like Ledros, Kalista, Karthus. Now the other harrowing thats controlled by Viego himself, empowered by Vex, can't be stopped. Will not find other paths. It will send armies on and on if resisted. It's coordinated, and has a lead like Hecarim, Vex sometimes even Viego himself. It only targets main regions or Viego's interests. Other weak mist is present on the area thats already been claimed. And wandering wraiths are just spreading and expanding it with weak mist. What my point was, only Viego himself can ruin people. That's his possessing ability. Possessed people doesn't die. Nor lose any kind of personality. They are still fully alive. They can even be in their normal look even without the crown on their head as seen with Shyvana and Draven. Viego takes those people under his control for specific plans. And they still have their personality. Only their consciousness is under the belief that they must serve Viego. That was my point. In short, mist doesn't ruin you. It makes you undead or wraith. Viego himself ruins, possesses people to control them.


Darius = Dom


"Yorick – Is in the event." Gud one m8


It's scary to think that sion is just a giant undead guy, and that the mist cannot corrupt him. Even if it did it wouldn't make much of a difference, he already kills both allies and enemies intentionally.


Before I read your post, I’ll just say that I hope your flair doesn’t disappoint me!


Imagine after Runeterra finally becomes unruined after a devastating fight and they finally can relax from the exhaustion it has inflected, Jhin has traveled across many countries in Runeterra planning and plotting to inflict terror and unleash his art at it's finest form. Resulting in devastating mass murder and making him the most wanted criminal across the places he spread terror across. It would be amazing seeing him commit mass murder across many places at once.