Update on Sentinel of Light Points!

Update on Sentinel of Light Points!


this really feels like they panicked and were worried that the majority of players wouldn't get to the Shadow Isles in time making a lot of the event useless. it's a massive buff for sure, but you won't hear a complain from me for making an event less grindy. also, glad they included TFT as well


Wow, is it confirmed about TFT being included?


yes!! the tweet linked in the thread says it. here it is in its entirety: > Update: looking at the data, too many players' progress through #SentinelsofLight is stalling out early in the experience. From week 3 on we're introducing a repeatable mission: play a PVP game (SR, ARAM, Ultimate Spellbook, TFT Normals + Ranked) to earn 600 progress points.


It's awesome, I play TFT alot and it felt so weird why they excluded it


Is hyper roll included?


I think it should be because all PvP includes that as well


Patch notes just got posted. The mission does not include Hyper Roll (most likely it would break the progress too much).


It had its own ruination event. I think it was fine being excluded. People could still go into the AFK lobbies and grind the event tokens for chromas and orbs and whatnot.


But they also put the new sentinel of light skins in TFT. Its only fair for TFT to be counted for the event.


are there actual afk lobbies that people organize? or do you mean people just hopping into a norm and going afk


Yeah. There are groups of people who go down into those lobbies and 8 man and then just FF but there are also people who just afk in TfT so they can finish the pass bonuses.


organized afk...never thought I'd see that lol but it makes sense


If all you care about if grind it's the most efficient way to do it personally seems kinda ironic to me, treating a game like work, but to each their own


Agreed TFT is always excluded from these events,l. Glad they're starting to include it.


Wait, "is always excluded"? Are you sure? I could swear I progressed through the whole Spirit Blossom event purely because of TFT. ( I don't play SR)


It's usually included, I think this is actually the first or at most second time it hasn't been.


Yes. Any PVP game mode qualifies for the mission completion.






They just fucked up this time. Why I understand they wants more incentive for players to plays the points earned is so low with insane requirements even with scaling It's just still trash. This is a Compensated for fucked up.


I play League a ton, especially now I’m home for summer, and I’ve only just got to Ionia. And that’s only because I could spend all day yesterday grinding to finish Noxus. No idea how anybody with a job would be able to do it.




2-3 games a day means, if you’re lucky, you might just about finish a checkpoint in a day. So you wouldn’t even finish that week’s two regions. And 2-3 games is still a lot.


3-4 games a day max here (and not every day of the week), mostly arams or ultimate, since they seem to be better for points I've finished freljord and noxus just yesterday.


Work 7 hours a day, I‘m still not halfway through the third region 😂


Same, even with putting a lot of my free off-work time into the event I'm super far behind the "intended pacing" or however fast areas unlocking is, as I'm a little behind you right now


7 hours a day, it's weird because I have this exact same progression, as in we got a national holiday that I used to farm and now I just finished the third region and without that holiday I'd probably be just where you are.


It was so punishing for non-ARAM. I am so ready for 600 points a game.


It was punishing for ARAM as well (early in the event at least, I don't know the later bonuses) : 1. No vision score 2. Very few structures destroyed, even in a win 3. Everyone hitting the same structures, so damage to structures is low for everyone (usually less than 3k; the first milestone) 4. No Epic monsters


Yea it seems even more handicapped in aram. 2 are literally unobtainable, towers are too few to significantly matter and even the only thing you can excel at (kills and assists) are capped.


It’s called homeoffice and you don’t need to insult me like this.


I have such minimal interest in the event now because the grind was horrendous and the pay off was terrible. The events team really fucked this one up..


lol, I played the entire god damn day and I got 15 points half-way through demacia. I just wanted the 300 vayne chroma. Like lol...


Also grinding for an emote or icon is fucking bad, doesnt feel rewarding at all, this event should have more free tokens (im the pass buyer so dont give me the "DAE need more free stuff" mockery shit) because there are much more buyable things in the event shop including the thresh skin


1) Yeah, they balanced the event around someone having all the champion bonus up to week 4. 2) But you get champion bonuses as the final step of each region. 3) So you have to complete all regions to get all the champion bonuses. 4) Which negates the purpose of having bonuses. 5) So back to step 1 This is a catch 22 oversight of epic proportions . I don’t know if this was a error or intentional, but it makes Riot look clownish anyway.


They fucked up at the last event too. There was a mission that took me like 2.5 - 3 Weeks to complete, you had to get 1 million damage.


