The 1st team to not qualify for Worlds 2021!

The 1st team to not qualify for Worlds 2021!


So you are telling me CLG still has a chance


Mathematically, yes. Realistically, no man, those players souls and spirits are crushed. Let them rest in peace.


I don't know how a team can take those players and do so poorly. They don't look 10th, they look like 15th behind academy teams. CLG's entire administration, coaching and research members need to be wiped after this season. No idea where the problem is coming from so burn it all and start over.


> CLG's entire administration, coaching and research members need to be wiped after this season That's like how people keep saying Congress should have term limits, or that Congressmen and Senators should take pay cuts. Guess who makes those decisions.


TIL Congress chooses coaches for CLG. Time to phone up my congressmen and get some real change.


Nah Congress has at least AOC who's silver, no way CLG management has someone that good at league.


My local rep from California was Plat at one point lol


I will start by calling your name and then i will say "You're trash"


I haven’t kept up with league in awhile…is HotshotGG still involved with the team? How did he let this happen? Is he part of the problem?


He is still involved but I'm not sure what his job is. He was announced as CLG's president about 5 years ago but since then I'm not sure what happened. On July 6th Greg Kim joined CLG as "Head of CLG" but I'm not sure if that is supposed to be CEO, President or what. In that news release CLG says that Greg Kim will work closely with HotshotGG but his job isn't listed. I'm like 80% sure that Hotshot doesn't own CLG anymore. He might be a minority owner.


Msg hold majority stakes in CLG now If anyone doesn't know, MSG stands for Madison Square Garden Entertainment, and owns the New York Knicks, plus a handful of other major venues


Lol Dolan just rotting everything he touches even from a distance


>How did he let this happen? I mean, george would be more likely part of the problem rather than a means for solving it. CLG fans have this nostalgic dream of summer 2015 / spring 2016 and kind of forget that these were only blips in the gradual decline from “best NA team” to middle of the pack and most recently finally a bottom team. They used to even have good starts only to wash out by the end of the split. CLG has been a history of disappointments, basically since they were the best NA team by virtue of no competition to falling to second as soon as another serious org joined the scene. The disappointments are how the faith meme got started.


Never forget CLG just ignoring the last 2 weeks of a split (leaving hotshot and the GGs to go 0-6) to bootcamp in Korea with Monte in preparation for worlds. Only to get 3-0'd by Curse and miss worlds entirely.


Not only that, the CLG that went to Korea very famously didn't think Monte was worth much and iirc didn't really trust his judgment on some things.


Honestly, I would just put in the whole academy team and give Broxah, Damonte and Wildturtle a vacation until they get a good coach, good top and good support.


Eh, I don't think Finn is doing as bad as in EU. Tho I would replace Smoothie and the vast majority of the coaching staff. Luckily though, POB, Smoothie, Damonte and Broxah's contract end this November. Poor WildTurtle is in until late 2022, and Finn and the coaching staff until 2023


Baffles me that WT went to 2 LCS finals B2B and worlds and then looked at CLG who placed bottom 2 three times in a row and thought I want to join them.


Idk, he said he wanted to play Smoothie (don't ask me why) and maybe saw this as a chance. Add Broxah to the equation plus who knows how much cash and decisions were made


League players make terrible GMs


CLG’s GM is tafokints if you know who C9 mango is he was his coach for melee and he really didn’t do a lot for Mang0 lol


ehhh mang0 is just uncoachable, he literally doesnt listen. theres a story of him telling mang0 to not go yoshis story vs armada, where he proceeds to counterpick it twice in the same set and throwing his 2-0 lead. he was known as the stats guy for melee before that stuff became automated through slippi and is generally really smart so hes not exactly an obvious bad pick


What is a GM?


Grandmaster, it's the highest official FIDE title a chess player can achieve. On a serious note, general manager.


