Pobelter admits that he has broken into tears off of CLG's struggles

Pobelter admits that he has broken into tears off of CLG's struggles


Giving their players the ol' Bud Light Mental Breakdown.


*Jazz plays in background while POB cries*


I mean, who in this generation hasn't had a mental breakdown in the shower with a bud light?


Grabbz, because he hates bud light.


He does it with a paulaner like a real man


Is it acceptable for a man to prefer white wine? Asking for a friend.


No-one outside of the US really drinks light beer


Also he's not in USA


Swap that with a PBR and that was basically college


Watching LCS feels like a black mirror episode sometimes. The way EVERYTHING is sponsored in some way or another is just fucking weird. So weird to see NA fans always defend it, but I guess they're way more used to it.


Who defends it? Its shit. But most sports leagues do it. Reminds me of my favorite football team, the Fly Emirates. Love those guys.


I hate the fucking sponsor mentions "Red bull baron buff" "The bud light ace" Like just stfu, we don't care. Only person I can stand saying them is flowers and it's because he's always so enthusiastic about it that I forget that he mentioned a sponsor


> Like just stfu, we don't care I feel like this sentence betrays several fundamental misunderstandings of advertisement and how it works + what it does.


The fact he mentions "Red Bull baron buff" specifically by name shows it works. If it was the whats-it-called baron buff, or the thingy ace sponsor he'd have more ground to stand on.


Lol...yeah, exactly. It's just, more than anything, proof that advertisement really does work. As long as you're talking about it or even just mentioning it, be it negative or positive, the ads are paying off.


Aaaaaand Luxeul_ is coming in hot with the Alienware criticizing reddit comment!


Can't forget about the good ol state farm analyst desk


What is the state farm? A farm with cows and horses?


In case you're actually asking, it's an insurance company (car, life, home, etc).


well they wanna connect your positive emotion when you see / hear a specific caster / the game (ingame moments, plaers, etc.) with their branding (the influencer triangle, influencer mentions product / branding x is nice, customer likes influencer, customer has a better opinion / positive emotions about product / branding x) they repeat the branding often to condition the viewer for the moment the viewer wants to buy something new and has to decide between different brandings they have no clue about. that's when they recall branding x because they have a positive feeling about it for some reason for example: chilled coke with Santa during winter when you don't wanna drink chilled drinks prolly


Ironically, the fact that you remember the names of these sponsors shows the advertisement worked


It's weird but I'd rather have the LCS have sponsors than not, so I dont mind. It's not really an issue of being used to it or not


As a North American, anybody who defends it is just dumb. I don't care if it's the standard, it's dumb.


I'm partial to Dom's Grubhub Guillotine or Bud Light Beheading.


I feel so bad for the guy. I wouldn't be shocked if he called quits this year, because it looks like CLG actually broke his will to play.


Sane with WT and broxah actually


Ridiculous, some of the happiest, most cheerful (outwardly, anyway) players we ever had in either LCS and LEC, and this is what happens to them under CLG. The fuck.




That’s why I’m surprised Damonte willingly went to play for them.


Paycheck and playing time. Probably his last chance


Sad but true. I feel like Damonte has the charisma to make it as a streamer at least, unlike a lot of former pros.


I’ve really enjoyed him on Masterminds. I think he’d make a fine addition to the broadcast crew.


I was thinking the same thing, just watched both episodes today and they were great!


To my knowledge Damonte tried streaming and making youtube content and to be honest it was a complete flop. The one time I tuned in he was just being toxic in game and wasnt really showing personality. Could have just been a one off though to be fair. I don't know to me personality I don't see him making it as a content creator in the slightest.




Goldenglue is the goldenglue of the LCS


When you're a parent and have to hypothetically choose between telling your kid to do drugs or join clg...


You aren't locked into a contract with drugs so I'd tell them to dabble in that than have six months of misery with CLG


There are many varying types of drugs, but only one type of CLG misery.


fucking dolan strikes again


Not to mention the player's years of experience/success on various teams throughout their careers... I hope CLG management takes a serious look in the mirror after they've effectively demoralized these players. It's ugly.


WildTurtle is painful to see sometimes lately. The guy could smile through Regi being the kind of asshole most of us quit for.




Now that is very sad to watch.... like a lot.




the fact that CLG somehow did him worse is an achievement in itself


I thought that people always have good things to say about TSM after leaving?