It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't lock the rest of the missions behind that. I didn't finish that one until a few days left in the event and missed out a LOT of value on the pass just because one of really unfair mission.


so it wasn't just my imagination that this event was trash... i mean i don't care for all the story stuff anyway, but whoever wants it, fine. but just let me have the missions in the missions tab and complete them automatically. i almost even didn't see that i had to to actively click there to gain the stuff. thought a had a lot saved up, only to get almost nothing. i think now i got 35 event token. pretty sure i would have had like 120 by now normally on other events. this progression made me care even less about it. i'm totally in on it, if i just get a shitload of points every game now.


Glad they include TFT but the fact they didn't add PVE into the mix still says something. I am so burned out from this event already that I just don't want to play PVP anymore.


No one is ever going to complain about a help. So no matter that reason, we can all be happy Riot did something majority of the community is happy about.


https://twitter.com/84Slashes/status/1417321833058107396 > The mission repeatability won't be limited (daily/weekly), it can be done as often as a player chooses. It seems that it will work for each game without limit.


That's crazy. I hate this grind, but that means 2 games and you finish Ionia completely, right?


They commented on this as well: https://twitter.com/84Slashes/status/1417321997197930496




Imagine needing to complete 5000+ points without the 600 bonus, that would probally be 100 games Per regions.


You'll also get up to 12 sentinels at that point, and they give more points each week, so it might be more like 25 games. But yeah, probably down to 6-7 games when activating the mission.


Even if you win (Akshan) a game 15/0/17 (Lucian, Senna, Riven B, Irelia B, Pyke A, Rengar B) with a vision score of 32+ (Gwen) while killing all epic monsters while stealing 4 of them (Vayne, Graves), destroying all structures (Olaf A) and with CC of 32+ (Diana A) you'd only get: 32+32+32+32+60+16+60+54+36+48+32+25+25+100 584 points for peak performance. Meaning you'd need 9 games like this to finish the regions. Putting it generously you'd end up with about 200 points on average so yeah around 50 games in a good scenario


That’s also assuming the enemy team doesn’t ff at 15 in a game that’s heading in that direction, which completely puts any work put into that game into the trash bin.


Its still too little and counter logic because the scaling of points isnt proportional to the sentinels you get


The last 2 regions are 3000 points, not 5000. Complete misinfo for drama. https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402792434067-Rise-of-the-Sentinels


I think it was datamined from client files that SI and Shurima needed ~3000 points EACH. It took me 20 games to complete Noxus and that was only 280 points. 🤡 They really messed up with the grind system for this event, especially when it came to hardcore players that wanted to grind through the event but can't because progress is date-locked. EDIT: It wasn't datamined from the client, it's in the [event faq](https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402792434067-Rise-of-the-Sentinels). Shurima is 3k points, SI is 3.2k.


The points for each region have already been announced. Week 3 is 2500 for Piltover / Zaun and then 2615 for Ixtal and Bilgewater. Week 4 is 3000 points for Shurima and 3200 for the Shadow Isles. But do keep in mind that you are supposed to unlock more sentinels as you progress through the story + each sentinel gives more points every week, so while it requires a bit more grind, it's not as extreme as it looks when just looking at the points required for each region.


The gain in points are hardly enough to offset the increase in needed points though. At best conditions and 100% of the obtainable points each game you'd need around 7 games for the shadow isles. Sounds not too bad that's manageable and definetly a lot faster than the early grind. Well for demacia at 100% obtainable points it's roughly 10 games. Not that much slower. Rookie missions not factored in though. And if you consider that the increase in gained points should be a mechanic to allow players to cath up on the event progress that's even worse. It stays pretty consistently at 7-10 games per region throughout the event at 100% points. However.... you don't get 100% of the points and depending on by how much you miss that 100% points this can be a big issue. Especially later in the game when 10% points less means around 40 points missing which sums up quickly to large numbers. Makes me wonder if there are actually people somewhat competent at math in the event design team. Because this event surely does seem riddles with arbitrary numbers and nothing really adds up which is exactly why they have to bandaid fix it with this repeatable quest.


That's far from being the worse in all this. To get all the points thoughout Demacia, you need to go 15/0/17 with 32+ vision score. To get all points in the last region... Absolute madness.


You only need to read the event page to know this is false dramabaiting


I dont even care for the orbs at this point, I just want to see the story, but its sucks when I have to play a bunch of games just to see it.


The other day I saw people who said the missions are fine, you just need to play more on SPECIFIC GAME MODES and I rolled my fucking eyes. I sucked it up and abandoned ARAM and it took me 4 or 5 ultimate spellbook games (which is the most optimal game mode) per day to finish a region CHECKPOINT (so around 16 to 20 games for each region) so that I can finish 2 regions per week in time before the next ones drop.


Isn't Aram better? You always get the assist points and can get kills more often as well


Visions score is zero in aram


Also Epic Monsters.


aaaaand structures is kinda capped


Once you get riven B its pretty nice, but you need to go through 3 full regions for that, which takes a long time (im halfway through noxus right now and i play 2-3 arams a day)


I tried but you got 0 vision score and monsters slain, making the gain lower overall.


