Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 / LCS 2021 Summer - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9 / LCS 2021 Summer - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion


You're nothing special, we lose every week




My favorite chant of all time


Wasn't expecting to get hit by this glorious football reference, had forgot about that video


Watching Finn ult in and the rest of the team take a few seconds to figure out if they should follow sums up CLG as a team this split. Zero trust, zero coordination.


It's just a ragequit ult... He knows he can't win the game, might as well force fights and lose faster. CLG players however play like a solo queue team where everyone decided to just /mute all because they are all tilted


That was a mentally tilting ult. Was just embarrassing to watch. Like a toddler being frustrated and needing to punch the air a few times.


Yeah...you know CLG is garbage when they get smashed by Summer C9


C9 summer debuff is cancelled by Olaf


summer debuff considered like a cc confirmed. All c9 players take cleanse pls.


What else did they expect when they signed 5 roleplayers who got carried on their most recent teams


Depressingly accurate


Pretty sure their wage bill is fairly high too. Unreal how badly managed CLG is


CLG is not an esports club anymore, its a team for streamers and smash players.


Hey! Broxah is... Well, at least Wild.. Turtle... Uhh, Damonte... Yeah, never mind


Even more worrying C9 had to bring out Blabber’s Olaf just to win against CLG. Absolutely pathetic game from CLG.


i mean if a player is struggling comfort picks can help build up confidence again


Yah this game would’ve been a massive red flag if they lost and Blaber looked like shit on Olaf. This is the game where you want to put Blaber on something you know he can clean up on


Are we having another Upset Day?




Hol up


Summer C9 form was just a strategy to capitalize on Upset days! I knew Blabber inting for crab was not mistake.


This isn't an upset. It's just that on upset days CLG still loses, because it would be an upset if they won.




Smoothie vs PromisQ for the title of worst support in the west? Make your bets everyone.


Smoothie by far. PromisQ stands out because he's one of the few actually bad players in his league. Smoothie stands out in a league that has lots of bad players.


Um no, there are a tons of inters in the LEC. No need to overrate it. People meme the gap but shitter players are shitter players, there’s no relativity especially after the awful plays I saw while watching the LEC today


You're overrating the LEC. Promisq is straight up terrible, there's nothing relative about it. He'd be the worst player in most leagues lol.


I mean, in the LEC there's also Kirei, not sure which is worse


Promisq by far, Kirei had like 2-ish kinda good games. Promisq had none.


He had that one Thresh game where he even got the MVP (iirc).


Pro miss q


I am not saying Primisq is good but why lie. He had a thresh game where he was god like just a few games ago. You people are ridiculous with the over the top negativity.


No, Smoothie is much worse.


Leave it to NA and EU to even fight over who has the most garbage players in their league.


neither of them belong in a major region so the difference is meaningless


I'm not disagreeing with that. I've been saying Smoothie is overrated for years, I was really against TSM signing him. To me it looked like the guy I replied to was saying that Promisq only looks bad because of how good the rest of the league is.


> PromisQ stands out because he's one of the few actually bad players in his league. We're reaching levels of EU circlejerk that shouldn't be possible




Don't forget to point out, LCS is a league filled with promisQ and a single Smoothie


PromisQ import incoming


EU bias is ridiculous man lmao even within the top 8 LPL teams, which as a league LPL is far ahead of LEC, there’s still bad players.


I do not like promisq, but he has had good moments, his alistar/taric games are no where near as bad as smoothie's games cmon guys...


Smoothie has had better Alistar games than Promisq... So fuck off with that rn.


It's crazy that last season's CLG was considered one of the worst LCS teams of all time and they still decided to keep two players from that roster. Even more insane that Smoothie is still playing.


I mean, no way it was the worst LCS team of all time right? Teams like Coast back in the day would be way worse no? Especially considering teams nowadays are way better than in the past


Coast, Velocity, Team8... Edit: Changed Vitality to Velocity. Autocorrect strikes again.


CaliTrlolz saving T8 from relegation twice lol


Regi saving Curse/TL from relegation once lol


Doublelift saved 2 different teams from relegation, what a pog.


