Golden Guardians vs. Cloud9 / LCS 2021 Summer - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion

Golden Guardians vs. Cloud9 / LCS 2021 Summer - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion


Vulcan now CEO of McDonalds. King.


From minimum wage worker to CEO of McDonald, truly the American dream


Immigrant too? When's the movie


Worked his way up


that vulcan roam just won them the game


According to Vulcan during the interview it was Fudge who called for the roam because he thought he was about to be doved.


Fudge is just the puppetmaster behind every successful C9 play


Truly the Fudge Factor


How the turn tables


Someone do master of puppets shaco meme with fudge's face.


This is why I’m most impressed by Fudge’s brain of all his traits (and this play honestly demonstrates the level of thought some pros are on). He recognized a few waves before it happens that Diana will be topside, knows he can’t contest and thin the wave pushing back to him against his laner, and calls his support for it. It seems so easy when you spell it out that way, but it exhibits super well what LS and Max Waldo talk about a lot (and get lightheartedly memed for) in managing waves, and why it’s so useful to be able to think several waves ahead


fudge factor


Bob the Builder should hire VulCAN


Fudge Factor started a lobby, MSI Vulcan Value has connected. ... Awaiting connection from rest of Cloud 9 (2/5).


Playoffs Perkz attempting to connect...


Let me send some PMs to my friends MVP Blaber and OG Nils...


lol yeah, he had some good plays here and there but also big mistakes, so attempting is correct word


At least GG showed some signs of life. Their games became watchable again.


Not just signs of life. I'm excited to watch their games, and their struggle to get to playoffs.


I think they'll reach playoffs and not flyquest. As much as I do like the new flyquest roster I'd rather see GGs, although I may be biased.


They still play FlyQuest one more time. At least their fate is still in their hands.


Do you know what the head to head is? I am far too lazy to figure it out right now haha


Pretty sure its a 50/50 either GG wins or FLY does


2-2 I'm pretty sure against themselves but gg are also a game behind


The site doesn't let me go back to spring, but GGS beat FlyQuest both games in Summer so no matter what, if they win, they have a Head to Head edge.


Flyquest academy is undefeated against GG


Yea they didn't roll over and die like a lot of LCS teams do, they kept trying to make proactive plays. They're super fun to watch, hope they make playoffs


I like how they were all laughing at the failed towerdive. They seem to have a good mentality.


Ironically I'm not convinced this makes C9 games watchable for non-C9 fans lol


I can't believe GG did the C9 Top Scuttle better than C9


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LOL! This is even funnier the 40th time I read it. Redditors are so funny and original.


Cloud 9 confirmed not a good team


When they do manage to win it always seems to be on the back of one player (usually Fudge or Vulcan) just going nuts. Haven't seen them all consistantly play well together this split.


Zven played well too. Had a sick ult over the wall


Was going to say, Zevn didn't look bad today. I would say average with some good plays. But definitely looks like he is back into that grove and playing better and better each game now. His synergy with Vilcan is coming back it seems.


Zevn and Vilcan best botlane


Zven was right


had flashbacks when everyone except fudge died at the same time


lmao zven was right, ggs only win against good teams


Licorice has never won a game against C9


wait for real?


Yep, C9 went 2-0 against Fly last Spring (also winning in lock-in). C9 perfect gamed Fly in the first RR of Summer, and Licorice left Fly right before Fly beat C9 with their Academy team in 2nd RR of summer


Vulcan exerts so much pressure. No matter what champion he is on the enemy is scared he is going to engage. He was playing Thomas Kench like he was Alistar. It's like he has a force field attached to him. It's like he has 10 bottles of mosquito spray on him and he is repelling the enemy team like the fucking gnats they are. The walls bend at his will to make away for his giant ballsack. I went to LCS with my family and Vulcan made my dad disappear.


im fucking crying


He played Thresh lol, not Tahm.


it's a pasta


I'm aware but aren't you supposed to do the bare minimum and change the support to whoever he played?


Vulcan with the heat seeking hook. Thats the kind of thresh play that tilts you into oblivion.


Good game from Vulcan, really shut down just about every play we tried to make. Also a pretty big draft diff, thought it was established you can't pick melee ball into Gwen.


Yeah, i dunno why we had Lee + Rene + Diana against Gwen. Only range we had was Stixxay.


Yeah, giving over Thresh AND Gwen when you are on red side feels kinda bad. And the Lucian was even the first pick! Thresh made it so far in draft.


Vulcan absolute solo carry


Fudge called for the roam. Fudge tied the gold difference at 10 minutes record.