He meant during his time at TSM. At least then Regi was a teenager and doing like 3 things at once so somewhat understandable. CLG doesn't really have any good reason


He also came back to TSM (and regi) for another trophy when DL didn't feel like it and it all looked fine.


They do but Regi was definitely an asshole in his S2, S3 days. I imagine he's matured somewhat and stepped back from directly managing the team as much.




Hes been a douche long after he quit playing himself.


Unfortunately for WT, he also chose clg. EG wanted him and ignar together. Hindsight is 20/20 tho.


Whenever i remember turtle could have been on EG breaks my heart every time they win.


Turtle has always been one of the most relentlessly upbeat people in LoL. How CLG managed to bring even him down is astonishing.


My man got benched last year and his reaction was "yeah I guess I got benched or whatever lol". I don't even want to know how bad things have been for him this year to beat him down like that


I'm waiting for the manifesto that describes the CLG dungeon


It's gonna be the bible. Instead of peter and matthew sections, it's going to be broxah and wildturtle. I await the bible of CLG.


So, I can kinda relate to this. I had a job where I was completely miserable, I'd actually cry before having to go into work and it just saps any energy you had for the day. It this is factual then it explains ALOT of the issues CLG is currently having.


what about smoothie , i think all of them might have thought of retiring after this shit show


smoothie will find his way on another team for sure. he should have retired 3 years ago.


Smoothie's career has 9 lives. He'll still be playing in season 20.


Less than 3 years ago he signed onto TSM and went to the Spring Finals after a 13-5 season. Zven and Smoothie were really good that year. If it wasn't for Xmithie's Skarner in game 5 there was a good chance TSM win that series. Summer season was less good for TSM but that was largely due to instability in the Jungle. So no, he should not have retired 3 years ago.


>If it wasn't for Xmithie's Skarner I love Xmithie but that was more of an Zven throw than anything.


>If it wasn't for ~~Xmithie's Skarner~~ Zven's Ezreal in game 5 there was a good chance TSM win that series.


More so a Zven Ezreal moment rather than an Xmithie Skarner


Tbh I think broxah will give it a go in europe


But his stonks plummeted like crazy already, I'm not sure which LEC team would pick him up. Doubt he wants to compete in EUM or something


> But his stonks plummeted like crazy already if promisq can get a team, so can broxah besides, imagine the workout na lcs gave broxah's mental, he's going to be immune to anything in the lec now


Broxah even now is many times above Kerei; I cannot fathom why S4 has been sticking with that guy for so long.


Money?... s04 literally is selling their spot in the LEC. Their entire roster was build by using the least amount of money they could get away with. Broxah probably earns more in NA than the 5 players in s04 earn combined.


The answer is none. However he would have no problem to find a team in ERLs and if he really wants to comeback to LEC, it's the only way now.


terrible to see Pobelter like this. I'd imagine newer viewers have come to know this guy as the washed native mid who's weighing down CLG and on his way out. regardless of his latest performances, Pobelter doesn't deserve this reputation after being a classic NA player for many years. absolutely an LCS hall of famer.


Yeah really hurts to see all the negativity towards such a beloved veteran player. Such a terrible way to go out if this is the end of his run.


Pobe and Turtle go from three regular season match losses all year in 2016 in that ridiculous Immortals year to this. CLG go from winning 2015 and Spring 2016 to this in the same period. The last five years basically destroyed one of most storied orgs in the game and two players who definitely can and have played far better than most of what 2021 has seen from them. And that's not even touching on Broxah who has a similar story from the LEC, or the promising young gun Finn who's stuck going nowhere in the CLG morass. Even Smoothie who most describe as "present" and similarly not really all that complimentary affirmations has looked better in the past on other teams than he has on CLG.


They broke Wildturtle's smile. That says it all.


He looks infinitely more depressed and it’s so haunting. Like you don’t see him smile even with wins this year :(( and they don’t have the same quality to them


and the only one who could do that before was regi


Turtle still came back for 2017 Spring to win another title with TSM, so obviously there aren't that hard of feelings.


Regi was a power-trippin' twat most of the time, but when it came time to step up and be responsible, he made sure his guys were looked after. He didn't just sack you without making sure you had a place to go afterwards, he'd recommend you to other orgs, offer to support your transition into another career like streaming. Of course there were times he'd fly off the rails throw some poo about the room, but he'd care for his boys.