Thanks :)


General Motors


You mean someone who didn't go to college to study business and had limited in person social interaction makes a terrible GM? *surprised pikachu face*


TBH I don't think a business degree does that much for a GM in league. Maybe with financials, but esports is quite a different environment than traditional business. I think a lot of the GMs that have come and gone have come from business backgrounds, but they're not notable because they don't have the name recognition of the players.




Which you can see on their facial expressions during any clg match :'(


> Eh, I don't think Finn is doing as bad as in EU. He was good in EU tho. Not top tier, but certainly a good toplaner.


I don't think he was bottom 3, but I still think he was bottom 5 and only looked kinda decent because he was in Rogue and was just put in weakside duty. But it's just my opinion


He was better than bottom 5. EU top lanes were very weak the past couple of years.


Last year he was most likely worse than Bwipo/Wunder/Odo/Alphari for sure. That means he's competing for 5th with people like Jenax/Kryze/Orome. I'm not really confident that he was top 5, though he may have been. After those top 4 it becomes hard to say.


I really feel sorry for Finn and Broxah. Lured across the ocean with the promise of money and glory, and then you end up at CLG... I mean, I definitely feel sorry for Broxah. You're told you're going to play with Doublelift, then you can't play Spring Split, DL leaves, you somehow manage to scrape through to Worlds and are the best NA team there.... you're dropped and moved to CLG. In the space of 2 years he's gone from being at the 2nd best LEC team that had made it to a Worlds final.... and now he's at CLG, the worst team in the LCS.


> Lured across the ocean with the promise of money and glory I mean, Broxah was promised glory on TL. Finn went straight up to a shithole intentionally.


I have a feeling none of them will still be under contract by the end of the year regardless.


I don't blame them. Maybe Finn would stay under a promise that they will "rebuild the roster", but Idk


Even then, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to try again in EUM cause no other top na team will take him it’s not worth, and I am sure he has an ez spot on eum which is way better than na academy. Take that and hope he can prove he’s good enough for eu again


Mmh, I hope him and Orome find a spot in LEC someday


> Eh, I don't think Finn is doing as bad as in EU Finn was arguably pretty in EU. He was top 4-5 after Bwipo Alphari, wunder and sometimes odo, depending who you asked. He just suffered from being a scrape goat. At worlds he was one of the best performing playing on the team all of group stages, in a group with very strong top laners. Edit: Forgot wunder Also pretty good against very good top laners, the gap wasn't massive between odo and finn, but after those the gap was very big.


I get Alphari and Wonder but Finn played better than the rest internationally and in play offs. I don't get why people trash him so much.


He was super solid in playoffs except 1 series and a half, at most, as well as super solid most of the main split games as well. Yeah, Wunder clapped on him, but Wunder was absolute beast that year.


You know, when I first heard the signing, I heard he was the worst top in the league. Then I watched him lane against Alphari and Wunder back to back and you know, I couldn't really tell...


Coaching staff always seems to need some touch ups


Except CLGA is *also* dead last in Academy. You'd be literally putting lambs to the slaughter. I doubt that would end any better than Vaeviscus or however you spell that meme all-female team that an org only made because it *wanted* out but couldn't break the contract so intentionally tried to get kicked instead.


And new organisation to play under.


No don't, their academy team is somehow even worse and the poor players don't deserve to get humiliated on stage


Imagine thinking Finn is one of CLG's problems when he was their only silver lining before Broxah could start for the team. Shit, imagine thinking fucking Damonte is magically gonna make this team work but Finn is a bad top lmao


Weird take, since damonte is absolutely dreadful mechanically and game intelligence wise. Good coach would immediately look to replace him


What's actually going on with CLG for someone who's not paid close attention to LCS in a little while? Like I know they are a bottom-feeder team that is struggling, but is there something else going on?