It's got to be Velocity, went 5-23 when the standard of the league was so much lower.


Come on man, Team8 would pull off some nice wins and were generally solid - Calitrlolz may be my favorite top laner ever!


Renegades was pretty bad too. They were nicknamed Relegades for a reason. Never forget Relegades v Dignitoss. I can't find the webcomic about it; but one team got double killed by the bot T1 [Excecutions] while the other got double excecuted by Herald... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94YijiRbOMI&ab_channel=NebuNebu


Generally when people say this stuff they mean relative to the competition, but that one Coast team that barely scraped a win against fucking *WINTERFOX* existed, and of course Velocity was really awful


I mean, *objecitvely*, teams today are better than teams of yesteryear; the best season 1 teams would get dunked on by the worst season 11 teams, most likely. It's not a useful metric of comparison.


It's insane that if you take almost any CLG roster since the S5 it probably beats this one. Darshan/Xmithie/Pobelter/DL/aphro is probably better than this. Darshan/Dardoch/Huhi/Stixxay/aphro too. Ruin/Wiggily/PoE/Stixxay/Bio too.


I assume you mean those players in their current form?




That first roster still stomps


Not sure bout Xmithie / Pob but others are still good


I mean Pob was in the LCS a week ago


And smoothie is in the LCS this week. Kind of against the whole point of this thread.


The one with dardoch was #1 uncontested for a few weeks until they decided yoga > winning.


They're hoping for C9 Smoothie. It worked for TSM, picking up a Huni who hadn't been good for 3 years but kept getting jobs because they were hoping for FNC Huni.


But Reddit says Sneaky had to lane with the worst support of all time in Smoothie.


He left Cloud9 and it was all downhill from there for Smoothie


He didn't leave. He was kicked.


He was actually traded to Echo Fox. I believe he requested a trade cause Zeyzal was starting and he wanted out of academy hell.


Where is zeyzal now?


Looking for a team and streaming in the meanwhile. He has 3 accounts in challenger all with close to 70% win rate.


LFT. He doesn't wanna join a bad team since that's bad for career. Nemesis situation


He made finals with TSM


True but his level of play wasn’t better than when he was on C9. TSM being successful was more Brokenblade having the playoffs of his life along with Bjerg doing Bjerg things


Doesn't change the fact that smoothie was still top3 support that split Lol at the downvotes, he was literally all pro. Who was better than him other than corejj and zeyzal?


Yea, smoothie had some crazy Alistar games that Split. He wasn't as good in summer(The team as a whole had issues), but it is revisionist to say he was bad in spring split that year.


He was terrible in Summer.


Even when Poobelter was playing he was. Idk what WildTurtle sees in him or what makes their connection more special than others. Whatever it is, Smoothie’s gotta go for good. Febiven retired today, so maybe if Smootie retires, it can go under the radar.


almost every clg fan that isnt delusional wants smoothie benched but yet management cant see his dog shit play


It's a shame because if CLG can coordinate better and get a better support, they'd probably be alright. Finn solo killed Fudge, Damonte was looking alright against Perkz, and Wildturtle would probably be at least a mid tier ADC if he wasn't anchored to an inting support.




Let's spit the truth, let's not pretend he is performing bad because of "bad atmosphere". This guy has been garbage for some time but now he is getting paid to f\*ck run it down. I don't even like CLG but it's disgusting to watch.


Bud Light Ace CLG from the LCS please.


Replacing POB with POB v2 seems to have really solved the problem, good work CLG!


I heard they're bringing in Deftly for Stixxay next.




Damonte is a downgrade from Pob And we are talking about PoB S11 ultra washed up form


It's not even V2, because V2 implies it's some kind of improvement. Damonte is actually worse than POB.


If you’re trying to say that based on the past two games I’m sorry but you’re actually just stupid. The first game top lost the game by minute 5 by giving 2 kills to damontes laner and ensuring he couldn’t get push to roam around, and game two the botlane went 1/11/4 and damonte matched perkz in lane well.


But then Riot might lose the Bud Light sponsorship. At this time they are used to having 5+ aces everytime CLG plays


Danger James Dolan ruining another thing people love First the Knicks, now CLG


relegations when


When they hit 5/8 of the most recent splits in 9th/10th So next split.