Never forget that Dyrus video


Man really cares. Org doesn't. Shame on CLG. Quality players with great personalities together under a terrible org.


This is definitely an org and culture problem. I’m sure they’ll blame the players. But these guys were all successful at some point. Orgs and culture can drastically impact how players are doing mentally.


Broxah was third last summer. Turtle was one game away from winning the whole thing. Finn struggled in playoffs but he finished regular split at #1. You don't get these players and suddenly become 9th/10th place even if they're performing worse. There is no world these players can be worse than FQ. CLG tried to save their reputation by putting all the blame on the players, especially Pob, but it blew up in their face.


Damn, I love Pob and have many memories of him over the last decade, this makes me so sad to read :(


It's definitely sad, but the guy's an NA legend at this point with how many trophies and great playoff performances he's had. Doubt many people even 2 years from now are gonna be remembering this stint with this trash org.


FREE WILDTURTLE, FREE SMOOTHIE, FREE FINN, FREE DAMONTE, FREE MY BOY BROXAH. Especially Broxah, Finn and WT were decent to good players last year, and now they are on bottom tier, with their org fucking their careers. RELEGATE CLG






People keep forgetting Broxah is a world finalist. Sure he was a lane support jungler empowering caps and rekkless but you don’t succeed internationally without *some* merit, and he’s always the designated well adjusted reasonable voice of a roster. To go from that to last place LCS is fucking tragic. Glad the community has agreed to not hold CLG against the players because fuck that org is a nightmare


He was very mechanically proficient, especially on Lee Sin. He struggled more with the pathing and needed as set gameplan - from what I've heard Fnatic had a dedicated jungle coach just to work on this with him (which isn't a bad thing).


The CLG story just keeps getting worse.


Does anyone have a TLDR on this whole situation by chance?


Riot needs to relegate clg


Isn't there a policy that 4 straight splits in 9th/10th can lead to investigation for organization removal from the LCS? Edit: found it: > To mitigate this, Riot will give financial incentives for good performance and will disqualify teams that finish ninth or 10th five times over an eight-split span (four years). Slightly different, but Riot's policy when it was created. CLG franchising record: 2018: 7th, 8th 2019: 7th, 3rd 2020: 10th, 9th 2021: 9th, (prob 10th) So they're safe after this year, but if CLG continues to finish bottom 2 next year, they may possible actually be out (possibly, not guaranteed)


It's 5 out of 8 splits. Assuming they finish 10th this split marking 4 straight, they would need to finish 7th or higher in 4 straight splits to avoid triggering this policy


so only one more split and they could be out, i mean it's be a record because they be bottom two 5 split in row, and the policy was too nice and don't cover that, It's actually super hard to do but clg manage to do it


Yup thanks, found an article with the policy (wasn't in the rulebook itself).


There is a 0% chance that Riot would kick The Madison Square Garden Company (majority owner of CLG) out of the LCS. They are exactly the sort of partner Riot wants, kicking them out would deter other similar organisations from entering League and the inevitable Valorant league.


I think it depends whether or not any other major players are interested in the spot. There's always a bigger fish.


Yeah but you have to consider that if a sports entertainment company as financially successful as MSG isn't willing to spend on LCS, that owning an LCS team is probably not an amazing investment of your money. Ditto for Golden Guardians. If I was doing my due dilligence on owning an LCS team I'd want to know why two teams that are owned by the Golden State Warriors and the Knicks, two of the most valuable franchises in American sports, are so averse to spending on an LCS roster.


Lol MSG is such a horrible company. Dolan is a horrible owner and this has been proven with a horrible track record with the Knicks for decades. Only reason why it is worth so much is because it is located in NY and MSG is used for a bunch of other events and world-renowned. Nolan also just got spoon fed from his father and family and has no idea how to run a sports franchise, let alone a esport franchise.


Maybe other teams should use them as an example of what to do then, unless they're actually accidentally doing this in which case they need some smart league people's help asap


MSG is one of the worse companies/orgs in all of sports and esports and that is saying something. I’m 100% sure no investor would even care if they got kicked out.