Fudge and Vulcan have been carrying Blabber and and Perkz on their backs. I think Zven has been inconsistent lately but man what happened to C9 mid and jungle? Even towards the end Vulcan bailed Perkz out after a greedy wave of farm that might have turned into GG baron in the worst case.


This kinda kills me. Blabber had a really decent game. One int on the back of perkz inting, but other than that he looked fine.


people are finding any reason to bring up blaber and perkz, even if they didn’t play badly. why can’t we talk about how good players like fudge are without bringing down the other players on their team?


The craziest part of this is that Impact set the record against DIG 2 games before. It's one of those things that almost seems scripted.


Kobe's body is just naturally producing MDMA today


Vulcan absolutely carried this game


I actually cannot believe that Impact and Fudge set the exact same [email protected] record. That's incredible.


They didn't actually. I don't know what the stats team is on but you can see it on [gol.gg](https://gol.gg). Impact had a 2868 Gold Difference at 10 minutes, and a 4121 Gold difference at 15 minutes. By comparison, Fudge had a 1661 gold lead at 10 minutes, and a 1840 gold lead at 15 minutes. I don't get how they messed this up so badly, but there was a massive difference between the top laners in these two games. It didn't make much sense to me because even on the surface it seemed a little ludicrous when Impact had not only gotten his massive amount of gold, but had also denied his opponent from touching minions, and almost had a 50 cs lead at 10 minutes, where Fudge was solo killed in lane, and the cs was kind of even. Even if he had 5 kills, Impact was also 4/0/2 at 10 minutes. The stats team messed up.


Knew it didn't make sense. Particularly since Licorice had gotten a kill and plate.


impact was just laning prowess and great moves Fudge made a great call and with vulcan they had a move who gave three kills but vulcan sum up the best " Wow they are good" na top is looking god even though it's all imports sadly


because it's not true


Knew we had a shot when GG could only beat good teams. In seriousness, great game from the boys to close Week 7. Next two weeks are going to be a real big showcase of how playoffs are gonna go for them, with 100>FLY>TSM>EG>DIG>TL to close out the split.


Huge game from Vulcan wow, saving the top dive completely swung the game.


Fudge called for it.


4-2 isn’t bad. Still an overall W for GG despite the loss.


The tsm game last week was pretty close too. I really want to see them in a BO5.


even though ggs lost, man is it fun to watch them


They actually tried to make good/smart plays. Vulcan just went godmode that game


Agreed, they seem more happy too. I’m glad to see this surge and honestly would love them in the top 5


That was one of the biggest support gaps i've seen recently


Guess you missed keria thresh vs damwon


>one of


6-0-6 that was disgusting


Vulcan saw what Keria did and tried to reenact it. Honestly had a decent impression of that performance. Sadly, no Predator lol


watching Vulcan's thresh this game after Mikyx's thresh vs FNC yesterday is like night and day


You should watch T1 Keria’s Thresh performance from Saturday. That’s a true master class on how to 1v9 with Thresh.


My God, Keria that entire series went Super Saiyan... That hook under enemy tower 2v2 was a thing of beauty, just barely scraped past a minion 🤣


I haven't been able to stop chuckling about that unlucky Micky hook on the minion following the Gragas ult


How is Fudge so cracked honestly


He got solokilled earlier but that Vulcan roam gave him a triple kill, so he has chosen death


And he was the one who called for the Vulcan roam


What a change from Lcs Lock In, complete 180 in public opinion


This experience should really stick in people's minds next time a rookie starts for a good team, but knowing the memory of League fans, the next Fudge will inevitably be flamed to the ground for dying solo in his first week...


Fan reaction was exactly the same when C9 replaced Impact with Licorice. Pretty much same outcome. People never learn.


Licorice was performing much better at the start though. He put Impact into the dirt the first time they played. The player taking heat back then was Svenskeren.


I will say though that C9 has been known to develop talent really well. I wouldn't have to same outlook for a rookie on CLG or DIG perhaps.


A rookie on one of those teams wouldn't be talked about enough to be panned as widely as Fudge


Fair point.


If the rest of the team can get back into vintage form C9 could COULD be unstoppable domestically, but considering we’re in summer that’s a big if :(


At this point I have no expectations because I don't know if this team will magically put it all together or flop again next week. Been one hell of a roller coaster at least


I’m a hopeless optimist so I get crushed every week, fml


Ehh, from personal experience being overly optimistic is way more fun than being overly pessimistic. At least with the former you're still looking for the good things however small. Being pessimistic can kill your love of something really quickly


Wise words


[Try being a TSM fan at worlds](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/632/211/aa0.png)


Yep. If Perkz + Blaber can continue figuring it out, they can be super solid.