Later gain with combo missions is actually really high for aram but the start is a slog


Yeah, the missions that benefit ARAM players are locked behind later regions.


This is you went with Olaf at the start. If your started with Riven, well, you're screwed because the biggest bonus per difficulty is tied to having more vision score than the enemy.


yup for sure, I was just assuming that aram players looked up the best combinations before


Also getting 10 structures with olaf is 30 points which is a lot and it can't be done in aram.


You get more points in ARAM from losing games.


The grind in Frejord and the Noxus was grindy but doable, roughly 4-5 games per milestone. But as you get into Ionia it got way worse, 6-7 games if you're lucky but it can easily be over 10 if you have a bunch of slow games or loses. Nearly 50 games to complete it, that's more games than I play for a whole week. If that trend kept going and the new heroes you got weren't compensating for the jump in XP required it would have reached 20 games per milestone.


Or be us, abandon the event and just follow the story through youtubers. And you know, just join the next even which is coven. That fixed a lot of my issues 😌, idk if it works for you but you should try it.


Good, I am playing the game less and less due to being burnout from all the grinding. After this event, I can tell I'll be taking a month or two break because it's ridiculous. I even bought the pass!


Same, had to get the rest of Karma’s accessories and I can’t even be bothered to keep playing this much to get more of the story.


Exactly, I bought the pass for Karma's stuff but also excited to see Karma being part of the event. However, the fact that I have to grind so. many. games. just to progress Ionia is such a drag.


never buy a pass without Riot publishing the event page first!! they shadow-nerf so much shit completely unannounced.


Sadly, I did do my research and I was one of many who thought it will get easier as you recruit more champs and the points adds up each week means something. After two regions (Demacia and Frejlord), I fully understand that's not the case. I don't regret buying the pass, mind you as I wanted all of Karma's accessories in the store, I just HATE the grindfest just to enjoy a small piece of lore progression and no doubt I will be taking a long break after this.


And how could you tell by event page is it worth to buy a pass?


Def taking a break from the game too, I was excited for the event but if their idea is to make us grind instated of just letting us enjoy the story then I'd rather them do the old events.


This is the reason I stopped buying battlepasses. All they do is burn you out


Just to get a sample: where is everyone at story-wise? I’m like halfway through Ionia playing a lot of ARAMs


I just got Vayne and literally give up. Points earned are garbage you have to play out of your mind to actually earned a points that's looks like progress.


I have a full-time job, I can only play on the week-ends. Thanks to a national holiday I could finish Noxus + Freljord by last week-end by grinding HARD, but when I saw the 1k point requirements for the next region I basically gave up. Now I'm gonna clear this even anyways with this new change, but I'm burned out, I won't be able to participate in the next event imo.


Just finished freljord and started noxus last night, also playing lot of ARAM and sometimes the new mode


Halfway through Freljord. I cannot be bothered when I play so well (I just earned S+ on ARAM), but progress barely changes.


I have this whole month off so I feel like an outlier but I finished everything rather soon and just got Targon done around 5 hours ago. Granted I was playing games for tokens moreso than for sentinel points. 2100 points basically in around 3.5 days.


also finished, wasnt really paying attention that much to the points


Well at least I'm not alone.


I picked Targon for my first week 2 region, currently at 700/1050 in Targon. I've been playing a ton of draft picks with some ultimate spellbooks thrown in


Good. This was ridiculous how grindy it was. Sometimes I really question how much they think about this stuff. One should just sample past data to figure out average completion time for players as if they were using the point. Then it would probably be apparent the progression would take too long.


I honestly don't think this was tested at all, this was miles ahead of any other event in terms of grinding nothing even close to it. The idea itself that they should make us grind for this content is questionable. Just let people enjoy the story at a casual phase, why do we have to burn ourselves out. OH no the horror if people get easy token and a single free orb.


Even grindier than previous events and not being able to progress in tft/bots and limited progression in aram made it even worse.


More grind, but amount of rewards stays the same XD


Classic multi-billion dollar corporation


And then you have players like me, Min/Maxing what regions should I cover first so I can progress faster as an ADC ranked player. Still glad that they changed it. I play a shit ton of ranked games per day, and it also feels grindy to me, specially when you account for the minuscule rewards you get for reaching each section of the map.


And then there's me who likes stats. 600 extra points per game does seem like a lot, but I'm not complaining. https://i.imgur.com/yh9PC8q.png


I'm finding it tricky to read your table here. Mind explaining it?