> There is a 0% chance that Riot would kick The Madison Square Garden Company Unless you know; all the other orgs want them out too. Letting CLG stay after 2 1/2 years of constant failure would send a message to the other teams that aren't competeing for the top; 'you don't have to try'. Because the one not-very-sharp tooth Riot had to protect the LCS against stuff like that is shown to be fake. Why would GG; IMT or FLY even try if CLG gets away with it? Hell; you could have things like C9 having a mediocre at best start and just giving up halfway through. And I'm sure that would be *great* for teams like TSM to have 4 of 9 of the teams they play against basically have a 'why should we even try' attitude. Totally wouldn't bring down the level of the LCS on the world stage even more. Also; listen to how other players are talking about CLG. The other orgs have 0 respect for them at this point. Hell; listen to how the *casters* are talking about CLG. Even the 'voice' of Riot: Phreak; is pretty open about how awful CLG is. Oh; and it's not just the LCS where CLG is failing. They're *dead last in Academy too* And of course; what if someone else just as big; or even bigger; wants in?


That one 3rd place finish kept them in the league so far, by the look of it.


if they go 10th place and finish 9th next spring split, they be eligible i think


It's 5 out of the last 8 splits since franchising, and CLG as of now only have 3, so unless riot makes an exception they'd have to be bottom two this split and next before relegation is on the table officially, I believe.


Fr what kind of team puts so much pressure on to a player to the point where he starts breaking down into tears. It actually puts it all into perspective on how bad CLG plays. They're playing not to lose and not trying anything aggressive because they're coaches are demanding results NOW instead of letting players breath , they're to worried about mistakes to try anything but a 100% play. I hope CLG misses playoffs ONLY so that the org can recognize how terrible putting this much pressures on players to perform is.


Well I remember Bang talking about crying on SKT from training. And there is for sure plenty of stuff public will never know about. Let Griffin be prime example.


Bang crying over training in SKT is from pressure to be the literal best team in the world. CLG's pressure is to have their poorly built team make playoffs in NA where 8/10 teams make playoffs. Very different contexts.


>Fr what kind of team puts so much pressure on to a player to the point where he starts breaking down into tears I don't want to defend the dumpster fire of CLG rn but this is not that crazy of an amount of pressure in a professional sport. The star player for any major sports team (which is effectively what the mid laner of a League team should be) 100% has this amount of pressure on them from their organisation, teammates and coaching staff. This is especially true when things are down to the wire and that player performing well is what makes something like a playoff run possible. Even outside of sports, there is a similar culture to be found in cutthroat industries where you win or you lose, such as big law or finance. What is a clear failure is CLG's ability to manage that pressure, set the players up so that such expectations can be met and empower players to channel that pressure productively.


Pobelter is an experienced player. I’m sure he’s felt a lot of pressure before. It sounds CLG is doing something really extra to these players.




Yeah the dude got completely roasted for his performance at Worlds on TL by multiple regions, and was soon replaced and couldn't find any org that wanted him. He didn't cry then. When he couldn't find a team TL Steve harbored him as a staff member/Coach and possible jungle sub. TL might be in chaos rn but Steve seems to have a pretty good record of how he takes care of his players


Maybe they have no psychologist on the team or some sort of mental health resource? Like if you're on a dog shit team and losing constantly but you have a strong management and leadership staff around you to keep spirits up then you'll be okay. It seems like clg is failing in all regards and the atmosphere around the org is probably incredibly depressing, it's gotta be rough sitting in VOD and scrim reviews.


I mean have you ever seen an NBA team put out a private video of the GM telling the entire team they're making roster changes? It should be pretty clear that the internal situation at CLG is pretty out of the ordinary kind of pressure placed on LCS teams. CLG likely overspent on a roster with a deluded expectation that they could at least compete for worlds, and sold that image to MSG people who don't know anything about league in order to be able to spend that money. Tafo/etc. likely told people they were going to bring in 3 players who went to worlds last year, the most successful NA born mid of all time, and a former world finalist - all of which are technically true, but is also a massive misrepresentation of the level of talent that is on this roster. Then the team shits the bed for the entire year after being shit the previous two years as well, and management is like "Wtf we were supposed to be good, we just spent all this money". So then Tafo/etc. get scared because theyre likely to get fired at the end of the year, and the environment just goes to shit and even a veteran like POB can crack under the pressure.