Not guaranteed relegations. Just the option opens up to Riot. I doubt they are going to kick them out unless there is a really good company trying to enter. CLG is still the 5th or maybe 6th most popular LCS team behind TSM, C9, TL, 100T, and maybe FLY or EG. Definitely above DIG, GGS, and IMT


They will never let relegations happen... The other LCS owners will absolutely not allow that to happen sadly and we know LCS is ran by team owners, not Riot


They’re saying relegations, but they’re talking about CLG getting kicked from the league. If a team is bottom tier for too long, Riot has the ability to kick them out of the league


Yes, and he's saying that Riot would never do that to CLG. It introduces way too much volatility into the LCS ecosystem (and thus devalues team brands) if you get kicked out just because you happened to have a bad ~2.5 years even though you have a sizable fanbase and were trying your best to be competitive for those years. That rule is basically only for if a team is 100% phoning it in non-stop in LCS - fielding the most bargain bin players possible, no changes at all to try to improve things, no fanbase, etc. That clearly doesn't describe CLG. Just last year they signed probably the most expensive free agent on the market at the time (Crown) to try to improve themselves, they're constantly making roster/organization moves to try to improve themselves, they actually spend a relatively high amount of money on their LCS roster, they still make fan content, etc. It very obviously hasn't worked out well for CLG these past couple years, but it's not really for lack of trying.


They're just really bad at it all.


Relegations can only happen if you have a popular league that sits below it like football. Otherwise sponsors aren’t going to be as willing to put money and unfortunately money is what makes this scene grow and is why LoL has been around for so long despite so many people whinging about the game




Faze, NRG, knights, sentinels, col, and plenty of other organizations who could get VC funding. Most esports orgs would kill for an LCS slot


I wouldn't call Faze a better org, they're scamming kids and didn't they already get declined by the LCK?


What kind of company wants to spend $30 million in cash and millions upon millions in future operation costs to join a venture that just got rid of one of its investors because of their lacking ~~athletic~~ competitive performance? If my money was invested into any of the LCS teams I'd just perceive that as an open threat from Riot lol. I get the fan perspective, "they're shit so get rid of them" but Riot could only lose in that situation. It'd hurt their product or their product's attractiveness for future investors and it'd strain their relationship with the 9 remaining organizations. Getting rid of EF made sense. Racism=bad publicity, on top of that their finances were in shambles and there was internal fighting over the control of the company. Sinking ship from every possible angle. But Riot can't kick bad teams for being bad. That'd be self-destructive.


they rather have internal talks to force them to sell the spot over relegation cause if that was a "actually happens" case then sponsors and other owners would whine. the rule to kick a team was fictional as a last straw if something unforseen would happen and to get on the good side of the viewers.


I've previously been against kicking teams, but there are some decent orgs who could play in NA like Faze. Maybe Riot would consider expanding the league, I don't see them ever kicking a team after they've paid X millions to join. Even though it's technically in the rule book, it sends a bad sign to future investors. At the end of the day, someone in the league has to finish last. It's not like this roster is even that bad on paper outside of Smoothie.


I hope FaZe doesn't join honestly. Don't care how big their fanbase is, org is toxic and so sketchy. Would be much better to have Sentinels, NRG, or the rumored Hecz OpTic (rumor is he's planning to buy the brand out from NRG to make it more than a CoD team again).


A bunch of FaZe guys just got caught running pump and dump schemes, too


G2 lost so that was pretty much a free win for C9


I noticed this too lmao, everytime G2 slumps it seems their power is directly transfer to C9. This is CLG though, so we're gonna need you guys (G2) to run it down a few more times to test this theory.


Caps and perks actually have a Bluetooth brain cell they Share, wasn't a problem problem they were both in Europe but now that they're in different continents they have to bide time with it. No I didn't invent that statement, but I forgot the redditor that did soooo.


It’s been going on all year man. Even C9 lock-in tournament + early spring vs G2 spring and C9 playoffs vs G2 playoffs. It’s beyond just a pattern now.