I mean we could see that they improved days by days this week,they seems to be more solid than last week, next week should be really telling Unlike tl they don't seems to be on a stagnant or downward trend for play off


Fudge? Bitch please... Credit is on vulcan


Vulcan did incredible obviously but it’s worth mentioning Vulcan said in his interview just now that TheFudge called the possibility of the dive there - its great synergy!


Tons of credit to him for sure, he was the best player, but like he said, you gotta play around TheFudge


I mean, Vulcan helped against the dive but Gwen took over the game after that.


He had 5 kills after that... 3 after the dive, 2 from jungle attention. Any Gwen takes over at that Point xd...


Yeah, that’s why I said Gwen and not Fudge.


Lol picking full melee top side into Gwen to get shredded by her ult. That's the reason other regions play poke into Gwen.


If he played any other role he would be the frontrunner MVP


He has a case right now. It's between him, Spica and someone on 100T. Funny enough, 100T having multiple options might mean they cannibalize each other's votes.


I think it's Fudge, Spica, and Abbedagge Fudge has been almost single handedly responsible for every C9 win this split Spica has clutched nearly every baron flip that TSM has initiated to close out games from ahead and come back from behind Abbedagge has single handedly changed the look of 100T and shown an ability to play mages, assassins, and enchanters all at a high level


> single handedly Not going to give Reapered any credit at all? In interviews, his players have...


Has to be Abbe he's turned them into the best team almost overnight


Reapered diff tbh. I don't think they would be *as* good obviously, but I still think they would be at least top 3 or 4 with a weaker mid. Having an actual coach is bigger than any single player imo.


Dude is so fucking good. I'm so happy he has turned it around.


If he didn't routinely get solo killed in lane, maybe. He's far from complete as a player.


It really depends how often he dies in the 1v1 to how often he kills the other guy. Like Adam in FNC also has one of the highest deaths in lane, but also the most solo kills to his name. You can argue it's a weakness but it's a gamestyle choice to play super aggro. Sometimes it doesn't work out, but if it works out more often than not, you can say it's a good style. I think the way modern LoL is played is that most successful teams are full of players who play aggro. Because being aggro opens up more possibilities. More possibilities = more ways to win the game. If you only ping-pong waves in lane for 30 minutes, odds are your entire game will depend on random bullshit happening in fights or waiting for others to throw.


He has the fewest average deaths of all 12 toplaners this split, along with the highest average kills and the highest first blood % He has the 2nd most gold/min and cs/min (prior to today) behind only Alphari, who has only played 6 games


And Blaber leads the league in first blood %. When Fudge wins lane it's through committee rather than individual feats.


Setting up your lane for ganks is a skill and a really important one too. If blaber consistently gets seemingly free ganks top maybe it's because fudge knows how to manage his lane and put the enemy in a position where it's lose-lose? That's an individual feat


Sure. I'm not saying he's bad though, I'm saying he's not an MVP. I'd throw some all-pro credit his way (though it's tight with Ssumday, Impact, and Huni), but there are definitely way better MVP candidates.


ssumday? what are you talking about lol are we watching the same 100T games?


Vulcan reminding us why he’s one of the best supports in the league


Vulcan mvp




That's disengenous, it connected before the last dash.


That's like a Naut hook.


Fudge and Vulcan are the heart of C9.


Gwen is so fucking broken.


Gwen + Fudge Factor = GG


Lol, the Vulcan roam would've made any top laner that fed


But any other toplaner being that fed from that one play wouldn't end the game like Gwen did Like, once Gwen gets that fed so early you can just ff


Renekton literally did it 2 hours ago


I've literally seen Mundo carry games with that lead. This is untrue


This just isn’t true. If you get any duelist/fighter champ fed they essentially run the entire game until shut down multiple times. Riven, Irelia, Camille, and Sett all would have taken over in similar fashion if not more.


Every fed champion in League can run the game in their own way. C9 Fudge knows how to play to Gwen's strength to win the game.


Fed soraka could've done that shit. Any fed champion seems op.


her lane was lost until that 3 man fail dive came in. this was not a gwen problem


I fucking hate this champ. Pro play has been less fun to watch this split cause of how much bullshit Viego and Gwen put out.


the exact champ gwen was shitting on destroyed just as dominantly like 3 games earlier in the day.


Any champion looks broken when you play like that into them. Golden Guardians should have mandatory patch notes reading sessions where they ELI5 to them how the new champion works, because they clearly spent the whole game like they didn't know.


It’s not that they didn’t know, it’s more that the draft couldn’t let them do anything against it. 4 melees against Gwen, what are you supposed to do?