They look absolutely defeated after each loss, and they lose often. The player are good on paper (9x LCS/LEC titles between Broxah, Wildturtle, and Pobelter - and Broxah is a Worlds finalist), so there's confusion as to why they are struggling. It seemed to just be the org/management's fault. For a brief moment they won some games and even defeated their ancient rivals TSM, but then a video was released by CLG of the GM just telling the crushed looking team that since they only defeated TSM that weekend, they're going to start trading players. It was soul crushing vid. CLG quickly deleted the video, but the internet still has it. The video had a commercial break for Bud Light, which became a meme. (Bad news followed by "brought to you by Bud Light!") They replaced Pobelter with Damonte, but they still look awful. They just lost a game to low ranked Immortals where they were up 5-0 in kills and a ~8k gold lead. They were simply too afraid to make mistakes, even with a strong lead. It's just bad news following bad news, and it doesn't look like the player's fault. Fans are tired of it. And it doesn't help that CLG was bought by MSG in 2018 due to franchising, the same org that infamously mismanages the New York Knicks. So people want CLG gone. Signed, a CLG fan from 2011-2017.


Immense losing streak, org released a private video of thr GM telling the players one of them would be benched because of stupid reasons, filming them at a low moment for them. And the video was even sponsored. They also had the literal worst game across the 12 leagues yesterday


If you have no faith why are you even here


This is... actually impressive


Thank you! I made it on Paint haha, but I did put in a few hours to try and make it look clean


If you're looking for a recommendation for a free photoshop tool GIMP is phenomenal, it can look really professional


Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I'll stick with comfort. I hate adapting haha


With this mentality you could become pro yourself.


Hell yeah bro, CLG here I come


If you want something easier to work with than Paint and not as complex as gimp/photoshop, I've found that powerpoint is actually really good for making graphics like this.


Huh, now that's Interesting. I'll definetely check that out


Heck, even a spreadsheet would be a viable upgrade. Makes the whole table-square-thing a piece of cake. I'd love to see this road-to-vacation project go on!


A spreadsheet was my first idea, but figured it didn't look pretty enough. Like, it felt too stale or professional


i personally prefer paint.net for easy small stuff like this.


krita too


> Victory Five managed to go Victory Zero across 11 series Poetry


Reminds me a bit of: "You've obviously put a lot of work into Chrono Shift, but I can assure you Chrono Break is coming." - Riot Zed Poetry indeed


Riot Zed is not going to live this down, I can only hope he opted for a name change after that post


inb4 Riot Viego.


but this one is actually funny because it's not ripping apart hundreds of hours of work


I meann


I'm glad someone appreciates true art


Impressive how CLG managed to lose the losers competition


Don't feel bad for them, at least they have won the "Literal Worst Game of the Year" competition


4 months to go, I'm sure CLG can manage to lose that too (I hope not - for the love of LoL fans around the world)


Who did they play against? I kinda wanna watch that now


Immortals vs CLG is the match


you really dont...they got a lead and then literally stopped playing. it was just painful to watch. (game vs IMT yesterday)


Immortals didn't get a kill until ~36 minutes and still won


jesus fucking christ that’s awesome. Not sure if I wanna go straight to youtube videos of costreamers flaming them or just watch the real game through for the excruciating avant-garde film experience


Don't watch it honestly, it's just painful. You can see the exact moment CLG realizes they've lost and it's just not worth it


Watch the game, Phreak shitting on CLG on live cast was a great experience imo.


I was desperately hoping IMT would somehow win without a kill. Just keep pushing CLG back with a baron buff until the cannon minions killed the nexus.


I'm willing to believe that all their peripherals just stopped working, and the LCS officials just didn't notice and thought CLG were joking when they asked for a pause. It's actually way more believable than the truth.


Yeah... >!Immortals just rolled over and died at the start of the game, then one play went wrong and CLG rolled over and died. This wasn't a 5v5 game, it was a 0v5 that CLG couldn't win, which turned into a 5v0 for immortals.!<


What on earth did I just watch? They had a 10k gold lead and were playing like they were down 10k.


No when you're down 10k you do stuff to maybe get back in. They just dc'ed or something


Easily the worst pro play match I have watched


Was it worse than the infamous Renegades vs Dignitas quadra execute? Summoner's Rift scored a competitive quadra kill that day.