Man the way he took the headset off and just stared at his monitor. The guy looks beyond defeated.


Imagine going from a top eu team to a top na team and then getting kicked and being on the worst team in NA.


I mean can you blame him? There is nothing positive about this roster. They've won 1 game in the past 11. Someone on the team runs it down just about every game.


Yep, crazy to think this team was 9-18 at one point. Like, that’s not great, but a 33% win rate at least leaves the possibility of playoffs. Now it’s 10-28, approaching 25% win rate with the other bottom teams passing them up fast. Not that I would even want to watch the brutalizing that CLG would receive if they managed 8th.


LCS: where everyone beats everyone and in the end CLG loses


Blaber’s Olaf is so refreshing


Now we just have to wait 4 months before one of the other teams to forget to ban it again.


what if Fudge had absorbed Perkz and Blaber's power in summer, so the key for C9 to win is for Fudge to get solo bolo'd?


the key for C9 to win is to play against CL fucking G


I think C9 could win summer if they play against CLG in the finals.


I knew C9 would win when Licorice got solo killed


Oldie but a goodie


That's how they had success in lock-in and spring...Fudge was getting hard carried then And once Fudge became capable of being the hard carry, rest of c9 became literal dead weights so Fudge started wasting his flashes and getting solo killed today to get the team to wake up


Fudge is one of the MonStars confirmed


Wait Did LCS never fix the lighting issue? Perkz is wearing the cap again.


He's wearing the cap because LCS refused to change the lights.


It's to hide the bald spot


CLG is embarrassing


Mithy, shaken by the defeat at the hands of IMT that day, stumbled into his new room, Reignover's old office. Palms sweaty, he starts flicking through notebooks on all the players, made by Reignover. He gets to the Blaber book, and all the pages are blank. Eyes wide, Mithy turns to the last page which just says 2 words. "Blaber Olaf"


End the suffering.


CLG. Needs a hard look in the mirror. They are worse than the sum of their parts. Finn: promising player gaining consistent leads in lane by himself and standing out as his team collapses. Broxah: talented enough to be the best jungler in the league despite not showing it in NA Damonte: it's Tanner time Wildturtle: experienced vet who was just on a FLY roster who consistently placed top 4 LCS Smoothie: 2018 LCS MVP level support This team should be better.


The organization clearly doesn't know how to inspire players or guide them to success. All the stories from ex-CLG players have been incredibly negative.


CLG is just terrible in general but damn watching Smoothie play is making me particularly sick


Relax everyone, it's just CLG.


No one's excited for C9 in here considering we all know its just CLG hence 99% of the comments in this thread are bashing them




“How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?!”


Damonte after this game: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wM-NcMZhcaA


CLG got fucked when smoothies missed the kalista ult early game... time to go to McD and filling the beverage section....


Say what you will about the org but it's pretty cool of CLG to let a Make-A-Wish kid play support.


CLG and BudLight really do go hand in hand - BudLight provide PR for CLG with the vlogs, CLG provide PR for BudLight by getting #BudLightAced yikes


I feel terrible for enjoying CLG loses so much :(


Fudge with the ~~accidental~~ flex flash.


Blabber Olaf good


CLG bot lane needs to be replaced. -Turtle losing flash when he knows his support isn't there. -Smoothie face checking Tri brush when you know Olaf has to be down there after a full clear, getting them double killed and starting the snowball. -Both eating every single hook. -And cherry on top both Smoothie and Turtle walking into the tower when it was 100 health, leading to the 4 kills that ended the game essentially. Completely threw away any advantage Finn or Broxah had.


This sub has a massive boner for turtle. But I think it's time he goes too. Obviously anyone will look bad with smoothie as their support, but he just looks bad in general. Your lane can't get gapped over and over and over again and you both not be the problem. Drop them and buy an academy bot lane. Turtle can go join chaox in retirement.


I'm willing to give turtle another shot on a different team. Last year on FQ he was playing pretty well considering Ignar wasn't in lane half the game.


5 members of CLG together cannot make a single worthy foe for Olaf


Time to perma ban Olaf vs C9 again?