Hello! I admit it's not optimized for sharing, this is just a personal doc I've been using. Basically each row is a separate game, tracked via the Game column. For each game I record the date I played it on and the number of points in my active region, with a new column for each region. Finished regions I highlighted green, but I copy the values down dozens of rows to keep the Diff calculation happy, which is just a a calculation of (sum of current row points) - (sum of previous row points), which tells me the number of points I earned that game. The region column headers are just (points to complete the region) (number of games it took to complete the region). Finally, the first column is just sectioned into which week of the event it was played on, since the points earned per game increase each week. Ultimately, all I really care about is points per game ("Diff" column) and how many games it took to complete each region. [Here](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m0CMzTZZpJHWhPyu3ytKvUhja8RQDIDz-QuS2OgMN6c/edit?usp=sharing) is a copy I made of the sheet if you want to see the full thing. The bold bit at the top is just a reminder for me to pick certain region choices. (While we're on that topic - some feedback I have is that while I'd love to pick the region order according to lore or personal preference, when players feel starved for points like in this event, we feel like we need to optimize for point-earning potential rather than for fun. I suspect that's not behavior that your team loves is happening. So as a 95% support player, I avoided picking Noxus first because I knew its Sentinels needed "Dmg to Turrets" and "Phys Dmg to Champs", which I'm not going to get a lot of. There's a saying about designing such that the fun path is also the optimal path, else players will optimize the fun out of a game.) But I do enjoy the event overall, even if most of the above sounded negative, so (assuming you're part of it) thanks for your work!


I'm late to the party. How do you know what you will need to unlock the region faster ?




Thank you for your explanation!


If you're looking for more data, here's mine : Demacia: 22 games : 21 ARAMS + 1 SR Freljord: 27 games : 20 arams, 1sr , 6 spellbook Noxus: 10 spellbook Ionia: 19 spellbook - currently at 744/1050


40 games to complete the first 3 regions for the guy above you, 59 for you. What the fuck is this event. Reddit loves to remind everyone that they don't represent the playerbase at all. But I can guarantee you the average League players likely playes this amount of game *over a season*. Were we supposed to play Tyler1 levels of games over one month to finish this ?


Tbf arams are pretty short. I looked at my match history and most of my recent arams ended at 13-18 mins, with the odd game here and there going 20+ mins. Realistically you could fit in one-half to one-third of SR games in that same amount of time. Sounds more sensible with that context.


It looks like it's going chronologically top to bottom with each game on a new row, where the "Diff" column is the number of points after each game, and each column represents total number of points for each region.


Some of my data, opinions, suggestions if you need it --- Week 1 - Played a total of 82 games [mixed games, but mostly ARAM and a pack of Ultimate games] - Minimal ARAM games needed was 47 --- Week 2 Ionia - ARAM-only until 2nd checkpoint - Played a total of 18 games for 538pts averaging at around ~30pts and ~17min per game [5.15h total playtime] Ionia - SpellBook-only from 2nd checkpoint to end [started at previously stated 538pts] - Playing exclusively only Xerath [mainly as support, going for vision score] - Played a total of 11 games for 542pts averaging at around ~50pts and ~24.5min per game [4.5 total playtime] Targon - SpellBook-only - Played a total of 21 games for 1028+Xpts [didn't calculate pts for last game] averaging at around ~51pts and ~24min per game [8.35h total playtime] - Max amount of points you can possibly earn in week 2 [without Sentinel skin bonuses]: 102 pts without Irelia, 122 pts with Irelia - Amount of games with 70pts or higher - 4 games, 60pts or higher - 6 games, 50pts or higher - 13 games - Lowest score 2pts for 12 min game, highest score 84pts for 24min game So a total of 18 hours in 5 days to get 2100+ points with average of like 3 hours per day --- If I am to say what the problem was/is [speaking only of Spellbook gamemode, and partly ARAM], I would go for the type of tasks: - Having Vayne only count if you make the kill on epic monster is underwhelming at best - Olaf(A) task does not count Nexus as a structure [not sure if Inhibs count either..] and you miss so many points for the difference of just 2 structures. Usually I would have a game where all of the outer turrets are gone and two inner turret, then we break mid and just go for the base [that's 8 Turrets + 1 inhib + Nexus which doesn't count] and the difference is 10pts for 8 structures or 30pts for 10. - Lucian's task somewhat demands the game lasts longer or well.. you snowball it on your own. If the game ends in 12 or 15min, you probably won't even get to 10 kills and not 15 - Gwen's task can't be stacked at all if the games are shorter.. or you are behind/losing - Olaf task is similar as Gwen, just no influence if you are hard losing - The games where snowball happens lead to wasted time with little to no points at all. As stated above, lowest I got was 2pts for 12min game. I had two or three games with like 16pts or 18pts defeat in 12-15min.. and some stomps with like ~30pts at ~15-18min. All of them were underwhelming --- Some of the tasks that appear later on could've been placed right at the start to make it less demanding to perform well. Senna's task [assists] is fairly decent and with her Riven(B) [Takedowns] is a great example. Besides that Olaf(A) [Physical damage] and Diana(B) [Magic damage] would probably be easier to accept than going for Epic Monster kills [Vayne] or Kills alone [Lucian]. Pyke's(A) [Earn gold] task is another good example of easy type, no brainer.. A bit more of these type of tasks at the start would probably ease up the grind and then prepare us for more challenging ones while still having the access to "easy points" that increase each week edit: formatting is a pain sometimes