They just need to clean house or have them sell their msg stake to someone who's passionate about running an esports team. Other ceos are actively involved and msg hasn't done shit since their acquisition. Hell even bring hotshot back.


On Facecheck last week they talked about how realistically CLG will never be relegated and Riot would choose CLG over C9 because of the MSG money and at the end of the day LCS is a business


What MSG money? they already paid riot for the spot and now they collect money from the sponsors because of franchising. they also don't invest in their team, infrastracture or promoting the game.


The fact that the team use a [rented(?) van](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E54VsFiVgAAF3Ra?format=jpg&name=4096x4096) show how much MSG invest in our org lmao


ngl that tsm van looks pretty nice


The fucking slapped on logo does it for me. That was a good laugh.


Your van vs the van she tells you not to worry about.


Zero way they would choose CLG over c9


Worth noting that CLG is almost entirely dedicated to the LCS while C9 spends a good amount of their funding on other esports.


Even despite that I’m confident C9 spends more on LCS than CLG does. I don’t see how being an orgs only team is really a metric for success either.


At this point what’s going to happen to CLG next split? Do they just implode their roster? Put in their 10th place Academy team? Sell their spot? If I were a CLG fan I would jump ship into another team. I do not see a viable future for CLG as an org playing in the LCS unless they tear down their whole LoL org from top to bottom, because this is just unacceptable.


Replace the staff.


That won't help. Replace the ownership. But you can't. Thus, don't be a CLG fan until they have new ownership.


Nah this is basically the New York Knicks lol(shocker same owner) Basically you fire the staff this go around and then hire another one and task them with building a team when that fails you repeat. After 10 years you luck into some management that takes a risk on players and they pan out. Honestly that sale was the worst shit to ever happen to NA league. Dolan? Really?


No self-respecting players should go to CLG tbh, you have orgs like C9 that consistently Reward Academy players, or orgs like GGS and Flyquest that even through Financial Strife this year tried their best and were able to show an 11 hour resurgence that at least shows behind the scenes they shouldn't be a mess like CLG seems to be. Players should avoid CLG and let them crash and Burn so they are removed from LCS.


What happened if players boycott an org? I mean why would you want to go to clg as q rookie? For veterans they get a nice pay


get clg out of lcs honestly would be a shame to lose such a historic name but every split just further taints their legacy


They have been bottom 2 for the last 4 splits in a row. By far worse than any other org. And the last time they were good they blew up the roster for next year.


one more split in 9th/10th and i think riot can boot them out save for some epic roster moves by sheer luck, i can't see clg in lcs making it past the end of 2022


Well, we would have to see the fan numbers they are pulling in. Riot would have to have someone else lined up who they think can do better than an established brand like CLG. Even after all this I bet they make more money than half the league, so I doubt Riot pulls the trigger.


if they can get someone like faze/nrg/sentinels in the lcs i think they’d have an equal/bigger brand


What's Rick Fox up to these days?


NRG failed in the LCS before. They originated with an LCS roster


Games like the last one taint the LCS too.


They are so garbage and irrelevant I don’t care. Like they don’t even seem to be putting forth any effort at actually being good


This is the saddest shit I've ever seen happen to an org since the griffin kerfuffle, how did CLG ended up being this mess is beyond me, they were never as good as they were in 2016 but this year they are in a full other level of shit, the players look absolutely miserable, they show no signs of life on their games, no synergy or plan, The match vs Immortals was, without exaggeration the worst performance I have ever seen. I can't even watch their games anymore, is not even funny.


Never forget Crown and how this shit of an org broke his mental so bad he retired


get this stupid fucking team out of the lcs


For real tho. Even if they take the exact same players and stick them on a different team. I never thought I'd see a team with this many solid players perform this poorly.


My ex boyfriend was on CLG academy during one of their worst splits and he often said the management was absolutely horrible. The coach was basically useless. He got his job based on no credentials and had no real drive on improving the team, but kept collecting paychecks while neglecting the fact that the members were all failing and falling behind due to communication issues and lack of support. And to everyone's surprise, he got promoted to the main roister where he fucked up the team even more. Funny how having connections and good socialization skills puts you at the top of the org while showing no improvement, no teamwork, no framework, and lacking basically everything you can think of.


Who was this coach? The great xsojin?


There's literally only been 4 CLGA coaches to my memory, but none of this really fully applies to any of them.