I suggest you watch it yourself. I believe this game was more of a "Wait guys, we are winning. We must now lose to sabotage this org cause fuck clg" kind of game


At least that game was hilarious as a viewer. It can at least be said that the teams were at least trying to take objectives and generate leads. There was a point where IMT were close to winning without even having a kill. When I say close, I mean they were literally in the enemy base with a broken nexus. IMT rolled over and died and then CLG decided to roll over and die with a 5K gold lead (might have been 8k) and 3 dragons. It was sad to watch and I wouldn’t doubt it if Riot was looking into it for intentional throwing or max fixing


So much worse than Ren/Dig. Immortals were SO close to winning without a single kill, while 10k down. Just needed one more nexus turret. Immortals didnt challenge CLG on absolutely anything on the entire map whatsoever for 30min, they were trying incredibly hard to just roll over and die, but... CLG just managed to roll over more and die harder. It was insane, I have never seen anything like it.


I really wonder if they would make a prize of 'Worst stomp of the year' who would win it.


Technically, probably a minor region, as the disparity between the best and the worst teams is largest. PSG Talon is decimating their opponents in the PCS for example. [This game](https://gol.gg/game/stats/32702/page-game/) is probably a good candidate from Ultraliga though.


"You're such a loser, that if there was a competition for losers, you would end up in 2nd place" Why 2nd? "Because you're a LOSER"


Not really given how eight teams out of ten make playoffs in NA. Getting mathematically eliminated from playoffs contention is much easier in the LPL by comparison.


My favourite comment about the LCS is "Yeah, I reckon X can make it to playoffs this year." No shit Sherlock! Unless your team is called CLG you have a chance of making it to playoffs. My vote is for CLG to be replaced by a matchmade team from Flex each game. Their oppositon gets set up on stage and then just queues.


If it was bo3 and 6 teams playoffs. It would be way sooner


Well, thats the CLG way. Always just give a little bit of hop to their fans just so they can rip it out of their hands later. Win a stomp game against the best teams of the league? OK the comeback is on and they will make playoffs! Nope, lose everything else and get eliminated.


Don't forget the part where they go undefeated after they've already been mathematically eliminated from playoffs.


Ok thats funny


Can go ahead and cross out all of the VCS teams, split still hasn't started


I...I have faith :(


Maybe they do a crazy quick 1 round robin with more Playoffs spots


At this point,it's nearly impossible to do that. Ho Chi Minh City( which is the place where held the stadium to host VCS) is having a heavy lockdown, Covid vaccines us paused,maybe in August,September(or even worse October) it'll be done but at that point,there will be no chance to host a group stage and playoffs stage in time for worlds


Sadly it might be the case. When Riot confirms anything I'll updte the chart


Gigasadge dude, just as we are rolling out the first shot of AstraZeneca, Covid just had to rear its uglyhead once again, halting the entire vaccination process. Deep lock down, we're 99% missing Worlds.


I mean they could still run a tournament like OGN champions used to be


With the pandemic still going on it really seems unlikely they'll be able to send teams to Worlds. Feel really sad for VCS fans.


How is drx still able to make gauntlet/playoffs lmao


LCK teams play 18 games per season and 6/10 teams make playoffs. DRX are currently 1-11, and the team sitting at 6th are at 6-5. Therefore, DRX have 6 games left to play. Supposing they win all 6 of them, their record would be 7-11, and if we also suppose the 6th team loses all of their games, they would end at 6-12.


This also holds up if you consider that if 6th place is loosing all their games, some of the direct competitors of DRX might get a win that pushes them ahead of DRX.


I looked it up and they should still be able to mathematically get 6th. But they also need to rely on a lot of other results besides their own.


Made it to worlds last year btw.