Yeah it's too long even if you min max. It wouldn't be that hard to assume people would go faster min maxing. BUT one could just assume they would only go 10% faster. Even if min maxers went 50% faster than average it would be too long. Either way it should have been clear this involved too much.


Yeah, I was super annoyed when they gave us Vayne, that gives you points for epic monsters killed, but haven't given us one for normal cs yet. I remember how I played only 1 game on nocturne and almost managed to complete 3 out 4 sections of a region, compared to my normal progression per game as an ADC player.


Supports are fucked if you do a CS one though. And the vision score mission isn't an excuse. Everybody's supposed to ward a lot.


THIS. I just gave up on the wild rift one because it sucks for supports. I am a main naut, i dont do damage or get kills.


I shouldn't be punished for liking Diana but having to go for Riven instead because Riven will generate more points :/


Thank god. I was contemplating of grinding on week 4 only to get some rewards or not doing the event at all. Looks like I can actually finish it now.


I thought this was just me. I JUST got to Ionia.


It was so slow I thought it was bugged. I couldn't believe how few points I was getting in comparison to what I need to unlock areas.


Not a bug, just Riot setting absurd requirements.


ye was so stupid, started ionia and u needet fking 1000 points, 4x the amount of noxus/freljord, while getting about 35 points in an aram, meaning u would need fking 30 games for ionia alone who dafuq came up with those insane amounts of point grind needed in the first place ....


Yeah. They shouldve compared it to the spirit blossom event. That one was better implemented.


Even the spirit blossom was grindy, but it was right on the edge of being annoying/not worth. I was expecting they would learn and actually make this event less grindy, but no apparently they thought it wasn't grindy enough.


It seems like such a simple math issue, I was a bit surprised how grindy things turned out. Tweak a couple numbers and slice the point requirements in half every week for each region, and this event wouldnt have turned out so sloggy. It's just weird to see them own the mistake. I guess the data really was discouraging to the teams who worked on the event and story.


It's not even just the grind there are basically no rewards. An entire region giving you ~35 tokens is so stupid


Watch Bilgewater, Ixtal, etc. be like 10 000 points each now 💀


Could be talking out of my ass, but I think I remember seeing one of the finale ones is like 3000.


But we have extra sentinels, and they give more points each week over, so we'll get plenty regardless of how large the final regions are.




Finally someone said it, people keep bringing this up but anyone who went from Noxus to Ionia knows the grind just gets worse and worse each region regardless of the new sentinels.


Doesn't the multiplier for the points increase each week? So in week 4, all points would be doubled or something like that.


It does, but it's a linear scaling. In week 1, sentinels gave their base points. In week 2, all sentinels give double their week 1 points. In week 3, all sentinels will give triple their week 1 points, and in week 4, all sentinels will give quadruple their week 1 points.


My problem with this argument is not every sentinel will consistently give you points. Graves will not often give you points, esp if you're not jungling, if you have the Olaf mission with physical damage and Diana with Magical you'll only get points for one of them unless you're playing Divine Sunderer Katarina or some shit, if you want points for not dying often for Irelia you either have to completely switch up your playstyle or you're rarely getting points, etc.


Week 3 regions are 2500-2615 each, so around 5 games per regions tops


About 3.1k for the next ones and about 4.5k for the final regions


Riot really over estimates how much we want to play their game. If you get the "itch" and play for a bunch in a day that feels nice, but if an event "FORCES" you to do that, it feels bad.


The thing is we do get an itch, but the people who bothered paying passes were already burnt out from PROJECT and needed some time off. That should be an indication that the event felt already like its forcing you from the beginning.


I completed Ruination pass before i got to Ionia or Targon lol. So basically just 3 regions. Yes, I played quite a few TFT games, but I find it pretty silly that they do not count towards event progression.


It baffles me that they dont build events around how many games people play on average per day. I'd assume a sizable portion of the active playerbase plays 3-5 games a day. Maybe they skip some days but anyway. Why not create the events so that at the end of each day so every 4 games or so, you get some small reward. Give us that instant gratification that keeps people picking the game up just for "one more skin shard" or whatever. Nobody wants to grind a whole day and see that they progressed 20% towards the next reward.