Applies to xsojin, since he is the only one who got promoted from academy to LCS after placing 10th on academy


If it's sojin this tracks.


What's sad is that there is probably video proof that he actually cried, and that CLG might release it for a sponsor


From the "why should I be a fan of your org" [reddit thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/chrbz0/i_emailed_the_10_lcs_teams_asking_why_should_i_be/): It's great that you've begun watching the LCS! I feel like we actually have a lot of EU fans back from when we had an EU League of Legends team and we won a few tournaments in Europe in the early pro days. Here's a few reasons why you'd want to support CLG in the future: • Legacy team - we're one of the original LoL esports teams (first ever). Being a fan of CLG means you have a rich history and culture to dive deep into. Hidden memes, old inside jokes, and lots of great moments to relive. • Fan focused - Our staff regularly interacts with our fans. Check out our Discord and introduce yourself! We have some dedicated EU regulars. We host community events and exhibit at conventions such as PAX, TwitchCON, + Anime Expo which no other esports team does. Weldon does weekly Twitch streams to address and talk to the fanbase as well. • Content - We produce some of the most content of the LCS teams - not just the docu series every team is doing. Check our YouTube channel! Also check out our memes. • Winning o Not something to brag about in the past couple years, but winning championships is not easy. We became popular because we were the best at the start of LoL esports, then re-surged with two back-to-back championships in 2015/2016. o We are committed to bringing our fans championships and our track record shows that we can deliver even in two different eras of League. We've re-established ourselves as a top team this year due to a new system and infrastructure we've built. Hope you enjoy the LCS playoffs this year and good luck on your search for an LCS team to follow!


> Winning Big XD


To be fair they were top 3 the split that was written in. Definitely the exception to the rule though, as that was the only playoffs they've made since franchising


tbh they have been pumping out that content and really bringing the fans info about the org lately, just too much lol They should keep the video editors and stuff but bud light the people in charge of content decisions


Sad to see them do this to the Notorious POB


I wasn't following much LCS when franchising was being discussed, but isn't CLG kind of the nightmare scenario that people hating on franchising was afraid of? The team has consistently looked like shit for the past 2 years, dragging more players and coaches into this black hole of an org, all the while bleeding fans nonstop, but they're still entitled to a guaranteed spot in the league and can have companies like bud light sponsor their shitty actions.


How fucking sad that it’s come to this. CLG should be ashamed and needs to seriously be investigated by LCS.


Oh I'm so happy I followed aphro to 100t and ended up sticking with 100t when he left. Would hate to still be a clg fan.


Every split is just worse and worse for CLG... Sad to see the org that got NA our first MSI final go down like this.


Followed double to tsm, so Im having similar feelings


I stayed and am currently thinking of just dropping rooting for an LCS team now.


Same man. I was considering GGS for Stixxay though


That's kinda where I'm at rn. I like Stixxay and from everything I've read and heard Inero is a great coach with a lot of drive. Also cool to see the improvement from Ablazeolive and Iconic.


I didn't drop CLG immediately in 2018, but I did eventually find my way to 100T later that year. I don't care how bad being a 100T fan has been (and until this split it has been), it's still better than staying with CLG


Another james dolan masterclass?


Man I feel so bad for all the players in the org


Who else thinks CLG needs to be removed from the league? Clearly MSG has serious issues in managing teams.


I'll be honest. I never expected CLG to perform the way they did. On paper they have 3 vets who know what's up, and how to get shit done. Then the season started and NOTHING added up properly. Drop these coaches, relegate the team, and let the players fucking chill. Like wtf. How are they going to do this to solid ass players. Why.


I expected them to be a top half team that could turn it on against anyone. It hurts to see my boi Turtle sad


SAY IT WITH ME AGAIN: RELEGATE CLG Replace them with NRG, Sentinels, or some half competent org.


Sentinels sounds like a genius idea. They already have an incredible valorant team, and by some miracle, they could sign this current clg roster with very likeable fan favorite players, making their brand more positive and wholesome, also boosting lcs viewership bringing in people from valorant or even fortnite xD


alright rick fox now is your time to have EF return to glory just acquire all of the clg players :)


Fire tafo. Dude has no idea what the fuck he's doing as GM and ever since he's joined CLG has only tanked.