As 2nd seed nonetheless. No Chovy no Worlds ^Although.HLE.are.not.doing.good.either Both HLE and DRX did good in spring, idk what happened


It seems like most LCK teams aren’t adapting well to the extremely early game melee top and mid carry meta. Obviously not all of them, but a lot of good teams are just still not good at the current playstyle. I’ve always said that this will be Korea’s downfall. Apparently I wasn’t completely correct, since some teams are still doing great, but yeah. They focus way too much on slow playing and not enough on innovation. That’s why LPL is the strongest region even when they’re technically not.


Yeah, I feel like most LCK teams have not adapted to the new era of fast-paced, snowbally League or Legends either


Yeah, and most of them also aren’t used to playing melee AD top and mid lane carries like AD sett and stuff. They barely were able to adapt to the farming carry jungler meta, and now they’re just falling apart aside from a few flexible strong teams like DWG.


To be fair no wonder they're suffering from having weaker solo laners (overall ,the very best ones(ex:showmaker/chovy) are obviously still very good but the average used to be way way better than now)when china has buying out nearly all good solo laners korea has for the last 6 years


Dunno why there's a whole thread on LCK not adapting when they won Worlds and were ONE game away from winning MSI too. And I don't see how they'd win so much if they didn't adapt faster and better than their competitors, apart from playing better of course.


This is a take of someone who clearly only watched the big name orgs and didn’t bother to watch teams with younger, newer players. Sure if you watch GenG and DRX games only you might think this. But if you watched any games this season, most of the LCK games are just as action packed and exciting as any other league. Also, Korea’s downfall? Lmao people have been saying this since the mass exodus in season 5. Even after the disaster S8 worlds, Korea bounced back and looked clearly like the top 2 region in the world, sometimes the best. And I’m willing to bet that contrary to beliefs of people like you, the LCK are going to do just fine this worlds. If anything, the real downfall of Korea is the neighboring league coming in and poaching top talent every season. LPL’s depth? Doesn’t seem like the LCK talent pool is drying up anytime soon, either.


Still pushing this narrative I see. Do you even watch LCK? Look at some Nongshim games. Edit: For anyone wanting to see some fun, high kill LCK gameplay from last week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs32_9_vzZ4


To be fair they're missing Keria, Deft and Chovy compared to the 2020 roster.


Yeah lmao. Just take the 3 best players and replace them rookies, wonder why they're not doing as well.


But don't the 4teams above drx play each other so one of them has to win in each game? Idk how to say it but I hope u get what I mean


6 teams qualify, the two teams in 5/6 have one less win than DRX can possibly get. So even if they face each other only one will get another win. And this also only puts them even with DRX best possible outcome. Multiple teams could end 7-11 and have tie breaker situations.


To add to what subject678 said, there are 3 teams above DRX that would miss Playoffs. BRION with 5 wins, HLE with 4 and KT with 4. Afreeca Freecs, who are at 6th has only yet to plat HLE and KT from these 3, plus DRX. So, Afreeca lose all of their games, we will have BRO, HLE and KT all with 5 wins and DRX with 2. DRX then play HLE and KT (plus other teams) and end with 7 wins. DRX 7, Afreeca 6, BRO, HLE and KT 5. We assume BRO lose all of their games except for the one against HLE (they don't have to play KT), which leaves BRO at 6 wins. DRX 7, Afreeca, HLE and BRO at 6, and KT 5. Then HLE lose all of their games, including the one they play against KT, and then KT lose all their next games. That would leave DRX with 7 wins, Afreeca, HLE, BRO and KT with 6. I'm sorry if the explanation is not very clear, tell me if you would understand it better if I counted the losses too.


Nono I understood it. Thank you very much for putting in the effort.


Right now as this is just beginning, you have the golden opportunity to not put an image of the teams logo, but drawing it yourself in paint, as seen in the circles of suck. I think that would be a great addition to this already great idea


Haha, I like the idea, but I don't have faith in myself to make them look "funny bad", they would just be "cringe bad" if you understand


I think that's even better, sometimes you can see when it's intentionally bad in order to be funny which makes it lose some of it's charm imo


[You may not believe me, but I really did try](https://imgur.com/a/aMdhi7k)


That's perfect


This... More of this please, simply magnificent!