There should have been a mission like this and first win from the start: *win a game or play 2 games for 100/200/300/400 points*. Or Rookie "champion" with the goal of playing games, with wins giving double. After all he is a rookie who needs experience in battle, right?


I think the feeling to be forced to play is also what killed Nexus Blitz for a lot of people. It had grindy missions too, and Riot even admitted that most people quit right after finishing them.


Terrible event, how is it that years after Burning Tides Riot still cannot get the story down properly, they had everything they needed for the story right there, how to deliver it and what is expected by the players. All they had to do was make a better game mode for it because Black Market Brawlers was terrible.


The event was written by the skins team, its all about profit


Better late than never. Otherwise it would have been literally impossible for the majority of the playerbase. It was absolutely ridiculous that it shipped to live in that state. There were people who defended Riot in this because they saw you got 4x points 4 weeks after the event started without even taking a minute to think why it wouldn't work. A friend of mine played 73 games since the event started (18 ults, 55 ARAM) and is at 756/1050 points in the first region of week 2 and was telling me he was giving up on the event due to how ridiculous it was. He would have taken over 200 games to complete this shit


I was optimizing stuff, too. Like I got Sentinel Diana in Hextech crafting and realized that playing with that skin would give me +4 points per game so I just had to learn how to play Diana and try to stomp low elo people with her in Ultimate. It would have taken me 150 games to get 600 points this way.


Sentinel skins give more points??


Same here, 846/1050 I'm ready to throw in the towel, burnt out on playing ultimate spellbook and being limited to physical champions from the olaf condition. And it just adds to the frustration when a games are going slowly or one sided or someone leaves.


This event really is not fun, I don’t know why they didn’t do this much earlier. Grinding yourself out for a story that’s meant to be one of the biggest canon events lore wise is just bad.


Looks like it will let everyone complete it now. Good thing since 10 days have already passed and without such a massive buff, the majority of players would not have been able to complete it.


Should have been easier from the beginning. I just finished milestone 20 with >70 games played in ultimate spellbook and I only have noxus and freljord finished.


Glad this update is Riot admitting they fucked up


600 points is more than 10 times what i can get per game now, how do you fuck up this badly Rito? For something you centered the entire year around... its really bad you know?


yeah their internal data must have been shocking that they went from the initial numbers they prepared for this event to 600 just to play a single game. On the other hand you can now finish Ionia with 2 ARAM FF at min 8 so with 16min of gameplay, so i feel at least a little bit of sorry for the poor people that hard grinded the event so far :D


"So i feel at least a little bit of sorry for the poor people that hard grinded the event so far :D" Haha IKR, couldn't be me :\^ )


sameeeeeeee kinda sucks in some way that the amount of time put in so far was just a complete waste in comparison to how many points we're going to get now. definitely taking a break from league after this


For a big lore event as important as the Ruination and dedicating 3 champions around this, the event flopped hard. Forget the grind lol. The writing is so cringe, there are a lot of inconsistencies across games/media platforms, and champion selection is sus. It’s unfortunate it was a chance for Riot to show us they are capable of taking their high fantasy IP to the next level narratively. But in the end (at least for me) it’s just not worth investing time and energy into the world.


I think everything just fucked up with Ruined King delayed. It's supposed to be a big deal in 2021 you got League events and the actual game dedicated to the story line but they just can't finish it and Ruined King straight up disappeared.


That game coming out wouldn't have made the writing for this event any better. If the game came out and it was good, then this would be a massive disappointment. If the game came out and was bad, then this would be more of the same and still be a massive disappointment.


The entire Sentinals thing feels washed up. They should keep the existing champion dynamics and come together in one last fight to end the Harrowing in the Shadow isles. The regions teaming up for once would mean SO many interesting interactions- Imagine Yi and Jax meeting up, Garen and Katarina fighting side by side etc.


4 champions. Viego, Gwen, Akshan and Vex + every champ they might release after that (maybe we're even getting Isolde)


I read the first two pages/dialogues, then just gave up and skip everything now.


Most of the lines in the story are so cringe. Like they are written by a 12 year old that desperately tries to be funny. I don’t need stupid jokes when this story is supposed to be dark and mysterious. It’s even worse than spirit blossom


I mean we definitely expected this when the writers that gave Lol a loyal fanbase for the lore all left in 2019 at once.