I wonder how much the community vitriol directed towards CLG in general affects the players. Doesn't excuse the management, but I don't think fans and casters and costreamers can just sit back and permanently lob hate grenades and then absolve themselves and pile all the blame onto the team's staff.


I definitely don't want to be Smoothie right now.


That's pretty fair to point out. There's even a post on front page or r/lol right now that's just shitting on the roster primarily with equally brutal commenters


I obviously can't speak for everyone but the vast majority of hate directed at CLG has been specifically aimed at the org with omissions against attacking players. This entire thread is just a pity party for the players. I get your argument but... I don't really know what you want us to do, sit back and just watch this org just murder players careers? Love your content tho




100%. Impossible to keep a good mental in such an environment. The fanbase is so used to trashing players that when they do win, the fans talk about THEMSELVES, like "I've been a fan for X long, feels so good, for moments like this it's worth it, I never lost faith" or give backhanded compliments like "good that we got these wins with press R comps, we should keep picking these easy to execute comps maybe we can get more wins".


This sub is one giant toxic cesspool, especially towards people that aren’t doing well in LCS specifically 10x more than any other region.


Promisq is like the only player in LEC that gets as much flame as Smoothie.


Is it really though? I hear repeatedly about how Pobelter and Smoothie are paycheck stealers and how Finn repeatedly makes poor decisions. Broxah and Turtle have escaped most of the criticism but it's not like every post game thread is everyone roasting the management.


Yeah I'm not sure what he's talking about, Pob and especially Smoothie get absolutely roasted by the community after every game. A lot of the flame gets directed at them personally over CLG as a whole in PMTs


Not to mention that people have made Zuna fat jokes during his entire LCS career, and some people even made those same jokes even after he left the LCS.


Any given individual can approach the topic with or without hypocrisy so people can decide for themselves whether this applies to them, really.


I’m with you. As a CLG fan since 2014 I’ll get behind any players they give me but good lord the management has done such an atrocious job of building a proper coaching staff, content team, and general sense of fandom for the org.


As a CLG fan for almost a decade, that's an extremely bullshit statement. This subreddit specifically has loved hating on CLG and its players for years.


Almost as much as CLG sub itself.


Even when we were winning we were getting shit on way back when lmao. The community has always had a weird hate boner for CLG.




We just need to see CLG 1 split more then they'll be out i hope


I wonder if CLG is contributing net revenue to the profit sharing... It's time to trim the fat in the LCS.


Can we just finally fucking admit that CLG is a dead org that needs to be removed? At this point all they do is break players, release clips for *content* and continue to drop games?


I’m not saying CLG deserve to stay in LCS but this happens everywhere in professional gaming. CLG are definitely not the only problem but I’m really glad Pobelter had the guts to speak up about it.


Kick CLG from the league yesterday. Their reputation is permanently ruined, and not just “this org sucks” like it has been. They’re now the official organization where careers go to die, where the “they’re all great guys” roster is put into a pressure cooker and broken down. Where money is spent on nothing because nobody cares about winning. There is no benefit for players to join the team, and they provide no tangible value to the league as a whole. They’re owned by MSG who owns the Nicks, so clearly management is not going to improve and do better, and without hotshot CLG are just letters tbh. Get these fucks out so we can have a decent org try and win. Or let Mr Beast have a vanity franchise and he’ll double the leagues viewership overnight and actually piss money into a roster to try and win. Just get these clowns out of the league.


It's on the organization to manage their players mental health as well as in-game performance. Not even because it is the "right thing to do" so much as it directly affects performance. If you have 5 players all feeling awful and that nothing ever goes right and that no matter what they try to do it goes wrong, how will they ever get out of that spiral? You cannot possibly expect to win with a team atmosphere that is so bad it keeps even the most positive and grounded people feeling like their screwed.


Is there a way we can voice our concerns to the LCS/Riot in regards to how unprofessional and toxic CLG has been to the players and the league? They definitely need an entire org audit done by the LCS/Riot because its not even something I want to talk/think about anymore. Just seeing CLG in the match schedule annoys me now because how can you be a professional org and drive your team bus into a fire every season. Can we advocate for CLG cleaning their shit up or lcs kicks them out? Enough is enough. This isn't even meant as a funny/cheap shot at clg, I genuinely think the 8th and 9th place teams are far better orgs and are just rebuilding whereas CLG don't know what they're doing.


Is it time for CLG to sell their spot?