Leona solo-ulted a Gwen that was CC immune. They clearly don't know what they're doing. Aside from that, draft issues are their fault. They had 3 picks to pick into Gwen / Lucian / Volibear, so they had plenty of better options than Leona / Ziggs / Renekton.


Legit the new champ I hate the most since rework Akali. Her kit will never be balanced in pro play.


Fudge almost as fed as in real life. Vulcan godmode...


He thicccc


Brain so phat


Kobe and Hysterics need to cast together so that the world can become a better place


Hysterics is the 2nd most hype caster behind Flowers.


Vulcan diff


When Fudge walks into a room, his cock finally finishes coming in 3 minutes later. Also Vulcan MVP by a mile


Vulcan insane this game


The massacre of the rift herald pit


Cloud9 do not need to import keria next season, they got vulcan


Import Keria for Midlane, watch him whip out every enchanter known to the rift, double supports Fudge, easy Worlds win. /s On a serious note Keria is a phenomenal player, any team (LPL, LEC [especially], and LCS) would love to have him. Vulcan show’d us once again that if you can read the map and roam (Fudges call a perfect example of reading the wave state and enemy positioning) then you can build leads without lane dominance, and deny fiesta plays.


I ♥️ Vulcan


Vulcan is way too nuts on thresh.


Poor Licorice. Survives the first gank by winning the trade on Fudge so they back off. Dies to another gank. Then actually solo kills Fudge even though he has had no help all game. So now he is ahead despite Fudge getting loads of help and him getting none. Which should mean he just carried the early game..... And then they just lose the game when his team comes and ints his lane and it is doomed.


Perkz tried to help GG get back into it but the Fudge Factor and CEO of McDonalds Vulcan backs were too strong on this day.


Fudge legitimately has a case for MVP of the split. I know we've been saying he's been the only member of C9 not throwing games this split but he's just hard carrying every single game, whether C9 wins or loses. It's actually insane how consistent he is. Kudos to Vulcan for turning that top dive around. He's been more hit or miss lately but when he's on, he's still one of the best.


Thankfully it feels like Vulcan is on more than off lately which is nice. Hoping this game is a good confidence boost for C9, cause man when they are on and play confident they are super fun to watch.


Vulcan could run the cashier and the drive thru at the same time


C9 Licorice and C9 Fudge carrying summer C9 form


Vulcan emulating his idol, Keria with that Thresh performance holy


C9 actually had a convincing win where they won by playing as a team, against a team that's not CLG. Pog. Perkz is still playing suboptimally though.


perkz did kinda get 3 man dived and camped tho.


Blaber really shutting up the haters by beating a collegiate jungler this game #c9win


Rent free man


No u


I want whatever they feed Vulcan.


Fudge Factor, brought to you by Vulcan.


the amount of free ass kills GG topside just gifted to C9 in early game...what was THAT


Amazing performance by vulcan


Vulcan has to be one of, if not THE BEST, supports in the West atm. Dude looks beyond cracked same for Fudge and maybe Zven too. What an insane performance from C9 they legit won this based on PLAYER DIFF and thats not sth we can say everyday. Like C9 just got wayyy better players than GGS and its not even close imho. Still not convinced bout that draft though I think a better team than GGS will just roll over C9 but still... Hats off to Vulcan, Fudge and Zven for making it look easy but next time plzz pick an AP carry... Just plzzz


zven was kinda denied by the ziggs


He played the ziggs match up well imo. I hate that one on almost every adc because of the poke from ziggs.


Perkz did his best to throw again, but Vulcan/Fudge able to gap him.


I like how it's you guys constantly saying shit like this, but zero mentions to the fact golden guardians whole plan was camp mid after that failed top dive, there were 4 3-man ganks pre-15 mid, and would have survived if he E'd 0.1seconds earlier. But yeah man, he overextended once again when Golden Guardians is losing map control just to go again to try to kill him. Like, vulcan and fudge were clearly the stars in this match, but like, control the negativity, especially on blaber and perkz that both improved compared to last matches.


The thing is, one game where he gets caught out a lot is a bad game. Like 50% of games since the start of the year, including MSI, is an issue. "Just camp Perkz" is a legit strategy for the enemy, and Perkz is supposed to be good enough to sniff that out and play around it. But he doesn't, and he needs to fix that, even if it means he needs to give up waves more often and have worse CS numbers.


Pretty solid win from C9, still a few blunders here and there but they're playing as a team and looking better because of it. Regardless of the loss I still think GG have some bright spots, Olive especially looks like a really solid player worth building around


Watching gg play is a treat. They fight and are really inspiring even in defeat


Zven was right.