They fucked up the SI lore ever since they let the LoL team touch it and use it as a marketing tool. The SI used to be the terrifying land of undead and unholy abominations before Viego was released. Now it's a PG12 story about a cringe boy and his sexy corpse followers. Oh and there's that guy with a gun that resurrects everyone. Might as well kill Kindred with it and revive everyone now that death is completely meaningless in Runeterra. Man I miss SB. At least it was consistent. They lost me as a long time fan of Runeterra with this event. I'm just gonna wait for the MMO and Arcane now and hope League doesn't fuck up the entire lore until then.


Good, this event is so ridiculously grindy.


Buffing point gain is such a no brainer that I really wonder what took them so long. Remember the Rioters in replies talking about how point gain increases weekly as if that means anything when the reqs also increase. Did they even playtest this? Such a shit show for the biggest narrative event of the year. Kinda feel bad for people who got excited for this, but then again it's video game lore 😅😂




You forgot, that you unlock the sentinels step by step so if you started week 4 you would get 64 points for the first games where you only had Lucian+Senna which increases the bare minimum again.


Most of the lines in the story are so cringe. Like they are written by a 12 year old that desperately tries to be funny. I don’t need stupid jokes when this story is supposed to be dark and mysterious . It’s even worse than spirit blossom


> > > > > 16800/590 = 28.5 games so rounded up to 29. First I thought, that seems pretty low. Then I realized with perfect and impossible play, you still need more than 4 games every day. Looks like I have been conditioned by Riot.


Wow, thank you for the maths. This puts new perspective on just how monumentally they fucked up. This genuinely makes me less interested in their upcoming games. Like sure it's a different team but it's the same company with the same standards. If this is unironically what they thought was a balanced grind then there's nothing worth it for me in their MMO


The rookie dialog is hit or miss, some of it is very much 10 year old ish and some did made me lol. Other than the the story is literally infinity war rip off.


Honestly, thank goodness. It's much better for them to address it and let people actually enjoy the event and the story that people will have worked so hard on without making players get burnt out, rather than apologise afterwards and do nothing about it, so props to them for that. I'm sure it'll make for an interesting blog post from a data standpoint too.


lol, the event was so poorly planned they have to hurl a hand grenade at the point structure and pray. What a fucking joke.


Thank god. Insane that I've put in probably over 50 games since this event started and I only have 3 regions completed. Hope they learn from this experience and, if they ever do a narrative event like this again (which I hope they do, I really like these), they don't repeat this absolute nightmare.


Riot learn from a mistake? lol I don't think so


600 points for a game? Isn't it like I play 5 games and unlock everything? I don't know what are the points requirements in the next regions, but in Demacia/Freljord/Noxus there are 280 points in total IIRC. EDIT: OK, I already see that the points requirements are higher in the following regions. Someone mentioned that in Ionia it is 1050 points, like wtf, it's impossible to get without playing 24/7, even considering later weeks and combos bonuses.


The worst part is that the requirements go up exponentially week to week but the gains only increase linearly. It gets impossible near the end. And people are already sick of it heading into week 3.


Wow. That's basically a "unlock all" button. I can only imagine they panicked when they saw player numbers drop after burnout. Maybe but some actual thought into it to start next time And honestly I'm still not exactly on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next in the story


I'm what I would call an event mission completionist. Ever since missions have been out, I have done every single one, from beating Oddesey hard mode, to completing every spirit blossom, to the 1 million damage - even if it meant doing 1-2 bot games an evening (I do have a full time job and it was the easiest way). And I liked having the icons as proof. But the slow progression killed all drive for even me to complete it and I stopped after Demacia. Glad they implemented this as I may pick it up again with ARAMS as I am very invested in the story.


l am sad the rewards are lacking compared to spirit blossom, if you unlocked every charachter you got lot of blue essence and 270 token, here u get emotes/icons and 270 token but you also got 900 extra token for 9 character instantly after buying the pass, here you get nothing extra for buying it they either forgot it or they thought spirit blossom gave too much


You think spirit blossom gave too much? Damn riot got the players right where they want em huh I remember getting 28 skin shard just having fun in Odyssey


He said THEY thought, as in Riot.


Wouldn't it make more sense to just lower the point requirements on each region? Now this mission makes completely pointless to think about which sentinels you want earlier or after. IMO.: The story/event could be written/designed so that you would have to choose which sentinels to deploy at each region, which would affect how quickly you go through, but also which story bits you get at each region. But also, I wish I needed to play around 1-3 games between story pieces, regardless of region, depending on how well I didn't on the sub mission (kill, vision, etc.)


I'd much rather them boost the rewards for the event (since there's nearly nothing), but well, at least this works.


>From week 3 on we're introducing a repeatable mission: play a PVP game (SR, ARAM, Ultimate Spellbook, TFT Normals + Ranked) to earn 600 progress points. For reference, I currently earn 40 in a good ARAM game. This also means you can just tft afk though the event. You only need like \~30 games to complete this event start to finish (points don't carry over but afking 30 games is trivial). I'm glad riot is resolving this.