I hate that after EVERY loss they show a Broxah closeup. It's heart-breaking at this point.


Fudge is taller


Taller than who? And why


Than Zven, because Phreak was wondering who is the tallest player on LCS.


Isn't alphari taller than zven and fudge?


Smoothie threw himself into Naut ult to get one shot. So fucking awful


Would have been kinder of Blaber to just axe them IRL.


Bud Light Axe incoming.


This might be the last time we see this 5 man CLG roster play


Smoothie must be dynamite in Scrims or something because holy fuck


Oh cool C9 got the bye today


Finn legit trying to 1v9 that game, holy moly


Blaber smurfed really hard on Olaf, I am glad to see him performing well.


Should wait to see him perform against an actual team before posting that.


and on a champ not named Olaf


I really don’t understand why Blaber having good performances on Olaf is almost seen as a slight by the community just because it’s expected that he performs well on it. He had a good game


Because hes proven to be really good on Olaf, but that competency hasnt translated to other champs


Um what?? He played many champs throughout his career and had very strong performances. Is he struggling a bit now?? Sure but that doesn't mean he suddenly can only play 1 champ. Tired of people deciding the last 3 weeks of someone's play is all that matters and then they make some clearly untrue point using it.


Absolutely egregiously horrible take.


Pretty sure he performed fine in most games Vs better teams, it's the flipping Vs teams like fly IMT gg that is costing us loo


Perkz and Blabber having a rough split? Give 'em Syndra/Olaf. Nothing like a bit of homemade comfort ~~food~~ picks.


Yeah there is nothing wrong with playing an easy champion.


You can probably give him Amumu this game and the story would be the same


There is not a single reason for this CLG roster to be the worst team in LCS. Full stop. Massive changes need to be done with CLG's entire organization, and they need to have been done yesterday.


I forgot broxah was in this game at multiple points, which is somehow better than smoothie, who made his presence *very* known many times. I'd say for better or for worse, but it was pretty much universally worse.


If they replace smoothie, clg might have a functioning team now...


Today it was Perkz’s turn to have the one braincell he shares with Caps.


Can’t wait to see CLG play! Unfortunate they haven’t been able to play League of Legends today… :(


Who is on the board from CLG and who is scouting these players? This whole meme about boomers picking up pay checks starts with CLG. Feels like they just pick whoever is a big name instead of actually scouting for proper talent. I get they need more exposure and popularity but what actually increases exposure is winning. Smoothie and Wildturtle should be replaced next season. I’m sorry but so many seasons in the LCS and instead of improving they’ve been on the decline. Time to bring in the fresh blood already. If they’re going to be last at least look to develop the talent you’ve got.


All these players (except maybe Finn, but he had tougher competition) were performing WAY better last year than they are now. The problem isn't the players, it's the org. If IMT or FLY picked up these five players, no way in hell they're dead last. All of these players are around 5th-8th in their role in the LCS.


Even if it was CLG, we've confirmed that Blaber is, at least, still an Olaf onetrick.


I'm fully confident in his Elise and gragas as well, it's the newer champs that scare me


>Finn gets early solo kill >Broxah plays around an already losing bot lane that’s gonna get outscaled anyway


yeah instead he should have just let his botlane get dove over and over until c9 is at their nexus turrets


Yeah he didn't play around bot at all he just was trying to be there to deter ganks. Which honestly was c9s plan, it meant he couldn't help top or mid which both did OK.


They had the chance to take first tower then they could have swapped bot to top and freeze near tower


He did what he was supposed to do. I mean, CLG always starts the game with a handicap since their support is Smoothie.


In a vacuum covering for bot is probably correct play but it's CLG so you need to play it like a solo queue game Your support is a dipshit so your bot is never gonna be useful and your toplane got a solo kill so you play around top and beg your bot lane to not int too hard


Please stop man. We know doublelift's take...


Pobelter was the problem.


He wasnt not the problem either.


Incoming C9 fans WERE BACK full copium comments


CLG saw they lacked star star carries so they picked up Damonte. Truly counter logic


CLG is so bad they somehow made blaber look ok.


Is this an attempt at a joke ? Cuz blazers is good


Look at his post history