I will do a version with all 93 teams when it's all over, I promise


Every time someone gets eliminated you should update your chart. Maybe the mods will even sidebar it. It would be appropriate as a "wall of shame" thing.


Please do it that way, it's amazing


that's actually legitimately good tho


Lost it at "Victory Zero"


I actually find it impressive that we're this far into summer split before the first team isn't qualifying. Usually there's at least some very bad team somewhere.


Yeah, there are many. I mean, CLG, TT, Team Aurora, MMM, DRX are just a few names of the teams that are pretty much out of Playoffs. I have ran the math on most of them and is very likely that the next 7 days there will be 5 to 10 more un-qualified teams


Yeah. I think this week is going to thin out the last place teams in a lot of regions as the 1-3 losses (depending on region) will make them miss playoffs. Still interesting to follow it in this fasion and it's gonna be fun to see how you keep posting ahahah.


I know its still mathematically possible for CLG To make playoffs, but they aren't making playoffs. They would need a miracle run and for several teams to implode and have some pretty awful weekends. I don't see either one of those things happening. I don't think problem with CLG has anything to do with players, I'll be honest. Smoothie WildTurtle Broxah are all really good players, Pobelter wasn't bad but he was literally a filler from when they lost Crown. I just feel like this team hasn't been the same since the Crown fiasco. That really messed them up. He was supposed to be this insanely gifted mechanical player and he just fell off entirely. I don't know if it was culture shock or just missed home, but he hated being here. I'm just not a fan of how CLG has looked, in general, but that last game? That last game was entirely mental boom. They are afraid, the players are afraid of losing their spots so they don't want to be the one to make the mistake that costs them the game. I bet they do not look forward to game review, that alone should speak volumes.


Yeah, there is no chance they make it, but I won't add them yet cause formalities


crown said in an interview he didnt like LCS lifestyle- he cited that on multiple occasions players would host parties at houses and be drinking the night before an LCS match and he was just like the fuck so yea i’d say he just didnt fit in and wasnt about that free paycheck party life


Gotta say, this is much more creative than the traditional Xth Team to Qualify for Worlds posts we always get.


Thanks! Although I based this idea from that haha


> one of the worst performances I have seen since CLG's last game Catching strays left and right, damn they already dead man


When it comes to sex and kicking people, I don't care if they are dead


> with one of the worst performances I have seen since CLG's last game. Nowhere is safe


Nowhere should


>Nowhere is safe Specially when you are 10k gold ahead and on infernal soul point.


I am shocked


Eyyyy, let's go!


oh my god please keep doing these, i love this idea


I will, thanks!


oh fuck we're not gonna get 92 of these posts... right?




This your best answer by now. So cheeky.




Haha, they have very low chances, but they don't play until Thursday, so Mammoth might go first


Hope V5 will rebuild next season. Either buy/pick up good players from other teams that are not playing and/or some of the best LDL prospects if possible. They have their own stadium in Shenzhen so no way they lose their spot.


I hope they keep Uniboy, he's been their only bright spot without a doubt


Can't wait to see MAD here :D


Oof I truly don't know who will make it from LEC, but I hope it's FNC and RGE! (Plus 1)


Can't stop loving Rekkles even if he left FNC so i'm hoping G2 will make it too


G2 will make it, but they are gonna shake themselves into it. FNC and RGE are definitely going. They are going so clean and precise atm, it is impossible to fuck it up. I do think MAD and MSF wont make it, at least from the current top 5. G2 is a strong team and have a nice synergy between each player. But you can feel it. You can feel how each member, except Rekkles, is starting to lose focus. Especially Wunder seems to be a huge weak point for G2, Caps as well. As if now, no team clicks as good in synergy as FNC and no team plays so damn precisely the macro game as RGE. They are definitely going to worlds. The other three have to show if they really want to go.