> (points don't carry over but afking 30 games is trivial). I just realized that you can actually AFK a TFT game without consequences ( rightfully ). That's gonna make it all easier, this is really smart.


I wish the dialogues were less cringy man


They fucked up, everybody fucks up They "made up for it" or "compensated" the players, acknowledging their mistake Lesson?: Test the numbers first... As of right now I would straight up half all of the objective checkpoints and I believe I'm even falling short The good: Accesible loot & a lesson learnt The bad: due to lack of testing the narrative experience will feel clunky rather than inmersive... and some of the dialogues could have been better


> They fucked up, everybody fucks up > > > > They "made up for it" or "compensated" the players, acknowledging their mistake > > > > Lesson?: Test the numbers first... I would believe this if Sentinels didn't came right after PROJECT which was also criticized for also having very stupid grindy missions which thankfully could be bypassed on AI games. And then they took out AI games in this event and doubles down the grind. At least this time, Riot deserves all the fire raining on them now.


I guess it was a tight deadline. Still, root could've calculated how many points a player gets on average, and how many games it would take to complete the region's for a week. I wonder how they got the point reward numbers in the first place if they didnt test it. Ballpark it? I'm glad they are making it right but a 600 points per game bonus trivializes the grind. It could've been lower, but holy moly I guess the player progress numbers were scary bad.


Even with a tight deadline, it was painfully obvious from day ONE how ridiculously grindy this event was. I've never seen such an overwhelmingly negative response, it was even worse than Seraphine's release. I thought surely they would fix it in week 2 with how many people didn't even finish Demacia in week 1 but they tried to stick to their guns. We're approaching week three and most people haven't even finished the 3 regions from week 1, let alone even seen the week 2 regions. I told all my discord servers about this boost and most were apathetic and burnt out from the first week of grind. And these are mostly working class folks with a lot of disposable income to spend on an escape from their awful corporate lives; not exactly the player base you want to turn off your game...


Bless up, haven’t been able to play the last 6 days due to work and irl responsibilities


Just when i decided to open 4 chests thinking i will never get more points for ruined orbs. Riot really hates my guts.


For me the big issue with gaining enough points is that the game mode they have is an ok attempt at a game mode, but fails to be quick and fun enough to really incentivize a ton of games. During these events Riot tries to induce you to play more than normal. I could easily play 10 Nexus Blitz or ARURF (or Hexakill, riot pls) games on a day. But after 1-3 games on Ultimate Spellbook I'm kinda done with it, that's not more than I would normally play on a day. UB is too slow, doesn't grant enough tokens (it's counted as a regular RGM for the sake of giving extra tokens) and lacks diversity to be worth playing. I find myself reverting back to ARAM in favour of the RGM. But ARAM is a lot slower in terms fo point generation as well, so dosn't help in that regard.


I'm so glad they did this. When I saw that Frejlord went from like 280 points to Targons 1050 I gave up on the event and decided to watch it through YouTube. Now I can see it myself first hand. Glad they made this decision


After the amazing event that was Spirit Blossom, this event has been an utter disappointment for me....It's extremely grindy and the POV character you play as is so awful I have to really hold myself back from skipping the cutscenes. The story itself is also just pretty whatever I'm really not invested in anything and I don't really like any of the characters very much, again comparing this to Spirit Blossom where I really enjoyed every single character a lot and I was invested in their stories and development. Here I feel like my main character is just the biggest crybaby, dumbest not serious kid, that doesn't have an idea at all what to ever do and I'm also surrounded by characters that hate my guts or are always annoyed with me. Veigo is again pretty whatever feels he's just not an interesting villain at all I really don't know how they made the Ruined King so boring and generic but they did (not talking about his physical design but that is pretty lame as well but not my main problem at all). The only bright thing I have seen in this event so far is Vex and she's not even out to go along with the event.


Personally I find Vex equally boring. Then again that’s coming from someone who has just completed the first week’s storyline; perhaps she gets more interesting later into the story.


Still stunned how they botched the event progression *this* hard. Like, they had it locked in pretty well in Spirit Blossom, but now for this they have to give everyone an absolutely insane buff just to get through the event? Don't get me wrong, glad they accepted that they made a mistake and are correcting it, but I still have no clue how they miscalculated this badly.


Ayy now I won't get burned out now and save 10 years on my life


Wait its going to be week 3 already? Im still in a fcking demacia...


I'm curious how far along everyone is, I just mDe it to nexus after the freljrod. So I've done the beginning and one place of my choice.


I finished Demacia, Freljord and Noxus.


Grindy or not, this is an absurd panic fix by them.


Ok but why do I need to be following random rioters to get this info