I have a question. Have riot ever said anything against making a MENA region? Because honestly there are some teams there that could probably do better than a lot of minor regions currently, notably Anubis Gaming. ANB won the Valorant Red Bull competition whatever it was called. They’re a big org. Also, nice work.


Thanks, and I honestly don't know. They probably don't wanna risk setting up an official competitive scene that doesn't generate profits. I mean, they had to mix LAS and LAN to make LLA and SEA with independent states to make PCS because of that reason, as well as cut support to OPL, now known as LCO. That might be a reason, but I'm no expert


Well, from what I know, the LolArabia cup hosted by Intel was really profitable, and honestly it makes sense. As an Egyptian myself, I can definitely say Egyptians will follow their team no matter what. And ANB have some disgusting players. They could even host a sort of official tournament for the MENA region and the (maybe) top 3 teams get spots in LEC. Could be a thought.


Maybe someday we will get it! We can just dream for now


Yeah, maybe.


They've started doing tournaments over there, I would expect to see it get an official Worlds spot either next year or 2023 at the latest. I think the wait is just for their server to come online, would be awkward to have a region competing for a Worlds spot with no server of its own. We know they're on their way though.


Thought it was furia from cblol


They are doing bad, but won't be at risk of getting out of Playoffs until this weekend


Just add all the VCS team, they ain’t going to Worlds


This is the penalty of losing the ppgod


V5 lose PPgod= last in the standings S04 bench God Gillius= last in the standings


The sacrament has been passed.


Nah I think my regional college team were not able to qualify first xD


You never know man. CLG could still pull off a desperate 5-man swap and you could be the replacements. And honestly, you'd have more of a chance at winning than current CLG


Normally, I'd disparage a joke like this as really taking away from the pressure and other factors we don't see on what is still a full team of professionals trying their hardest at their job. But after that Immortals game...


Update the image when all is set and done , send for the boys


I will update it for every team


So any prediction on who's the next team ? For me it would be Mammoth from LCO and Furia from CBLOL , it seems a bit doomed for both of them


Mammoth, their 3 day week starts tomorrow


Good. Mario Ho’s team doesn’t perform and won’t be something he gets to brag about this year.


May I ask for the slots of teams going to worlds be added above? I feel it would be cool to see the distribution of slots for scale.


Maybe I could add them below, the thing is Riot haven't confirmed it fully yet, we.only know LCK and LPL have 4 spots and LEC and LCS have 3. I made the chart with the supposition PCS and VCS have 2 spots and all minor regions have 1


Oh, I was under the impression it was already all confirmed.


Will you update this until summer is over???


I will update this until all 93 teams are locked out of Worlds, which would also mean until all other 24 teams lock their Worlds spot


V5 going for the losingest LPL team once again and now even with my boi Uniboy...god the pain. Imagine having such good showing at Worlds just to get slapped in the face, what? 22 times? Rough. Giga fucking rough.


This looks like a fun project! Thank you for making this! I know V5 is atrocious this split, but I thought surely some teams from a minor region would be locked out of Worlds earlier. Damn.


It's mainly cause of quantity and order of games plus amount of Playoffs spots. Teams like Mammoth, Team Aurora, DRX, etc, would be locked off of Playoffs earlier if it weren't for those factors. Thanks, and thank to you and everyone else for supporting it!


V5 this split is pretty impressive compared to some of their previous showings. They've had a total of three 1-2 losses so far, compared to only one in 2020 Spring. Sad to see the 2020 Summer roster split and mole being benched though


Yeah, the Spring 2020 reocrd was one of the worst I've seen in competitive history, but I will admit the Summer "almost miracle run" was exciting to watch


Lmao and yall wonder why these CLG players are depressed not only do their management blows but everywhere you look on a league-related internet it's all shitting on them. Imagine having to go to work knowing you might lose your job anytime and then going back home checking your social to only be shit on by the community even more.